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Wednesday, February 14th

We have two great conversations about ACC hoops and College Basketball as a whole. Don't miss it!


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Trust the windshield specialists suggested auto glass today for fifteen dollars given 100 dollar reward tort windshield replacement for your insurance deductible plus a free 25 dollar restaurant gift card replace your cracked windshield today and get my perks. God job Kyle Bailey frank Garcia Osborne our number two here on Wednesday. What you got there are gonna tell that conversation that we're just happening come back to that and others like people. They're getting responses that they know we have a guest on the line. And so when he's in he's a great person to ask his opinion on his Jerry Paul CBS sports dot com what the great minds out there covered college basketball and college football and Doug Jerry's first we appreciate your man it's it's good to catch up a good to hear from him but also afforded to the of the brackets Alger stuff. If if memory serves are you you call the upper midwest home and Notre Dame guts there appeal denied so those 21 vacated wins and reverend John Jenkins. And ten that pretty scorched earth flutter back to the NCAA saying hey you're setting a dangerous precedent told a perverted so on and so forth what do you make of this and do you think there's the implication there was a threat to the NCAA today when you need us more than we did you. May be eighty mile circle from Notre Dame ultra Chicago. Yet still. It's. Yet they. I think that there are there to add people demand they stop and I would much spotted what. But did you take into consideration obviously a store like North Carolina which is similar in Charlotte the board there was talk about quite a bed and I knew at Syracuse and Penn State and neither did the theme here is is NCAA overreach in the NCAA only exist because of the member institutions. Yes well it's both. You know that they needed government help somehow right oh you know but there are only one of those numbered situations. But yet you know it but it VW overeat then talked about a lot lately. They let North Carolina alone despite the ticket academic scandals. And out of we've seen in sometime. So be it did you want to call edit and to guard boats because I'm sure they're not quite the same. They don't there was talk about some college basketball club ignite the ACC tonight and a state and Syracuse will start there because I NC state is I would assume one of those bubble teams that are you keeping an eye on and if this is it. Had a rough week last week but today they got some good very winnable games on the stretcher starts tonight. Yeah well in bitter at Syracuse you know terribly would've bought a priority is connecting but. But yet I mean a rep for the game they probably will be favored and they probably need to win it because. You're talking about a teen bit there's despite some very good list you don't really order to win and they don't have a great record get that top group or seven. And they don't have rebuking what I don't think he gets that top group so. You know you've got 00 very weak nonconference schedule. And that something that is a significant negative which mean did you have to play your way blow it up into the bracket that they. And that start with a strong finish. Against scheduled that it that up to allow for Brockton. Jerry you you look at you know a lot of the other teams are playing tonight Anglican duke is a team right now that is struggling. Last you know a couple of games with you know whenever I mean I have Morgan Marvin Bagley tonight but as a ton of upside when you start looking at them how do you see Dem. Am does that mean how much more important is this going to be with them moving forward what they do. To where they get that sees 'cause they still can be a potential number one. But they can go close of four seed if they continue to go on about the threat. Well and served at a national champion. Because of that count well audit team regardless of what they end up being heated. I think duke problem that. Well I'm not a betting that out of the moment as I don't darker green you are used to direct help to beat tiger repeated the dirt did it do it but. It's. I think our biggest problem is defense and and attention to detail. And that not atypical of what is still pretty young team so. But you know it's. We kind of thing you can still beat Specter spoke I had to do that I'm not worried about duke yet in serve the eating or anything of that nature they're there at all well but. There opera greeted bench or on game and that begins courts. What Virginia Tech who definitely need to do more than do done. I talked to Jerry palm CBS sports died job join us on the tech become just slide. I North Carolina obviously they're and a bit of hot stretch right now they want three games in five days in other they beat a beat out Notre Dame team the other night but it will we see some depth developing a guy actually contributing off the bench and no I know maybe the talent level isn't what it was last year but they look like they're insane they're obviously well coach what do you make of North Carolina right now. Going to pretty good the committee was really impressed with them. Commitment treat beat despite you know seven walked through which. You know seem kind of high opening the right number or look for per. Back to defeat but they got a number of a higher quality win their own locker wonder you're I think it got. Seven quarter one win this here though that but the pretty good accomplishment. Not not really keep debated