Garcia And Bailey: Andrew Brandt And Tom Crean

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Thursday, February 22nd

Frank and Kyle talk Panthers with NFL analyst Andrew Brandt and talk college basketball with former head coach of Indiana Tom Crean. 


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But Garcia. Now. Dial Israeli strike Garcia and Osborne here with you on a Thursday thirty minutes from now former head coach of the Indiana Hoosiers and Marquette Golden Eagles Tom Craig joins the show. We'll get his thoughts on his home stretch of college basketball and you know what we're really in store for as the audience a double A tournament mirrors because as you heard John Rossi NTELOS others at Telus as well as others over the past couple weeks that. This is going to be a very different NCAA tournament in terms of seeding in the a match ups are going to be really tee they've always been important to probably more so are we with the with the new way things are being done a by the selection committee so we'll talk about that with Tom a great show ahead Dan DeVine at 12 o'clock we'll talk about the hornets. As they tick off the final third of the season tonight hosting and that's. And then of course Joselio 1 o'clock we'll talk some college basketball with him but right now we're talking to Andrew Brandt of the Monday morning quarterbacks the athletic. A law professor at Villanova he was a young a longtime GM of the Green Bay Packers. And he was he also also the GM of the Barcelona dragons in the NFL world lidge so he's. He's seen it he's done it he's represented athletes CS gets all angles of the business side of sports and injure brat joins us once again on the technique job just like Andrew Howard there's more about it. Come during well hey thanks for mentioned in the sparse lawn where an area where they cheered at the wrong guy. In our off. It's not it. Like BR army commercial I would not doubt Putin debenture idea I learned so much doing that because. There and they didn't really want to understand American football. I had a friend committee that would tell me what they like her didn't like and they would they enter. True many neat thing we need it. You run a play citizens. You me. And I says the other huddled and I want Turco a chip that they don't like eating because sort of meeting a couple. Faced several screw them up and worn out I know I. Don't go to the kind of thing you deal with trying to introduce the sport to a foreign country. In Rajai obviously have a very impressive resume you know with all the accolades achieve Tom. Analysts you know through the NFL through your retirement and sports here but you know before we get to the meat detail isn't talking about does Bedanova. Ownership tears for the Carolina Panthers who was the most interesting guy you ever represented. Well. Let someone who left me for master she. Popped in its name. His name is Ricky Williams and you know I got to contact Rick Ricky true baseball contacting the baseball player well. And I actually represented in the base ball and then I got a football or couple month. After he won the Heisman. And then they just sort of trees that are I wanna go that masterpiece. And I you know I at that point he was like I want you to work for master. And Rick like you that it was an incredible interest in guy and nothing against. Young athletes but I don't find a lot of them very interest Spain to talk through. And this guy was doing at age auditor just fascinating and I'm sure you guys that. Seeing all the things that Ricky Williams but I never actually saw the drug use the pot they talked about now I never saw that so. He was fascinating to me and he went to master. That's I think you might got a veteran of that deal on an. An injury and a mistake you did represented Michael Jordan for a time right. The united that's below relegation at our work for the agent bill. Represented Michael Jordan I was kind of a big kettle back. Still the you have that perspective I a lot of people don't have an hour we're we're sitting here talking on on a daily basis right now about Michael in his next move here in Charlotte because he's just fired as GM and and rumors have that is going customers cup check and die yet again we wanted to compared to start the second but you know you've been around Mike and we're talking about his ability to kind of let go and let guys do their job to bring in the GM with some autonomy that they can say hey Mike. I've got ten range rat six you know just kind let me do my job here. Yeah I mean listen my XP or two Michael Jordan would like you're apt you know a kid. And I am hangout with Michael Jordan I try not to pinch myself but I tried to really trying to. They're okay good that the clients we need to work. You know obviously I didn't get involved with the old BO at Nike ilk but I would in a ball. A lot or unauthorized use steel. I helped out the spam and what things that I just felt very. Alberto work on the things but I always thought him. At the guy that didn't know how great you. And is at a great attitude you know the famous line about one. If I'm sleep then somebody else's work and our arm resting