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Friday, June 15th

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We're talking to our two time US men's national team at George Bruce Arena Qaeda to join us on the second job just like here on dates through the World Cup and queen city Bruce thank you how are you. Great we are doing well to a well what what are your general thoughts on this so the second day of action in the World Cup blast in Spain Portugal was pretty thrilling. All of us do it better than the first. Let's let's let's cancel it and equipped criticism. Good game they have about them. I have all the makings of a great world of. It is Russia backed good committed five Dole's a lot. I don't know I think I think that you great news is it is not a very strong team. Go going into the tournament I believe. Most people thought that. Saudi Arabia and Russia were among the weakest teams in the field so we'll say but a home. Com team and an end of World Cup forces the great advantage in I would expect Russia to get out of group play. I just dismissing Mike rather obvious question but I just would like to take on it Christiane and all the with a hat trick today it is he in your mind the best player in the world so. Would do it would be hard to argue against them. He's simply been outstanding. Real Madrid is one. Three consecutive champions league. Titles whoa what am leading the team he's he's just been fantastic. Portugal 11 European championships do you. Been part of a lot of great things from the sports of opinion are the Arctic he's not depressed or in the world. If you were to make an argument for someone else who did their. Well these receptive to that as we're all messed. Right. So reporter okay assured us or not total Bruce Arena joining us on the technique John does slime. Who it's who's the favorite in this World Cup to your month. And my view it it would be Germany you know I think this team to beat is defending champions. To continue to play well I think through the polar trophy gonna have to go through Germany and so they may be tough to get through a lot of people claiming. That Brazil can win this year but that the sin. Spain play today you know yeah you can't argue it's Spain and I learned a lot of people leave France as a bird team. So you did you go back to 2014 and the United States was you know involved with what folks call obviously the group of the group of death I guess so it was a group backed into a fourteen in the real World Cup in Brazil World Cup I should say what do you look at these groups which one do you think kind of matches that was atop this group right now in the states. Fit to be honest Serbia. I think it's hard particle but I think you know the group with. With with Belgium's gonna be real tough. You'd you know we we would've thought that. That. Spain is gonna win today against Portugal for that's gonna turn to a real art group. There are numbered teams that are simply outstanding and I think what you really need to do speak UT needs to the first game in every group before you can really decide. Yet which group is going to be the top but but I know before and a lot of people thought. That this group with. Of serves Portugal and Spain it's going to be. Pretty tough because of those two and you know of the in my opinion Portugal expansion printer rights group France says it decent group with Denmark and it. Put it all honesty I think bureau federal typical pro Brazil should have any you don't. Out of their group Switzerland's probably the second team there I think I think Germany and Mexico's going to be great opening game and I'm just gonna happen NetSuite is a good team and at groups so. There can be surprising as well I think Belgium and England and are going to be pretty solid and their group and then. And likely advance so as I look at deputy here out of effect picnic in it and policies the opening game in each group that this seat really to. What's going to be the purpose group puts so far. I don't think there's been any surprises. Talking to Bruce Serena former US men's national team head coach she by the way is also won five college cup titles and five MLS cup title series. Pretty good at what he does he's joining us on the tiger come just slide off the field Bruce your your thoughts on on Russia as a host your territory to mega again I go back to -- fourteen and I was fortunate enough to be there and revision barrel on the beach there Copacabana watching to Argentina and in Germany and that's fondle and if that was my first World Cup experience and I was blown away by the magnitude on that and and the passion and just the energy surrounding it but Brazil and Russia are two very different places and they'll do a nude dude. I guess the lead up in the preparation for these events can be very hectic and Donna I'm just curious what you think about Russia as as a host for the World Cup. We know is they hosted the Olympics. The Winter Olympics recently and now they have a World Cup because they put a lot of money in the infrastructure. I put a lot of people. Took there's little crazy you know awarded her. The World Cup to Russia but they've been good both of those Olympics then you know that the start of this World Cup has been outstanding. I. I think the World Cup so about. The team in the stands than. And not about politics so I think it'll be great World Cup despite the fact that some people question whether Russia should because for a World Cup replica paper world. So do you are do you have high expectations are or are you optimistic for Tory Tory suing in Qatar not a too far ahead but that's gonna come quickly. Personally I think it's it's a crazy election I don't descent of Novo. But you know. My but it is politics Beck pat involved there and and a lot of all the claims I think it was completely bizarre to be armed with this. Hopefully it works setup a I'm gonna really questioned and that should dead. To a lot of excitement and credibility to the US to point point six because. I think the US is gonna Emeka. So the World Cup campaign in Qatar. Look at bill. Don't I'm with you on that suit that was my next question obviously is is 20/20 six the bit announced earlier this weekend. I know it's it's been a long time since a World Cup was held on North American soil far too long to suggest me a lot of other people and I don't we have the infrastructure employees we have the stadiums we have the people we with all the things that are necessary to host. This caliber of that exist in North America is who has always been a no brainer but I guess to you reminder to the best to do now is when you what has been there the president to bring this event back to the United States are simply money interruption or is it something else. Well money corruption. It's a good chance general but they do electoral Brooke it. This hemisphere is. At ten in the different regions of the World Cup so you never gonna see. A regent at the World Cup. You know two out of