they've done better though. Carolina beatle for the most part. Is performing well against better opposition they have a lot of position but they don't you know there's got to eat and read it it is three out of four on the road. No world and a B cup team so they'll Carolina work isn't done. One seed. It's probably not even out of the question for them although it it would probably be all situation. Gerri nice phone but as far as North Carolina states or did you have an opinion on on how deep you think this team known attorney but I realize it's a crapshoot every single year but just in terms of what their accident. I think it spent a match up really. Because they're they're not. They're not quite as talented as they've been in the past. Are they rebound very while back I don't think they're they're big debate that in the past but there might be nineteen it would give them. In terms of backed up by think. You know yet to be at one we'll let that in that week sixteen right America does it look like it because we eighteen to offer to. Jerry what about Clemson right now I have read I just exodus every day hey don't produce clones has got a pretty good basketball tennis you're and they and they don't they absolutely do but again my my question about this team is with with next to no tournament experience. And and obviously with it the injury to grant them another playing well right now but the long term their viability what is. Yes and that kind that they'll leaping ability to birdied about the I think it at a in a year and had done you don't managed to mitigate any injury pretty well the point. But you know they'd they'd that schedule all oak kind of worked out orbiter point but only locked with urged needed to beat North Carolina home. But they elaborate schedule at because it meant to all beat duke called unity are expected. The rapidly eating. You don't even without grip over a pretty winnable considering how it played duke point so you know like I don't know but I think Clinton. Long term prospect and indeed it would permit prospect are. Diminished because of that but it does not like that even is complete we. If your last night I watched a couple of teams play that was a really good game until it came down to about the last number. Half in Texas Tech and Oklahoma. You got more than your best scores in the country no plan for Oklahoma but they cast limited. On the show them down to three point line and Tom they're really gonna neutralized. In Oklahoma it gives me another team to and so ACC centric here with what I watched. That I I should be looking out for across the country that might make some noise. Now you're talking about higher seeded team then. Run probably not though you'll wanna hear about. You know we hear about Bilbao. No I mean that's the I mean I'm talking about teams that are going to be you know make some noise may be in the Big Ten may be the big twelve and organ lashes a good example coming out here we don't know much about org and I watch a lot of pac twelve basketball but they were extremely athletic they're truly talented they got hurt everybody had them he wanted to. We know for sure Don but. That it did. They were I think probably a treat people I don't speak Arabic and is. You know Purdue at Michigan State it all the ranking in the headline but Ohio State in Berkeley a leak. But they've got a player of the year probably indicate a bit beat up who did not quite a year and we depart Rita what they were able to be. There's a good debate enemy at the people duty be better but to be a good debate then it then not the pride in the league in the new cult. New coach Chris hall and had a great job. He's very good coach and I go to great job with the team and they are probably going to be report speak at a team. That little player like beat the applicable to match up nightmare for just about everybody. They have a chance to make a little bit nor did. I would watch out for what Virginia. Because of the weight equally eat that in the dollar they played they're topped the air war they are not used to seeing it quite big twelve teams are. Especially on the 48 hour notice it is affecting came into debt that. They're they're better prepare for. What the Texas Tech and a great year no re talking about speaker oh well. To meet once the ever a great year no re talking about that might be able under the radar and won the local team. But they delivered Europe and added baker took a little dot HDT. That they are that are beat the. Jerry palm CBS sports guys John couple quick things what's our dealers Jerry look at the SEC standings right now and amber Barr has done a phenomenal job Bruce Pearl and Auburn avenue is fantastic year. Are you look at Florida and Missouri and an Alabama and even Arkansas right now is seven to six overall and conference eighteen made a while but MI really to believe that the SEC is gonna get maybe eight teams in the NCAA tournament. Dipped might not as you know other outside of Auburn and that he might they are there they could dominate the middle the bracket. And it could and the reason is because. You know they all will team had pretty good nonconference. Performance that widget. Really the difference between did making the turn in the middle of the bracket they all. But. You know they can put the team between 86 in 1011. In a bracket and yet but the depth of our ability and how many they'll eat what can we in global economical would be needed to. UNC Greensboro it's an interesting team big win for them the other night ovaries Tennessee State and I'm curious with the with the Southern Conference right now is there a chance they get to bid to determine. You know article one did