that would have that's what I thought very early it career. Then we talk about ownership you know lie we just talked about with Jordan and ultimately you know to a lot of fans that don't know inner workings of what it takes to be a good donor. They say the wins or losses the only thing that counts as he if he if he's a good owner he's running game if he's a bad owner you know he's he's losing games obviously there's a lot more to you that you work closely with a lot of these owners is a general manager. And you start looking at your experiences with these owners what makes a good owner because giving him the Carolina Panthers. I played for Jerry Richardson as a player I thought he was a good owner took care of us he cared for us we stay in nice places. He treated people properly you let guys do their thing. And eventually I didn't have the results are we looking for breast in his Purdue on. Yeah and it like came on what you guys when it all happened at the end of this season. In my dealings with him in league meetings church and ears. We had what I call kind of a wrinkle crowd that. He was the only owner that played. And he drew a lot of respect from his program. I also saw him out as my former agent and the like there I saw him at. Maybe the hawkish. Most hawkish owner in terms of collective bargaining. And really sitting on the players went with leverage in negotiations. But I'd happily saw and what I did feeder might there or. You know we all kind of raised our eyebrows because he had two sons were being but the team. And all of a sudden they were fired. At the end he fired on bonds could they couldn't get along that we curtain. But. You know in your broader question. I work for the only French Open pro sport that doesn't have an order we had a lot of autonomy. I think that's what everyone wants autonomy but autonomy which responsibility. You know if I did a contract for twenty million or forty million I didn't have an owner Al made it too much too little. We just had the autonomy and the respect to be able do that. But you know like I talked a colleague. Like on the contract side. That would be working on a contract for three months. And all of a sudden in walks the owner and are as one day in that they want that done that. And Udall leopard. And it's atop Rhode on the other hand you have owners that they lit up. What can I do to help and you know it's different different kinda hard district generalize about owners but he's still. I. Ordered Andrew Brandt Monday Morning Quarterback the athletics former vice president of the Green Bay Packers Jordan a solid technically I'm just log Angeles talk about the vetting process for a second because we've got you probably saw the story break about a day and a half ago that hedge fund billionaire David tepper there was also a minority owner of the Pittsburgh Steelers. On is considered a strong candidate to what's it to by the Carolina Panthers and we've seen other names there was an accounting firm that so said yesterday the Witten berg family wants in on this thing and I'm curious I think we all about the vetting process and I think fundamentally we all understand just even be considered you have to have billions of dollars in net worth but beyond that what what's the vetting process and what are these other owners and you know solely looking for it in an owner. Well I think one thing is for sure. These French or there come up for so so infrequently. I think the last almost bought oil for years ago. So there is no shortage of billionaires interest that it needs and I think they'll get after prior we can talk about that but. Yeah out betting this and they hired richer Richardson hired Allen and company big time investment bankers. And they hired what journalists we have Costco are rose who's done these with a lot of franchises. The legal side. A bit on the banking analytical side that one part of and that takes a long time then you get to be NFL it's. And they got to be well you know advised by the banking and legal side that you can even talk to meet people. And then you get to. Some personal rhetoric of course you know this is the person you're gonna be allowed in the trinity. And when I trade that person. In a military clear there have to be if faced at the table that is what China's he has had problems well. Because no one's been willing to be that person. And who are they going to be in the don't necessarily have to be 21 putting up the most money. You know like mark did a bit that's hardly any money into it but. This is true they're going to be really betting and I don't know any thing but tapper courses I'm wondering though minority ownership. But there are a little bit of already process speaks out and a. You know Randy could you talk let's talk about the business you know a little bit about you know the Carolina Panthers in this ownership because Jerry rich about this for. 250 million dollars it's gonna sell or up towards two and a half three billion no maybe even higher who knows. How many investors or you don't look like a house how it's going to you know go out on the open market and you know what numbers they're gonna get but at some point. It becomes