Garcia and Bailey: Chip Patterson and Scott Wright Join Us this Hour.

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Friday, February 9th

We have two great guests this hour to break down Duke UNC and the Panthers draft possibilities.


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It's a child clearly frank Garcia and Osborne thirty minutes out from Scott right NFL draft countdown we'll get his thoughts on. Where Carolina goes in the draft and we're talking about a we have been talking about all the positions of need heading into the offseason free agencies about a month out as well but specifically the draft we'll talk to Scott Wright did his thoughts on where the printers go obviously will continue to talk about. The story that broke last night Jason locked in for reporting these rules pro football talk dot com that's. On the pitchers are gonna hire an external GM candidate. Not named Marty hurting obviously solo we'll talk about what that means what it could mean in either reported wouldn't worry when it should made so log that an at 12 o'clock we'll talk to Scoop Jackson ESPN dot job. LeBron and the cavaliers. Look a lot different they overhauled the roster yesterday big story upright now a CBS sports Doug Johns as this was a stark reminder to LeBron James about who's in charge. In Cleveland and it's not LeBron James staying -- -- real and Joan we've talked about that and the hornets Kemba Walker named an all star yesterday. In replacing guard Crist apps for -- is he scored forty last night but they fall in Portland and overtime so it's all of that right now we're still sort of Carolina duke would chip Patterson CBS sports Dodd John he joins us on the technique John does slide and judgeship I know was one game and I was the rivalry it's always close and so you gotta be careful not to try to draw too many conclusions from one game but I tell you what I saw Carolina last night I saw it seemed that might be better than I give him credit for. Many better than you given credit for boat when you date the team that we all lap I was probably about. By the team that the voter the Mac infinera pretty even top and means well like you know what they're going to be. Really good I don't think that there had been a brickyard he going to be winning national. No championship and so I think if you're president that they want into the year that they're gonna be odd that he'd make country. Like everyone. Look at the rock are and you just saw the president until very and then not our returning experience like you bet team. It ain't gonna be pretty good and I think that you know after a couple that lock them up or that get right in get a big hit. And it does it and then incurred in the upper North Carolina moving forward but I. I can't wait and that probably with the bigger I'd jump bit needle on do. I've. I think eloped I'm confident in the double I've I've sort of had in the back of my head. A you know regardless of what happens in the regular speed and what I have to fill out my bracket in March I'm gonna put you can opt for and I haven't had that in my head. And and down and start to wave brought back that there really just think I can entering how much talent on that seem particularly those two bit. Yeah you know chip I think that's a great point and I kind of agree I think I learn more about duke in that game and ended Carolina and the reason being is because. We talked about the town all the time the talent doesn't equal team yeah they're they're very talented group of guys but the not a great team. Yeah and an outfit appoint our prediction in particular is that a they're just doesn't seem to be a daddy crack in there and now when you trot out. You know of a bunch of rock stars. Not my colleague Gary kerik acquire it or not all are our permit ally. There's there's a lot more complex map that. And sometimes the recruiting rankings suggest you know it can be really important particularly with the guilt that. And it that it makes you look back between fifteen team and just rely on court I'd get a lot of and I equation the spectre that we are we had other deep team. Sort around back in this. In the in the last five or six years where you have not really knowing what you do like OK it's great I'm gonna do it now great and can't do it be better off the ball a bit sort of spent in. The ability. I think it may be one at the barometer for how they're speaking can be right now. I could agree with that more as well I mean grace Allen right now seems to be the key cog and you know maybe you know getting these young guys to buy in and you talk about that senior leadership for is some of these other duke teams and you're you're you're right ties Jones was a different breed he was a good leader and unsung hero in on that team its own justice Winslow as well that brought the toughness and the big plays in. There may be the defense that you know he displayed with his competitiveness. In this team just doesn't seem to have the athlete. It's able to do that if that's grace and Allen zero role he's not stepping up in fact he's probably to me bend the biggest reason why. The inconsistencies. Has taken place with two. They I mean again I'm I'm I'm telling I'm a bit net now by. Margaret Beckett went out Carter would expect when when they'll Carter. You know I think it games where he is truly. Had an impact have been some deep spat that it all happened happened to all all been. Don't win each and actually both tactical and it are sort of dumb I'm gonna hold off on on going you are going to be because I hope you gonna back. The