Garcia and Bailey: Chad Millman and Stephanie Ready

We have a fascinating conversation about the future legality of Sports Betting, and we dive into the Hornets woes.


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Child Braly Freddy Garcia and Osborne in studio for the final time this week we're half at a play into Minneapolis so about 8 o'clock tonight. And will be live from radio row at the Mall of America in Minneapolis for the next three days taking in all of these Super Bowl festivities and anybody wants autographs let us know I won't bring him back but also a lot about it he says it will. You're gaga autograph seeking. I kid again I. I it's been so long idyllic twice as a kid I wouldn't even know how to ask. The U my service I think you make it's a bloody your. It's good for. I don't know what what's that you're doing what she sees no wonder you can't deny residents just easy massacre no I don't know. Earlier or early summer sock sir I mean mr. more deeply sign this form thank you. Mr. Garcia leads us yes yes yes young man dessert which in turn be faced a pro and upload a contract so he's gonna do in the oldest cars and money in and I'll say can you sign this woman. Bubba that's the stupidest thing here in the no wonder you're creepy. Your creepy doll don't you can't elect a kid you know losses cricket garrison you have raw sexuality or he may be creeping you're just as creepy. How is just is created it. This used to. This there are so that's how I was going to do it that's what you're kind of inferring Mattel I imagine that process goes and people are stronger now on I'll never die haven't done a and so Lawler and I'm 32 and Al and I don't think of astronaut aggressions I would not I just told to have people less progress when. The Jesus please thank you. There is a guy it's really cool memorabilia viewers last week you recite. Yet similar stuff in general assembly first game ever played then it was kind of a little. It was very nice. It was taken aback there was I was taken aback and how much. Information this man knew he had stuff that you don't have right and that was you said you ever. It was I. The older you get Kyle. The less than the loss those things matter will the less the stuff matters regardless stuff is the memory is right it's more the memories and I've never been a big collector I have a room. All garage full. Of memorabilia stuff and. It's cool to tell a story and it's nice to everybody comes out there that. To see those things and you know but the the older you get the less those things that -- they don't really not all I'd I definitely understand that draws closer just little table go out the courtroom Esterline people can doctor look at all the other stuff that's cool still storage and what about the suitable when it went about that Rose Bowl. The store you had about Dwayne Johnson rock is better than any piece of memorabilia you. I guess sixers I got pictures with Tiger Woods playing golf with him a sit down lunch table with him at the masters I can tell stories like that for days Jack Nicklaus when he came over here and built long view. You know he was looking on the eighteenth green when they're played with him at a picture of that Fred Couples play golf with him so what can name dropping here and all the things I've done I've been very fortunate. But you listen I mean these guys are just normal dudes at the end of the day the gloves. You know I mean that was normal guys now. And that makes perfect sense a need I haven't been in the same circles you've been there because the job a better a lot of and they are just regular there's again just as an example I'll never forget. Paul Johnson a Georgia Tech. Gives off this this this persona this image. A guy who sell one approachable and so me and just so miserable bureau Paul Johnson of Georgia Tech OK okay and and Mehmet Pinehurst a couple of years ago the ACC media days leading up to the season. And it was a great place for that tournament or that event rather because we're all just kind of sitting on the front porch at nights. After everything's done and you've got coaches. The media members everybody sitting around I don't sit and Berman those guys drinking or drugs smoke cigars. And it's him and Larry Fedora and west early to watch the sit around a table swapping stories ask each other we're there from where they grew up and that kind of stuff escorted did you do you do realize. These are just regular dudes who happen have pry high profile jobs that's really all comes out. And meal that's really what comes down to aggressive like I said the memory really is stuff at the end of the day it does stars getting less and less than older we get. It's not really what's important it's more memories. Than spending time hanging out with the family this type of things are really it would count. Yes and so but what we are still waiting a gentleman not really surprised by this he's got about a thousand media obligations and he's always toward today's when he calls a pick off. But we do have Stephanie ready fox sports LT shall Jonas and 43 minutes so. So seriously the only when we bring stuff we and been in that situation in that she's in right now. You know when you're trying to be positive. You know but really it's almost have to be realist realistic. And US got to where I am sure that she's gotten the point right now where are where every time to win Oscar. You know that it's. You know where's the direction and was a sense of urgency