too big of a risky move for billionaires because. The you know the them the money that you doughnuts you give to your investors and things of that nature. They don't fit the the return the rate of return is is not a match with a crisis and the numbers are eventually get to a point where nobody's going to be able to have you know. Or want to buy this he would tell her what Cuban said about. You know the kind of the the failing you know. Process with the NFL at what point does this become. Too big of a deal what's the number that this is gonna sell that we're still financially. You know bottom feasible for got to go out there and make money. Well I would just say it when he bought for 250 million their people standing there expect better and and it is so if they've by and for two and a half billion now people paper at state that they in my opinion. In twenty years. Because despite all the negativity by bomb. Yeah NFL the best product on television our our our our I don't think there's any noted that even close. And that thing about the NFL revenues is they have an even captain of the biggest source I think the biggest source in ten years it's going to be digital media. So now you've got Amazon and Twitter sort of dip them they're so thirsty Opel. But a white guy I mean if you include both got like eighty billion hanging around that couch cushions. You know make appropriate bill in at the NFL. At all these companies could. And that the NFL at the network rights and they're not gonna sell one or the other they're going to be Bogle. So I just think the real challenge for the NFL. What I'm saying is revenues are gonna continue to grow right trees are gonna grow ratings are are meaningless to meet at this point. The real challenge is. Engaging young viewers and Obama prospective owner. Unlike hourly and engaged you know millennial there's probably not the right word but how we gonna keep that. What are we got and what we got person basketball what are we got. Wired our product three hours went only twelve minutes action. Those are the question about via. How much is this taps into you know a new market as well for example going to Mexico or you know maybe even Europe. Yeah I think yet so unlike NBA is limited. I asked my experience in Barcelona told me there's. The product is not easy like basketball it's not a need to follow. So NFL it's really focused on Monday at work gonna continue to do well. And Mexico City April 1 game a year but. That's a limitation. On the other hand. I go back to TV you know we talk about basketball being cool. Those ratings aren't even in the hemisphere of the NF. Tony Andrew Brandt Monday Morning Quarterback the athletic former vice president of the Green Bay Packers join us on the tech job just like they're part of this this business and and part of what's you know people are keeping an eye on here intrusion will though. Is this the stadium situation right this is one of the older stadiums in the league but still very well kept it's been that well maintained it's a beautiful facility still and the NFL's count of oh standard operating procedure there for a little while was to try to force the hands of these local municipalities to say hey you you've got a call flow public money here it's it to get this new stadium we're gonna move your team went right it was it was that threat and for a while there are a lot of these cities just kind of if they caved into the pressure of the NFL not wanting to lose. Under the NFL franchise but we have seen some cities push back we saw San Diego do it a we've seen other cities say ask you where we're not given that kind of money and we've seen some some privately financed stadium series well I never thought that the you know still pressuring series. Into coughing up public money was going to be a sustainable way of doing business and it looks like that's kind of starting to become the taste I'm curious your thoughts on that. Yeah I mean people were asking me when there's this proposed sale went down at the end of the season you know could that move out of like. Where. And you know L today which is this stalking or early entry years they're built. Make it's it's filled. And I artists say it but they're not going back and a not go back to San Diego Oakland or stand little. So you tell me where. So I don't know there's any leverage. I mean if if if an owner not even this year but in five years we just say I'm move and you're out there where. Are you really gonna go to Toronto how are you gonna go to Richmond I mean we're you gonna do. So. I think they've eliminated that threat. By putting came in LA and Vegas I just don't see. Any amateur there. But all along they and questioned that too big part of this I don't know I mean people got sail at just by and the players combine that gene that. Now a stadium it's real estate that although. Our before releasing it earlier I. I am curious about who thinks. Are your turn you delude us a little while we give your opinion going on how much longer you think it'll be before we have a real ideas through this next owner will be and and is her name in mind to not do you think is the leading candidate or leader in the