Garcia and Bailey: The Birds and The Bees and Dwight Watch 2018

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Wednesday, June 20th
Our board operator Evan is on vacation in Myrtle Beach, he checks in with Garcia and Bailey on his search for love and reactions from callers on the Dwight Howard trade.

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Garcia. I know. You're right at home stretch is gonna be fun. Hit us up 7045709. But we would believe he wanted to look at the grizzly bears in just a look at this one SO we'd be right you come just as we're exhibit. Just we got to go out. Our finder window just to find out what's going on outside I didn't know it was raining but these are you you're allowed to feed these animals that you are yeah I promise police and speaking of that can't. Peace appealing Jennifer. That's. I got it it's also got to rally dealers to fertilizer if you wanted to leave its Twitter feed whatever if you want a toy does does not do as I should turn the page to that Ali see you eventually now we've got into it oh yeah you've missed a three other times but now. Now and I bring it out and I bring it out to other times OJ and our dutiful. Full board on who typically gets that and is not here today that's because of division I will determine a second dispersants they all got brutally Jewelers Twitter feed on the savings continued through June I'd probably Jewelers get a free weekend getaway for sale with any purchase over 1999. Dollars building trust for three generations that's where do we do it's relatively early on we are radio profession professional radio man who will continue to act childish and do things like put cause of Saddam Fred Jackson's name and I don't know she tells awesome I don't know do you think I mean first off Jimenez I mean I know Evans on the phone. Did you hear about the birds in the piece but I hit as walking down the step the hall with me. In his talked about in a couple of different things you drug coverage and a little bit too early with that as a yes there it is. Now let me put it talked lancing next yeah I decided to act because I think what I say is always interesting. Yeah. It was 100% what could you look Chris Jackson the blow that. I have a lot of friends and he was doing the. And it was hilarious and orgies to which a dog nobody knows why couldn't tell business with sex in her French accent. A source one systems for a total assets as a witness just have to act like I don't know. People look at the line a little bit between French and Scottish but I can sort don't think it's worth. It. I don't know just they Swedes you've. This week yeah. So I guess I don't think DL there that's a village have asked us not take the other. We have to we have fifteen seconds per story don't have to tell. And the universe yet I'm going is gonna so we'd like you should take this quiz on FaceBook what country needs you must my friend took it it was Switzerland. He said I don't hear anybody. I don't say no streets it's put your limitation the most goes I don't care screw this waits. Lewis who asked us. Sort that was were every bit wasn't that was worth that aren't so we get back to but it's a things in a minute first of all mr. object and Timothy mas golf have been reunited and it feels so good and double talk about the Dwight Howard's Rachel and it just a minute why are franks got an interest in comparison to make the first. It's time for the birds and the bees was bored out revenue was on vacation this week out you don't know what's happening indeed taught to be caught up on this. Evan is our board at least one years old Evan has does not much experience dating. And so here's why he is wisely turned to our. Us for advice on now I know how to ramp up his love life and luckily for us Evan is on the occasion as we know vacation dating. Is an entirely different. Like you pointed that out because this does not like normal dating you know shear in Charlotte this is vacation dating. This is where he's at right now right this is the mood that he is in right now he needs to be any. On caged animal he's been in the cage here like us and like bear Corretja sitting in here in this moderate he's been freed yes and it needles are just there. It was sore we will continue to offer that right now now would we pick up where we left off yesterday I was little bit. I was most proud of Evans and finally speaking to a to a strange girl you know and have a conversation ourselves with the find out whether dad has a solid and whether it's on the first I was gonna say I was proud of the same time he did all the work and then just forgot to do a number according to him and then says he's she's the only girl that he's talked to ms. Lewis a numbers game it's all about volume so Evan thank you for calling back please what what's what's the medical realize yet. 00 yeah. He's home but I Tuesday but still. Today he's our bags and on some young lady down the because we have established the fact you're driven many things accidents