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Friday, July 20th

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We don't talk to. Anti back twelve years in the NFL as a tight end and don't play a little college football West Virginia they are here this fall. To open up the other season against the Tennessee Volunteers in the bill college took off right down the street at Bank of America let's welcome Anthony on to that segment John just slide and I entity that street Simon Howard. Well. Our doors they're glad to hear about all wheel drive him to question we're just gonna talk about a minute ago there there's some people out there we talked to Larry should north two days ago was it a fresh off his comments that it got people stirred up hey guys which dealers that are ours it's a Danny kanell and others believe there is. If at Michigan football is under attack from a drug spit it out you to gain muscle balls under attack on. I don't know that I can jump on board with that others might what is your take on that is football under attack. I I don't know this to this this is a game that took all the work station maps. You know people out there there's a huge push for players straight and there there's no question that the bottom oh awoke shall all be reviewed. Those numbers are are sharply declining. Not actually had a a sit down meeting we're all a lot. Earlier this week and we have got into. For not just we the NCAA ops history except bout you know we got a direct conversation. And I think what the information that's out there everybody. Jump ball that fact that. You know CC. A full ball is directly debt that it Jared see it happening. And it's eight if it don't trample ball to just which street masters and I can't quit so this study are coming out now at some of the information that the NCAA is still a couple of then you have a saying. Is that. You know not that's fairly short mr. Matta up where shall all these. Is we cheat cheat so I think it's it's chilly to say that. Pop pop players. Wouldn't have any scientists see key player in the game because we both know it's not natural for for helmets and it to try to do each other but. They got it how has been. Drawn out to the fact that it really. A huge deal but without being short. Topic of concern I think there is no respect who went for it all pitched in the last. Do year's shootout that the game multiples try to get paper trying to beat the best they can. But let's be honest this is a violent game and you know Spain cap we can't control. Simple we're all oppose or support any good. I think we talk about the landscape Opel overstepped that we changes are happening going on in and and the way people about it it's it's very. I think things are different and now than they were ten years ago fifteen years ago twenty years ago. You know thirty years ago and you know talked a bunch of guys just say played the golf tournament with your guys like guarantee told Jones played tons of years and only gain a London Fletcher W play depositions longer. More consistent than he did in in these guys are walked around there that they're productive they're functioning they're. They're Smart they're engaging they're still on television there's still out there exercising. Their mind and you don't have any of these issues but other guys that sit around due north then. I don't have that feel sorry for themselves or or what but. You know that they may be having different issues wire some guys having this another and not others. Well I think it's just like any thing out people or fact it differently what's at any type of trauma or. And this is just big picture I mean you're right I thought I played twelve seasons. You know I I just I never missed became a they don't want. You know I'm. Sitting here fine by you know. We might not know what so long term issue. But I think in general you're right it does affect everybody differently I don't open the players that played. Minimal snaps. A minimal careers that are Eric Chase. You know I just wanna make sure big guys are. Our high approach. I guess so look debt and make sure that we know exactly what caused some of these say look people this app we tactic right now. Even with the information that we have I mean we talk about these studies in a hundred planes that are remote that. Mean that's talk about millions of players that play the game awful all over the years. It's hard to get off the judge opting out just under playing but it is information that have to be used. In a suitable nature but. I think big picture there's a lot of information we just don't know or appliance. And a negative side when it comes stood brain trot our respect and try to go around and all. And for about just became spoke bombing were talking about published works soccer gymnastics. Mean there's a lot of different page leading. Where it's the numbers are India that play. But bit by the percentages of it has trot and they're gonna go on a concussion search or just. Are retarded Anthony -- join us on the tiger come just salon dot ESPN college football analyst the most talked a little college football all star Jerome are there going to be here to ought to start the season against Tennessee in the adult college kickoff going to be a great game as bush is going to be back to talk to the folks running betterment yesterday or today is -- it was a matter of fact and they've sold I mean they sold tickets so fascinating that their dollars so quickly out there may be unless at this point to fan bases in no way and in different places it you have Tennessee were Jeremy Pruitt did debut and they are trying to get Tennessee back on track and your mountaineers and and they think they can win the big twelfth. Yeah I mean most of you know will reader news is basically got not just the big twelve national. IP you know whose last day in the big twelve as far as quarterback play. It's an uphill battle we know Oklahoma lavish wrong she. But I have a question march of the quarterback position Oklahoma State. These are programs that I backed by several years and let those key so. Well estrogen had a huge jump off track to really. What in the big twelve and I'm excited to see how they play. I think there's a lot of question march from a