Garcia and Bailey: Chris Spatola and the World According to Frank.

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Wednesday, February 7th

We have a great conversation with Chris Spatola, and it's The World Accroding to Frank.


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Before trial clearly frank Garcia and Osbourne and we're catching you don't put all the day's news. Of course the Moriarty stuff we talked about that a couple times in the you wanted to so we'll take a phone call 7045709. This extent obviously the hornets. Right now Laura and the news they made one deal today shipping Johnny O'Bryant and 22 round picks up to new York and in return the knicks send it. Billy. Art and Gomez is his given name and he's 611 he's a reserve is a god is probably not gonna make an enormous impact on this team but it does feel was a lot of a list of supported out today like a deal before a deal. And there's a lot of smoke right now to Kemba Walker to Cleveland a bride went horse to this morning saying that so he's hearing that Cleveland is working extra hard today. To try to land Kimball walker so we'll keep an eye on it and it may break in the next hour or not we'll hand things over Chris Kroger Co. who will obviously keep you updated as well right now we're told in college basketball. And the latest installment of the best robbery of sports duke Carolina tomorrow night. In the dean dome we're talking to Chris the toll ESP NU rejoins a solitary become just slow somebody Howard you sort of got. Not much Chris I just hanging out haven't and the great deep conversation on nine domestic violence Marty early Mattel have Santa's been that everything's good. While way to pour cold water on the. I know right as it is right and outside already blew it bad enough what the hell happened dark Blue Devils in my blue doubles. Use last week against saint John's. Well you know guys are insane for about a month and a half now that he. Any big east and it is easy. Click on it it's certainly the most obvious thing to click on I could say about perhaps that are for duke is they're all bets and you know it's very easy that's why the analytics are good but they Matt I think some of the whole story and you know bit but it seemed that all but it's simply I don't think it ever release a that was an identity it's a lot of how BP through. Who don't really work well together. And it stretches of games he can really hurt themselves then and not function alt net and two point open at saint John's game ADP turnovers and missed aren't free throws they shot selection time was was a little bit. A little bit questionable. And so it decrypt it is batted there are days. Your margin for error is very pain. And it you're all connected to the arch I I mean aren't able to look to mitigate those beaten to dish use. There's your lose thirteen it's on eleven in in the big east and yet that the immediate backing off the dodge you got in those two big guys are our. Certainly dominated but you've got a perimeter that indicated it outlook dimensional. Gary trying to get money making shot terrific album will be one dimensional and integration Allan as is spent on the island that oh well so it stopped. It's it's an offense that is certainly not helping a bad beat that. It occurs at seditious and taking them because you do everybody talking about the defense but I agree with you when you start planned teams locked down. And shut down you know those two bigs inside what you have next to me where you assess where your pick and rolls you know one of the things that you're going to identify with and you know when you get the ACC the teams that know you know the style of steel which you play. Some in the to have better athletes and that's going to be interest to see how they adjust to that moving forward. Yeah I you know that kind of back and beat the year or maybe it's that it's it's the teen that. I think early was searching for an identity I think paid they expected more out of there's a recorder player. And they were getting what he needed out of camp it became well we got to play. These two guys technical at least certainly. The way to go by. You know that hey it's it's stuff to do that consistently especially when we guarded and I I go back to you call it that. Again I think this at the beginning deceit and we're gonna go as far as he could take them and especially in late game. You go back to 2015 with ties Jones there was no more. Clutch player there was no better player in the in the stretch of gains gains. And the last decade or duke that ties don't keep any more big plays in big gains were due. That then you can remember. And so now that they're not accorded all record the application at what it chain that is so brawl all get out it. Well we've seen a lot of talent detains all by the wayside a team that is targeted aren't they are. That. That director at that point guard and protect our ballot yet but he he's learning gap national and I just while we quite there yet. Starter Chris patrolling ESP NU college basketball joining us on the tech become just like the North Carolina Chris. What organic you know what we know they're not last year's national championship team but. But what are they may put in the context of it how deep they can make an attorney however you want to what is this team right now. You know there there are very keen that it's amazing that. We were talking about duke