about one. Are. Yeah that's got a pretty good so was yesterday. Well I at comparable profit now my bet multiple grow about five or six and I. And what I franks are counting on the table in a guerrilla what delta. Our Okur. Ads are all day that's OK okay no it's not that many now expect success I don't know if you don't you don't register is a bit over Simon an hour and audio donated to Obama that. I mean come on it they're my batting ever I might beat the F faith. Dad yeah. Leonard Padilla friendly news that is something wealth in history solar what what reaction do you get typically because this is important to maybe learn from your mistakes from some of these young ladies are what they signed released lady sang the. That just. Blame account Italy thank goodness. Bitty cute complete on the Iowa that that no. I'm kind of glad now considering air from the back respect us but a couple of little become a eventually so you know. I've video on wiping out back at being alive are that was the best idea. I don't know what they would stop the are a couple of but it. Why don't I mean that's on duty maybe try to save a life maybe that's not the best founded on an idea was it have you ever seen you know the movie sand lot. 200 corner. Why aren't. Yet general go well today ID one a his legs like I like you're encouraged. She jumps down there and say it's actually an event labor. Probably at CNET like well at least twice that remark you do better actor than everybody else that's all. Our our focus on what's the most interest in response you've gotten so. Our public macro Tuesday and actually sorry yesterday at all about to go after but. A all the apples they're collecting Ito let out of the back off problem would be the most wide spank it it'll. The Calder. A. Low big mistake it's no big big stage in order order I order no no no. Additional and help dad bride and and touch the kindness of her heart by showing your concern. Earned for her dad you're helping you had a preexisting relationship weather so was much or some free book and for the first time in Newark. I'm. Don't know coming just one conversation that like she knows more. Well I mean no more than where are you not entirely unfamiliar spoke to that same date and you know she like her consistency shells. I amp a I figured it would be the best thing to do that. Bigger debt match Brighton Oprah. Lingered ever get it had ever heard that was the lesson. No this is going to nice fine young man is coming to help you we would your exploration of seashells. Pat ticket that would be that the topic I'll bet. Really it's that the wanted to be a man Obama Girl but we want to write on them to debate eight are to be a lot earth bank but yeah. OK Alison I haven't done do you think you you can't you can't just assume that every data out there he's gonna think you have the worst intentions of some well you know some might wanna punch in the face but it is good data to get you bet they NB. You know you you can still be respectful amid a girl on the basis not to be a creep no and we told you that you gotta be respectful so. I would also it's a that's the most interesting interaction you've had as evidence there's nothing else is there how. No names Jack it anybody's name always got as good you know names. Our. Aren't you know what this is that this is wildly disappointed gentlemen I appreciate I appreciate the numbers going up and keep doing it better right -- oh Russia always has a question Garnett. Evan double luckiest guys super rage you make you feel that it's Wednesday. You'll be easier Thursday Friday and Saturday ES three more days to do it it's all you have to do is relax. Be yourself. And in next Sunday Evan opportunities seed a woman that you met before and her father switzer glow upbeat kind B tree is be helpful and put your best look for. This is you you don't know this is a short term game. I noticed your vacation dating like don't ever think it just couldn't turn into something else may be down the line because this is coming from. I don't experts opinion of Oscar Osbourne Osborn Garnett. If there are hornet as at least ban on multiple page throughout his years I still haven't been on the date period. Just don't put too much pressure on this is not that big a deal he rejected it's fine that's as usually you there's been lots of pressure you have here's what's not. Don't go look up Michelle from Maria on VH one a couple of years ago called the to the pickup artist and it's a good shot and nature watch into everything I got us and a report tracked Osaka. We were oh what choke the pickup artists on VH one do everything that god doesn't and to practice. Where people don't want to be want okay. Losing focus you're losing focus also got to commit a girl with a dead. He's going to be a girl to bed their personal try to mixup to pick a plus a little bit. We appreciate the debts and introduce yourself and if he really failing to an audacious it's our drizzly day your daughter served in and I've been. I'm