leak. Unfortunately nobody you don't really got to be tried to not copper total winner eight. Yet the attention of the committee and then maintain it through week all the undefeated. Or you know one walk in Italy like the Southern Copper and or. Shot or that. More likely to get in Virginia Tech and Washington Post office. Washington. Am I would they Washington because they think they've got to eat your wrote to him out of your right so that debate people at their flaws. But Virginia Tech at eight duke it out large bid. Will set the record for the war non conference gets us back to get a network hit a bit like 325. Oz you to do that a lot to overcome. Syrian and rescued error. Oh she's been Gerri Gerri let me ask you follow up question who's more likely to get in Washington or Nebraska. Washington. Did you did at the break but yet yes or Nebraska abruptly could go fourteen of board debate and finished fourth overall. And I have one win over turned routine and that's at home over Michigan. And that took a lot of all about the raptors dental. But also to the Big Ten itself. Jerry till it was over here I tell. Gerri you're joining us our job and just it's not follow up to date but yeah water ski he's the husky on the Hokies Oscar. Yes so it's it's unpleasant umpire. The Atlantic ten really quickly that we all expect obviously Rhode island's going to be a tournament team and probably don't win a conference that you were talking about the Southern Copper speed of one did lead the gates and I mean you guys say bodies right behind and a not a great record and I'm for the aids in Davidson and VCU how many bids are we looking at here. Rhode Island eat they'd Bonaventure into the net arched into these mature they taken a lot of what happened. And you know large T Paula looked like Rhode Island. The only the only way to leak it to did it as a pro rally to beat the copper urban become our. Jerry bomb CBS sports dot com what a great brackets all this out they're doing his thing we appreciate you buddy we'll talk disown. Are brilliant brilliant man. Brilliant by asked not amused and injury probably heard that is on hold nominated doesn't put that to his to his point is logic though cirrus is not even about you know mile moderates about the ACC's best conference in the country. In the sixth place team in the conference is teams gonna get a leader and I'm bids. The top six in the ACC didn't I don't care which cost there right now doesn't matter to me that they're actually lost tonight are rideau. Isn't going to be absolutely terrible days and at all right we're come back and I guess it's my turned for motivational. Monday on Wednesday quote will do that and one more than 215 minutes from now. We chat with Dino Gaudio formally forced a dorsal talks more college hoops with amateurs in Blaylock. Whole problem. With the world today. Is it fools and fanatics are always so certain of themselves and wiser people are so full of doubts. That's from Bertrand Russell and awesome it for the great philosophers of the twentieth century I'll read it again. The whole problem with the world today is that fools and fanatics are always so certain of themselves and wiser people are so full of doubts. That's the absolute truth explains my life completely and doesn't yet also opt outs. Thanks Hank. You know play man and old salted. Great that's a great quote I'll hats off to us as well. Thanks that that's that's why I appreciate that there really was there how was the reason terrible like the I felt like I was in a theater it was a bold proclamation. He can put up. It is all your readings going to be like that you motivational Reid and I don't know I'll probably sneak in some Jenny power so I doubt it you know. Getting to our needs to ask for it hasn't funny wants to Arianna don't I just wonder that went to be used is to actually truly motivational Madonna stars motivational Monday bet on. I don't lens doesn't recent merger Bobby. Maybe some Kenny powers obviously Sony we're gonna miss a lot of stuff and there are at 70457. Or 96 stimulus up it's so motivational Monday on Wednesday and thus is what we do right were trying to do -- kept up knows full of motivation and energy but over talk and some college basketball the heels of Jerry palm oil was fantastic and I disagree with a couple of things but for the most part so I knew he was really really good and we appreciate him the guy tonight the ACC. Duke Virginia Tech state and Syracuse. And Al flora state Clemson is wealth Virginia topped Miami last night so the ACC standings continued to ought to shift in the influx a little bit as you would expect and it's at home stretch last couple weeks before we just to the ACC tournament and double talk about that coming up just about as well right now we'll take a call from rob the dude says it was talk about the doubles tonight and I'll go somebody. I made it to a spewed hate their sub yeah. Abdullah I I it did air it out got to do to bet that make dollar did very. Well. And upload or to try to press a lot to not take it looked like a back still but. I can't ballots out. Byte but we thought you'd does well but at a wide. College rectory at a basketball game the local basketball locate the I can't act that out I had a well we proved we booted culture that we did not read rate and all of a hole it was rather. And they at its partner's sister come up but he. This cop played well ballot the third sister remotely ever to date sit. And you know you don't know what you are about black it will double what it would look at. It. Number and he's got out of coaches and it should expand it a sit by the way what you know about that is that well. That facet that he and I