Carolina. With their traditional with the talent with their coaches two teams that are dent. Trying to figure out who they are there identity. You know I'd dedicate to Carolina happen understand. Playing without two dominant big guy. I think trying to understand. You know this is a team that that it not be able to blog there are all bench strictly off altar to rebound like they did the last year. On the team that's gonna have to get stops. They're given up wait you know. Our number called a lot for game mechanic in a bad thing by. You're talking about that perimeter and B I actually it was the tip of the spear the strike it actually went there but supporter. An anecdote to retain all just they're given up thirty you know gain mutual holding. It's just margin for error so they have I think prevent chill with so they haven't got a stop that other than that I'll eat that week. It's at least think that we're talking about great talent in jolt bury it as being too early cystic guy guys rock you been. There seems what we thought they would give. And so you know yet they're collecting couldn't make a run. Today lose in the first week and so we just you know. There are two teams that are that are playing differently than they ever had before. And I just don't think they've gotten comfortable with that this year. Chris Dodd tonight NC state Virginia Tech this feels like a really big game for both of these states. I had edited so you know a much and I need to YouTube hit the whole bit and off all that and and it can help but it it is a big game for both teams and you know I I actually think it states senate gonna win this one I think there there are a team right now. You know you can quit even with some of the losses routine matters. You've got players and coach bickering each other out and engage you know if you watched Kentucky he took well McCain. They are starting to play a little bit like his teams when they're not quite at the grass there are quite a Nike or beat. But are turning people are they're they're they're playing at doubt he'll off spent already there they are there are starting to get a big hit all they. And again I think it's a coached at getting used to get personnel. On any particular can detect meat became an added. It played a lot bigger than they are even that it a little bit of a living back prefer that they really ought to watch they're wide open but stopped it's. I've attempted step to be really good game I think it was more. Write and direct to do group quick Chris and talked about you know a guy that I like part I watched planned. You bud tell he's probably had his disappointing is this season as anybody in. In the ACC and that's side Grayson down two years ago. If he leaves is probably drafted top twenties somewhere and maybe and the first round something like that as he played himself out of the draft. Yeah out what is he certainly has this year I don't I don't know pretty hard on. I I I sought out next year end all be all. Well there weren't off court they were on court issues go the issue sea tac. Outside all. Like there was some questions about its ability he's really be out extreme heat eat and he had but he we are. On the early I think part of this partnership Archie you become strictly juncture. And his value mentally at least he is is tied to make shot at a shot so yet the really bad as productive. We thought he would be eat a pro right now he just doesn't doesn't fit that model. Arm not what I think in all it started or self you know what understandably he probably expected more out of this year. But they're gonna kitty you know to restrict air out and appreciate it all American and tell her last year so I understand art and we had. The tripping incident but. This year he got it figured out that play with with these other guys he young guys whereas you know look we caught in an annual Jefferson no idea if the date they sort of figured out. They try to that denotes those young freshman hey look you guys Al did but there are a lot and you get it yet under our army and ordered to take the lead here. He really had about so it. Certainly got to grow the way he's played this year but I don't know how much of one he he really ever was. Is it time for coach get a may be moved past that. That's great and yeah. You know it's it's easier said than done because you were got a pension there's not a whole lot there you know what I don't see any. The only good if that implies and you know destroyed not an option they've come a long way the two of them. You know I. I know enough about their relationship that they are they are spiritually tied it hit and and I spent a lot of book. Great and at that moment amber what are worldly or a couple of months removed from. Parties that did it on the biggest stage in November in college basketball. Would be a very good Michigan's eighteen so I keep opening. That that's gonna come out and about at some point all I look at there was somebody else on that bench that you could turn to and say hey you know. Let let's send a message shore let's try to go a different direction here you do that but you're you're kind of strapped with a limited depth. Crystal yes fear in your joining us on the tech a come just like that I asked about Virginia was that was that was listened to Jay bill stalk and I was going there was an illustrator deal and saying that's you know he's seen a lot of good seems some teams