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Friday, July 13th

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Now we're gonna Jew be joined by a gentleman who. Gonna give us a different perspective maybe not just here in the Carolinas and elsewhere chip Patterson CBS sports stock comics joining us on our tech to come get signed Jim good afternoon jock Howard frank Garcia would be how are you friend. Tim Barton wrote the article says there are the that we are what your favorite job flavored beer. I I I think they're definitely dead flavored beer you lot. I had a good. I should be don't get the wrong idea I don't do the IP ace stuff I don't do this at the other thing I don't know Bud Light guy in saw I saw these Bud Light orange is a news. I try to Mike can only have a couple guys maybe it's the heat down here are right no single and. I'll let let and I. And all I'm not going to be one big guy got I'm glad if everyone had Erin Hayes. I am glad that you're welcome even willing to venture out and expand the officer Don did any good Schroeder flavor will stay there. I could not exactly what you're Agricole corporate day on the boat. All right tell I don't previous segment chip we are joined by Wes Mitchell from gamecocks central dot com of course. In these parts a lot of folks a lot of gamecocks fans are. Are very excited they seemed to be. I guess you'd call it a trendy pick Tim may be knocked off Georgia may be 910 wins could possibly win the SEC east it's not on the realm of possibility. Are you one of the do you concur with the what seems to be some conventional wisdom in regards to the game tax. Doing well. Mr. Opportunity I think yeah I recognize about Carolina probably has been number two team. In the SEC east if you order just put all the team dinner back here. But the way that schedule all that we've seen time and time again the FBC sometimes matters and that. Georgia doesn't exactly have bar all the news Peter you know the top of the bar is going to be great by the end of the year. I think Jordan topic of art could end up you know being once again wanted to that in the entire country. But you know what it is Jake I'm gonna be. Played all the snaps third is that we unity and Justin Peelle but I do think the fact that. There's so much unknown packed into the game when you're gonna get even came back and get into that gig Bentley is gonna be great. And the defense that continued to improve underworld luck can't I don't think there's no doubt where. This dark horse momentum coming from the IPO that you know it is not hard to realize the universe where a bit. Early early season game between the two best teams in the division. They're gonna that we've seen before with a deep team this has been a couple years the idea that McCain can't win that is certainly not Craig. Judgeship I love college football can't wait for the season to start and I know there's a lot of people out there that feel the same way but that's there's unfortunately some things that I would love to change about college football if you could raise your magical launder wave it over college football what would be the one thing that you would change his college football. Not this. Yeah absolutely. Not love. College football in all of its imperfections. Like win win does the conversation you compared the NFL at the college game has spent. A prominent one thing Sports Illustrated. I any noise in an eighty staples right his response not on any staple the debate got a job what that we Wear. Impregnated the fact that it's incredibly unpredictable factor there's been a more diverse range of styles like are there going to be some Gardner they're going to be. And imperfections absolutely but I think that the final tally. It one bit provide a lot more entertainment. At least on a per game basis I think it when you're watching. The best of the best go up against each other me now I'll watch every single Sunday I'll always have a TV on him off both of them do and work to catch up from the game day. But in in terms of what really. Get my blood Boylan on a week in week out basis there's not a council ought to make. No I agree with you on that I guess you know for me I guess the one thing I'd change and I just talked about it just briefly you know heading into you know this segment was. I would change the rankings and make it a little bit longer so we have a better indicator so that teams outside the top 25 might have a chance to be in the final four. Yeah it helped because. I think it. From fifteen to forty and that's normal and sometimes batting occurrence from twelve or maybe from nine but. I really think they're from fifteen to 48 especially even from twenty to forty. You really just talking about perception and whoever's trendy to meet. We have to we we did that CBS sports 130 every single week and a guy like Jerry all of you ranked all 130. And comfortably rank don't want thirty but you know I'd Vermont ballot I put in it he in the the way to think about fiftieth everybody. It is above average college football and when you start to rank them you realize that. From against fifteen to forty or anywhere outside that 1213 or fourteen teams it's really really hard to pick them apart it's all about perception and all about. Objectivity. For me to meet for the most part the top ten or twelve teams are always commit separate themselves and go back and you look at the final poll. And I think that you could kind of see that there's always a play three control our. Do the questionnaire is that he going to be able to position itself. There's that they can be. In consideration you know you think about where Miami came from a year ago they had to win all the games in a row. They even start to creep up near the top fed cup finish to the beat them. But we can't that it did that. Been now they are a bit here a little bit higher in the cold but it absolutely. Hey multiple year effort if you're not an Alabama. Our Ohio State or calm then making it always gonna get the benefit of the doubt. Jim Patterson CBS sports dot com joining us on our tech become green gas line you mention Clemson and I know our Clemson fans listening you. I've been a driving off the road because we've been spent to. A previous segment talking about the game Jackson earlier on with you we know Clemson is gonna be there more than likely but let's talk about the North Carolina State Wolfpack. You know. I think they have a legitimate chance. To give Clemson all they can handle this year my high. You know I think that look I had checked the tape right. I think what look go to last year and Carter Finley looked