guys out. Nice to not give him your intention Citadel's at all goals at all but are you comforted did you release so your confidence level going up. Ahead it's got a little bit up its ultimate bureau about it. Leap a cannot. You know if if worst comes to worse by the candidate we might have to do to pocket pro tem Darrell L Mary. Lady that was. Led a balanced. Are you Bender Ripley's believe it or not yet. If that roared up our epic debate now. Think about our biggest and that's great let's see just an uninhabited islets voyage yet. Arts buoyant. No or what ought I was told that Ben is that they can't eat but the art or it. I've never been an air my life but they were completely wrong on buildings and respect. How about that all right Levin look we gotta go to break Jonas works but did you get jobs and good luck and you don't fight and report back tomorrow are you good notes. You're Smart enough tell yes and doggone it people like I hear you don't. We need to Murdoch does anybody but we would vest and estrogen the doomed to. Roberts at the perfect golden opportunity for him. To work himself into that kind of situation once again I know what's sitting there you've. Had this I hope your daughter shells yesterday. Earlier today and earlier today and I know what type bushel she likes would you like some help. You'll have some help seek seasonal hunting at the. X or disabilities that are excellent quote do people still watch VH one and put partisan blast and a lot so. I would jump back we are callers wanna talk to us we're talking orders and we can't expect to dogged about the Dwight Howard Dillon though it'll also we'll talk about outsourcing and drilling. I would say some close calls in just a second. But not until every news headlines first. Because I feel like I'm obligated to business and amazing but when you see a headline like this you don't not greeted on the year and put it that way. I'm from the Associated Press as are scroll down to try to fund or. Up from the Associated Press is broke up related to bottler. Aren't there sports involved this yeah exactly so this is one of those still talk sports stores type of thing let me and it disappeared in regard. So here's a headline from the Associated Press just a little while ago. Burger chain. Apologizes. Certain traffic up. Just read it I'm trying to mend them. I can't find it well under Larry to remember us. The burgeoning is basically apologized. For offering lifetime Walker's sue any Russian women. Impregnated by a World Cup players that's the headline that's ahead lot so yeah. Free offers yet not not even the title offer yeah I wasn't aware that we we are to the point they had to apologize for this and that happened. But apparently burgeoning made a promise of a lifetime whopper to any Russian women impregnated by a World Cup players you have to true. I guess and DNA tests have shown an ability to drive through the DNA tests like Woodward the what do you do when we're doing here this is not caused any. I sympathize broke sort of I guess they could be miles Gaza rush into a lot of trouble. And he is Russian so they are Goodell and the British have this Atlanta today that's a thing we do which is the best headline of the day Everett. Although the price it's going to be tough to find that Evan gets arrested in my old age she. There are fighting with a guy that was trying to help with seashells there are a lot of Russian women and Myrtle Beach. Our thoughts into words for you you do dip into some of those on board walk shop some of the wings there there're a lot of you don't Russian women there in the summer it's on what you tell us. The stupid a lot of Russian women Myrtle Beach that's all this make a statement. When you talked about Myrtle Beach has got to put together a look at any solicitation. Comment really Dallas site stunt wasn't it was a conversation starter her to think but it's not so realist back to the hornets before this turns into utter disaster let's go to an emerging start this Delonte West and mullah six vocals are restarted and don't analyst gene has some advice or just for haven't seen what what is your advice for young got a. And it got to play it got to play the hand he's been bell okay you sound like. So like you're debate the deplorable and I like let's. You gotta I'm too hot chicks. Go to you know how they like. Take people under Wayne. And you go ahead on a lot of guts felony is an intern for a syndicated show in Charlotte you don't have a lot of dating experience. And they found out onto the big to eliminate Osama the F he had meet lemon. He doesn't really know what to do and they help and I just. Don't get its first chip by the end of the night. And then go to work go to net. Thanks Gina for this for nominal one of the bigger. And I haven't changed obviously. Not that Smart molester. But I guess some experience there some reasonable to think that's a great that's a resolution. Miss is we may not be your cup when it may not be geniuses and it's not unreasonable