believe talent but he doesn't see any great teams and I don't think anyone has ever been and hurried. Two had to give Virginia that not that label was doing a great team but. No I've based on the resonate at least you know as of last week I think certainly still vista's today I can make the argument they should be the number one team in the country I think that offensively there're a lot more efficient and most people who watch the game realize and I'm curious your thoughts on Virginia is this Tony Bennett's best he was is the best chance allowed to win a national championship in the past five years. Got hurt it's a great question because those you know it's hard only this team you know we do a packet Malcolm are there. And yet he kill it even that you watched your won the current date it's. This double able to say that this is probably its best gain. You know the other thing it's like you know this whole idea that there are no great gee I agree with. They got Kentucky team that that almost went out to be edited into a final or. So I think it's been gaining in college go to so when you haven't seen. Our state like we take what you can deduct for credit. Because put his props go up against. You know any in the top fifteen it's gotta be close to outlaw like it they are not your bleep out he disparity ET the stock they need it yet. There are believable by you know that he that there Bennett. I cycle back to our point about Carolina where their offense got the help they're eat bad indicates urging they're Bechtel they're all. You know they pay or people work on the off back today. To appoint that would make it down on the other hand they also force them to work. They squeezed the white carpet being squeezed a possession at a game. And if they put so much pressure on you what if you don't have a real high in march of earth is. In a barge in prayer and again and it just it's a style that it's been so art to prepare for and play against especially if you're like you to it. It's like we're gonna declare guide so the question about it that the Archie yet. Typically have like any other year and I think it's growth all bets we can takes a shot. Are you go back to battle we when they lost to Syracuse like. Is guaranteed out there and I don't want it now format making it holds its well what basically like Syracuse beat an act game I don't know. All right now is there are about to win at all because of the players that they carry out there that are playing well stretching Lleyton gains in tight games. And that defense is a force multiplier. You know Chris for a little over a month and a half away from mom March Madness you know start now pinned you know just hit an off. Who's your coach of the year because you can make an argument thanks for two or three guys you know and obviously. He just talked about one with Tony Bennett Bennett but Brad Brunell maybe Keats. You know there's there's a lot of candidates this year in the ACC hoosiers. Yeah I'd sometimes beat the obvious answer is obvious or region at edit it's too bad it. I think it's key just done a great job. Proudest got a really good job I think. You know it's just that this is also likely to run block and David sometimes there's addition by subtraction I think they got all this has really. I think open things up for other guys. And they they sustained about dot cigarette grip the widget which it is huge loss but but again I I go back to the point. Like you pour it in order to stay at Villanova or junior the best teams genius roster cadets. Villanova and it and and produce its article most guys it's not even close. Again you could make an argument that Virginia is the best steam out of out of all you know so a lot. You know what he what he's done it Iranian year out the consistency. Can you imagine the bodies tried to get there aren't buying the playing each spent so we wait he touched the plate. By all that lead to sacrifice a little darker note idol. Do you know if chicks take the long ball they certainly don't pick the pack line defense yeah. You know here we are it's good to see it at the obvious it or stop it's her read that and it's Tony Bennett. But I tryst it's only ESP NU college basketball guru joining us on the ticket John just like exactly what we hope format we appreciate your. Did you occurs patrolling the best way to I wanna put him on the spot and ask him his prediction between Caroline do. Riveting stuff and you pick you make of Dickey betterment of picture more standing APEC. There'll be mad at me for quick glare and it anyway to this point a minute ago but North Carolina check this out literally just came across the other Twitter feed here. Cure a lot of fans when things are going well your complain about perimeter defense a lot and things like that. Thirteen teams in ACC history has given up 275. Or more reporters in the season. Ten of those thirteen teams are UNC tapes and one this year is already companies to do reject our current river and stuff. Wow. They're very you. It's a divorce come don't like me and you know that much harder to come back into bullish to have hurt your comeback a drive to get in trouble store simulate. Those two big guys or load. And you know we've had some big guys like check of weather is Tyler Zeller or John Henson Tyler Hansbrough Deon and Ed Davis you know that's kind of thing so it does present. Unique matchup problems with him you never you've heard