got a ticket that they needed so I'd better although we doubt bout that. That on Saturday night lol all or at hitter in most volatile so that it would just go all their. So a couple arms get gusts that can armed robbery and hit a restaurant. Bodies up. You know. That's typical couple art that they are I had already be done or eat out a concert this the outlaw it go oh or rocky. We've been began to fall was twenty pop when he speaks years. For humans and defended her on her and her allies then you better go press certainly their limber up to stress and electric stuff. Torre's talk about aren't yeah I think so I think the mega deals of that too they do they do is read distressing is not necessarily I don't know anyway I don't. Number I I love those and he just reset the bar we're talking about worst Valentine's they stores and if you got one hit us up 70450. And that's the story Robin it was or it was a mall or store it was a really long story I'll be honest with it a little bit distracted is just right there in the middle for a couple of seconds because somebody said a great confucius quote into us on the text line. And this confucius quote reads quote. It is only when a mosquito lands on your testicles they realize there's always a way to solve problems about using violence. That's. That that's a winner but yeah. There and might be the winner of the day. So let us know or your quote came from again Bertrand Russell. It does the philosopher mathematician is really Smart guys who's more like in the late eighteen hundreds and he died of in 1970 so. But you know it's motivational Monday on Wednesday. We got more college basketball coming your way next Dino Gaudio formerly Forester Joseph shall join the show and awarded his thoughts on on what's coming for the ACC and you know do we ask Jerry about some of these these smaller conference as some of the wondered conferences some maybe you know with two or three will find out what geno thinks about us some of these ACC matchup tonight. Particularly. Do Kucera lot and a lot more that's next on Garcia Blaylock. Sure to test the hornets coach's show every Thursday at 6 PM with Chris Kroger or brought to you by corona light came on line and official partner of the Charlotte hornets in 1025610. WS Lindsay. And don't forget tonight the final game before the all star break doors are down in Orlando take it on the magic Chris program as pre game at 630 Ellen post game directly following the Damon. We'll see if the hornets can pick WW before off. Heading off to the all star break and trying to figure out what to do about being well. Either nine or eleven games below 500 win tonight is also notes we'll find out it is Valentine's Day. And we need to wish a very very happy Valentine's Day to launch time college basketball analyst with ESPN and former Wake Forest had George Dino Gaudio joining us. On that second job just like Joseph is there a bigger scam the Valentine's Day. I don't cigarettes I don't think there that I don't want banker the last three days I got reminders of how. Yet don't like the cards getter flowers or not it driving me crazy I gotta get I don't expect it off my to do list. It's awful amid what was the number you since Friday the average 157. Dollars on average is what's spent on Valentine's Day per permanent permanent. Hey frank I'm not going to our promised. I'd like we've been married 35 years that are mobile and there. It's insane and I tell a story about a more pleasant topic college basketball and I do you know we'll we'll start in dodge offer you know well the ACC big night for them tonight and I'm curious. Duke Virginia Tech state Syracuse Florida State Clemson you know as you watch these teams we saw Virginia Miami last night you know how how many first of all right also talked tough question if you items to peg a number how would biz do you think this legions of kids. I really think data did not and and and I think going to need to do is look at the Acura total body that he has been so good out with the year nothing's gonna change for him. A little bit this year may be and trying to figure out the augment system but I really didn't think. They they get nineteen debt and got I didn't game last night were Boston College import its Burke is just struggling like he cannot believe compound you. See now that they're six and seven. They got five games left if they go three and two in those games. And they end up nine at nine NBA he city. If they win two games in Brooklyn and I think they got a chance to get in the conference so I think the ATP get nineteen. In the field I think they get more than any other car parts now. You know may be the big twelve gets you know eight or nine out of there patent but I think eap he gets not. You know because we talked about these one and done and all the talent that's coming into college basketball and as these guys. In golf and the NBA will wait for them to develop the we went to them too I'm you don't become. We all think they're going to be but. Different coaches right you're obviously a really good coach he did it for a long time. Like tell apart that I have to deal with some multiple mom. One and guns. I think the biggest challenge for any freshmen whether it's 81 and done Allen for a guy it's. You know like like etc. what the Pittsburgh team last night with starting poor pregnant are nearly as talented at Kentucky's freshman who do its freshman. Getting them to understand how hard. You have to practice and how long you have to practice are. That is the biggest challenge because if they'd come up through high school wouldn't ANU ranks. There's so much better so much more apt allowed eight. Then their peers at