in awe at what point do week. Right I mean she loved Jim Walker an editor I can understand why because a guy plays ass off. He really does mean that is if this team could play as well as whores Kemba Walker who consistently every night. You know there at the record will be reversed they'd have more wins and losses that be you know consistently you know five succeed but unfortunately there's just too many ups and downs. You know with his team so. You know that's kind of a crazy thing when it comes to. You know we're we're I'm sure where she fills you know the situation is with a sense of urgency in the dire need and it's you know working for this team. You know hasn't hit the player expands employer usually come into the radio station you know when I first started. We were bad office once stopped in we give up I think when you're fifty something sex and you know did accountable you know when you sign up for something it's hard to do sometimes. You know but I think ultimately at the end of the day people start respecting our respect held over for governor on here and talking about the stuff. Some day no doubt about it and done by the way I love this do you remember yesterday. We at a text or right into so Franca I think they're just one piece away. Don't think they can just trade the two I think this team is just 11 player like that no attempt ever just one diesel but I agree but that you and I boasted that we appreciate is gonna talk to a split though we disagree let's say textures back. But he says frightened child. A must apologize for my absurd remarks yesterday and a door is only needed to trade Batum and had one player I'm now back to just Terrell bell on a watch last night and was just frustrated in the performance eyewitness last night don't have to apologize ever for that bundling and also. Yet you saw last night there an entire bench away it seems at least a lot of the bench a way. From from being back. I don't realize there are many that do. How important the benches you know sometimes how in fact be a difference maker you know your starters to be average ticket hold serve. But you guys to make make up points and they can win games right in the debt is really war you know your your your chorus. Right. You hear us talk about all time guy's ex players as coaches you know when you when coaches taught it's you're never as good as your strongest case you're only as good as your weakest light. Right and in a team sport maybe not so much in basketball more so in football. You know you're gonna exploit weaknesses you're gonna find deficiencies you're gonna look for mismatches. And ultimately those could be the difference of winning and losing games when you get to the top of the pyramid. They're gonna beat an average teams because he's just more talented or you try harder those types of things but it's you know win. Everything is equal. Right those are the things that matter the little things that matter when everything is. Near to the top and when you find out in professional sports everything is closer to the top than it is in the separation but the degree of separation from the bottom. You know you're gonna you know you're gonna find ourselves in those types of situations a lot sometimes you'll succeed. And sometimes you're gonna come through and sometimes guys gonna make a play. But consistency is what's the difference in and what those matter and why you don't we have the lack of Atlanta schism. Or players or talent. You know those things to rear their head a lot more than they don't. Aren't we're we're gonna come back to the hornets because again I'm going to be honest with you we can talk about trade possibilities terror and all down and we will we have. But I wanna save some of that for Steffi one thing I do wanna bring back up quickly and is this again only so much we can say about this particular story. But it broke while we had jolt this on the air a little while ago and if you if you miss that the University of North Carolina announced earlier this morning to point cordially sultan has been suspended. By the university. And therefore not eligible to participate in any university activities and in the school so they can't say anything else citing federal privacy laws. You know I he's averaging three points and one half assists off the bench and this is not a guys making a huge impact but you know the dates are apparently though those covering this story. I'd checked and there there are no pending court dates in the system right now forcefully felt in which to me. It is a little bit troubling because we've seen this play out a couple of times where if things are handled by the university bide you know student body organizations student justice systems and whatever else and guys don't get their day in court and I say I know that's what's happening here or your with the but I would I've seen this play out forward guys are you know removed and kicked out of the university that there's no court date there's nothing in the justice system taking place. But they're suspended by the university can't play there it's under review their their door in general internal investigation and we'll see what comes out of this but. It is the start of this story is something that I've seen before so I we're gonna keep our eye on this special. You saw something says no I'm saying it's something to keep an aisle because the fact that he's been suspended by some to by the university got the program not a head coach by the