me say under tax this year and really concerned about Michigan and around the real. I've never said those things when we get rid played duke and that's not a could get children Williams or anybody system we've always makes sort of backed do a good job on the three point shot. Facility is different for sure. We've got a great show planned for you tomorrow as well among other things we'll talk to. The voice of the teeth of the heels Jose Jose Angel and we'll talk to the boys in Blue Devils then she made up. So loggers showplace for tomorrow's religious after Carolina duke the latest iteration tomorrow night in the dean dome 70457. Or 96 to have got a yacht. A suspicion. That we're going to be talking a lot of hornets basketball although in the next 24 hours as is is coming down well exists it does feel like that it really does and we don't want our listeners in a Texan is this a little while ago you and I mentioned it earlier to resist. If they trade earlier if you missed it if you're just catching up the hornets delta Johnny O'Bryant and 22 round draft picks to New York. For 611 Billy are enormous. And now with Vernon Gomez. Knowing Cody Zeller. And whites. And frank Kamensky. We have the four biggest disks in the end here. So you're gonna say I can't say that about. How stiff. These pretty stiff now is not Elise is not as he had the easy others he minus. Easy to jail a million out right you know and it was good judges the stiffness of shafts and golf. Setting off a cellular. We dumped that there is a like more reflection asked you know are bigger network is you guys are pretty Mittal steel. I don't know that I got put dollars a figure the golf guys at a decent analogy. Yeah how tech article. That's not a lawyer bait me into that one daily by the way I don't want to break room. During the commercial break to grab a Red Bull and dietary code for frank thank you. I'm on my way back to staring at the floor walking minding my own business I walked I hit man's office or go to turn the corner in the hallway to come back down here. Frank is on also. Wear this hat backwards. Against the wall and starts barking at me like I. I turn the core of big dog a big dog. Is more tenacity. Like a big change up dog on all fours in the hallway is scared to eliminate a lot of Bailey that's what I deal with on a daily. And on all fours and always barking at me like a dog has turned the corner there was so saudis there's a resolution as you can see his reaction that you started. I didn't good luck. I didn't but almost I mean you always did last night I gamble our foreign almost lossless I don't I'm not necessarily good that it's not a good day ago. Luckily I was by myself. Aren't gonna blow a 57 and ID is sixty and wanna talk about the orders the first six grubby slow going your series got to say Raleigh was about it. Hey Kyle frank I got there. I operas but all of read the Virginia not all national I don't. It's early eight feet need to know that that's an effort that only been it's been here. Backpack while beat bats where you could mug everybody that does not work mentally terror they're gonna call out when you put trampled a lot of they're gonna call well I don't at the athlete but all of them are our. So one national bile you can go ahead get them goodbye I hate that being yet they don't make alternate these people they get all the record speed and power you'll. I'll never be a national champion. De LA he went they will probably beat. The top leader all popular reap what because that's what Roy Williams this unit that three point line was on Wednesday that there are big. But our national title belt. Not a lit I don't care a lot more national title. Bigger tomorrow night if we want cheaper or and we just guard a real ability to make multiple double but once again it will be bundled. For god sake Bork are stupid I'm so sick couple order. Do you to boot you get pop opera extract it with your old big is your entree Cuba or anybody else to pick kimbo and everybody up and play. Bully muck but compared spirit and go win it going to try to go with what are you need at thirteenth spot a lottery to choke which show you don't. Think for the team all of make yet another year of the great and make sure or a thicker a playoff. Do not try to make it to that point did it pop art speed ample bulk Hoch are ripping out a great day for any thought. Ha ha I know more. But Leno to his point about the horrors that are built about trading Jumbo blown up and tanking. You know crow has brought this portable four and I do agree with him on this especially is that. It may be a little late for that approach is far into the season because you look right now. What 1234. Teams in the Eastern Conference right now. Have fewer wins than the hornets 1234. Herb another two to eight teams in the NBA. Already have fewer law it's your wins this year in the short shorts. So they blow it up. And they try to get bad really quickly. It might work which you've got a lot of work at being bad to do. You to put yourself in that conversation because they're gonna trip for fallen due to a couple wins rest of the way this is how the NBA works so can they actually lose enough games to do it from the sport for. Yeah I mean not necessarily if their tank you know I mean that would be the thing I mean yeah employment. And our future short fall into some wins if they're tanking and even Philadelphia won some games when