to. There should have come up with that at some point what they're really like to hardships that. Heard from you know manly you know what I don't you wanna sort them even better and I'm. Syndication it's even better that is absolutely true I don't clutched. Important that you could get it don't do. Bush didn't know if you don't let me know make it. I cannot find no mention that kids might be crawled up to the start line and just follow trip. Exclude. That allow the sound wasn't necessarily up up up up up. It was a necessary housing driven okay. Sexton says this. Great idea from that taller that's genius and the difference exercise column showed his head there are a lot of Russian we could. You. Should know by him I just remember. As do women have Myrtle Beach it's also my fiance is listening to stuff. OK now I heard they have pretty. Let's go to select an excellent dialogue and talks imported through this and sleep they say nucleus. When you figure about the hornets. What just happened. In a magazine that we're just oh didn't esoteric. Using them as a young boy ocean resorts and all. Foods are such a good artist I'll. So it's our did you justice and you know is why not join Howard demonstrated through via the Brooklyn nets pretend to Fremont start to second round picks and cash. I headlights. Allegedly did to do different sport to durst yeah I mean a different sport compares you can make a comparison because I have to introduce yourself to Kosher and can go to where I mean you play good when the and had to do so like you know a lot of people still like you know TO and end Dwight Howard very similar. In the way they play the way they act the way they treat teammates and etc. and nothing Baltimore hall of famers. I mean not more than the first Balladur you know who cares they're going in the hall of fame both of these guys are and you know I think that I'm not shirt. You know I just CEO you know it's. You know the the fair rap but he does come across as diva has at times as he's even doing right now with the gold jacket you know did discussion and I guess that he would argue that Dwight Howard has done the same with this team so you know the seven immense talent but do they make their teams better or or not I think TO in football you can do little differently because. You know there's multiple guys you say yes this for seven starters at any given a certificate so. So I can sit and they know but no and and basketball there's only five and I'm sure that these guys are with each other a lot longer there traveling together on private planes. These guys and got to be you know buddy buddy a little bit more than a what do you do in the NFL because. I come to work or show up and I leave and then I could do my thing you need to do your thing and maybe similar in in the MBA but in these guys are what 82 games were any NFL you sixteen weeks. And I think it's a good comparison an editor wondering why everything making this comparison right now maybe you haven't seated but up Brendan Haywood former bobcats a tutorial the whole deal out Brendan Haywood on his show went on I guess earlier today maybe you're yesterday one of the super noticed today and said this about Dwight Howard in the trade quote. When I talked to people behind the scenes the locker room hated Dwight Howard. I'm not sure Sheryl is rebuilding north or just trying to get Dwight Howard out of there but it was clear the locker room did not like Dwight Howard are goes on to say he has to look at this trade looks at himself in the mirror and realized why am I dive it's averaging a double double every year in my career but I'm getting past all around the lead like contractually. It would be my one. You know questioned you know with that comparison right you know and I wanna be fair to TO good you think he's a great player. I never heard his teammates throw him under the bus and selling to teammates the Dwight has played with a tournament in the bus this is what's. You know I X player is saying about. Out the current players. I have said to him up on the team so it's not like they'll kemba. And and what's known. Roman and Tony are gonna come out there and you know say that I just can't stand playing with a guy he's a jerk at nine and that may never the case and and you know I make an order her poster read that into this because. This is just like me be me and you sit there having a conversation. And invite wanna (%expletive) me off and and I said yeah yards he's a jerk who can't stand them and that gets to Brennan Hayward and all the sudden you know maintain its it changes the mayor of a little. Don't like it absolutely happened Susan typical police phone calls quickly as fast as we can't we got to go though honestly there's no actually there what's up. Hey it is coming Toledo but what. Currently there are car at their money it's quicker. Up. But there's somebody to drive our Johnson's silicon as we try to spell fanatically and in detail it looked like cells and today what is. Their own. Oh