clubhouse or anything like that what is her name out there are the usual thing has been discussed the we haven't talked about someone you think really wants to get back into the business. A owning a football team may be an Eddie DeBartolo something like that. I'm the last part of question I really don't know. What I do know you mentioned tepper. I think there are minority each holders of other chains that are gonna come to the forefront here. Because like I said they know the owners. They're real goal is not to via a minority. Real goal is not to own 5% of the team mark 10% of cheap. They're real goal of the seat at the table. So bid that kept our model I think it's going to be problems that are. Maybe it's animated so others that have this situation. In terms of timing what I felt all along as conservative estimate start of the he's. Maybe summertime but I think it's pretty clear we'll have something in place by the start of the season but I don't again out of gonna rush the ball. Our idea rideau we got a Andrew Brandt former vice president of the Green Bay Packers the mutt about a quarterback the F putting a price got one more. We'll let you know just a quick with the Rooney rule we talk about the rule for coaches and things like that you know I'm not familiar with all the owners of a child con is a minority owner and you think that that's going to be engaged. Important subject moving forward you know with ownership. I do I mean. It's hard to say how much of a factor in. But if you do have minority ownership that's something NFL I think would look favorably on. Especially someone with a seat at the table whether a minority or gender or a woman. I think that would put it would extend well but I get back to the two issues they're gonna look at the most. Do they want that person in the fraternity and what's finance. Ardinger rejection long enough that we ran long there was great stuff there really short answer is no we love to have you want to Batasuna drivel that idea. OK guys always enjoyed. Absolutely Andrew Brandt former vice president of the Green Bay Packers that the U Monday Morning Quarterback the athletic former sports agent the guy's done pretty much everything is and every cartels. And also listeners team he's done an area of the different side of the business side as force is pretty much don't at all he's also running the sports loss and are open Villanova right now so there's nothing is done doesn't understand and we're to react to some of that coming up in just a little bit because we ran longer gonna step aside it's ever gonna come right back with Tom curry former head coach of the Indiana Hoosiers and Marquette Golden Eagles hold talks in college basketball with Tom tree next it's Garcia and they look. Nice Saturday marks the center Steve Smith Bobble head day the first 7500 fans and supporters vs suns at 5 PM. The first every 500 fans get fed Bobble head supporters are honoring Panthers great Steve Smith for his contributions to both city and Steve Smith Family Foundation a at the game only they're giving out exclusive agent 89 T shirts are should say they're selling my bad. Eight and 89 T shirts for the portion of helping misty sit Smith Family Foundation and it's a final classic uniform night as well let's march lieutenant Steve Smith bobbled date learn more at hornets dot job only four days away from marks the fourteenth. I. I think she's getting kicked that you need to consider never told you about more important especially the never told you about more support to the greatest dale I value apparently it is anyway we're. We're really talk to a Tom curry former George of the hoosiers and the Indiana Hoosiers and Marquette Golden Eagles coming up in just a minute on now with ESPN as a college basketball analyst at his thoughts do you think he knows about marks a fourteen you better not ask. Last time I won't quit but if you ask Tom crane about march 14 just don't know. This that's all I ask you. But it wasn't igniting ACC last night and across college basketball and outside a college basketball on number six Texas Tech was upset and this great basketball on the SEC Tennessee got a nice wooden home over Florida and you know so on and so forth the ACC was fantastic duke won't pull a last night and home North Carolina with a great road win against Syracuse. You really gritty type gutsy win late where they gave a double digit lead in and found a way to come back in the lack comeback and never lost the lead but to what to regain their composure and when that team in the Carrier Dome and so. You a lot of things that are really starting to heat up and take shape as we get close to the ACC tournament through the NCAA tournament eligible talked to Tom Green about that but at 12 o'clock we talked to Dan DeVine a he wrote a pretty late entries about the fortitude and where they're headed now in the post rich show era and will get his thoughts on where the hornets should head as they open up the final half of the season tonight hosting the nets also 1 o'clock Joselio stops by the news and observer will talk some more college basketball with him. Are you are on vacation starting tomorrow. So excited as