they were tanking yeah I mean. Point being is that you're going to lose ground. You're not gonna stay where you are right now. And the difference between where they're at the other problem is you know with what they've done over the last couple days is they went on out what three or four in a game winning streak. There on the teams that saying don't do that obviously so. From this decision should have been made a while back if they're gonna do that they're not I think we can all come to that conclusion conclusion. Come in they may be working through other players. Trying to win games but there's not going to be this organization at least won't tell you now. That they're they're they're trying to get worse to be better I knew this is gonna do it. Mostly it's in Jordan's DNA. My I think it's enclosed in a moment it's and he coaches DNA to do that I think that. Enough that's gonna take place in you they're let go of a lot of people including cliff because he's America stands for business journal winning games that's his job at least that's what he's paid to do that she's. Actually what he's paid to do and again. Look we talked about it I understand it and I know we got to step aside here but with the trade today you to bring in Billy Herman goma's. And then to have to whites and fright and Cody who still on the mend but he's close to getting back here. No what does it mean if you got a lot of guys on there that are a little bit redundant a lot of size that you're not gonna use so are they in fact setting up for another deal to come it. It would appear that way to a lot of us I think there's another deal come. What does it what. What is the deal that does happen due to us nothing. You can changes that it is one such right it is one day. You gave a draft picks right now branded second round draft picks in the NBA the NBA draft so you're a draft picks are worth all the watt. As some steps. Zealot this guy's going to be out of serious starters he knows even user replaceable. I mean he's a 611 guys that you know where you put them for Marvin right now always injured. Is always going to be is gonna take place of frank or you let Tim go. The guys averaging four points and two rebounds again I you know it's difference maker aren't really come back we'll be time slower. His frankness the world according to fright. Wanna make this your best Valentine's Day ever diamonds director is making it easy for the spectacular Valentine's celebration and our best finance author ever five years nearly. Five years the zero interest. Rumors diamond earrings. We'll show your love with a 4000 dollar diamond pendant bracelet and pages 67 dollars a month we teamed up with top jewelry designers to this. This election is over the. 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I love dogs frank what can I say man I love dull my dogs love him. A money on the dog person under percent are grooming ads dot I loved that dog to greatest dog ever. Two great dogs and buy one. Just promise this and it's awkward and odd that you won't get another man's dog why we got him with him why do I mean it's if you are. Why my friends have dogs are doing their houses they say Iran are gonna take the dogs and their backing these no you got two dogs a walk ornament. What am I gonna do is like just say no I certainly intensely went over there to walk cure don't know why he came over that's what Digisette you can come over to date the dogs we can I came over so we can talk about to show but he has some things out it was on the phone. I don't know Frankie let's we don't know I don't like you don't like to go meet with your friends who wants to Joseph Rogan stand up we try to turn on some basketball that was all SEC basketball and who wants to watch that. I guess my problem is with this causes that got by did you several times different places you've always showed up yes. I appreciate this given by enemy places and showed up guys I know this is going. Where where's the the the give back here this is a friendship. AstraZeneca and take ask yourself how many times fry tonight above very informally invited you over to the place for a drink or dinner or just stop by after a game that you've not accepted an invitation went on I've been your house yeah you have I've invited you you came one time and I'm advise you several times to. Only invite a big night for his and here's the here's the problem with this these invites five minutes before. I get the invite. He's gonna be doing something. I have responsibilities. I have things to do I need support him. Call the dole team give me. An hour gimme two hours give me a day to me two days. Little has up to say hey listen or do something on Friday would you wanna come Hayward doors on the does that that you might like to show up absolutely. A plan for. Just such a weird person. That's weird yes. It's clear that I planned thanks you just in the way you framed things. Donna don't you guys don't do and you don't things Odyssey on and your adult things are important are as adults as the things that I had no I'm not jealous I do not want nortel's dog. If you do I'll leave that office Carlos is majorities easy you can run roster to hold your dog all he wants it both the element. So anyway. He talks speaking of dogs. Hit man is getting a dog this week. He's adopting a topic that I did you give me best case scenario and worst case scenario. For him if there's a donor. So