holy day that. Say hello more cents a day. That makes so what's more so thank you I don't I thought there was a super exotic name removed anyway government donut. So I applaud all of about about what happened. Howard Oliver evacuate caulking or in the countries can't radio. They've. What he was an Orlando. He understands why his coach wanted to Dionne brother and get our name we're so glad stands law yet you're so mad when you law. It is that promote the purple I can bet that that. Gotta keep their stamp on his code could a man out there ought buckled imagine. The little you know. Problem they had in the locker room with her Mittal wanted to talk about that. Yeah actually that solely to now sleeping easily this would send the man's name. He's a spell it right so we're talking laws not his fault that if he gets dealt a contact sport here apparently it isn't as good as the rest at organized as far as which spoke to a such an event that's just which earbuds what does that mean I don't know more ads that I was trashed the data is a reason to kick him in the bottom Wear out the door but some people are I think that's just sort of emblematic of who we've come to know this guy debate the students who want to Steve next. The rideau Steve your thoughts on the orders euros or what Tim is well public. Yes I got. Look toward at this he'd been caught ought not they traded kemba they were talking today it's great kemba. A kid up pretty up a lot of space to doubt in 1992. Max deal. Another a lot of expiring contract in 2019. Do it to get the right thing to do what they were debate we put them on the betrayed him. It's like a one year deal moral. If it does create it could be getting him back. With another star Max contract typical beer acts. Thanks and I appreciate that so I wanna trade him away to get him back at a later date. Right the written so that we can have T Max contract wanted to sign him avenue the next time I think the reason we asked the question being that he's about to become free agents or at least be traded to get something for the maybe you admit that they are here raw string him yet just if you're trading him as a baseball you're loading guys for the back half of the season and playoff run you're trading guys trade him walker is not coming back I don't understand remind since that. On your and there are certain rules in the in both are in the CBA in the NBA to prevent certain instances there and I would have to double check the rules on that but in the NBA and as saying that nothing is there will nothing is impossible but you're trade down what you're not bringing him back it's not a -- situation somebody you don't get a hundred do Yucca I guess us circumvent the rules and that way. And you know that believe me the people in the thought of that before and it's just not gonna work out that way understand why your thinking that. Are we don't we come back everybody's favorite segment the world record for time. Turning now. With the world according. To frame the. Yeah does your produce results yearned for does that's why we're in segregated for the best last yeah. There aren't so the world according to frank we got to do quickly because we wouldn't shut up the producer in the Osborne kicked assaulted 2.5 call just. It's truly to be out there and we heard solely based dealings. So he's heroin you don't say we were valid Jesse murdered Jessica port Jesse you're gonna Jessie and her filling in revenue and just weigh is not a chancellor. Just don't have that Evan. Donovan Osbourne. Frank got a very exhausting I forget the very simple question and it's one I think in the past you've failed to answer some going to ask it again because I demand an answer on this is this is the parked. Purpose of journalism. Frank who is your first crush. First crush. Trash and I don't remember that far back possibly. Men answer this question before. I don't think so I think he I think he says it I had to pushing you you answered was have you ever had your heart broken the full. I'll ask a two part question first crush. Them Corson. And heartbroken much. You know every day I just heartbroken. Secondly they didn't lose my first Christmas club remember name is in third grade Dell. And you know I was probably. I went out and I you know is probably like Kevin you know little hesitant. In note to say. And you know the next and is when he handed out the Valentine's cards and things like that in peril special letter in their turn. You know your friends don't. Your parents sock definitely here's the problem though right for big guys write this the big story issue. Most big boys Norton talking about. No one your high school know that Kyle and how big you were in high school you probably over 200 million to fifteen to wanted to write downs and tell yourself. You know most big board problems exist for those guys that are over 200 per ounce. Girls tend to be friendly with those guys big Teddy bears and they tend to digital skinny dips Grice is supposed high school refunds