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Wednesday, May 23rd

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Joseph coward joins us on the second job just like what's up chuck I have been both. I'm back in the 803 delight me. The what. If the period may through July saint. Georgetown short I don't see donning. Maybe you should get out of note this. Pat pat pat pat pat pat. Don't live there anymore thank you and I don't think that's. Doesn't matter anyway chuck how were the meetings an enemy that I've realized that so it was a big day for Carolina printers so as David tepper was voted them what's unsure is also if he does a lot of standing around waiting for a for people to about a meeting rooms until a result of. That went it was kind of bizarre you know it's so we roll over to the Willy yesterday check in at 9 o'clock in. You know we knew probably than what we gonna come down till 3 o'clock so you know just stick to your point you know wait around and watch a bunch of rich guy get out of black. Acute need in Raleigh and then now there Robert Kraft and there's Arthur Blank can. You know they would nod and smile on Robert Kraft I think. Stopped on his way and given night so come at the restaurant just went on by itself. That was a lot of waiting but she know it it was one of those staying debt. I'm very glad I was there just you know we're fortunate that visit to be a part of a lot of great happening in person and I realize it was that a mere formality and just an announcement but. You know I wasn't there when Jerry was awarded a franchise and then 9394. But I came to town knew shortly thereafter in. You know big part of my life you know getting my current job down here would that be the NC to cover. It fledgling expansion franchise and so you know yesterday I thought myself you know kinda. So what just reflecting and no it was a major a major moment in Charlotte sports history enter a new era is that they're taking air flowed and you know bittersweet for those of our community you know. For this franchise and for the city so. You know regardless so you know the allegation you know I was focusing yesterday on day with David tepper a day and it's a new era and I'm excited about this guy I think he's right now we are out cinder. Very self deprecating guy is we saw I like that that's I think he's going to be a great sound bite and in I think he's going to be just tell from the gut reaction gut feeling. I think it's going to be great for the city and an even more poorly going to be fantastic for the franchise. Chuck and I listened to those old I guess sound byte we played it a couple of times yesterday David does temper addressing the media and there are some things or interest in Reinemund he did say hey like Charlotte is a logical place to keep this team and you know he did mention the stadium situation he but he dropped some things and like he referenced the MLS when he was asked about so minority stake holders in weathered out there there'll be any armed. We was asked about relocation you know he seemed kind of firm on that that he also say there there's two Carolinas here and you know that that was kind of interest in them is well what do you kind of pull out of that maybe you had read between the lines a little bit because we all kind of two different things away from what we heard. Well how idea off you know everybody we're trying to read not being here there everywhere or he didn't they had not been regarded up to the cherry question. I kind of took everything pretty much at stake valued at Mikey might not be the case to be honest with you up but I thought you know. There's to his point but hey guys I just got approved. Let me get the labeling is and then we'll move forward but I do think he's going to be a maverick to your point would begin now that's why would be coming here and boom. But it's I beat you talk about a owning this city. You know why not why not to get an MLS franchise one don't jump stadium over there you know a lot of your own pocket and I think that's really interesting. But duke Carolina I think he would. That might take out that would he was just. Kind of preaching the Jerry Contra if you will you don't that it did not need little in South Carolina by any stretch could I live here but I think you know but he knows that it's. Tell the North Carolina put Jerry built the foundation of the Carolina outside I don't think there was any more than that saying you know. People are they can does that mean he's gonna move this stadium before now I didn't I didn't take data wet but again it might be my night. Well he did say that he was gonna keep it in Charlotte. But he did not they know what he was going to do with it would that means a facelift whether that means. Are you doing nothing or we know he's just hadn't had time to really open up but he did. Not that he did not say anything other than I was gonna keep it in Charlotte as we don't do on this side a lot of us read into that as you just pointed out. Yeah and like I've said before I think they've gotten would you guys. There's going to be a new stadium some shape or fashion guy whether it's a complete overhaul of Bank of America Stadium or somewhere business in the stadium but. I I've kind of been baffled why