best case scenario. Is it shows a little responsibility when he gets home and gives them something to do worst case scenario. It EC is dead body fat. The dog it's not a chat that the Internet I did best case scenario and a a little chunk goalie Jocelyn bell Canada and it is this dog is. He needs a lot of attention. He starts eating furniture. The dog chokes on some then hit man doesn't know what to do source given amounts to mouse. In those types of things I mean I feel bad start. Trial because if I can if I can say to any person to go help them walk the hit man would be the one. I hope it helps him. Do these Dalton thing. They do for your interest for them to. Next question distilled look at the silverlight sermon that's also what what are you name a single. And I know I can't tell us right chance chance I don't know if the dog you know we just got to get attracted to take the plunge into the tank whoever tanks going to be he's got a new attack that. See he just pushes back he thinks about it he flirts with that he likes the idea Danny hates the idea that it's just a flat out no. I realize you're not there yet but you will you'll get there because there's nothing like the Honda doing man I don't I need to be more subtle. You know with my situation they are responsible that's fair that's responsible I don't wanna go home. No and I Lavoy is away and half and then go back and forth and back and forth. They're taking care for dog too many things are but when you ditch your uptown bachelor pad. You either enroll. You do or don't you think this dog is going to be you'll be dogs and I know what kind of notice what is it exactly the same it's minus pit bull and hugged and chocolate lab they don't mark. And all of some dogs on the dollars us dollars dogging barks all the time that's a small dog and death or Terry Williams guilt might be a small yell but. Dogs bark. Uncontrollable sometimes. And when they need some in the mark and what they did. They don't need some in the market we see people walked in my day marked they mark remarks remark in my experience dogs only or that way when they don't get attention. Nowhere in the use of so does this dog. Is that hybrid dog that needs the attention it's not getting it. It is ours unfortunately is not gonna get in the attention yeah there's there's all this dog does is it George probably gonna try to remove it. And it at some point Oz Europe. Franken excuse me. Was sent a cough like oh good ways are you when you do that. Somebody asked a question that it is not quite right but it pertains to hit man sniffles he said what is it bites it mentioned the real question is what do the tries to cycle. The Canucks a three. That could be a very high potential bright is hardly a reality sleeping in legislate like this dog sneaks upstairs this try to feed off and that. You know protect even a bit. Last. Christmas I. Struck the Fokker back into. That. Frank I'm getting ready to go out there in the dating world. For the first time in a while we will since when does second there yeah. Well I don't know yet again and I am working on deliberately keeping yourself off the mark I passed. Well I think trying to really did like concrete cemented into my job in in my role did good at it and in once I'm good at it from working towards at every day. Go out there and start trying to meet a nice young woman. And I hear all this talk ranked. Heroes suck all meant to all parts of the best placed me on the ginger best place to meet people on the net. Almost got frank what's the worst place to meet somebody. Strip club. Yacht club in your do you have to peso has caused tuition. There these are digital if you have any that NASA. Probably a nightclub. Yeah. You know you wanna go to a nightclub in means somebody's at the time what are you looking for. That's of course you have to ask yourself I can't answer that for you depends on what you're looking for should look for fun. You know and there's really no. In a bad answer if you're looking for a serious relationship. Now he might wanna rethink that decision. Duly noted. Also yeah. Text to rights and and I think this might be part of the angle that man's lawyer actor says the dog will increase your dating pool like none other that's true if you've got a cute dogs. I mean did did the best and it never got that set him about that is they wing man much you'll never thought yeah that's a great question. Will this dog be trained to sit empty. He can do that that's impressive that's great that's a great question. That is the question. All right so I think I have tons of questions by those pirates six questions six iris six clashed with our attorneys bus they may not be a great place to be a woman. I expect that ranked again and again it depends what you look for right diminish your question. Can during the Minnesota and frank. I often sit back and admire art. And I consider myself to be a wanna be artist. Of that type of art that your target. Might do you like art. I don't know him. Yes. That's what I plan to yeah and if I was good stuff could affect the I don't know into. That's that's what is art to frank Garcia. Our communities. And it should art is art. Highs philosophically artists and keep it to heart his art. Art can be this phone apart to be that paper or to be that picture or is art cause in my world the philosophy. But the government our question and it actually did it pertains to your. Image