knowledge that even though we've only CNET fer you know. Oh she's 162024. Minutes at a time with the team the basketball at as good if not better than anyone in the country. How how much store does this cam Johnson and Kenny Williams changed the equation moving forward for North Carolina these guys were not contributors last year they won the title of course so Johnson was a pit and and Jimmy Williams was battling injuries and such but that's it last night the combined for 103 quarters Carolina didn't actually shoot in light it up from outside but those two guys. Shot it really well if they can continue to play at a high level us like that changes the other jock it was that a team. Yeah for her end like are there for any act like it is out of line right. Like we saw him at the beginning of the year apple absolutely lights out and eat it it it can't balance a little bit of pop art as a shooter. I've been known to do particularly college basketball. I respond to the best team in the country I think it urge aren't there and it's yet and I'm reading the situation. And you know. He just finding good spot in the op aren't you finding good way to contribute and that we get a good basketball player though. IR thirteen his. Well opting Williams had a lot they had it a dike ever not been that kind of didn't slowly getting better and better and able to contribute in better and better way and got in you know black eye. And lack backward. They're earth convict every continent played in one bit gain other he would write the play that well in it per airline to date. Told Richard Patterson CBS forced out John joining us on the tech job just slide so all that said it's 42 hour turnaround for North Carolina to get ready for state tomorrow what are you expecting an alum. I think North Carolina will win but it. I wouldn't be surprised if there was and not a stretch of the game where in the big gonna have opportunities. Get there that the regular people and we you know like it is it'll depend on whether or not. I int he day in make good decision opt out spent and take advantage of the opportunity when they get them. I think bit I think that in that the quick turnaround. From such an emotional when they're going to be stretches of that game rent he's taking go win it the proper extent they're North Carolina when cook. The man my question would be you know obviously gave some you know valid reasons but you know if you watched the first game NC state dominated most of the game they eat they kind of gave away in the last. The 35 seconds where it went into overtime but you know NC state found a way to win that game. But they controlled that game for the most part why why would you think going home. You don't plan at home the that would be different. I think it would the triangle theme I've are acting bit there. Their home court advantage sometimes can work the other way it but I'm never surprised. Eight years. Between Pete that the couple rivalry win. The regular speed and at the split but they want on each other's core I think that sometimes you do you do get a little fired up being an enemy enemy territory. And and I I don't. I think they're gonna come out of my game with a lot of confidence I think they're they're very confident offensively. And the fact that they can still get beat down even with the small ball lineup. I think it's just so much good to take away from that for a Carolina I don't really need him playing poorly again and be very. You know next on the the next bounced back opportunities for duke kit is so Sunday at six against Georgia Tech and this is. A Georgia texting noted that a struggle limited at Bob first counter that they've lost six of the last seven lost to erode BCI got blown out by a little hole and I had just passed there's teams always tend to compete but a big opportunity for duty in and get right in a sense on Sunday but it's it's not going to be easy Dow dilemma. Yeah and in their own concerning things about the team might just set EN com. The post game press conference. From last night made a comment you know it they've they've played well and we played awful at the beginning of the and he made that for it at the break even after calling a timeout we were all all about it and then I get back the way that I think John law. Talking about. You know we made all are not meant and they indicated went out there and they didn't make the adjustment. I sort of quest didn't you know if but might he get he would openly questioning. Whether it team it has the ability so let them do instructions. And carry them out on the floor. I don't think pepper spray I'm. I'm expecting anything man I think he quit the game. I out of not necessarily think getting get right game particularly on a Sunday night. Early Sunday evening wool appear that don't feel I can keep your spot doesn't expect a lot in our sport now. Sunday night at 8 o'clock and then all of a sudden you're like wait a second. Well what darom is yet to call the pick it up that at the weekend to execute better and I believe we think right. No doubt when I got about 3040 seconds or just quickly your thoughts on Clemson because they continue to when they won four straight to the Carolina but the rent them and so yeah it looks good to the second place team in the ACC right now what is their staying power. Yeah aperture are we redefine well not I mean it's it's it is very good basketball team and now it go to the tournament on storyline. The BJP he really like when you when you follow. How bout bought and liquidate these vlan. The idea of Clinton then not only