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Tuesday, July 17th

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Welcome back it's Garcia Bailey here on this Monday afternoon Dilfer did coming up later in the show Ron Sanchez head basketball coach of the Charlotte forty niners. Will join us so we'll talk to him about. His first year on the job first couple months on the job really come and also Tony Bennett's bench there at Virginia he was on the bench when they became the first team to. Via flow one seed to lose to a sixties we'll talk about that the young raw story's got Ando four straight games to open up the season all of that and more on the wave right now. We're talking a little college football SEC media days down in Atlanta. Underweight date to our body build Bender of the sporting news is joining us live from Atlanta all the technique John does slime and bill we appreciate you I know SEC media days is. Is a pretty wild place I would imagine this year it's about the sent. Yeah it it Elden and limit to to a cool checked up coats bullpen also that pillar of that. You know long speaker. Schedule regiment that to a couple Balkans may be that special speakers does look up oh. At a light that elect a blood am glad you brought that up because. Of the college football hall of fame is a really cool place to do this and you know to have added in Atlanta to me that it makes a ton of sense and it makes it Thomas is for this event to be there as well. Yeah because the you know although I looked at them into the global and so many confident and well schooled in that regard but to come here Mecca and checked it down you can realize it united developer of war. Note generated interest they would Georgia B America. And Europe could be smaller and couple better player in earlier than usual that one of all the media days this one certainly is the most. Circus like don't they support a little cream on in that corridor though who had a bunch Alabama and Auburn in the room during the entire week. So a couple of hours ago are Kirby Smart took the podium and he had a little scare a couple of weeks back his quarterback broke his hand luckily not the throwing hand but wolf what else to Kirby have to say about his team a team the lost in the national championship game has hopes of getting back their. You know actually late in the downplayed the problem injury he says you know it happened got to do you do now to do the glove outdoor match. The plane port site the living room. Though they've got an interest in quarterback crop not really a problem buddy. You know Justin Peelle McConnell depression meant so much like lecture that debt by thought back to comparable in the lead to order. After how he put the well it. I I I don't think that took the note on the door to have the color depth and it could be ready and willing to complete another secretive until this year. So you know in terms of depth and like you said at the so much they have to figure out how to replace him and it seems as if Kirby Smart has recruited and putting well enough to do that. What think we got to let that standard you know that children and children on that it. I would hope that they were on the field when Alabama beat them three nothing in that looked like in the repair work in the and they were part of the street and this and that. Would be able to do this in this year I would say door to look what it had to go to west urinate you know you go back and and it's kind of phony he has Kirby at the point out that they won yet yeah. Because going to remember from what you're really that last council to a on the buffalo when the national chipped chipped in the book that can be right back in the mix apple with. I would talk to build under the sporting news join us on the technique done desolate. On Greg's idea SEC commissioner had a lot of things to say yesterday talked about SEC's scheduling but he also talked about gambling what was your biggest takeaway. I think scheduling and I don't think you know it's they they think right. And I I think yet critics don't let him do one of two things that they they would rather go to a nine schedule in league buoyed by. You know I as an example. Their which which would bear in the big cannon on the night it last year couple shipped in the nick well. The other would get rid of that yet on it would save a component of I think it should be that. That would eliminate a lot of credit but yet thank you touched on gambling you touched on the injury report so. I think that come on the culpable rather than later work. We're gonna have been reports the group that supports the you know so on an out. What are slipping and should because of an upcoming Obama as the coach who questioned by an injury in here that they've had a you know that there are either there may be but not I think you need to be more and more on that you Smart would do. Well under the reality is bill and I think you retreated this in my Tom lot of little while ago and it was one of those articles where. The essence of it is that the SEC the NCAA these conferences there they're all kind of powerless to. To curb this to stop it you know legalized sports gambling is coming and it's going to impact their sport. And it's been around with boredom mean in all on the street the all editorial on the on the back. You know I probably shouldn't be room some of those that I think it's on them and most decent and I don't think. It long into the political soap on I don't think it will mean people could edit a cultural fault for a long time and into the state by big picture of it. Kind of make sure were a bit of horsemen in Portsmouth and no compliance to ignore it that they're not and I really believe coach in the cup that is about their ability. Are we talking to bill Bender sporting news covers college football he's live from the SEC media days down in Atlanta. Joined a solid technique dubbed just like we talked Georgia a minute ago let's go to the gamecocks for a second because those two teams get together and we too. And bill there are some people out there are very confident the gamecocks can win that game and if they do it might set a completely different course in the SEC what are SEC east achievement. Yeah and I think the South Carolina and propel fitness and the thing is. The play and so the climate home Williams price and that was going to be brought him in the cut a lot of uncle would when meg ignited a quarterback and you're