my Friday this is her Friday on Mardy go on your off to Cabo San Lucas just see city. Yes endorses a little ghosts what the doors and so looks and room numbers at given every Tamil coming and now has built them via complex. I'm just practice practice interim government in my tongue. The Mars roll hall tomorrow. Twit. He's just tomorrow he's out on next week and so are you. I'm gonna miss but I am afraid oh what are you afraid of frank I'm afraid of been shot on the nose and the beach like a whale. Like carpet you harpoon and Lisa but it's an alternative you know sometimes. These guys struggle for you know some food down there and look to me and become a big porch up walking on the especially for alleged that the limit on the ocean and you wait and edit the whaling industry is her big in Mexico and it was more Japanese could now. Now if they're fishermen down there when. They might be instrumental doesn't mean the wailing industry's boom endowment and they go we've got to. East. If the oh may have been thanks by the way major brand of volume and QB former vice president of the Green Bay Packers that was a really good insight in the NFL and ownership there. I tell you like a lot of time death hum ever to react to some of that yeah absolutely and looked at every I'm looking forward talking about that as much as I'm looking forward to talking to our next guest no doubt about we got some great former head coach of the marchers Golden Eagles of the Indiana Hoosiers now a college basketball analyst at the four letter he is joining a series Charlotte. On the technique Tom does slime and our coach cream we appreciate Jim and I have been. I'm doing great strait through which you thank reverend television so as far as you go back to. Ought never I've never not that he beat desire it's the code where I am I really haven't joined I mean there's. There's no doubt about it and I'm here today. In fact there at the start your property here Croatia shepherd birdied the sporting a to interpret their church or China but remember have a conversation with. And now look back at mark across the bigger because she is former director of scouting for. Giants like coming up football favorite right now this sporting enemy ever know. Winner here are carotid 200 degree get a chance to talk to prevent. Being a part of the game's fantastic start to learn and that intensity and energy ever been at that you'll brawl the preparation. Port and be a part of a team. Different team you know on different day get a part of a team like that I took good all right joy and there's been a lot of while. Well this is the time a year the sport is at its absolute best and obvious here in Charlotte obviously in the Carolinas so which we talk a lot ACC basketball and you know right now where we want to team like duke last night really just do you know where out blew a hole in Cameron and they're they're doing it right now without Marvin Bakley no I don't think anybody that we talked to his foolish enough to truly suggest this is a better team without more than Bakley but it does seem like they are learning a bit about themselves right now and especially there was grace and Allen really jumping back to the forefront -- got an opportunity here I think -- -- coach case specifically you can speak to this from a coach's perspective it was it's a very teachable moment for Dallack Mormon bag with a kind of sit and see what his teammates are doing without an out there on the floor every chance and under did even better. That's about what he just made it right there because he achieves an astute Arabic either really watched SP. A great player he's looking out there and and you don't wanna deal. Pattern like question yourself the entertainment player so well on a bigger on our you're gonna add to it and I think what part what coach K it's got right now. It's already there are ways to attack it king because we're caucus costar with opera bet. When mark and dinner what oracle Carter or be that high low expanse app it's gotten better all sure. That you don't quite get the movement on the perimeter with guitar at stake or that you could be that the spot a sure thing. You don't get a mocha or barrel. OK corral or run an even better they're they're dotting transition. Web site were fantastic and not letting cool all. That opera that link become an issue we get the ball is continuing to move. And I I think that the baker Barbara I believe there are like they eat French is better. Endesa as well like you got a comment you gotta be even bigger our current all creepy that you could be a bigger factor. Are in the ball is sometimes. What it has been or what went dole because they're so lucrative purple green the current topic girder or another critic guarding triple. Would be better get permit and frankly even though we think it will little rat. Which is gonna really help. When he comes back I think to be excited. And it and it it should be easier for my. Give realists say hey that's the soccer can be were doing it this way we do go to connoisseur everybody to do well. You know coach I I completely agree with everything you say and obviously and you know this team is more efficient