university. And there's no pending court date it it's something to try to keep denial because this attitude during the class that wealth. No that's of the detail about that nobody typically is going to be handled by the end of the guys internally and athletic performance so much is not going to class so it was suspended as. The university yet that that's why I said it's something to keep an eye doesn't techsters org writing a little while ago asking us to talk about this that is I think an important distinction to make. Right now we we got him on a lot we don't Chad Millman had a media of the action network's formerly of ESPN the magazine and he's gonna talk a little Super Bowl with a Sanjaya and you are doing all sorts of things today endemic in all sorts of appearances so we appreciate your comment Howard if. I I appreciate and be very tiny. That no problem all men and you've got a unique perspective on the Super Bowl in the the Vegas implications and all the activities surrounding the game and that way it is astounding how much money is going to be wagered on the Super Bowls which yet. So you know he's very few giving this gate no lobbying group which has a vested interest obviously has put out a release that says. They expect there to be about four point six billion dollars wagered on the game. Obviously almost all of that is illegal could sports betting is illegal it you know. Mickelson mistake you guys except for four and innovate in the bad. The handle last year in the Super Bowl what 138. Million. Give a spore was 132 so I would expect that that number's gonna get hired. When you start looking at Vegas you talk about them in yeah that's one of the sites whose states and you can go bad in northern cities obviously you combat then what what's the impact are you talking about there and how much does but it may just benefit from this. Source everything you know what it's it's you know pun intended if there's Super Bowl. You know it's the biggest betting event of the year for vanity concentrated targeted audience that is coming in. I'll whether they like football or not because they're using it. And the national holiday it's the content to go and have a good weekend in Vegas and take advantage of the special that are going on and. Be a part of the conversation. There's really happening nationwide and but you do your talking about sports betting. We thought about 400 billion dollar industry throughout the year. And that is big massive parallel conversation. QTX. No doubt that. They generally goings on what people are talking about sports this is. An area that has a huge new concentrator audience that want to know why things are happening. And how they can at a different. Tim askew ran the most wall question I want your honest reaction. Is sport all right what is sports fixed. We we talk about the money that your your explaining your billions of dollars. It is gaining sixty sports fixed. I I don't think step who I think the look at it you know I've spoken with a lot of our players about that this fear that they have. Isn't. No one of their teammates become. Corrupted. Because the amount of money these guys are making so high it's really about. Diet you can actually impact the game it's really about. What is your third string quarterback know that he can potentially share with bade bulky about. Which means prospects for the weekend well this player being healthy is this player hiding injury it. That's when a player perspective that's what they think about a lot more that. Well my guy I'll be abdicate our own. I think it's hard to get to these guys I think they make a lot of money I think it it's a specious argument when people try to say they're more likely hood. The sports betting to be fixed if it's legal and all just generally. That's stay expect. I'm just not that much specific. Jet is that I'm surprised to hear you say that and and I say that because as you were about to tell us what the players were truly afraid of I thought you were gonna say officials and officiating and the inaugural back to. Obviously want more than maybe the most prominent case a ten dollar million in any NBA I would have thought. You would say that that players are more afraid. Of the guys who truly impact the game in game two guys are making the calls and they don't worry about that. They are good. You know I haven't gotten accurate feedback from them aggressively in the way have gotten from sort of but more nuanced conversation around what information available what information is pastoral. It's ordered Chad Millman had a media for the action network has joined us on the tiger come just like you were talking about gambling and how most of that four point six billion dollars. Is obviously done illegally and then a lot of it off shore and you know we know about the rather than the legislation that was passed onto the Bush Administration to push a lot of social shorn hell lot of guys who wanna gamble on line have to jump through hoops and you know go to green dot money packed cards and they didn't just the way it's all what kind of a shady industry still and you don't you got a guy like Chris Christie's former governor of New Jersey you no matter how you feel about is politics has been one of the biggest champions for legalizing sports betting and in not only -- own state. But across the country I think back to an interview that he did with HBO real sports not long ago where he told whichever correspondence he was talking to recent look