that time. You know that that bacon goes 75%. In practice I school do in this spot they're colder though but not point 8530 a game on the circuit. But I think now all of a sudden when they make the job to. The AP CB FEC. The big twelve. Our understanding. How are you have to work in practice how consistent you've got to be which your effort. And I think the other thing happened that you shoot with young kids and trying to convince them. It's not making that great play. It's eliminating that bad it's. That help us win some time to attract then they wanna make a splash in the flashy play I think those are two really. Really big things and you're seeing this year Michael Reuter earth or Mike at outpost struggle a little bit with with young. Don't go to that's a great question you know of piggyback off that no question you know with what you just said about the the gap what is that gap because. You know you talked about is you know different sports you know high school to college and then we make the jump from college to pros what's that gap from eight you do the ACC for say. And it just it it is huge it it'd be huge gap. And and because now all of a sudden. You're you're you're playing against got as talented issue that's as athletic as you and sometimes. We're unaware we're talking about the one and done that. Guys that are may be now who stayed around a little bit junior Asia singers that might be with a redshirt year corny too. 23 years old in high school your plane again. 1617 year old now all of a sudden they can dump site that's older stronger more or physical kid the kid that. You know how to mentality of a what what they need to do could be. Successful I think the other thing when you're coaching young kids. And it happened to me in my second year when we recruited. Get PN in game Garko and those that weren't highly recruited coming gain yards and have a scholarship from Wyoming. And one from Cincinnati. Yes people out of Indiana when the big Kelvin Sampson situation was taking place in Indiana are. And and they were on probation so the foot came down not in danger for just cheap. Well when those that started the take off in the second year we we started off we are the last undefeated teams sixteen you know and those doubts were leading us. Now all of a sudden people on the periphery. And start to get to those kits. And it's it's scary if you gotta like put out of that certainly got a are the those guys every day because. The other thing with young kids like that and I think Mike and Don. Cal Perry have done a great job out but it. People and those people on the periphery. Away from these kids so that's why you have them for that six or seven months though worried about winning games Purdue. Could cocky or XYZ university whatever this. Dino Gaudio ESPN's college basketball analysts join us on the sector jobs just like we haven't talked to talk about the current basketball that's fun because of this is say interest and an important stuff and you talk about the on the outside influences and and things of that nature that we saw what happened global a couple of months ago and I think a lot of rescinded probably doesn't in your profession especially said. Oh you mean to tell me that shoe companies have been involved in college basketball for a while you're color me shocked I'm curious to things you how much experience you had with that as a coach you know what we're dealing with shoe companies as part of recruiting and AU and if you think they can really clean this thing up. I I think I think they need to clean it up now whether they're all invested in May control that they do that. In the NCAA at the picket big jump and and I think the other thing that really. Gonna take old I think finally he's president we're gonna say that next higher I'd make. On the net debt this guy so hard I'm gonna talk to the NCAA. On the property conference's. I'm gonna make sure that the guy ought to hire these squeaky. Clean I think more of its gonna calm from the college president I think they don't want to be associated with now okay. Important part of that great but I think off my reputation as the president and our reputation as a school it is it is up Paramount. Importance and I do think the NCAA they're just didn't beat up so badly were all of this stuff I think I think they take it stands now also what what. The stock of staff from the FBI and and they can take that on what that that it's it's. What this first happened got the call me saying man. What what what would have that date for college basketball I could no it is great gay college basketball all the guys that are doing the right. It may appear on the sideline now for whatever reason. It's a great day because you feel good that they indicated that they aren't they happen door and thought well. I'll probably get nailed. Got to love talking about the ancillary stuff around the game because you know you've been around this obviously you're you're you're now in the media you can see it on the outside looking in but you've also been a part of that. What response what is the NCAA what what does what do they mean what do what do you what do responsibilities. They have. What levers to they have power they have anymore because you look at what happened at North Carolina even though. Albeit to different situations. And now we're seeing what takes place at Notre Dame talked about. You know Louisville and you know some of the others institutions that are taking place what role does the NCAA have anymore. While I'm noticed. It is the president of Notre Dame saying what he said. About the NCAA. How on balance it is. I think that is a big correct. That is crucial because there