Garcia and Bailey: Amin Elhassan Speaks Truth about the Hornets Situation.

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Thursday, February 8th

Amin Elhassan tells the harsh truth about the Hornets, and calls Frank out. It was spectacular.


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Back outward over three child Braly frank Garcia and Osborne and hey look here. Little bit of not quite a huge bomb but I would say loads grenade. Adrian closure Rouse decent ESPN's. Repaired tweeting just it's important for minutes ago. That the Cleveland Cavaliers. And the Los Angeles Lakers aren't serious trade talks according to a league source. I would have to believe that would take an HMO walker deal off the table for for Cleveland at least necessarily. Well 33 team deal that could happen that way you're right but he doesn't mention any other team to be dean reference is Cleveland and LA only so it's tooting trade. Hard to imagine and of course that we use in the trade and we're bombshell I know right did you think you'd think about what that would look like. May look like it's time we went to Miami. Well I don't think now Arnold did the bronze not waive his no trade clause got relatives and there's no way. Anybody. He had said he was gonna do it but if Ellie is ultimately where he had his heart set on to begin wed. Well you know it you're simply just delaying the process. Four months. Five of its models once in LA for him right now to be did you Hollywood brother took root right in LA and right now what I'm told us well or not. Former right now you're I think collier right. What what what simple form right now well I it's new it's I let's be real percent politically for him right now has a three C at least the chance to win the Eastern Conference you know. Hey man I I'm sorry I can't count out LeBron in these conversations and we saw last year what happened. And when they played the pacers in the first round series pacers got to game from an inning or did they know they came back from like 27 Dallas where they swept all the way to listen to. Did they came back from like 27 down economy and it was just over in the Eastern Conference LeBron didn't use. Now he did he did have Tyreke and he doesn't have in many more big deal but LeBron LeBron is still capable of doing. He also doesn't that general love right now I Eagles to the Western Conference right now and he goes the lakers. Well right ain't doing. Chris six games out of out of the eight seed right now sergeant different on us okay I mean you guys didn't sit there and say you know providing I don't I don't try to destroy also. Yeah I get cut off all the time I mean to so but it doesn't mean as far as tour and you know that. You know it. Winning anything anyways in these ultimate goal is not to make it to the Eastern Conference championship or the NBA finals it's to win the championship he's not doing that. In Cleveland he's not doing that in that LA. So did when he started asking yourself what is there in LA you hit on their cause it's Hollywood well yeah there's a lot in LA and a lot more LA right now. Currently constructed is there isn't Clinton. The note but the the level assets. That only would have to give up. Two to even make that trade possible he they would have to give up everything they would conceivably put around him to even make got a competitive basketball team LeBron James is a 26 anymore. LeBron James is not gonna go total for the rest of the regular season on a team that can't win more than probably ten more games the rest of the way even with him. Because if you give up too much to bring him back. So you're right there's a lot of appeal Hulbert he wants to go there just wait till the contract's up and go they're free agency so they don't give anything up. It I don't think that makes any sense to make again source dread. I don't and that's a good question what do political brawl supply with Alonso was at and one of the ball that relationship with the literary celery for re. I don't think it's gonna happen but I'm disinclined to be. Other conversation that you started with bush and ASCII. Okay that's an am I appreciate your your your given takes frankly it's what we delivered a blunt telling you is right there's appealed to LA but not in this way. This doesn't benefit him in terms of winning basketball games if he just wants to go live in LAL league retiring to live in LA. I do think that more than wire we've been talking about this because they drew most aroused he has said the cap at the cavs in the lakers are involved in serious trade talks. With what. We do. But but the greater the greater point I think frank is that if they're talking that may mean that the hornets aren't talking with them anymore we'll look at Jordan's four to fight again I don't know necessarily agree with that. Images means that they're dog was somebody else doesn't mean that they have stalled the conversation and doesn't mean there are three times retained right. Yeah just because you talk to somebody else does it mean that you are the points out of the equation. Now the bony actual effective or just were in the same thing you probably involve Jordan Clarkson which would be a very popular priest of the cavaliers because they need to get younger and more athletic around LeBron James. Olive they're gonna go that way Cleveland's gonna make a real push at this thing that's what they do they go get more athletic Susan more youth around him guys second place there's a proven piece right there but I'm with you. It hits it the way LeBron james' career has gone. It would not shock me at this point at all for and in the finale I just a list is all gonna and that's all I said OK and that's fair but I don't think it's gonna happen this way and so. You know it is an again. Is Adrian what was Rouse to just a joke trade talks which he says these are serious trade talks. And say what you want to major emotional Rouse this guy's a pretty much spot on most of the time to be what he says serious trade talk to talk about real peace is not future second round draft pick from Billy Harmon goma's. Some serious trade rights so I think that's what we're looking at we'll find out of the trade deadline is out two hours and 53 minutes away. And we've not heard a peep yet about whether of the Charlotte hornets are going to do everything in order to talk to me no sun about that about 45 minutes to see what he thinks they will bolt or should do. Here's what they should do well his opinion on right now I mean what will they do. Asking the question right it probably Deming. If you start looking at the potential for what could happen here in Charlotte there's a lot of potential. But what's gonna actually well we talked to crow about this little bit yesterday talking about potentially new GM today it was not their conversations Ottawa has to do the trade debt. Well no it doesn't but it goes back to who should they trade did make a deal would benefit them to make a deal now would benefit from the blow it up now as opposed to waiting until the offseason hot and irony new GM