the NFL. Has given up its entire position on this the second they put. A team and they just in the second the NHL put team in Vegas any argument about the integrity of the game went out the window and and I just don't see how anyone could argue against that at this point. You know it's rare but I kind of agree with this but they ask us. Thanks for being. You know let it went think back down in I think that. But he integrity argument is convenient. And the integrity argument. Is actually both started it's illegal because there's more or other regulatory impact. And so what you're looking at a news. The opportunity that the legal view. Have a lot more people paying attention to it sunlight is the best disinfectant as they say and to be honest. Senator massive industry happening in the shadows and you know what the NFL than that because it becomes legal is more of an industry. I don't believe the amount of betting goes up significantly if it becomes legal they just become something bad. We can tax and that there's no more of an opportunity for revenue and jobs. You know I'm gonna be an advocate over this idea just because it's. Self serving for me in my new role but I'll ramble amid this new role because I don't believe that they're in the position. What you do you've got to commissioner elect Adam silver in the NBA it was a very forward thinking guy very progressive guys that pertains to this issue. And there was a Washington Post story and I think it was posted about a week ago. By Matt bond still are both still who said look at sports gambling is legalized. The NBA wants in on the profits soar are we headed in that direction were eventually these commissioners these leagues are gonna say you know there's nothing more we can do we lost our our our our righteous indignation states are we we can no longer do this. We wanna cut of the profits. Percent. And the NBA opinion and as for the past few years then. Lower interest and about what happened last week was it was the first time that the league has pulled the curtain back on. Pilot plant but making money this is there a little bit of a parlor game in the gaming world for the past couple years is trying to figure out how the league actually make revenue operatives. And what the FDA has shown is that they wanna accept it well that's made whether or not that'll happen I can't say. And but it certainly is the first indication of how the league. Might end up making that can look at X. Don't talk we talk about you gambling all day I never get tired of it but diagnosed you also did some stuff with the four learn networking and you some of the challenges and struggles that they're going to today we look at football we talked about over saturation what's the biggest challenge to the four letter network traces. Gosh you know I was there for a long time and down. Part of it is they I think the people that are amazing in crazy Smart and it I haven't gotten the opportunity that was sort of in my wheel out. I'd still be at the Portland on network and so. I think the biggest challenge obviously there are sort of. Biggest challenges that with regard to cable subscribers and sort of diminishing audience there are. And that's something that they need to figure out and out so. So where does that fit in the marketplace there are. A lot there's a lot more competition for people's attention. And the way the grandest Steve can change a little bit and so. Debt there's sort of okay. Public perception challenge and there is the. Jealous of the past there was politics because you know that we whether he is thinks or not whether you agree or disagree. I think some people think that the four letter network queens a certain way and they struggle listening because of her watching because of. I don't buy it. I don't I think that. It's more about people changing viewing habits and what people want he had no way to access and then content. I've never been huge believer that. What's happening in the political question I think those are. Sort of sparked their best lives alone in a while Brad. If people don't watch him on the candidate that would again be brought. And ESPN that a lot wreck and so. That's the most important thing that we've gotten about anyone there that. I wanted to figure out ways to distribute that at least Smart ways. I would remain bullish and you can't. How much is it going to be involved in the next CBA and in a deal done with the NFL. I don't I got to play I don't know light news is where I mean. Sort of out of my only had to be way over might hit the sort of even try to speculate that if I had been their performance and evil and I was there at what can. You know part of my day today it was. Realm that it did so I'd be. And and misinformed if anybody about it try to strip. Chad a couple quick things will turn to looser what's the over under. On the number of years before access fell 2.0 salts. When it launched 4022. The Reid had. Yes that's about where I had its three and a half I I just don't I don't know. And look things can change between now and then but the business model that Vince McMahon described on that podium that day to me does not Celek a winning combination. I'm bullish on it and I'm not bullish on the exit well. Does turn off our best metal aboard the Super Bowl. I will estimates are impacted eagle plus five and a half. And I will say that light at the action and action network dot com. We have like so what steps you can go and look at it and particularly get