just making the NCAA tournament but being a team. That you would not be surprised if they got to go on Iran make the second weekend. I think at that point that story may be back on not expecting that if you re opening up there. Jim Patterson CBS sports dye job we appreciate your brother wanted excellent. Well I once again nut chip Patterson follow him on Twitter at shift underscore Paterson will come back for nearly a lot to do to 1130 we talked to start right in little Rascal they'll Wear the Panthers don't a couple of months as Garcia they looked for were true. Great when there's a lot more fun than losing there's no question about debt and so many big plays you can talk about that we have three point lead and usually don't mind watching the clock but when he gets down late game awards to talk to the school were to. Abu we have three point lead when mr. bestseller and a certain shots and rose seem like enough. Drive six plays and don't get anything out of it Victor can penetrate sends its camera took on the left wing cross from our bench and made three and I thought. Thought that was huge force to give us a little space to breathe a little bit of feeling better than we did get a stop on the other end as well. And my. For 2018 spring training experience a cactus league game out in Arizona francs dolphin grouse two nights of country saw and in the valley's only spring training pool party. And enjoy a country double header with Dustin lunch and Old Dominion head WS Lindsay dot com right now and enter for your chance to win the in this national contest and for those of you I know a lot of you wondering out there wind are my Winter Olympics. Updates comic yeah but I. That's what we've got to. Today here on WS season. And dozens dead arm them. I don't know it's a DJ Zealand Portugal looks medal count I don't know who just started. From the opening ceremonies this morning as elemental Qaeda. Thanks a bit. Isn't that one of the things with school as a kid there's there's probably trying to missing the you know stand yet it's one of the things as a kid. Police I didn't know you guys did I used to dream. Of listening to the National Anthem play in the background as I wanna Goldman and I don't know what it was going to be in that wanted to win a gold medal. And there's nothing that I took more targeted as a kid to see when the US was ahead of Russia. You know or Germany. Or you know you fill in the blank end in the medal count China that was the other in the other power country back in the day. Yeah there are no models yet. But look at the 2014 Winter Olympics medal count and of course the United States won the most medals not and that's when you say it's a matter of fact. I didn't used to be the tape was right in Winter Olympics back in the day but we're the greatest so by just for the out but they did they did not win the most golds in that knows what are Olympics the United States won nine Norway 111 or little Norway 111 cost ten to 110. And dollar Russia had as many as we do not pose. I think about almost said that notre came out or not the bleep yeah. It definitely got the words yes you don't them. Well it wasn't what I did want to dump them I'd ever want to Dominic it is up to me we could say whatever we want all the time however FCC regulations state. Otherwise so it's a precautionary dump it's nothing personal. Ams and courteous explanation but it was shall go ahead. All right so why we have Somalia a lot of wants to talk to us it is the name coach freshman what's so it's cuts you know I am computers it's just sucked. And I it's a shout out to engineering here. Richard they're great to Jonathan loans go look look look Iran doesn't it. I had an election predictably coach Joseph Los franks who is prominent and ask me question that's what coach Joseph Sonia. You know I'll bet Colorado go on for one capped at the next Diana and let people talk about a bit opponent there aren't a lot. Chip at it bright coaches volcano there one night chill out a freshman Tibet but the next night a freshman fresh. And as I don't like that the people should be write essays and op rarely concern account crap get our. Then they clearly are incredibly talented young man but at the end of the day. You know pressure a freshman you don't which freshman is gonna show up and I think we make too big deal out of debt equipped too big a deal what freshman and go where. Because until they get it to make it into a spell drag breath and tell haven't really a that it. And our great display at Carolina fan up badly about the Carolina people. But I am bit detained or purchase ship it at that got stuck around for years amidst watch out. It was an art form and that's one of the reasons why don't put it that much attention to college basketball after Obama got its worst week of the year you. Oh it's the first weeks since you are that there's not been put out some kind. Until you guys are ready for credit for both well to come back. And I guess what that it put up as a basketball so. Coach John yeah does that any of that any madam I'm. With him 100%. Especially you know when it comes to these one and done for me personally in I get why. You know college basketball are the MBA is gone to a right you know for the right to work all the things work he give these guys the opportunity to go out there and and make money. I I completely understand but that's me that's like. I selflessly. I can say that selflessly. I loved exactly what he said I wanted to see you know these coaches have impact you know with their teams. And if you have one and done it's almost