apparently an employment record and indeed those same book who will be here in a little while. I think your book about those. That was brilliant EC east into what I mean you would just not note that when the depression at that point because. And in South Carolina would have the advantage so. That's what most really really big copper in the in the copper yet they'll imitate your own book seeds. Bill Jim both Fisher its majestic comments about the ACC about national championships at Texas say MM. Are what what did you what did you make of Jumbo yesterday I've thought of parts of it were sort of it goes sour grapes you know tossing shots that it is old girlfriend there it in Tallahassee but. You know I he's got a big job ahead of it and are paying him big time money to get it done sort knows a lot of pressure there. Now I was around a little bit there in the wind streak of what they need money and it's he ripped a lot of plays out of that was the instance. What happened and you know you talk after the Nikko to watch but one thing though it was brought up by. I like it didn't run away from the national title talk a bit and now it's either. It's kind of a two Whelan in port deal what it is technically an am willing to brokers who made them essentially pay ten years. Suddenly five million that it could. Go away from was like quarter with a built in the national championship and in return. He got me. A plaque put it with a blank spot on the road to the wood that note that in to the 1939. I didn't say. If the recruiting continues to go the way it is. There it in within two years spectacle in them will be the primary comp system for Alabama and yet you let us. You know he's still got to deal with the chair of the SEC in the exit the one. Are are we had talking about L issue enough amid battle big Joseph borrows necessarily excites anybody in. Another faction of the Alicia fan base that thinks that keeping coach Orel was not the right thing to do but how how good command team be should we be talking about the more. Let me borrow an order on war in together. Poignant that question. Broke will do the job Belichick and should be a little by the because. You know that their best quarterback that decade back net book that he only touchdown that at LSU. The most it custom Quebec Burnham and new warning the expected to meet and learn how much Kyle could have special receiver. Given the ability of big your political remember that he would took a bow. Back in the departure. Even bigger hiring and I think all of those and we've been in a donut cup schedule they went to Miami. And they lose a couple weeks later the Auburn it you know and I'm becoming very entered interest the cut out of order. I was owed to build better sporting news joining us on the technique out just like we're gonna be able to ditch or to Charlotte for any part of the ACC media days by the elect. Well that poke you or cultural political future and obviously a the president there so we split it up that way. Under the stick around watch exit and so insecure. But you know if you do go on what went Soto of unmet of them on a law that I I think it's good opportunity for content that. You know it's been afraid to take on the SEC and Big Ten and really elevated the profile that not all of them I mean. Records you know Virginia Tech crick in my unit that the program on the way up again who and there are more depth in the I acting. The bottom. Might be the book called her an accident or. The bottom of the sea isn't that bad at the bottom of the big tent and it's probably compliment the bottom of the UNC. What you essentially about that too and we're short on time here is that. It of the SEC the blast I'd say 1015 years at least you know we've talked about a minute copper says. Elite players at nearly every position except for quarterback and bill the SEC might have the best crop of quarterbacks in the country this year. Yeah and they and they do and they seek to Bentley. Jake problem on the bye Lola and in a bit FitzGerald moved now into more net toward comment on the podium now part about but at the end. That means that this conference could Buckley has the com. Stereotype that is one word you know defense will lose these and one rule but I really do. We all have a good quarterback in the copper and not the game hundred Allen Doyle went football team make a critical drive or quarter. You know the wind here so yeah you're absolutely right that the talent quarterbacks better than it's ever been in the SEC in a look that Internet. Last thing you mentioned nick Sabin and and Alabama what are you expecting there we had Eli gold on yesterday in. No he swears that Nick Saban is as obsessed and and committed to the craft as he's ever been the you know there at some point every human being that that kind of runs out Imus on us and expect that's happened Alabama this year but it looked good to watch this guy keep it up is pretty amazing. There's no end in sight they're so could this one inside a distinct. You know he was absolutely right that this this program that you go one. He did you feel oriented doesn't like the wind and then. I'm sure he'll ever met predetermined but that he did up there to mark does that every year I mean last year all the what. You know that you do the president of not weeks in a failure and that held true all the way to the end even when they pick against Auburn and imported the bounce back when coach ball well so I'm sure we'll be a lot of who regularly election and that. Will be interesting to be what reporter yelled that it opens up there for the. I love it bill Bender sporting news covers college football joining us. Here in Charlotte on the technique come guest slot and a bill we will measure over the next two days at the Westin book to enjoy yourself an Atlanta we'll talk to so. Look at it would be. Because netcom and Charlotte that the problem I. They don't build under joining us on the technique dubbed a slug ACC your excuse me SEC. Media days day to and I he's done they're covering all the action we'll have the coverage for you here in Charlotte throughout the week. From Atlanta 7045709. DC extent also Texas on the buildings that are techs like obviously would love to hear from you and do not forget. Forty niner fans listen up in just a little while coming up at about 415. You'll hear from Ron Sanchez the head basketball coach of your Charlotte forty daughters should be a fun conversation it's Garcia Baylor.