of me when I'm not your work. So last week for closing on the house and I go by the manufacturer Lou we're flying to Minnesota that night so more money change the locks and what is leading us and I text you guys know much and it. Salt to a bad start there's a rabid raccoon in my backyard and there was a raccoon that was infected with rabies in his back differently that was infected with rabies spot. It's in the insurance pool and now. How's Seattle do them lethargic and insertion attended animal cruelty and it was that should that damn thing well that's why I Texas these guys and I was like yeah you can't exactly is we can't not saying it's just valujet. I don't judge asked for forgiveness well the okay that's a typical Agra iron serial typically I agree with that we don't and at the house noted that much you were leaving denies your Minneapolis. Price first response to me is hell yes shoot graduate towards suitable that in a way. Bush is decent advice except for the the country's well and I'm running around you know uptown Charlotte I don't exactly have my rifles on the fright frightening but I feel. They are likely to pistols to another bomb another bit juncture I'm just hitting. Just didn't know I think any sense of that but I. I think frank has this very Beverly Hillbillies idea needed a mom run around all the time with you don't reckon about you know us and I'm dishonest cable shooting things at all times. Is that the image that you have movement because every when you drove through would you into the game Blacksburg retreat he made a joke the following day and is on Monday tenth. I drove draw farmed dressy were you can't throw by using you know Lou to see you this Beverly Hillbillies image of is that is that we tell you semen. Well I mean that I've never seen again where ms. many moves in sweater vests and overalls and I also handle I mean how many people do you know as a flannel shirt for every day. I mean I don't I don't I don't maybe two flannel shirt sponsor Christmas actually did is that question is lots because of where I grew up but. Not in this parts of the state. Not a ton now committed an uptown Charlotte front. Plus it's kind of interesting to Wear a lot of slam and that's what it's not like it's weird it's not flannel finals material this is glad man these are your legs like your regular button down shirts. To him disloyal but it's not I got a couple flannel shirts they make me it's a moment thus without lights and I don't like the final surge probably outlined the Marty big guy don't sweat them much. Do you if you don't have a. I would expect did you ever been right the back of the truck I don't need more Charlotte why not. Because everything I need is in my console. When they don't looked. I honestly amid disagreement different the most does listen right now me you're using the same thing and everybody tax. Okay well regardless I don't know if not only to gun rack in the back of you know Willis UV would driver so he's delivered a moon. I made just relentless less damning to me that's kind of you know what it would seem like where you're from the united saliva or similar answer some art balances as business I'm a huge pet are I think you should juror too or does she tell that thing. Take or take a shovel. 'cause when you fire forty caliber handgun in uptown Charlotte people tend to notice. Or they call it another day okay. A comeback it's time for the drive Georgia rule that led to the murder meter if you kill Iraqi and maybe once a single cigarette or I have been pro. They've been a succession Kroger Co. or next it's Garcia and there's. I've baseball fans are ready to fly away for 2018 spring training experience a cactus league game in Arizona two nights of countries thought the valley's only spring training full glory and enjoy a night of country double header with Dustin lynch an Old Dominion spent to WS Lindsay dot jump the door chased away and this is a national contest was welcome and Chris Kroger so. As a hit man ideas alien idea turn up his Alley I would go based on all the parties what could contribute to what could go wrong. Com with him in owning a dog owe a lot of thanks yeah. A lot of things I'm worried about him I'm about the dog actually know more about him I'm actually gonna go the opposite direction I'm actually. Think it's going to be a soothing like combing effect on him is gonna have I think is gonna positive impact on and I think their look I think it's man. Has really grown into the role. You know he's our boss man old blood of boss O yeah out amid great leader I think it's noticeably thing awesome win. And Minnesota right and on wall I don't think it's a dog person though you can get a pretty good viva civilian lawyer and a dog person hit man is not a dog person to make Tom -- margins as earlier. If choosing me with my memory of being used to assess right to point I was trying to make their resentment and I think we can all agree. This dress in the park lately he's dominant he's kinda sore and assured enemy yet the big boys shoes on yesterday hit him look like a pro yes on the sliding scale of Floyd used to where he's he's moving in the right direction the most fashionable person on this team oriented T shirt jeans a -- air Max is an and what an authority today and I don't know why meter and a collar shirt and now he's a great leader you know this I don't know how it. Okay Mormon also got our amount. The