of high school where we thought exactly right they'll do in the college girls wanna be protected more and look for big Kyle over there with his Bailey had back here. You know and tell my. Protective hello my back here button and high school there were obsolete we're we get pushed to the side would get. Okay yeah that you don't what do you think about my buddy over here who happens to be a guy there really liking it. Why can't have a crush on you but you know now. So I learned that through through life and Evans kind of probably just getting on that stage. Request great it's great success. All right so tell myself really quickly just a moment. Show. Iran double row across Johnson yesterday she looks at new revenue conversations is brutally honest with. And so what's up she said you rustic. And I said oh yours yet on notice I guess and I tell us and us so well. Honestly since I've I've never had that issue. But as you know I'm trying to get into record. Back into shape so it is he's. Well hydrated while trying to slim mother but done an extra look at the type must suit for the wedding in October ghosts what do you call a snow is a tough threat cellular handset studies do little looser I need to do right. The Dem bill why I was crying about three weeks ago well the issue now is I can alma and this is just not yet does at all ideal well never had a problem but I but anyway reporters that she said and I thought to myself you know she's right because I've had to kind of cut back Mike Corbin Tate just been a lot of protein and vegetables and that will give you. Bad breath and those sorts of thing well. Kind of just the lord like a low carb type of done enough yet. No it absolutely does it size you can look it up and you would doctors have. How low carb diet major breast and it makes it worse in apps that don't we don't know senior to make your breast guy just what is your question what are. This isn't it brushing your city dental hygiene yes isn't a deadly. Hygienist Celtics here you are a song I'll get pressure on. Absolutely cause I'm obsessive brush my don't really Imus until I haven't had a sort of problem for some it was a bears it was like. Why did I breathe drilling dragon breath and try to breath all day yesterday and I'd probably do because a diet Mountain Dew and B stick summit is probably best. Chris tell him. Awful and I he's the boss is glad the windows World Cup I used to have a reasonable lawsuit amid ahead I think what's legit Alice toasts and that's the kind of thing that makes me wanna vomit silicon and I think that I've done it to somebody else if you really really bad about it. What is the most offensive. Personal hygiene thing that it just gets under your skin or make her body odor. Nine close enemies that you answered as the quest Mario rubio. Or I can smell your BO. And and for people that can I mean how does not Wear deodorant. People not where DOD's. In the northwest. In particular organ. You know I hate to say it but the women have more hair under the arms in the men do. And they walk around and you know they have these tank tops on and they lift her arms up and I could smell it from across the room. You know I mean that's pretty bad it is but it might not be as. I started another one I'm not gonna say it I'm not gonna do all know don't say it frankly don't say it typically also don't don't say it don't say the fishy smell yes and I hit himself only win one for the gipper speech just not as a separate program. Please you guys it bleeds and that say the fishy smell the bills without you know I don't say that we got all of. Does not create vibe that yes it doesn't look it's excellent is executed McDyess because they caused Debra I think what you need to I'll need to quit toothbrush a secret tip for you need to quit she's brought semi Somalia is absolutely dental hygiene is one of the most underrated things in our society today Jeff we are dry brush properly and if you go to quit he quit the best police said. I think there's a dot com and there's so now. It has not come to put slash right now either there is only theorist but always texts or it's a really quickly come on now collier Johnson is a vision and you'll lose little wager to -- there's a three weeks and I guarantee you shed more pounds than you expect no it's not I don't mind the vegan diet because she cooks good style yet there's no doubt and it Osborne is that is he cooks great big stuff I don't mind that assistant there's a lot of cards and that sort of thing not want to run twelve miles a day to work on so anyway that's the world according to frank we can buy dot com slash I emailed it uses mail equipment. 