impossible because freshmen are going to be freshman. Right at times doesn't mean they're not talented and doesn't mean that they're not gonna have a lot of potential and upside to those those players take time to groom. And what happens when they get into the MBA these professional basketball coaches. In the stock a lot of them. Obama at the end of the bench and we get upset because they're not playing more when really they haven't earned those in those situations we're seeing right here in our backyard with only modest a lot of develop left there when he's real agenda 1819 year old kids. If you didn't hear me give you the explanation. On the difference between an eighteen and nineteen year old kid in the points 124 year old young men. Vs a 3435 year old grown man you know then you don't understand. You know the physics of the way the body works and what happens to us as men as we develop. Right and that's just a difference I mean you know there's certain sports or young guys sports and ask. You know you're doing your body's gonna recover differently and nobody never going to be as strong. In mature as a man until your in your mid thirties and doesn't mean your body's gonna recover the same way and things like that but that's when you're gonna be your strongest where you see the wrestler as its ways to be our listeners in on their mid thirties that's where there peeking. You know for the first track athletes that are going to be more in a may be fast strong bounce back yeah. Running around is coming your mid twenties. Right for these kids. You're not gonna push around these twenty year olds you're just not. Because you're still a kid. You're still a kid developing. You know the ability to. You know have the core strength to know how to use your body properly you're still gonna see a lot of these different things in there I think that's what happens with our expectations for the young kids come in and we ought stuffed them to be long LeBron James or or or Mike Tyson or they think it does not. Most of them. No they're not and when you hear guys talk about NBA bodies and no recently effort guys say look Alonso ball is is is not an NBA does have an idea yet brands and Ingram didn't have an NBA body. Hundreds and guys like that tonight I think it's a belly and you stroke are solo and the bulls just barely dropped its. The Garcia grew owner of the day are really come back weld coach show needs his football six we got a four just got right NFL draft countdown will join us. We'll talk about his mocks what he thinks the Carolina Panthers will do. In the upcoming NFL draft and no worse who's the best that we'll talk about the next it's Garcia and Bailey. Minutes away from Scoop Jackson Moore talks in the NBA trade deadline came and went some interesting moves obviously what took place open Cleveland we'll talk about. Jim Walker and orders Kim was an all star replacing Chris steps forcing this and he would also forty last night in celebration but it wasn't quite enough for a win as hornets all the sociology Portland. We'll gets all that more with scoop right now we're talking NFL draft specifically. Carolina Panthers and obviously some of the larger names in this year's NFL draft were doing it was Scott writes. Of draft countdown dot com one of the best out there been talk in NFL draft with Scott for years and it's up pleasure to have him back on the second job just like Scott Howard buck or. Absolutely man and a mobile dive right in Carolina Panthers fans were you know obviously disappointed in the way the season ended Goodyear eleven to five but this is a team that has Super Bowl aspirations and you know it turned out they had some deficiencies and other running game outside Camden was not what they hoped it would be the defense. Was good not great in them was exposed against some of the federal offenses and they're looking at you know handful positions right now where they're trying to do it better and they'll try to address that free agency and obviously the draft. Which GM is going to be spearheading this will find out soon enough put on first and foremost your thoughts with the Carolina Panthers this past season where you thought they were most efficient. Yeah outlawed court trading your quarterback pop why you are in the middle you don't really matter you there and I got hurt that big. Well look that up on her plate. Double than men and remember governor are. Playmaker that app that whether that market or maybe even tighter of their weight girdle or. And I think if there aren't going to either go directly when the first round at number one oral oral. They're not that they couldn't start the run a tight end pick it up there but what are you want to go that direction. But I think they're about what. More meat potato maybe without first but whether all the archer played into Orwell. Really spent up. Your. Mario at a that I believe Obama on site at thirty Charl up well bum bum you there at an app that well what. You know the good about and might do about that or Carolina. Or in opposite guard excellent. I don't would not back yet but they talk about art the better but. But they're really good cop might be the bad crop of talent in the and Darren have what you could opt their first round whether Billy quite from Ohio he liked Carter battered article which hampered him. Well may I outlined my here. But there are up by our at a well Hernandez got that lap that. Always 330 pound blocker on the interior is remarkable moment may or war or edit or both could go up orbit a bad up. It would George that you guys do really