defense standpoint. Wanting a Tony Gibson and Tom what that team is every year they lost a spot talent. And they've been able to kind of regroup and recruit. Ju co workers and resentment. And dealer trying to. Do what they can in the big twelve and we all know what to different style defense that way. In that conference and it is across the country so that'll be a huge speech play on I think it actually papers where estrogen you would talk about playing a little bit for base. Our defense curses at Tennessee team that don't normally have played them or refugees Stahl a plate so. A lot of question mark so it's very few side I think that was diplomatic coaches and what you bring its credibility. What pro at what he's done gratis Greer tortured. And I obviously up order stated and comic from outbound aside tickets. I think it's going to be great kick off to great start the seat and I think both those teams it's an important person serves well to win. In a neutral firemen and I think it's going to be great. A fan base of the game they saw book that. I had them nurture if you like the high scoring seventy does 65 typing games I'd I don't yeah I played offense I know you played offense and in a gimme gimme a good thirty you know when he tried to gain 303120. Something like that I'm fine with that but it looks like the spreads have just continued to evolve and get better and better and you know the art CEOs that are existing note continue to grow in the time. I'm that he offenses are on the field the amount plays that they run vs the defense is why haven't defense has been able to. A catch up why haven't they been able to slow these offenses down. But you know you're talking about you know chip spill that are trying to go out there at all levels trash cedar pure. And given a lot of responsibility. And they could give those responsibilities. I don't have the time which are checked get eleven guys in the college shedding. On the football field we're no different character types of experience that the be on the same page so simplistic we got to keep it it bases you barely. He spent about aspect is try to take something away but. You're right there's you know there's there's an obvious premium alternatives in the spread. You know people sale IQ you say do like a different style. I loved that I didn't think art part of the outskirts of people that's old fashioned and out of traditional web for all these state but we look like the Alabama and the questions. Extinct or using tight end topic but what you'll see in this game is at west urgent steps are used as a tight end like credit in 0%. He's you don't wanna shoot Perry guy when he first got to always go and it all that opposites really got we door running game. And it really clone that over the years he's been married now. Person now you know he's got too tight ends batters six or six try to order shift toward 65 outs but he feels like can be an obvious weapon. If you look at the type venues and Oklahoma in this sport in my situation. And then chase tomorrow attack suspect a couple of years ago these guys were weapons or able to really control over GO. They show like they got its identity through a lot and I'm so cultural critical here and there and she and evolution of an opt out you know Christians. Growing as a coordinator where it was you know game one was just like everybody else so I think it's it's going to be a machine so I'm very. Right I love you'll be prince in this game and you know somebody opt out as perhaps smalls also drives because it was gonna take great defense to win. Championship but both teach at least koppers shipping chips which for. You. Anthony out of the SEC west for a long long time and and completely deservedly so. Has been looked at as the best division in college football don't tell you don't tell anybody else the the the ACC Atlantic Division deserves to be in a conversation and if -- I think it's equally as -- these are looking at Clemson Florida State's obviously Lou over the past couple years Lamar Jackson but they're just look at NC state and the momentum bearer and a great season last year Stephen Ghazi was gonna have dealt a tough team a Boston College a Wake Forest they suspend their quarterback but amid this colossus got to toss team that plays defense and you know it's easy to forget about Dino braver and searchers because all the searches would know that they're scored points you know very and I got a lot. Madieu quickly determined they Wear teams out so I don't know how you feel about that comparison but I think the ACC Atlantic is really itself and I think NC state in particular is obviously interest into a lot of people here. These are Jacqueline writes you know I was fortunate to really get sprinkled around all the major conferences slash you're ESPN and I called several. Clinching game jedi order state game solid state you're right. If these are conferences that. Not all back into them except put themselves into the text. Are you ready SEC. Got to meet does sap a chop your strength level but I do believe that now all the conferences. Are fairly equal under even want to talk about the power out street patrol. A lot of post op purchasing an airport from the most improvement. Correcting the issue if you shortly you have bought the earth that it is going to stay out actually our biggest challenges don't get that defense before reported better. You know do they have those groups splitting the place or be able. To just go off the momentum that they have the last two seasons yap a quarterback they're so Albert will be sharp play. And basic might have won about somebody you know about it mr. That's what are fifty counts. As a sophomore. And him could I assumption numbers were washed out so you're right I think from top to bottom urged war. Strength but more week to week or you could cheat teams you know in the search users and the species making it tough. Some of those genes and now who tore into the seat in and you talk about who strike that schedule boot opportunities are. I think that only bill BC out movie for this you. Our identity back to ESPN college football analyst joining us on the ticket John just like we appreciate diamond inside men live an accident. Go to our gentlemen Avago we.