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Friday, May 25th

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You'll most personal bill welcome second of all enough how how are your emotions right now as you watch these Eastern Conference finals director Eric. It's much better question to write a politics where it's just apparently it's a trend in. People are I guess it's for begins may be your or health conscious folks who just take the hot dog out and couldn't carry on the grill and put in the bond and pass it off to hot dog. I mean. Criminal conscious but I would never. Wrote it a slew of its oversight. I don't understand. Who came up with some. So when you it will prompt think I did get it. I vehicle because this before are. Grown up in Cleveland there's just so much pain and appropriate. I I had. Welcome that fact that Palestinian you're thirteen I had to give up some of the things come to carry gear up on the capital on a statement kept the brown in the immediate continuing right trip took very good decision making in my life. We can't I don't really live and die by you know I hope they do welcome in this city. But. That I don't you know all have look and check the scores but. It's not anything I get all that nervous about not there in the Bible. As everybody on notice. In Carolina right now or is there a sense of you know just analogy that now we have. Owner let's move forward. Boat. But I think come I think their temper won't give. Most people that building the football side of the business side they could give them a year ago and the American public here is critical part. Clean out right away. You know that you mentioned that a couple times early. Very short press conference the other days that. Well in being very self deprecating. Saying you know on two good credit Boeing now guys. That that he or she she knows what he doesn't know and so. I think he's going to upbeat problematic pragmatic about who keep bringing been in in who he. Takes out over the next year or so. Bill let's talk about the conversation were reportedly waited does David tepper flew into Charlotte spoke to David's team some of the players and does so others there about the NFL's new policies in the the the National Anthem and I guess maybe somebody the rules changes as well what do you know on that front. Well I did I think. I think people have to understand about him is it was a voting it would do. In so if it's scripted speech and then are to there to go to. Is. Its community effort to make Joseph think right now it's been. Talking to people doesn't so we can just says that. He really does mean that and so I think. See. I think he has car. Thought about the air and stop Erin. I think that he wants to help his players. To more in the community so. What it. You know the basis of earning that this city opened up people out there if what you want to go make a difference in their community. And he want to help them do that. And I think he is going to be giving them that message that was the I asked if there's hope you're around that's the list what they of making a statement. Here's how I can help here's how I want to help you Q how are they your station. Hope you so that's take he caught that and that's what got them together idiot I think there's going to be they put. He has interest and and and we're talking to bill most Carolina printers joined us on the segment John but just like Pampers dot com and Kazaa I look at this and I think. And again it's my opinion just got to take the temperatures at time before this all came doubted it felt like a lot of this was dying down and a lot of controversy that we talked about witnessed last year was was not going to be that way this year but I do feel like the NFL with this new policy and reportedly not consulting the NFL PA and the ways some of these players are reacting that that they may have created another set of issues or worst problems or just kicked the hornet's nest all over Jim what do you think about the. Yeah I agree and I think it's. If there's a bit of and can say really just a bit there's a bit of a tone that that's coming up and compelling people. I don't focuses on Opel. Where I am I understand why don't want that. By that there are workforce is telling. No commitment. In order to match. Change early in substantial change yesterday. People feel a comparable maps that the protesting the well they're like we we don't want America Custer a Coke also you know eight they want but what they about it. And that optical that it is orchestrated out of that it do so. They're trying to sort this about it is we know the other fellas not. It's not that. Remove it when it comes to things like that and know it that these it checkbook or are there but as far as. Locally were concerned again I think can't stress enough that I think what. What David Pepper's gonna do it he's going to tell is diet with and you have my support to go do things in the community perhaps go help them. Financially. But I think he's gonna make a concerted effort. To say hey that's turn these work but all the stuff like he hit it in an end. I understand how you want to make people feel comfortable and know that. There's these issues out here but how can we actually go out in the community in search ranking on the spot and so I think you'll start seeing more of that book appear that they. No no I think a lot of people at times when it comes to the other meat and potatoes of you these OTAs in pre season in mini camps and training camps. Don't think that you're gonna win or lose your job in some of these things and they wanna talk about what this guy looks like to know who's winning this battle and those type of things and that's just not the reality of it but. You know I think what you can kinda determine decipher is you know what you're. A formula for success