showed out he oral book. I think that the effort but we're. Well that apparently the first route considered where apparently are where the out there are way. In NASCAR or its interest in you know do you look at to redeem team schemes and what they do offensively you know and you look at the way that they run the ball or the way that they're built to. You know pass the ball Lotta times. You know the new draft accordingly you know you're not gonna get a big honking. In 350 pounder and ask him in or go out there and pass protect 65 terms in you're not gonna getting guys slightly go out there and asked him to run the ball 65 times so. Norv Turner's offense is going to be you know interest in to see what type the line he built he talked about engine normal guy that's in the end and hit free agency and a lot of times you don't even guys like Johnson argument and play that left tackle position started off with Baltimore Ravens at left guard so you know who. Who's the tackles that maybe you can swing. He'll play a little garbled senator who's the guards that can maybe swing plane a little search play a little tackle and who's the best fit because. I know this is as far as John Masco goes is offensive line coach he likes versatility on the line. Yeah absolutely and promote low but meant kid not Billy quite the court complete under guard but. You really work but then incredible oh but why are off orbit from Nevada. Quite app on college got rep that apple cart and better out of all what he. Clear look better on here. What he told me about where a majority of the net but that option to play cap on and it's either secured spot. Everything went Georgia aren't quite that apple could all but that era but. I don't have a court typical side of the few under who aren't really that happened. Cornwell so you not that part of versatility and I you know they are all its second bubble. In order webpart in order labor work if you caught that ball typical run blocker of them are the without any you'll well and it would be. Talking to Scott right draft countdown joining us on the second come just wanna look at the -- draft right now though and at least the latest when I see as you've got Christian Kurds to wide receiver out of Texas a and M right now becoming a Carolina paper what you like about it. Yeah and we colleague mark lock on the bubble but I haven't quite. Kind of don't like we're running out local that aren't cook's unit and great MX and the people want or what they really productive call career. Cool would it quite that their for the cowboy ever want architect or or your career and really. Showed out at all he confirmed everything we thought you only get up better cup and at the type of the you're going to get open he couldn't make big plays on you know well pistol a couple died in the best buy. By a position a little bit here are not a drop and we are the creek enquirer event. Are other but the market about corporate and other current work out that we are up if they're not very well down. Audible into another position and they come back and that there are around it are about you Michael Gallup Colorado State I think. That the depth that we are not quite over the top and Albert you're actually get app. The first two Ellen Ripley Alabama court but Irma and you'll. What partner beat top that it would no proper. Those guys are just you watch CN FL you look at the history of the this game in. How how trendy it is and how cyclical it is you for example the fullback position is gone. In Null and void the tight end used to be you know second third round guys now people are looking at them as weapons know when it comes to their offense and they're running back to me is one of those positions a couple years ago we're talking about though this is a you know a dying breed in nobody's gonna pay running backs anymore but yet you see you know what the Jacksonville Jaguars have done in Dallas Cowboys have done you know going out giving first round there's and it's become backgrounds you may be the little bit more. A sexy pick to take her running back into the Carolina Panthers Norv Turner has been a run based offense and big power back Jonathan Stewart's get older who's a guy that can fit that mold with the Carolina Panthers at running back. You know in the mid warnings. What you're right about the heart bet per position current had urban and Oprah and I are out early what. Oh well you know coming up a major injury then followed up your Alley at Waterford that it made it a lot more powerful. You know the equivalent to about a running back order you're in the you're picked apart with a and it would be atop the Bible brought that. I don't know what drop off I could their repair the one that are out there were like oh what you do. I'm up where whether or are swept off. That's what you were injured and don't go and conduct a little tight lipped that out while while other part he backed debt. Or play your caller is notebook global auto. A another spot and well you know we. Are neck and they're. Went out of what co blogger in our late at night but just try to come men get fire at what by the opportunity like we've been out I'm great with eagle now. Went broke order darker quite on the air at the ball back it well or are locked in by. I think you would get a cup if you'll let it out but double that this year where. It all up because it is buttressed by all the other clap and that come out over Kyra whether Arafat that proper route or. That caught he'll get a running back to have them what I what are your book or are not guard got the record