so do your best bet and get information on that I want to do shameless plug but. Yet that has really been you know we've thought about this weekend Tom Brady over under which we have yet Russian. I would go with younger I think that it is definitely going to be quarterback sneaks. Maybe two or three but then that can be some yoga that they can backyard acute. I don't want to know how to do an obvious it states. I'd Chad Millman the action network join us on the segment John just like he's one of the best up different don't work. Give us a little more into you said shameless plug I mean it's just a huge you've got my curious curiosity that you have. My attention to what is the action network with the is ten. I actually did not that would be an entirely new company that is completely focused. And contents serving beast sports betting bandit baby and if he sports and I lefty at the end you go worked on this with a company cup which certain group. Which is more than we've known for. Hasn't been majority owner of our school's sports. No we wanted to get the what they're in space it's an area that I've been really passionate about for a long time. And like I said before you know there's been massive parallel conversation going on about. Quoted making money in these games do why we really need that and why. I've something that I covered you stand for ten years and wrote a book about many years ago hadn't. We wanted to go to this full bore with the idea that pretty soon isn't going to be legal and we wanted to be in that state. Well look we're we appreciate junior college Matt Moore ensemble this last week to talk a lot NBA even talking about for years is fantastic job building held a team out there and wood on that indicted Tom Jett died about it. I. Appreciate it absolutely Chad Millman had a media for the action network like you said formerly of ESPN he was on the television side as an executive he ran ESPN magazine. One of the best out there he is the godfather. Of the sports gambling BD got this thing really started in mainstream media several years back nobody knows it inside and out like he does a lot of talks more about that because you look fascinated by this well. You know and we're watchable due later in the hour we come back Stephanie ready joins us fox sports southeast or is broadcaster will get her thoughts and the loss last night as Garcia but with. She's a basketball legend Jack copping speak. All former coach in the game. She brings knowledge class of charisma to be killed on her weekly segment ready for my. Supported channels Stephanie ready. I hated this Saunders Stephanie ready is intro when you first did it. Announced candidate. We're ready for launch so Stephanie ready fox sports southeast courtside endless wars broadcast crew and last night toward struck a tough one open Indiana through the pacers 10596. And again the fourth quarter was not timed to the order to bring Stephanie and now on the tech become does slime is ready now or use afternoon. I'm getting great argued that. We we are good we are good obviously bombed out to last night another performance where. Yet a tied game passed on a tight game going into the forest and you know both are also where you thought kimbo and and Dwight and nick consume had done a good scoring outputs and replied well the in a way came down to it in the final five minutes they just couldn't get it done obviously factory and Marvin Williams getting hurt but. Does Steffi do the fourth quarters as it continues to be can sounding for the state. I really. An unfortunate he became a state Iraq I'd bet you know yeah I. Seen an excellent team that's. He's really strong tract point and it team to finish strong I and I mean you know if it. All of the implant state look at. I think that we've been talking about all yearlong. I'm obviously injury to mark and it's huge KP did you part of that team and rapture how op. Or if choppy out should expect to not let. But the problem you know ideally at a problem that and you look at the trapped in a glaring you have to look at that and accept you know I'm not trying to figure that any individual. But at the hole and it has been an issue or a lot a couple of Eaton and you're correct crap for talk about when he breaks the line. And by that he easily picture starter Abbott put the ad cat. They act out for accountability. All the good intention to light nick and can be tracked. Talk BQ are more. This is listening when you don't sit Kemba Walker in the entire second half. Half isn't that exactly what you're saying. Yeah. Pretty much it's. Eric really no other yeah ally in. An and app Obama had a back to back. I battle and it is from each looking back at Derek actually get the bat their player and what they eat that I. That we have players that actually act out are a lot like him or walk or would they are telling you. You know see me and our being there. And they understand what act. You know. I don't wish but since the beginning at the scene then you eat and talking about how log out and tell yet they don't currently. We are very nearly approaching that all of the debt. Where you can't say while it stopped Potlatch. Tag when you look at expanding but not in apple land but all those are team that you can't make. Felt and they now back and when you either team they understand that there. Are art can be. Act acorn how our reader that these and an unfortunate but you know what me and all our apartment I tried but are lighting. Act. And