there's been talk for years that there could be some of the bigger conference G-8 summit at their goal to break off. But the NCAA but why that they by the power five need to get the NCAA all the money could judge double play I don't know would you right now. They can run that themselves so. I think he NCAA who really. It is it is critical spot in the air. I don't know what the workers longevity. Impact on college athletics. Especially in light of what happened at Notre Dame and the comment from from fodder the president. Of Notre Dame is we know one of the great academic institutions and ethical. It's the featured in the country if it peaked it's so critical. Of the NCAA we we know my colleague Dick Billick isn't in many about the art that I I think that's really and being pretty NCAA moving forward. Our George shot we don't have much time left which is a couple things about these teams are going to be watching over the next on 24 hours or so and actually team we watched last night Virginia beat Miami and they took a tough loss on Saturday but. In a lot of folks saying hey this might be in fact Tony's best team in this is the best chance they've had two tying a final four banner to possibly win the national championship do you see it. You know I I I think it is the final four Virginia team. I just don't think they're national championship pretty. You know I watch them practice a lot not my my youngest sister in law school at the University of Virginia probably stopped on the practice. Four times in the preachy and that he had been like before practice. Mentality and fathered -- there in in in his dad comes to a lot of practices than I said the army had it on. And in her man in it a little bit of a rebuild now with this team that you and I know and any dad was sparked an addict or some thought and practice. I am shocked. How well they're doing that the reason that the wants so well is it it's all about for them simplicity. And execution. Those guys on defense to think talk and are really together cohesive kind of peaceably got beat up an offense. They accept their role. Certain got a spring in our certain got recovers. And black man did they play well together and you know Tony Bennett obviously again under consideration for national coach of the year I think Virginia. Apollo fourteen for me the other one through New York. Villanova Purdue at Michigan State that he got put a gun in my head I would say Michigan State investing in the country. While about that aren't last thing here I just again talk about state for a second that the State's got to go to Syracuse tonight there's never an easy place to play but the State's got a lot of winnable games on the stretcher and they need to Wyndham they got some great wins with a couple bad losses at a Greensboro loss is looking better and better by the day what what do you think about Kevin she's the job that he's done and and where state can go. I like what Kevin has obviously they've beaten four ranked teams Korea and India HTC now coming off two straight lot there's been. Boy did it it's this isn't you know revolutionary or whatever and say that. They they got to the fan in the losses at you know Virginia Tech North Carolina to get about 85 and 96 point. When your lap 38 he seems so what percentage defense. And only had to Wake Forest and points to allow the bet that that's where that's what they have to get better but I like I think there are different team since Johnson has come back he's been huge plus for them. Beverly been dead and then I you know they're they're smaller starting five. In in in the but that when I got side off the bench with Freeman and beleaguered blue. I think this is a really good opinion that big a fan. This is there and another indicated in the tournament make Iran and they're gonna happen it's all we don't and I they've got to get somebody with perimeter skills. In the middle of the zone and Kevin King. Having been on the Patrick Rick Pitino. Nobody was better against Jim Boeheim and Syracuse is owned that they've seen a lot. I think cabin creek learn from what his mentor taught him and I think they have a big game against Syracuse. I did a Gaudio ESPN's college basketball analyst former way Ted George join us on the tech job just like George we appreciate your man happy Valentine's agent. Aren't. I but it's Richard Neer Gaudio was again joint mr. Garcia Billy we appreciate the great stuff there from the next a conversation to the direction I didn't really expect that was really good stuff from that really just. Especially in light of what's taken place right now in a crowd mean. That's what makes you know I love talking to do you know he's always on us is always open talk basketball and talked chancellor's stuff. You with the incidentally he's never been shy away from you talked about Valentine's Day. He's one of the best welcome back we'll wrap up the hour with the rest embraced ultimately went as expected motivational Monday on Wednesday is taking a loss. We got more confusion scores and I should've stick at so we are just Jonas manages those things coming out of buildings that are techs like 7045709. B six stand up and of course your worst Valentine's Day stories we'll take those as well sources and they look. I'm chain in my house. That's what I thought wow yeah I wanted to play the Ray Charles version but I couldn't find his site identity and are now on night Basil and it could see that. But anyways yeah. But I do we know and right in the and it's. It was so you're you're looking for the Ray Charles one I said what you can see it. Off. And so I just couldn't this defense messed up. Visit though I mean it's not but it is funny I laughed