they're out there. Both are oral help out yet girder or out there were kind of more of the account at both armed. It is a good guy is about that our early in your area wondered what that are so well I'll look in or cream are corralled Camara that protected. Find in the back in third round of I don't if you 85% of what happened now like are we well. By an opera much better about I think that the commander in that they'll. Yeah I'm glad you're out those are some of those bigger backs up because you know those of the names I was kind of looking for because you know we start talking about they can from San Diego State we already have that guy Christian McCaffrey and their teams are gonna double typically with that position. You know especially when you just drafted that guy in the first round last year. Yeah and I don't think running back going to be ultra harper Parker but. But there are well the upper were not where I rather go under or auto pilot by urban right back every year the open cockpit and then. And I have a wait and not have about a lot of pain that second pick up our practice. Prepare I think particular report on because. The cap on it and apparently a true running out but thinking cap on insurance and a couple of they're both. All I'd be happy pick right back at some point I don't know the real well but. But that didn't help under they'll all drop. Are talking to Scott right draft countdown John check and a draft countdown dot com we're we're talking about are you were talking about defense of a little while ago and that that is. Odd to me a position they need to continue to addressed -- they're still not sure what Julius Peppers is gonna do we get the news yesterday he's gonna undergo surgery this offseason so they're they're awaiting that decision but you know looking rankings right now the defense of fans out there and a look at mr. mock draft as well and yet you have Christian Kirk to the Panthers 24 and right behind me got Cheryl Landry the defensive end from Boston College coming all the board that's a guy even though they drafted the Sean Paul out of Texas a and M last year. That's a guy and herald wager that he's got a ton of upside and and for a program like by Boston College that does not always or doesn't usually do. The high end talent they sure develop that got into high end talent. Yeah and then Landry I think part of by aipac and bubble or compare to upon Miller type of player not quite that all about yet but. But a similar type of player. There are a lot more our imposition of upper trauma so. What we never hurt anybody on any level they have a bit of aperture given up what are. All cap structure then he got ready chopper nor are they are vital well. I'm pretty big drop off of Schroeder is another sure fire popped. 10 well they're a the question now what are two guys like it was a little bit of because of the demand but. Are up at a one of the nor Obama are right now. And emerge as it got bad weather are they haven't worked at the Antonio I know a lot of but right now improper or are they. They've got the most interesting player apart art he ballot you look count alone probably optimal broke that record pure crap structure strap but. Why indication that he could free all on draft day. The meat like pilot without Randy Gregory important pledged you're mediocre first round all the other. What part went and spoke with the the upper class and that. That that it's your old we. The popular second or third round that we don't usually eat. I come local early rocker who really apart at the eve of all our of four or. A couple of other clap and mobile early but upper got it out just what order they emerged in green Buick. But I actually a term that got the better clap that he bet then than that we make usually chip lack in and that popping out I was rep job. A lot of talk of an exception to rules in and I you know trendy picks and things like that but you know I think because of the NF trip at the NFL salary cap the rookie wage scale this has become more the norm. And this could be the running quarterbacks seen on an illicit. 137 million you know as a backup to Tom Brady and you a lot of people maybe not think in a bit of that you know position particular fruit particularly for the Carolina Panthers. But Cam Newton is getting up to air he's he's got a lot of miles on his body the way he plays the game in north Turk comes to offense. Gimme some names of potential quarterbacks. We look at that might meet their 44 if there is a run in some of these good players fall. More important or quarterback or the top capital. The first topic at the top well I think are there are you what will be the number one overall pick in. Then after that kind of got a whole tech. What are you are we got broken you still a judge now why don't they made it all about it not only like in order to be shot scene within that and the it's well. I'll be shocked if you in trade up the latter part of for optical or act like a lack there. Opera an important speech eat the apple home. I think a lot aren't yet but what those organizations debt bulk up on trial for well not enter a guide to figure to be billable or. What camp are apparently the first route they want a direction that early. I think Tulane standout. There are a perfect player multiple market acts of global. Who they are some million like Europe I think that a third I got the high level quarterback ethnic or backed prop bet. Bigger and more Paul capital Michael Pitt what college. Are real pirate that additional. And a girl what they owe it to pop out there. For productive