might look like in for the Carolina Panthers in my opinion it's been played great defense control the ball don't turn the ball over. Be efficient in the red zone you know those type of things run the ball thirty plus times etc. Is that formula. Planning to change what all the new weapons that we are piracy probably supposed to have on the offense. Well personal thank you know you sometimes say some Smart thing. Your point about what these days in Murray. There's not a lot jobs and figured out depth chart position being figured out especially and I. Uncle well I think we're there's no pat them all what people want and go oh I want to outlook this push by battle would look what I hope is guys booking and the like. They're not new Whitney is it's it's really a coat and they're looking forward mental stop it. And Derek bell and then the guys do it. But as far as the competition that's not our spark for. But anyway it's far. How similar this and I think that also. A little too soon because they certainly don't tell us. And they don't share that spoke with. So I think. You know what they'll tell you we've that there could change all that much because all the paper the thought that include a start it was brought to an even lower really didn't start with rocks and he took well to that. From Norv Turner below is probably the damning thing here so will be a power running game but it that we know so well around here are or will they. Be a little bit. More of I don't know how you'd describe about I don't know if they'll think you're going to the wrote first yeah yeah. But so but it it's not going to be in its current it's it's not going to be Christian we capturing the backfield. For all they're just shadow there. Yeah you know Millen and I agree no because I think we get so caught up in these fantasy football numbers and stats and rankings where this offense ranks and how many yards cam throws for an Hamid. No passes here he completed in you know those type of things verses. You know being efficient and winning the football game because that's the way coach is looking at you know these things ultimate. Lee you know when you self evaluate you might. You'll take a little piece here we can get better there or do those type things but. In the big scheme of things there's a formula these coaches believe in and that's ball control and playing great defense not turn the ball over. Yeah I don't think that this change and it's that pretty much to redeem. In Carolina are hated that it's just kind of in the Caroline away at right I think that stemmed from the pop so. How open is is you know I think a lot of it came from like jury reached that point one of the play I act secure appropriate. I haven't really thought about this fool you just brought it now what we're talking through it. Wolf beta kappa yet. Did you go to them for him about how. How pickings supposed to play I'm not really sure if there is the first that magic beat that actually a curious what they aren't. The person know what you're never out of personnel in the people who are coaching up in at the personnel this is this is still clearly a ball control. Our tight situation where we'll Canadiens went there that Tibetan procure a ticket is giving venture true Orly. Bill I think you're spot on I think you're 110%. Spot on on where that philosophy. Stemmed from. Right it's stem from Jerry Richardson and in the title coaches that he would hires defensive minded. No head football coaches as that trickled through the organization on the style of play that they wanted to use. I think it's a great point and something that I'm super interested to see if that philosophy changes. You know because to me you know Jerry Richardson's a conservative guy he's gonna take calculated risk he's gonna make clear that this guy's more me. A gunslinger you know he's more of risk taker does that can mean. You know the the philosophy throughout the organization is gonna change and missed and that you know lead to leave. Flexibility he gives these coaches is going to change our I think it's a great something you know something really super stint watch. Yeah and I think you know I had over the course stability of that in the week it was opened it that'll sit down with them while we're in Atlanta and it happened because. Right now there is taking immediate pretty slow because they'll look and actually go through until July so that the longer care about. How much they say what they say a book like that but I accurately that about right now and they put the bat whatever. Well if you have a chunk of fluid on the what's palpable you believe that there were and like I feel way. You're probably just turn around a bit they whatever you know when he when he but I wanna do is tell. Right the way what kind of football and people like this like or take. So are our deal like that just the old school football and there's the papers have done obviously you'll look at this dealer and try it. See what they're doing but I you know what it took really have to do wit. Look that Roethlisberger Antonio Brown albeit a bit he offered to they have now. It's not like he was making. Making those calls so it that it will actually be getting booed at the how he wants to seem to be running off and can't be about eight I don't think he's gonna he's back and again in their hand in keep him there has quite just yet are paying eight. You know acrylic UP are part of a panel of the court but eventually eat yet to be especially local looked up. Bill those Carolina printers printer dot job join a solitary become just line and though we tell if we. Don't want to. He's trying to he's got a daylight decibel once it was going to carry on this court is pretty good at remembered today enjoy your carry dogs this week and enjoy your holidays and dealt with full sorties tonight thanks buddy.