as good as on eighteenth. When it's messed up its us from the Lorain man. He's a brilliant guy he's overcome an obstacle I hopefuls are from the usual surfer himself. He is the brilliant guy. Just overcome some obstacle on says Georgian but I just sorry I don't I love Britain government and the greatest hits out not autonomy to build. So unions as this diseases you know you know messed up for a little bit that's been let yeah Dynegy was by the way how Dino Gaudio what I estimates that last question about how he ducked their first part of it. I asked him we know what experience he'd had with you don't you companies are starting hello I don't so I don't expect anyone implicated themselves. Really I guess is you're asking me what are what are under about what was going on Wake Forest or as I was a coach. Right I wasn't exactly well you know everything know what the but it is his complete I was surprised that he completely glossed over most doesn't always laugh at all since a knock and implicate myself look at it myself in trouble or lease your very vague story he wanted nothing to do with Nicklaus I mean that's. You know. Wednesday and as far away isn't as possible and be back to the coach and knows he can associate yourself with that. Well sure I mean I understand what you signed. Good tennis question and needed an entire cabinet. And he ended and I better not answer I'm not mad at him for not answer the question I just it was pretty glare. Good Tony just glossed right over that that will really good stuff for that I think it. I don't know if you had that kind of experience it and I've never heard any impropriety in amassing you're suggesting that it's received Dino Gaudio is named. But if you had any dealings with their seedy underbelly of college fast or recruiting which really wanna talk about it some guys there's yeah I mean I mean. I understand is. Dozens of books doesn't. An interview as the good guys and no longer coaching the guys like him no longer Joseph while he might win and maybe wants him back in the Coachella have been uploaded he's been with he wasn't really directly after several years I would imagine if you really wanted to back into coaching you were committed a series have direct I don't know I'm really good but that's a cushy gig. I'll tell you that yesterday and it is a Cushing did what I think Seth Greenburg is not going anywhere you know is this. I thought I had not idealistic tests like us I thought he is just fantastic his his candor his honesty retained did you NCAA got answers specifically I thought was right on point. Well and that's our and I agree with him and to try to agree with what he said as well next week that was the point that we're making. Almost validated exactly everything we said you know about the power five and you know moving in to that in transition team vs Notre Dame went. The fires the shots fired up by the president you know it's. Yeah priest or no you around Ron Johnson anybody out there president I want when he comes out there says that he's fired a shot hey listen you need us more than we need you that's a shot. Or give us that was a very clear implication and that's why we had Jerry palm on earlier you know the furthest back in with its top of the hour. China dismissed it proposed the idea that this is anything seriously college's Matt. All know I don't think so on your website CBS sports star Tom your colleague Dennis Dodd one of the most respected college sports columnists you know and business. Wrote exactly what we're saying that the NCAA. Should be. A little bit concerned about what Notre Dame is telling them because again. I don't care what you think about notre Dame's football program. And the fact they've won a national championship and so lawn and do I think they've lost a little bit of their Paul probably but they still have a ton of influence and you go back to 91 when they broke away from the college football association signed a television deal with NBC that rocked a college football world the notre Dame's gotta look to everybody said. So are got to do what we want. And no Notre Dame is in a position now to throw some way to routes and really China always has been because that's one of those schools that you look at and you say they'd do about as good jobs and one of mixing athletics and act academic integrity or at least that's what we see on the outside so you know I it's going to be interesting to watch I told I told us earlier. We got to step aside and I told us earlier this whole notion of breaking away from the NCAA it may have been born may also happen is. The NCAA or the power five million strong Norman or just forcing their way into another separate division of the NCAA umbrella. No just re writing some rules and saying look. What we've all been saying for years we don't really have any interest in splitting divvying up all this television money with the rest of you. Maybe you breakaway maybe they can say screw you walk in a way we can do our own thing better than you Janice what they do but the other things also possibility either way. Things as they are and have they as they've always been. What the status go to get remain. And really hasn't you know we we've seen a lot of rules changes over the past three or four years in response to some of the stuff so it's interesting what we'll keep an eye on it and if you wanna talk about a 70457. Or 96 stand otherwise we got some moss some NFL talk about now or number three while the united. It's a Valentine's Day thing it's corny I know what to know if you want a handout on Valentine's. As a painter spent. To any free agent out there on the Marco. Or drastic that's it she's glad you did.