four times something like that so there was the there was the rotation policy. And you have a clearly it was our our time to get it and you know hopefully in another. Twelve years we get it back again and who won't take as long but that they do each sort of rotated. It can get every part of the world involved on the World Cup that's why it's going to Carter. That's why it's driven. Career in Japan and Brazil this part of spread it around the globe. Our resort anniversary and a former head coach of the US men's national team joined us on the technique come guests lined. So let's talk about this World Cup and in the absence of the United States. Obviously that was it just just enormous punch to the gut and a lot of a lot of US soccer fans were hurt by that took it personally lot of folks who were invested in seeing the sport grow and everybody who works. It ordered the headquarters of voting US cell and then he told me just you know how old devastated he was when that happened what what did that mean. When the United States did not qualify to this World Cup. Won't do it as much as a of those people you stated it's suffered. I think. Myself and the team itself but a lot you know we put a lot of the trying to. Get things right in 2070. So naturally. Everyone's disappointed. And supported. People. It in the sport in our country and you know we're we're terribly disappointed if we didn't qualify as a team. Will it hurt our sport may you know in the short term a little bit but. This sport is soccer is moving forward. It has a lot of momentum and out of point 16 World Cup come to the US Mexico candidate is that we we've spent ethics. I think we just got to eclectic or. It it's a little bit of setback. And you move forward. No one's crying in Italy. You know it is it is the game's gonna keep going on in Italy that is to pollinate Cilic and those other countries are that didn't quell by the primer. It's all part of it is an area and it should be partnered we've been to. Comfortable over the years they can that this is that there's automatic and now we're learning. That it's not there's a lot of competition is trying to get in the World Cup in hopefully we've learned some lessons this time around. Bruce before we let you go you you have been in and obviously continue to be one of the leading voices in the you know developing and growing the sport in the United States and you know just in terms of where this game is in our country right now and what the next step there is what with the vision is you know what what's being talked about what do what does the next step to continue to grow the sport United States and and to try to get on par with some of those those teams those nations that you just mentioned. Most sport has grown that this commercial land and Ari indicate this in my book. Or are rights that were aren't commercially politically in this sport. Technically a competitively. We we have improved and I do won them the most from the fact that we've got to. Have they better developmental system in our country and our Professional League. With the support and need to push from the US soccer it's gonna start playing more Americans and especially young Americans. If folk and have a national team a very quality or we need players play. And too often even in our domestically. Many Americans. Are not on the field and that hurts the national team programs so. That's my biggest emphasis right now I'd get an agreement with Jewish barker Major League soccer. As to how we push to move forward and and get younger players on the field. So so you did and again just in terms but domestically you mentioned the MLS are you satisfied with where that league is now I think you kind of hinted at that a second ago but they're satisfied others where orders or or where it's headed. Well I think from commercial one that don't aren't. There infrastructure is content to attend to improve the building beautiful stadiums. But studies have much training facilities. Investing money in players internationally. They need to invest more in the domestic player and they need to play the domestic player more. Speaking of domestic players I just say you know belly Christian jewels and he's going to be here in Charlotte next month's. You go with with his club take it on Liverpool and you know that's a name that I know I know you know Bruce I'm kind of weird and I you know I have been to a World Cup but I don't profess to know the game like a lot of my friends know the game so for those who want to know the game and want to get to know the biggest names and stars in the sport to maybe embrace it more it would who should people know and I and I know that seems like kind of a rudimentary question for guys are caliber before the people ultimately want to know your team better. Who ladies and. Well look who's arguably the top American players are complicit. He's an outstanding quarter and if he's protecting clarity is a lot of flair he's athletic he is a good court you know and and pace. And his first such were just so important our game. It is outstanding. Pieces in my opinion he's of version of that occurred in our sport. A really dynamic where we have the young players come and visit. The kid kid McKinney it's. Playing in Germany as well which saw that's going to be good player. A player to put it this Seattle soundness deter right now Jordan Morris I think has the potential bid. Very good forward we have a very big goal keeper Stefan in Columbus two steps standing. Some some holdovers. From the the past what became of a player like Norton neck he's an outstanding player. The country yet Lynn a right that place in Newcastle. He's a young exciting player and it and it and there are more coming up but. That the once they're gonna come up but you know I'll mention a lot of players that have of playing in Europe as well the other young players that that are in. In Majorly suck right now we've got to get them on the field and give them the opportunity to develop. Bruce Arena is former URUS men's national team head coach five time champion at the collegiate level the MLS level and are really quickly tell us more about that book of yours I'm now I wanna read it tells all the folks what it's about where the confront. More often it's so old bookstores and you know all of met that the use that get a book did you get this spoke in. It's good the titles too much wrong with Boston. I talk about my coaching career how it got in the collection team to a coach shoots some of the great players who have coached my experiences with the US team and the 20022006. World Cup for a 2017. Qualifying campaign and then to recommend an indication that make. Two US soccer in Major League soccer try to. To push in this sport forward so I think it's a good book hopefully. People have an interest in soccer well well well we'll pick it up in and and have some opinion that's sort of that. First I just for its Ayman great insight we appreciate you so much. Thank you I appreciate.