acts. We have seen the potential cap you know we've seen players play very well and very high production even. Lately it has not and I'm hopeful Eric do you eat out of their game at about. And the need that extra aid that we you are capable beat. What are you make a good point there and look I said earlier and I jacked up the map about five times before I got it right you know what there are 33 games left in the regular season this team has to go twenty to eleven adjusted to finish a game above 500. And and right now the way they're playing that sounds like a herculean effort and I know that. Everybody's looking for silver linings in a reason to stay positive but this Steffi I watched the bench and I look Jeremy lamb and fright Kaminsky these guys are gonna have off nights it happens everybody hasn't. But when you get 22 points total from your bench. On on essentially a must win game on the road and miles turner steps off the bench for Indiana and and matches the entire poured its bench production. You know that's not just a supporting that's deflating and I ask Chris Grover last night I would I would ask your opinion on this as well. You know I I think these guys I know these guys respect Steve Clifford Davis Love Steve Clifford. But I gotta wonder at some point maybe two or no even no fault of his own he's close to losing these guys and they're close to saying you don't do would be just it does not the courts Frost's. Bob PL attorney looking in and get in sports in general are actually professional sport I say that. At that cracked and they're reasonable acted. Korea and the courage and app like Mike Yeo the ensuring accurate now he had off some I'm in Kabul a lot. I think he had seen and I can read body language trying to acquire a coach. You can Cowell went players are talking out. You got our act you know are very much in each. I'm off and I'm MBA you'll get it turned out in. Egypt which it will huddle port A Dickey. The at least some of them are valuable time when they're trying to read eighteen is what are they doing during that time out of fort coaching staff comes to that. Are they are acting the team are they watching the trop. Are OK speaking you recap are encouraging each other talking about cat eat like that deep at the I get back Archie. Are giving acting before but it comes to the hot and they're doing that they'll they are very much engaged and wanna go out. I have not. We're not that he didn't get an act Latin stopped it. You know Stephanie the people that say that close as part of the problem not part of the solution eyelash fat and if they say they argue that does somebody else would do better. If you click Gregg Popovich you know coaching this roster how many more games Williams won it's all speculative Torre but. I mean maybe five maybe six of these may be the greatest you know what we're watching today's NBA. Yadda I think it is art stacked up like that Aaron. You know now you know I don't know the attack at an topic it probably even Jerry guy he gets out by the players eat. Each game is being pretty and I'll play cater it cheated a nominee at a crop are at all all in. You you won't mean can cook with being great in injury injure about it. Now. And I believe we have not tried and player can anybody believe and I do you know I think that can be a great. Buy it they've got an Al. You know their only sell what you can do at the cut you can read our our port for the current Al. I think that. The next few came at me coming. Its academic the eight track at turn. Portrait I mean the bank is gonna get marketed it and and and how out of our. Eking out a Pratt and opt out what could he get it and I. Eric there. Why they're the ball a lot like they are. Exceptional. But I got fourth quarter well why did a good how are holding our you know that they lack Peter Judge probably eight battle. We hair and give them credit when they make it their. We are expecting more apparent. And I mean when you start to see how I turn it and they expect our. Stephanie would we talk about a broken record and you're you all the cliches and sportsmen are probably use some of the ones TV used a hundred times you know the Shas the ingredients the wilted lettuce is still Bologna sandwich and all the things that you know ex players and he'll coach is now talk about there that you know similar things that we talk about you know now but. A lot of times we look at this team and we look at other teams and seat in how we stack up per hour we compare and I make the argument with this team when it comes down to the closing minutes the championship minutes I don't care what you've done in the first. You know three and a half quarters it comes down to the championship minutes and here's why it's a marathon not a sprint it seems like guys conserve energy even know where they stand they know what the score is they have to put positioned themselves but they don't exert maximum energy and when other teams start exerting maximum energy because they realized how many fouls they have to do it the defense that is picked up the tempo in this championship minutes and it's gonna take to win that game. The hornets just don't have that extra year compared to some of these other teams. Now content I think immediate. And a lot a couple of team had been an example. Six eat factoring into that equation. On scene and Indy you know kemba got great a couple of either got a cardiac camp out at about acting your RLE. I had done that thank you Qualcomm and put