right now with Bagley who may be watching and you're seeing grace and Allen take over the point a little bit form below bald Dominic guide how does how do you move forward you know with that with the rotation that maybe not put Carter in Bagley on the court at the same time with the ball and grace now is it because grace and Allen has the bars and or is it because. You you might have you Bagley on the bench and things have opened up a little bit what why is it why are they more efficient right now. Well right now are yet more screening in in transition or get more drag screen expect quick. Picker on defense were not very good at all last night. Went guarded all treatment for getting that they're getting out of running book and played in more transition comeback Soria a pastor had. Or a quick shot but the ball screen and he became go. And I think that that's the biggest bank Purcell reaper and basing. Looks a little bit better but again we have carpet and charity show good and efficiently tribe and collapse. And her show good enough high low game that again you can you can and expanded watcher battle but I think court duke. Got into trouble at times when they were continuing to get really good movement like grace and Allen. Out the ball and camp a lot all getting the ball. And I think where he was struck literally. Is it may be important getting it ready score prediction deter. He was taken to challenge shops are perfectly Workman shooting your. At a volume that he has in the prospect. But when he struggled he what can get the open looks a cut this straight which we've been out from one. And Colorado offense took a person Asian and run it their way. And now are all of a sudden or acted that. But are expected to go back the expect the bad they're there's got to be a challenge out like where we wanna keep this topic we really want to win it. Everybody artwork are okay when he gets back is got to be a better defender guarding his man guarding the ball screen and even be a better help the burger. Talking to Tom Craig former head coach of Indiana and Marquette now with ESPN as a college basketball analyst joining us here in Charlotte enough if Tom ought to talk about Carolina for a second because. The last night they go to the Carrier Dome data beat Syracuse. They blew his second half saw double digit leave but found a way to still pull out that when you look at the box score and they did it without much help from the bench besides manly and an even the starting five looked may didn't have a big night nine points three rebounds but still it's been field fence and that's been the big story Joseph Barry what we know what to expect from a guy like that Kenny Williams has played well as of late but no CO Princeton seems to really be the key behind Carolina's you know winning streak here and as they continue to develop more dapper they have over the past couple weeks as I've said to a lot of guys 20 we've begun to wonder if maybe we sold Carolina too short to sort the season. What they've got veteran. Made it's it's. What they've got this battle we spectrum that they got really heart match. And there are older camp are particularly heart matchup when he's playing a sport spot for now that he's been what made don't have one of the art respect then there. Now without. You gotta start everybody away about the train at this great thing. Because we change it how are about the copper which allow these are we don't occur there are certain really could rapture. All span where he's got any can find it harder not it's great off the purple but what you know it it's fantastic. It will were about the ball and it it has jump shot that looked as clean edit it and it on a battle shout. Is it ever out right are open and returning to a guy. That they're gonna count on them make the worst pre hurricane or newspaper of open revived by a credit it sure we're pretty sure more are. And I think again jolt there are a great senior guard. Out there are a spot they Graham. Big twelve games where you she'd get heated ever joke very important a great great winners. And college basketball every memory. Erin did Kirk. Deserved what yet which it. A team of guys that are wired app partners here he's gotten better prep recruit the point of attacks start whip it out the point. And he's moving so well and what I like about thirteen in are finding out. Kicking your situation because he's a much better get your sugar rush were great and I think people realize. You know coach I made the argument you know over the years you know with NC state and and you know Caribbean little brother north North Carolina and duke when it came to recruiting they were gonna get the blue blood they were gonna get the top guys there we can get the blue H voters are gonna have to settle for the maybe some. No second tier guys or maybe a guy here like Dennis Smith and you may be there. You know but then you start looking at UNC state what Kevin Keats is done and you look at the age of Roy Williams and where it might suggest DR. How fast is this program comment because I think it's knocking on the door this year than a big challenge against Florida State are in their next