notice that your book or death ballot. Two years in a row. And he stayed there about three or four plays away from getting it there I mean there's there's no reason to think. They've got are going to be a cop out I don't I don't think it's gonna I don't think that's going to be you're content might lead to gain. I'll think about to be most dangerous game not this year I think hit there are going to be how about this. When Florida State comes to Carter Finley they're they're here they're big game down look at network NC state. And it seemed even after all within a year well it Philippine that I expect to be competing for that second or third spot in the ACC Atlantic. I do think we're talking about one of the better Clemson rockers are really one of the best of the defense does that may be we've ever seen a program. I know it's it's been easy answer the last couple years you know between. You know this rivalry that's I still think it's one of the better rivalries in sport even though we don't maybe acknowledges that but Florida State Miami. Who's going to be better this year is the year before state or Miami because I think the last decade or so it's been Florida State this segment close. Yeah I think Miami this year are their defense is awesome that Decker a linebacker. Back McLeod Jack Korman. You know Mike peca meet David playing together for three years they all started as freshmen and they all started last year. And you want jobs and the dude I mean might be one about the type of player Kenny Perry PC and I think that Miami defense. Is where. Did. Mark Richt hurricane team gets its energy gasoline sold at the lifeblood. Of that program right now and has gone if they continue to play a high level. Then I'm gonna look for consistency there it was reported they've got power. I'm just gonna have to wait and see Willie jagr get it done. Because. It it always makes me feel and comfortable. When the bottom falls out for a team the way that it did floor for Clark it last year Kate is always make me think. It even even with the change ever in head coach. You're dead it's still the same guy so the same did. There were better than most of the teams that they played and instill had to wreak deadly game in order to be bowl eligible so I I need to be. That same rocker come out. Would better performances before I'm ready to say that they're going to be. I elevated above a team that won the ATP tour school in in my opinion absolutely looks ready to do it yet. This may be one of the best lines defense of lines in Clemson history. Is that the best defense of line that may be in college football history. Not in college football history and I've got Italian man there's there's going to be some competition up in Columbus so I don't. Very deep and be very debated that depends a lot in the country this year. I'd hate to put a lot of incredible. And I think it does go to the two. Come to mind right off the top in my head probably because they are a cut above but. That that's kind of where are feared this year and not hurt. Christian woken. It speak about wanting to go down as one of the best. Content defense is in program history that if that's where they're setting their goal and that's a good sound confident and he wanted to see another college football playoff run. And he hit one end up in the national championship game instead of in the summer. Few more minutes with chip Patterson from CBS sports dot com chipped. We got a lot of the of course at state mountaineer fans around here I've received texts from some more mountaineer fans and there. They're all expecting of course another successful season but. What a lot of mountaineer fans are now worried about is their head coach Scott Satterfield he's young he's bright. He recruits the south well should they be concerned is is a do you hear his name circled they were but about a little bit tough so you think you know let what do you heard in regard to Scott Satterfield. Every lion universally across the industry seems to very polite in respect Scott Satterfield. But that people. Do seem to be occurring around his name me and connections where any job it. Everything and how hard is that hypothetical. And some say this the type of surgery and in my experience little line. I'm the coach can just be happy. Sometimes occurred she wants to make sure that it did they give her fifteen. Are not putting his name now for other jobs and and you know if a search committee called you may be already tell the search committee York all of these. Coaching hires these days are happening through back channels. So that win and inevitably. All the emails come to light there's nothing embarrassing everything lined up. There's no surprises and coaching search is for the most part. And so. I do think that a good part of this might be car Satterfield not wanting to have his name floated out there and then a second part of the is you know where where do you think that extrapolate you know what. Where's a good fit for him and I think that the answer to that has. There rather than a job that opens in the last two to three years that really feels like a natural bet. So I think the truth is somewhere between Scott Satterfield not being a coach who want to see his name in the headlines. And what that. Casablanca just a big egos on improbable love to see their name in the headlines a little love to know. That they're being shopped around that there in the running for a job some of the light. That aspect of the popularity I don't think I've never read Scott Satterfield of iconic heritage. But I think the other part of it is also just the the right job for him. Had a bit in the wind where people are going around and look at barrel. It will we'll wait and see but for right now I think that app what the state and it should feel pretty good. There you know either the this situation. Has not deemed a door should be opened or not it got better build it isn't even look. Initiative which we talked about Miami. Would they be able to compete on a regular basis. On that side of the bracket. They would be able to compete for another season yes. They would not be competing for division championships. Are regular basis than my opinion. Good deals chipper appreciated night I concur with you regard to Scott Satterfield you can make half a million dollars up in Boone and live like a king. And he doesn't come off to me to beat that type a guy that's is aching to get out of there so I do think mountaineer fans should sit back is a great guy I hope he sticks around chip we appreciate your time very much my friend will be in touch. Art charter well.