the team on it back Annika or all of the X strategy he can not start. Got away but any any try and get that lacked and we are chart it dry out. Or is there it. I finger on what. Are they are big thing. And I and I am very hopeful and optimistic that. It all on the plate in the next few I mean you tell the racquet tick. Yeah he said he he he and I agree it's all heat it's all he. Because without him here this team is you know may be a fifteen win team it's Kemba Walker and nobody else and to me that's the problem. No I I agree with Betsy Frank on a percentage Stefano would also Suggs is a blessing donors were were hour against a bit. In your estimation this is start your most honest opinion here how much different is this roster look this time next year. No my Internet. I I don't even I don't even know where to begin with that help. I bet on all crossbow in the tree at the open at a perfect example ever higher clipper. You don't like yeah he did not ready. You know are more apt to that didn't add any deal corporate. I I I I wouldn't be surprised if there to try to change in the meantime. I would not be pride at stake out there it's eight or or I don't I am and I wish I'd an opposite. Are now on I'll call on that app I. Blake really well Allegra sort of look nice in origin this woman or that now. No we won't we know the subject to develop that's usually the consummate pro we appreciate your time torture nicely Garth. Absolutely Stephanie ready Sox were southeast join us on its segment John does slime we'll come back and a wrap of the hour we are wide open the rest of the way we wanna hear from 70457. Or 1960 and wanna talk a bit about a couple of higher is that so that the Panthers made in the as the US Brady Hoke is a Carolina Tampa we're gonna talk about. You think this Stephanie when she's done you know listening or talking to us feels attacked. Not a doesn't know what we're not from you not gonna. You just want to ask. I don't know that. Outlet and how was that a that was not a gotcha question out we didn't use it here and here's the thing that Stephanie does one to admit it because she doesn't want to be personal with these guys did you see some. On a regular daily and I understand I I I understand oral surgery is called lack of talent. And you know it's called it's hard for you don't say that because again the position you hold but that's exactly what is its lack of town at the end of games is keeping these. These teams from morning giving you this team from what here's the deal occur. Her role ultimately is not much different and much she's just on TV I'm on a regular on the run in the studio with these players after the game I see these guys after every single game they're coming in the coaches are coming and talking to me about these games and these guys to exercise your journalist Churchill but you. You don't either one of the things that we say here are heard in that building right. It isn't as we try to never make it personal but the facts of the facts this team is nine games under 500. And is not going anywhere at all. Mandate they have to go 21 and twelve. The rest of the way just to get to 500 just to finish the regular season at 41 and 41 you tell me how that team is gonna go 21 and twelve well. I mean this is coming from a guy that was in years including by you are about how nice these people were in the community a couple of weeks ago it's about being realistic and optimistic and been pessimistic or didn't Motorola Brett. Ready fox sports southeast right about what is your on this Tuesday were wide open a restaurant weighs 7045709. Nissan president does or injury. Which not embarrassing and right now artists or you see yelled at them. Hundreds ludicrous. Why he's so mad. Because that's his thing. He just intense just don't anger sometimes you gotta. Come with it denies that's exactly what it is us exactly what is the greatest it's elegant three bunch of white guys in here talking about. Come and worry and you have to bring the sauce you have to bring the pain music player. Good music transcends skin color French you know this. And it doesn't matter how pasty white all three of a sore he's the greatest southern and civil thought I was as we. We will listen while he's the greatest southern NC a vault on the great southern rapper multi why southern. 'cause he's nice it is Parker figure amnesia. And his style is a little bit there's nothing wrong with that is the greatest where's it from is from Atlanta. So he's the greatest southern rappers from Atlanta old Justin Rose to preferable Tucker that's. He beats Pete problem. By a mile a mile away I Betty I'm actually getting married earlier this out of this and I carcinoma and. Our daughter exodus there they're did you guys and I told us what this there was a public policy polling. Thing that I found on line the other day. Where I think it was 15100 north Carolinians were were polled in this. And the many many questions they were asked one of the questions in this born a lot this was politics and and you and commentary serious stuff there was a question on this public policy polling cheated said. Have you ever. Take your shirt off and twisted it around your head like a helicopter and answers yes I have 15% of north Carolinians said yes they are so proud a shockingly low number. If you ask Mitt. But anyway 704579060. Emirates alternatives and a second. An ax might affect at all for demographics of that pulpit that's her desk and as well. And as well but