only thing awesome way from the well I remember the days of of tight spandex shirts in his nipple showing so we've come along west while the nipple still show in a different. I'm concerned about it dog is that that dog being young puppies gonna catch him asleep on the couch is gonna try to you don't know to feed on the locals. To be a disaster I would genitals Greg can milk it. That's usually museums and you know commitment that's not the I'm kind of the I'm pretty jars of peanut butter he's going to be blown. There's always take your team. Garcia Broder of the day it's always take it too far are you bracing yourself for more towards breaking news during the show. I don't know maybe. I you know I think everybody jumped to a conclusive like oh this means something else is gonna happen we said that last year they suck big they've all they did was trapped in trade for miles public so you know I think we hope there's something more. Maybe this is a catalyst to move seeing he moved to whiter co ED get something else sir do you move. I don't think kemba is happening I just don't there is due if on a more on multiple levels I don't see why it makes sense for a variety of reasons from their standpoint. From a casting a point I mean LeBron you guys talked about it earlier god bless you LeBron you can't in one breath say hey I'm in this for the long haul by the way that means three into the season right. Are you saw him a little wager on that. I make a wager with you that they're gonna trade kemba from. Only I mean this is limited interest in just a small wager beer instead maybe FBI just so I just can't see it happening clinically once the team it has to go to when I just can't see. You know I again like I think it's really interesting Christmas and accept the report yesterday. Joint called a report again what's reported more you write something on the Internet it's a report Chris medics saying. It gives the warrants were to move on from rich Joseph Mitch Kupchak is widely considered to be to god I don't like dead idea by the way I think it's a terrible idea what is this Kupchak has only worked in a big market with superstar players what is he gonna prove he can. Queen in the mid market team more than shall. All I disagree with that that's almost covered so nice and I don't know if that's a whole different commerce isn't the answer is anybody. Now zen like again like OK and the sliding scale of what you had vs what you wanna be human if you're serious about fixing this and fixing and and meaningful way Mitch Kupchak doesn't tickle my fancy I'm sorry we're not New York we're not LA we're not Chicago is a different type of market you have different type first friction so anyway long story short don't mix is saying. You don't durst rumours that if they make a move it to GM cut checks to guys which again I'll beg the question why would you want the guy who's not going to be in charge make a trade for what is your greatest asset that defies logic to make doesn't make any sense. And that's why don't that's one of the reasons I don't think it's gonna have. Maybe he's now a mechanism to suit asks that I guess there's a fire a guy so what do you have missed. It is to do contract with Jonas and anybody can do contract the good guys and building it into context of Michael Jordan especially does not like to pay people to do nothing so he's doing nothing Fareed that's what people say fire cliff thing I'd add that it happened and others get a couple years left on his deal a with John that was probably what are you here and anything either on a Churchill we just got a dollar to thirty we have by the way Marty Ernie and that whole thing yesterday I this seems like it's. Hopefully a whole lot of nothing it's a bad look but it seems like he read the details you try to give everybody the benefit of the doubt does seem like it's would you agree or know. Absolutely I mean you know it's the horses are ugly that that's right and hell hath no fury the F. Clinton woman's clearly O Rex courts now so that's got a dollar and discuss our signal I think on and on Twitter earlier citizen weirdness offseason Panthers history that's a major understatement so talked him at 230 we get some of the close coaches drawn to for signing date Dave Koss indeed door will must yet. And our organisms on a no marked by the way through. Good stuff that are common and more coming we please did you weekly general of the drop we had a drought we just I know he's never seen the wire but we got to get to drop a Markoff. And he's got something to say about that. There's not a run and as time was unfortunate on the U guys in this new system not only to prove that I miss you guys to remission. Well so that's why you should know better translate out of there and literally I gotta get some gory details but I don't know I don't miss the Tennessee dork I don't. I'm a minute phone on this the volunteer their duplicate your class right today were Jeremy trigger five cents an hour. All right and I think it's up to our visitors are reluctant to people who could Kentucky's sleep last night of now a basketball school he's a walk our basketball school. Yeah a little cynicism and personal story. That's what's the Genesis title were less demand that it drive time is up next the man songs frank young child as has been Garcia daily W offensive shot eight. And what does that do will blow your mind. That you just happen.