but our experience. So I think those two options for weight or Trout that are maybe a record Batman after that they're drop off after that. The top deck I don't know there's another starting quarterback in the draft. You might look at that bottom on her back up there bell medal it it Corvette he. It quarterly or. And that's where our our bubble or back because simple all you don't have a court that prop up the topic and not. And it caught my belt you're pretty eager ordered immediate game quarterback you wheelchair or whether. Good comment to you know all Wear their bill or bear up well go out there without it well but. No no question quarterback is going to be the door of the draft. Will look quarterback is typically the most important thing for any team drafting an apology go after this one bit. I can't help but think this acorn Barkley is the best. Player in this draft would you agree. He covers station and I've really been what might eat curry either Europe or in article one player that they'll. In Iraq and an order of dark nook. Number two quite know adopt the dark nor are the best arc proper I'd ever be back there to interpret what year. And that they are partly Rebecca and Robert Green so I don't question the dynamic talent playmaker. But I spoke out there. If they pick apart we have he doesn't play well equipped well debate open at quarterback but we are clinical and what I'm not. But they get the apple when your great outlet that green carpet went traded out of tech that guitar Watson at quarterback that you think that they take them because. Once again cornerback Quentin did it turn around real quick and they really all about now what you're they're lacking at that one all critical spot. Scott I'm. I'm extremely impressed with your knowledge I've enjoyed this segment nine I would love to have you on you know some more you know as we get out and closer because I think you're tremendous and where you're doing. And I'm learning a lot so I. I'm gonna wanna be disrespectful with your time but don't talk about safety real quick because that's one of the things that we look at for the Carolina Panthers get too young corners and Brad very poorly in you know get smother. Options there with younger players that made false and get a little bit better you can never as you said would defense of lime and have enough corners but give me a safety and guys that really stands out here that might jump off the board that has great cover skills and I think that's one of the things. The Panthers are really lacking in the secondary. Yeah I have no problem at all it probably tell I'm not taught in a filter up unhappy commodity at the top bomb squad are in and the big payment mr. Gupta top spent the fact is they after Alabama they're circuit recorder yet they eat. I think of Malcolm Jenkins type of player where are complaining you're there you have an impact. Our doctor would you support they got I don't that hybrid you're compare him champ which kind of bet about buying a hybrid broke the core box by. Arm brought here that about I have I don't picket quite march 10 that patch that should I think he could be that we are combat. It's overshadowed by the that after it is stepped before the biblical. I player between the joke. But what what to abort. One player. It jumped out at me eager although what went quietly. Virginia now I don't know what you're not the only big in 86 YouTube can't adapt iiroc. After quality quarterback. But what about bought him an intangible could really tell how he became a leader of men are met teen girl that we get our senior board. That's what I would like to watch because these are all part these are all that. Yeah that. Who help but what is that. Oh group and I think like landing well local players that emerged but people apart Allah and they are a lot of box that they you other. First round that router there. I I it's got I couldn't agree more liquid blending take I was shocked when he opted to stay in school last year that adds. That that's what a couple of blue chip guys really probably only two that was on that WBA defense and he can flat out go but. It was try to send us francs a second don't we appreciate your time it's all contract with Scott and in all markets and I've been an over the years he's obviously one of the best in check that is working draft countdown dot com I can promise we'll talk dissident died about a there. I was against not right draft countdown follow him on Twitter at draft countdown and that was good stuff right there and in the name that he mentioned a second ago when you asked about the safety switches you know a really good question you talked about the best defensive back overall they make a Fitzpatrick but no guy like Quinn blending. You know who's great in run support but it also cover a little bit he's athletic he's got that edge he's got that nastiness to him and I think a lot of Panthers fans would like that's a name to watch that some good stories essays from Virginia Tech and Virginia as a team that I did and so on a given guy credit where no reason to do that particular flight ago and so that that's an empty denial as well great stuff. From Scott right draft out double talk more about that and our numbers really do is really good always fantastic and below to back to that now we're number three were also gonna talk more about the morning her story and a whole lot more our through his wealth of whom we come back we'll talk some MBAs and hornets and cavaliers and trade deadline stuffed with Scoop Jackson. Of ESPN dot jobless next on a Garcia and their.