that has been the most important thing. On the tip of everybody's time before that guy even. You know he stepped into the city what's gonna happen with the stadium you know it's gonna happen but it's not gonna happen in the next ten year. Is it Mike so I don't know why. You know bit that it the first thing people are worried about I've and I I would be more concerned with the you know ticket prices saying you know what's gonna happen between president. You know you know what you think the Mardi though I think Boca you know again next Tuesday but yet you stadium's gonna happen but it's not good at not hurt. How does he ingratiate himself to the fan base. He he meets with the media at the very least quarterly. And you know I I think. So many of these owners that rhetoric I realize they're billionaires than multimillionaire. Been. And that does make some people eccentric in kind of odd man watches some of these owners walked into her. They're they're so fruitcakes. I holed up in there I'd be a little extreme there some of homer just socially awkward. But I think I don't see that David tepper. You know a lot of these and of the several of these NFL owners. Our children. You know they've got the money test in and you know sometimes that mates. Offspring a little Ott. Tempered by the soaked up by the boot strap these very gregarious. If you appreciate where he's been in where he's come from and I think he's gonna get out shaking hands and I think that's how you know that I do my personal. Feeling I know other fans feel this way as well as they want to see the owner and I can say the same thing for the Charlotte hornets as well. Talking to chuck our fox 46 joining us on the tech job just like pages out of curiosity were talking about this earlier Jerry Richardson was there. David tepper was there I assume Tina Becker was there. Into who actually officially represented this team Italy meetings yesterday. I heard you got to pose that question earlier that's really you know I would have to say. More likely have to be Jerry because fraud and purpose to be still be on our team. The majority owner of the team not get pepper doesn't technically take ownership until July so that's just might get Kyle and that. Mean that's why he more than likely showed up more than just it came in the mantle over to David tapper so that would be my guest. Knowing when I know I know words are a lot of the NFL but you know the race also is this week shocked and billikens Ford tell you know being out there tomorrow. You know before buying of the events that they have taken place starting tomorrow night but so what's your favorite part of this weekend. No I'd sit you know I just think what it is guys it that this will be the 23 Coca-Cola 600 I've covered. And you know it is such a fabric of our cities don't you know just what Carolina Panthers are. Fabric of our city and we are should be there you know Robert crowd of the Carolina Panthers but. You know you don't you know moderates being in a kind of alluded to this before we keep you know Charlotte motor speedway. If a huge huge part. Our our community. People maybe your listeners don't realize that you know 30000. Families. Make their living directly off NASCAR. Closed up 5000. Seemly this weekend. That will be working directly or Charlotte motor speedway. Will be making their living off of just Charlotte motor speedway alone so. You know we don't stop about American Airlines and Bank of America being the biggest employers in our community. We forget that NASCAR imitate truly is and so you know it's a fabric of our community and just. This speedway itself ranked pitcher question it just represents. Charlie it represents you know entrepreneur who are like Bruton Smith and company Wheeler will build a two what it had been. It's really truly I look at this somewhat of a monument in again. That whether you're rates they are not it'd it'd be a landmark in our community about what I think school about getting you know going out to the speedway and it's still tradition. NN Coca-Cola 600 you know with the way the Coca China motor speedway otters. The military. I still get teary eyed every Coca-Cola 603 ratio. With the helicopters B units the paratroopers. Of the soldiers I mean. Actually thinking about 20000 soldiers there and and then when they play taps. I just blew. And so it's just it's it is damn America and it you can do it and that's what I love about it but that's way for me to put it. Our Josh Towers fox 46 joining us on the ticker John just slide always good to catch up with you but we will talk to you soon centralize. Our guy paid good selection no other security get a chance to if you're not going to be at the speedway on Sunday for thirty. Our live on fox 46 are around the track Coca-Cola 600 preview we're gonna have not. Special guest Dave don't warrant Clemente state head football coach is going to be at the speedway. He's gonna pop in can you ought to fox sports we got a bunch of really cool rate specials and volley so you're home. And in sudden one objective that we sure would appreciate it we appreciate you guys. The right now all checked out they don't see juicy or what is your history tells us just wondering why he had so contestant. By guards are just there were loaded.