game. I think they're gonna make retirement and I think if the turn restarted today there and what Kevin Keats is ahead of schedule. No doubt about it and mark got free up the better player better than people realize because last year became Omar. About that a prayer and piquant but because they were trying to compete again here at all marker that current. Could see him get better last year he skyrocketing out much more typical. Then what it there what what people might be or not that typical or wait bigger and better. At a penny what your ego takes hits better quite contact that are popular player with that that this spotlight expecting a well because. They're they're they're they're overlap what the expressway at all. What other band so they create not only pressure around the shop. Put pressure on our practice with his great internal. And and brought Beverly Bennett and future per now. I'm opera take an and that port bank that. Kevin background you go Rebecca park great military academy were right or coach. You go to what people are being whipped out brick but you know global authority under echo. He's going to bring up page that is not a waiver. Back to back off you are are really concerned about who wanted to get Andy's gonna give you guys to believe that they can play that way. A topic that's exactly what tapped in for ever and it all come out there recruiting will he be able to recruit the guy it's not yet caught and well I have yet the art that the duke and Carolina are getting because I think when you very true. 22 or stop we stay true to who who want a cult ritual bath. And that relentless spirit that that you've parted he sat out ready gonna be really really successful and I think Kurt background about worker or. Coach two quick things what's our dealers who gets entree joining us are on the tiger come just like we talked about stayed there a second ago they're currently tied for I guess fourth place right down the ACC without Clemson who lost last night in Blacksburg to Virginia Tech also hosts tied for fourth in the conference right now year old assistant Buzz Williams who took over for you there at Marquette. And you talk about the job some of these coaches are doing in buzz certainly belongs in the conversation but in a more so but the depth of this league right now because you know we heard that maybe as many as nine teams in the ACC could make the NCAA tournament the right now that ninth team would be little hole and they just took one on the show last night there's no shame in losing to do put you know does try to beg the question is this. Conference gonna be as deep as maybe we originally thought. What little ultra talented but there are times like last night when they get beat. They just get throttled and and and unfortunately. They're not port not nearly enough resistance. Defensively and they are running at the screen. If Donald duke offered to rebound the ball well and they've been offered responding well sure a lot of offer respond real well. The best the dispute and for Carolina. The duke just went cannot touch. And and that that's not good and it and now I think people are good enough I don't occur very question art like we're all being. Quit Carter's open now are Jake came get up and down great ball but that preacher that occur on the rely on more our current. Ought to make quite an upper really Hartley. You know outside of when you do get to rely on freshman. But go back the bars but there's one of those spirit but there's a great coach in the sense that. This team will never not believed. By and have that grit and toughness that they've got to have to what clothes and so they can they can beat some people what are all current. They can they don't get a lot of walk Britney but she if all goes back to mark kept. He is peerless imports are fearless as certain as keen. Quote again and how to win again and they do it on the road and they already run one or pro game. Insured over our border record which they got on. I think it's the first private and for ever that it don't matter retreat and attack and not bunkers are pretty tall not a really good job. Up developing. Require they become. Such a good shooting team but also came out that half reliable pretty. The preacher because again it's like Carolina Carolina put all carpet match up bitch on the floor. But the sport a lot about your picture on the floor and don't got to bring in short per hour in March. What you're playing against soccer team from moderately gold and really really matter they've really matter because when you get a match up. In order to guard the Garrity was gonna have a real trouble dealing with at the right maybe perp report EL. Our Tom Allen on this one and it's it's not his. It is not a basketball questions so much is what happen removal the other day losing bets and 2013 title in the 2012 final four banner I kind of we all counted struggled with thought got to talk about these things because at the end of the day those games still happened we still watch them billion yellow bluster payback that NCAA tournament revenue but it. It is they're more toothless punishment and sports and been vacating wins because those