20000 panels and had to dig Dennis and had genocide hundreds of thousands happy brushes are used quipped everyday. You should start. Man just start your whole thing Renault and you can actually start we refuse to do not fitness equipment comes less right there you know we ran the show on the other side equipped. Lloyd Demi semi. Thanks for us. You're guy blew absolute mess and I text are so no exerts excellent. And since. Writings on the wall. All tourists -- Jim you'd be clearing space for the year he becomes a free agent added money familiar to becomes one kimbo will be traded dividend they added money to the Mazda also a contract tax on an extra sixty tickets for soared ninety sort of that's really takes you -- Jessica just trying to keep us out of the conversation always said we don't need to go anywhere near that conversation because we have four minutes left to Michelle and with some level Bruce Harris right. I hit out of don't skate every man out there knows exactly not a threat to my dad come on like to hook up everybody don't drag me back dues and drag the united tragically. The stories. But I don't talk about unclear how. And you guys. Are correct does that boil what are you would what are you watching tonight by the oh yeah. Simple I was just what do you take your cues from Friday anyway. Don't assume miles on the. We notice on site. Thanks a completely new system anyway say what's on TV tonight. I don't know I was close as frank Franklin saw on TV you know do you watch. ADR the bachelor no I've only watched that on Monday that really these to do Mondays and Wednesdays but. You know I may be due later on in the season they might start doing that these ambassador paradise how the nation may the there were no after the season and they just they are there as one now that dislike gay engagement saying right after the bachelor like a thirty minute show like so we walked away and gazing never met each other. The manager there. Listen and I show where can I sign up because all the proposal the proposal guessing only. I think there's a they say that I think the bachelor watcher you know then let's US wrestler but yeah that he's read these. Wanted to interject I. Best that's death interjection or rely on backed him during the show this skulls are. Anyway what can I don't know if they're the don't you ask me so I've given you my my take on what's on the net also so hopefully tonight I North Carolina ordered state in the cultural series I doubt about that elimination of course you would they do much higher level collegiate baseball you'd rather talk about a show that is going to be won by a guy who thinks the earth is flat both. Or at least Angela. Both these guys and both these teams lost already right for the Zealand's elimination game now. City in North Carolina organs they tonight might mean a consumer I'd try to royal majesty the World Cup tonight fox sports wanted to highlight show well. And then at 8 o'clock raced ninety did you if you wanna watch horses and does check such a local listings of baseball tonight when we hope we can on horses they're just they're racing. Yeah first and the Grayson. There we heard the racing kinda torturous. Kind of course all of has brought to Barbara you don't propane never London little tight around again they will love bring it to you every single week every two weeks whenever you have radio and into tonight to bring a cultural thing we'll show also offered up for you look at if that's what they did from the last weeks ago check them out bring it home proclaim what. I really don't. Oh you don't hear it in the moment what they deal on this one but I will give the Sharon that emerging. There's restricted and where I mean again it'll it'll crowned the other hasn't. And looked up to girls over in Russia making sure they're taking care of good job merging goods comfort. It's that I'm going to sit my tattoo. Phillies he's a real dude and make sure fracture. It's a yeah. Judge Ezra I show up. Different tactic ESPN through I its agencies to DBS to Yahoo! all these reporters for the first time in a long time and I could sit there NBA draft picks. So you're actually right now there's a new polls are right so I'm just telling you some Yahoo! go out there and try to do is first trust me. Oh well all right then but at least or did try to commit to the studio that I that was in tennis yeah. And did you do that before the draft and had failed as well some of them do it right politics is I don't get in just under AM networks banding together saying we're not gonna do this yeah or is this anchorman. Addicts who really cares deeply into her once addressed anyway I just I thought it was a least a good gesture anyway francs literally in the show for solid competitive for that. I'm kidding well that is. Because you won't even let me do the segments that eventually going to coach thank you Osborne now revenues so we're back tomorrow hopefully the other in the bad she'll be much much cleaner and more efficient we had a blast today check it out overtime to miss it a big Willie mcinnis is coming up it was a great conversation with him as anything today checking out the brand new WS EC dot double talk two more Britain an honest. Evan French hopefully I'm Kyle this has been Garcia David W lessons that. Shot it right what does that do will blow your mind that just happen.