other directors hired radio Travelle Wharton some guy from our forcible talk about that now we're number former Russ our guys are rare for me I'm just kidding about that though people are not data that a lot of people out there there just. Pour out about some of his position coach Barnes and I don't know why would go to showtime to get his thoughts on the horns before wrap up our three showtime was a brother. Looked up and I got an art. Is as. I truly not too many army ready to about it are great that they they operate and whom. You wanna Dakota clear outcome but it did not. You hang me out quick trigger no more money so let's run. Alberts I did back. Japanese Red Hat it would declare it dead guys but a regular radio. I'm made her she couldn't go all. Actually know and so I don't know if harper made it yet. You know it out. I would I would throw that can double out of Pelletreau the I don't know. Ingrid doesn't lack Epstein already liked how easy it's unfortunate that it doubt because. In my opinion. US public and I'll have been a lot of prayer that we could have like you got about mop on our on our border but what apoplectic that no one to read and I commit so. And not see it go back to the runoff is we have cleanup. Routes had to go back and I bought get that goal. If we're not making it can't when it comes up short it wouldn't put that at all that we are right now as weather. People that would actually put on acting like so then. Odd way to say what you want but if they don't want an offbeat guy. That's actually important Gary Arnold speaking nothing transpired but yet you're pro Barbara. I want to put nick on the carpet there that hey these guys are are not only epic but they're not can we get it but are they wanna give better I think it got. Now you're connected. What do I don't think that's well. Some of the problems that we haven't yet what you got. We wanted to be Yucca opt out there. Protesters here don't like it the best thing he just said out of all of that wasn't pretty sure he just called and Nicholas platoon. That is my new favorite things but it does but it that's ridiculous Clinton and I've got to find a way to make that. And I mean. As far as improvement. I think there's a handful of guys and have improved. But the problem is with the the the one of the guys it's improved was coming from so far behind it. Right it's like he caught up to the pact that's all he dead right and that's MK GM KG when he first got into league was so. Offensively deeply of speedy skill set. That he was planned and it levels that skill wasn't around anywhere near what the rest the guys in the gym were playing net. And eventually cut out he's he's caught up to the back half of the pack. I if that's improving that's improvement right that's he's a true if we're if we're gonna be honest since him JG has been here he's improved. Offensively still not where he needs to be he's not cut up to the top third he's still that perhaps he's in the back half of the pack when it comes to MBA talent offensively defensively he's in he's just a guy to me. Did the guys ever get. He's probably in the middle back and he's supposed to be his defense and shut down what he does not. Up Campbell and proves he works on his craft he's gotten better he's so fatigued and tired and worn out it's unfair to kemba the way that they use him. Jeremy lamb I think he's improved. I think he's improved a thing as a last year do you see the talent. You saw the skill set you saw the the quickness he looked like an MBA player he put some size he put some strikes he worked on his game and I think he's important he's improved it was doomed. He is we was four or five years ago is not gonna do better and that's it that's what you get to miss these same things he's tapped out the potential he's tapped out of talent he is what's your he has. I use to me you don't become a little bit more consistent as a three point shooter. But he is what he has he's not giving guy a lean on he's just a guy. Drafted by two guys you too close to their ceiling we gimme gimme gimme gimme a break if you're gonna tell me could resort to make a difference in screen assist and harder I didn't. It's that we're using for measurable statistics. To win basketball games. Sorry yes I am out there and I hear that really quickly I just looked it up two weeks from today. Will be a year since the very first time I made my ever my first appearance on his radio station February 13 2070. And he said a second ago. Rich chose John ago. The very first day I you instilled in on this radio station people were calling you and scream enriched show must go. All right here we are a year later rich Cho Moscow. And an I mean I know there's a lot of blame to be shared here but we talk about ingredients in chefs and all that stuff I think that's as true was anything that we say and that to me is going to be the most interesting thing to watch over the next couple months is whether or not there's series should open the front office and whether or not to go to for direction on that front. Our big rod Higgins was GM before rich Cho friend Mike. Right he was kind of the similar situation we're at now or show his fallen into that category and not necessarily d.s friend of might but. You know what value does he have to the organization. Our Allan before his next re talking about celebrity show Travelle Wharton some of the hires made by the Carolina Panthers yesterday we'll talk about the next it's Garcia and they looked.