can still happen we all saw them. Well. Really what's gonna happen down the road a bit and I don't happen after Q question because it is the end of the day. If stock respect the player acquired again and and you saw want to give or talk about the rain. If not affect their memories. That the pan European down in eighty it it's it's gonna head on but it's not I'm not gonna work well on would it they were part of and what happened there that affects Kurt you all right what's going to happen potentially. As what can happen down the road and I think that's where that's where the program you know certainly stature Juarez and that it's. It's center rich legacy of things of that nature there's no doubt about that. But depending on where we Banco. It it can really hurt that the future programmer can hurt the future players. But you know work out there to know what that money like you know what what what what money they are the pay back for utter the ball about. And all that is it's a really tough thing for people to swallow. But it's really. Not taking anything away from the people are dead because they were I mean the people that play again because they were able to. Be a part of that couple protect the very hurt their court dollar question before. That's that's very true. Go ahead and you're right sort of back and actions and I'd I'd I'd do postings for the Charlotte aren't so you know I am looking forward to seeing with a look like in a second after I saw you ran a majority of two at the airport your very enthusiastic about his second half. Five earlier but he will what's out eight. Go out there that injury that's on August opposite three eSATA eight that I agree but it attitude is great. I I have to believe that it just like Q what college. He would take great guy at the point where because he will screen he woke Cox he will put two and a good spot with this passing. He can score he can run. The yen and our hope that they can occur our XP corporate an outstanding coach or miracle it got. A personal challenge it and everything orchestrated with god that there out. But Cody Zeller. Is it was that there incredible. Thing to be a part of its orbit part Mercy College. And it's been great a lot quicker during the MBA it's it's a truck meant its team. People we've purchased this month I mean the rest that it acts or mark. Victor old depot is a man child. Apparently. That's a great place at this. And Specter may each other better. And it that they they they develop especially probably don't laugh mark maybe my perhaps. Under Arctic outer we'd already been number one. A lot of the year and and that we got a couple excuse that we were number one like 1213 weeks but it the end. But waited almost two out each other because you could be you could not only go to Cokie that you could play her weren't right he did Germany then. Cody yet that this thing capability that it ran the court. And they want an open. Down the melody with or without it being 1617 steep order might be Specter who started the breaks the order not somebody. They hit Cody and all of a sudden spektr's cutting output collapsed dark art metal. Just because. Of that he gathered at the goat had that in day to sinner he could have gotten to a coaching has nothing to do with. X and all are game planning has everything to do with the chemistry. A bit rich people and host brought a lot out of each other. And on the app received a success per capita monitor break in the fact that they were respect report that Nebraska. And both are great great memories they expect the next great thing about all of neither one of a look ever stop getting better and I thought this gonna be a fantastic. You know for Cody but there's no doubt he would respect him back a little bit about that victory certainly. John what these people out right now. Coach awesome insight we appreciate you very much there was a bad about your throat and it's time to Richard so far it. Eddie are happy to thank you by Tom curry former head coach of the Indiana Hoosiers a Marquette Golden Eagles now with the ESPN. As a college basketball analyst. I love didn't guests on that it's you know just this facility could talk to home for a day and ask them 25 different questions and continue to go in. And he was he born Don we were we had we had to go he did to distill one the size ten minute bicycle thing about it is he just likes to talk he loves to tell stories and and to give opinions and you just look just like that so Tom grenade and there's nobody better to talk about college basketball that a guy who did what he did at Marquette. And then at Indiana was towed in Victor and all those guys those are fun teams to watch. A third Indiana at any agreed with me they agree with you which is all you really care about are really come back we kick off our number three with Dan DeVine of Yahoo! Sports he wrote a great piece about the hornets and we'll talk about that they're back in action tonight and he's got some opinions on where they're headed next where they should head next. With the new GM and I guess maybe a new era a Charlotte hornets basketball we'll talk about it when we return it's Garcia bit uno. Us service.