Garcia And Bailey: Chris Lane

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Friday, May 25th

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I don't forget that's coming up at 345 Joselio the Raleigh news and observer stops and live from mud durable talk a little ACC baseball for a couple minutes is up. Seems like every state schools haven't held a year and a some of South Carolina as well that's what my favorite. Favorite events of the sports calendar year ZACC baseball tournament out in Durham so speaking of College Baseball. As big of a country news we got Chris lane on the line known technique John does slide he is joining us to Telus so I just tell overrated frank Garcia is on the golf course Chris let me tell you to for Sacramento. Ahead. Duo are doing great Chris and you know I know that your one of the biggest bands or fans out there and and I haven't played golf with you at least want Sendai hanging out the a couple of times or one of the best dudes out there and country music thanks for joining us. I you gotta hand picked up from what happened are we aren't about break. All regret out but what we're gonna walk. By all means please give us the details I see him on the driving range and I've not played a full round with a. Op operate frank actually a really really good golfer. Gosh that that really that's our. Yeah I can. Now it's not like it's gallery so how many so Christopher Kerner is the correct. Yeah I am. The North Carolina. Grew up why sports Bol lot and it up big unit Charlotte when they all go. Yes bumping up well that would be doing currently never him or use it I think it would be a thing in country music that's for sure. So how many stoplights and wal marts are incurred in Israel. I don't want all of our. Well I think you have got a lot of commercials one time or not I guess they're not push to car about a hundred yards into into when you find gas station establishments so look. I I enjoyed must how that's for sure. Chris mister question really quickly wanna talk to music and a second but I know your vigil and printers and as well how optimistic are you for the season. Man I am a huge. Rocket there's been an economic side of the beat them and just here in culture they're all they're debate about. Yep that is the excitement for the defense than in from the doubt that they batted RB we have been he gave more at the great deeper and now I can't wait you. You and get out on the he Oden and and the addition of Norv Turner and I can't wait to see or can't wait to see the game plan and ought not that they come out with. Excited to watch that these them at all. You know Chris you there's a little bit of you know history with you in some Trivial Pursuit potentially with. You know what happened at UNC Charlotte where you played baseball. Who PM it was one of those things that. Played football baseball my whole life in. After plan for years in college you know my dream was on like especially I had Beverly Fiore church that the trying to hurt much in that group that all my twin brother. Who ought to play Charlotte. He played drums in my band now but he got trapped about the red did not play in. You know all these years later got paid all that were were to be up and really cool right now and I'm very passionate about that you daddy it's crazy how things work out and I'm rob is not what you ought to open about. When did you realize that your talents boy is better in singing may be potentially than it was an athletics. Well I don't know. Bottom bottom bottom a better golfer and I am a anger I think that's a that. Messy questions the day you always say that they're so musicians wanna be athletes and athletes wanna be news though he was he was definitely given Ron Rivera the hard sell I was gonna say you need to advance that's true Reinemund as is the sense that idea. Yet no doubt about many you I'm all the that's been out on the road a lot a lot of bad athlete that. Come out to the shows them what nine in Indy definitely their right and Alec I would think your life out there it Butler could. Ever going to be. I'm no doubt about that's a Hummer to China did I'm gonna go down a little bit deeper in the hole here for a second because your country music guy and I'm a country music guy. And I I would imagine that you had a similar experience to me a lot of guys your growth in this this region. Grown out the U growth probably with a data listened to a lot of great southern rock like standard Marshall Tucker you grow to a elicit the possible end and Willie Waylon and the dog George straight and all the great southerners are the country music artists that. It laid the foundation for all for the great genre that we all love but. You'll what is country music now how do you define it because I'd love to hear your take on the. Man honestly it's a little but everything. The great part outward country music is now you have. You have got like they've used her example Chris Stapleton. And and you do what he's doing in the unit but when you have somebody like. I am content on the total opposite end of what. Cristobal and Dylan and boat though they are today and it just works so. And a a great spotted aptly. On like to be and I am super thankful that. I need to be considered part of the paneling in the end it it up there or not play a whatnot you'd been right all along and lip out of current. So so there like an athlete you noted that the chemicals when a Super Bowl winning the World Series right. As a country music artist Amanda it's a little bit different obviously was not the same level of competition but what's the engulf the grand Ole opry. CMA like what are you Jason. Yeah I met firm for me now is all about soaring. It. One day ma oh and in my dream and that would be be the biggest bank for me is that when you can headlining stadium all in or her. You know where were in each hit me at this point it's career when you can headlines stadium the well now and everybody Chela thing in the worst years arms that's the but the ultimate goal the ultimate rock no doubt about it it for me it's actually you know. Chris. It's a little you don't Kyle dug in deep a little bit there with your your career and what's going on there but. I'm pretty sure you sing some song some national anthems and you've seen you know kind of you know the reaction you get from the crowds and how important it is to American sports. I'm not sure if you follow with what's taken place in the NFL right now but give me your stance on you know what's taken place with the anthem right now you know in the NFL if you house. Yeah you know at I'm actually happy with the way that. NFL it's. China. I guess forced their hand and away in. Making players stand out I mean where I come from and you you aren't like you are people sacrifice. You can go to a football game or you can be out their way in all game you know you could do what they're doing you don't stand out. Yeah I think it's a respect thing in. I know a lot of people disagree in a lot of people will agree with. Within a felony and what I am saying at this point that now yeah you know I app it. What what the new rule you despondent you don't actually stand up there that China. Yes right if you if you come out and you decide to kneeled and you're fine you're welcome to stay into the locker room. If you choose not to come out to protest but if you're going to be out there the NFL has forced your hand to stand. Yes they I think they did it barely eat it you don't want and you that the locker room but. If you're going to be out there on everybody man that thing it's Russian athlete and anybody in general merit should stand up and respect the flag in respect what it stands Oren and people giving their lives so they can be out all they'll make million dollars a year. Q. Delay about what they've worked or economy but yeah I agree with that a lot of people want agree with that a lot of you will agree with but that would be not there are here. I was talking to Chris lane butting our country music star for baseball player UNC Charlotte joining us on the tech job just like. A ticket to did you tore schedule before the show and I was wondering when you come back they're back home to do a concert and consumer it looks like you're gonna get a a good look at some corn fields for the next several weeks amid everything I said is out amid what that's meant. Yeah absolutely you know what it damn actually in. New Jersey a Mac a Mac the Jersey Shore miners showed and our current accurate and they have been. In the early morning Bob I am flight two. More and I'll play it showed Smart guy that was going to be a lot of travel in the week in both. I get a few days golf after the weekend yet he joined that my name and a lot of beer that's coming up that. This summer and out jump back in the headlines all Lou if and it is the year. What's your favorite thing to do on your day off and I was your favorite place to tour. Manitowoc great place but you know I always look good when she. Chicago. Carter really cool city cool place you what and they have a lot of great music and I mean much like the Rhett yeah. The rest of the country but yet I get a chance to be anything man on they all were just been down whatever is up like ball on the I. It is not in. You know there's one other bank that I stay. When I get married one day they'll and ask them why is that like it Q. I get like golf whenever a law. You get to play golf whenever you want may be go while Washington answered when the Super Bowl is that gonna happen this year. You know. Fingers crossed the that we got a good shot got a great name and you'd better believe I'm will be treated him along. The whole beaten him in every step of the way. Our Chris lane joined us on the ticket John just slimy is in Jersey apparently now is going to be living in the midwest for the next several weeks but. When it comes back all checked about a concert Chris had a great tour money we appreciate you stop and it gracing your body Jessica. That's ludicrous like once again joining us on the ticket John gas lines.