because. Why are you giving the keys to why you letting rich Cho mastermind this plant supports us the Cleveland. Sorry Clarkson Larry and asked to Cleveland was the trade. The proposed rate yeah yes so it just came out a minute ago are so I can't keep miles and on the Twitter feed the entire summer to Saudi original tweet. And now it now re route it was so I got none in the Bay Area decide that's on the Catholic history is probably a three way trade with the warriors for Japan don't Majid earliest is should be at the buzzer jokes but no seriously at the bit about the GM thank. Not to let rich show mastermind this thing if he's doctor WG a moving forward. Right so you know it all starts up front and you said something to me during a break a little while ago but you're absolutely right about. Much in the way that you know you and I really began talking about. Jerry Richardson still pulling the strings investor money tension behind the scenes all of this stuff starts up top what is Michael Jordan's level of commitment to winning. What is Michael Jordan's financial level of commitment to winning. Is he willing to go past that that a luxury tax number 22 to put a winning product on the floor Michael I believe is and the pastor said that for championship caliber team he would be willing to do that but as as things as things stand right now he's not. All right so. So what does that tell you. He doesn't think he has the pieces to win and that there in his not just the guys on the floor. Okay does he think he has a right down and front office and if knots which again there's been no contract renewal the district of the option on show last year you're not gonna let that guy. Mastermind plan moving for some you have to hire new GM in my opinion. If your especially if you're going to either tank blow it up and and put together a 35 year plan or if you're gonna say we're not trading Kemba Walker he's apiece were not willing to let go of we're going to continue to try to build around him and find other ways to move pieces so if that either one of those things resort plan. It would require in my opinion from my perspective energy yet. I've mentioned the name it's cut check before croak just talked about David Gergen who I think Libya excellent source as well. I do think that it's cut six experience in a big market like delay in the draw on the lower the lakers. Army is not a hindrance to and to be able to do this job doesn't mean that he can't do his job I just don't Sudanese lieutenant. I just think GM has to be a place that you look at and it also has that I just have a conversation about will Michael hire a guy that he will just let alone and do this job. Because I think the video. There's no question right in my mouth I mean that's can be viewed the million dollar question. There regardless of who we hire. There if you know he's only gonna be a puppet or figurehead what does it matter. And that's the question that you have to ask yourself is it do you believe or are you confident. That Michael Jordan is going to give up control and another still persistence of talk of kemba. You know there's still there's just no traction there but they're still looking to get that Campbell walker trade out there today don't orange and Huskies. It's at that point I decided I'd just pulled a wager was a Rouse is where feeder and this is what he's got to say a tweet from sixteen minutes don't quote Cleveland is staying persistent and tried to construct that you are Kemba Walker deal but there were made snow traction their league sources tell ESP and Michael Jordan isn't easily parting with walker. The next week was the one that I just read to you about Cleveland the lakers and series trade talks. And now four minutes ago. He's confirming the lakers are sending Jordan Clarkson and Larry Nance to the cavaliers league source tells ESP yet so they're going to get LeBron helped in Cleveland. There's the journal for mega penis vs the away until I. Back to what he nets vs birds. You see it really since the start to enunciate that word a little bit that's one thing I know frank doesn't announce ET in peanuts and I've never early said he thinks that it wannabe child but it sounds like penis every time I say it's things he's. Yes you can say penis it's a clinical term. Look it up all of us now. It's not let up. Old any result there's more. Cleveland descending Isiah Thomas and Channing Frye to the lakers for Clarkson a nets and that answers your question right there whether they'll be trading Kemba Walker. I'll Isiah Thomas said this morning he was tired of being traded he's gonna have to get over because he's been dealt a Denny is now Los Angeles Laker according to major emotional -- he you can be terribly awards you'll get to make this decision that's exactly right so long to come back and we're gonna break from a try to find a bag of pain ascend we are going to come back and talk more borrowers and Salter once that's right. Ornaments are now on the amino Saudi ESPN what his thoughts on this trade him what it means for the hornets it's Garcia nearly rain. BA finals it was not. Sure because for sure. And they celebrated kind of like it was the only hit the shot. But it was LeBron James leading the Minnesota Timberwolves on a buzzer beater what was the final 14138. In overtime a lie detector. They're there it was fun it was an overtime delegates and those guys were lighten up from the outside that's there are going I don't know did you ever if you watch him I did it lost about the last. You know core quarter or half of it and they couldn't miss there in the third quarter of their for a while. Not I was watching on Virginia Florida State and I was watching state did you detect an assault what was going on so portal my laptop her for the third for a little while they were shoot the lights out last night I think they combined for an NBA records reporters my dream last night it was forty something effort the number but it was absurd. And they'll LeBron they sell the walls last night on a buzzer beater but. He's possibly even happier at the moment because if you're just tuning in Cleveland Cavaliers had struck a deal with the Los Angeles Lakers. And the cavaliers will send Isiah Thomas Channing Frye and Cleveland's first round pick to the lakers. For Jordan Clarkson and Larry Nance that is her Adrienne bush arouse ski. Of the So we will keep an eye on that and I don't think I've seen a specific mention. Of odd that Brooklyn tech. I don't think it's that necessarily based on what I've read on what armory but it could be so I'll just keep an honor to find out more detailed look. Woolsey I'll find out what did that the cavaliers try to get younger more athletic they Brendan Jordan Clarkson. Are really nice show employer from a university Missouri and he knowledge to kick a ball and is this kind of help to the bronze to look at for the try to number try to get more athletic because they looked really old and on athletic. The past several weeks and last question during the breaker fret about LeBron James. Doesn't it seem like she he dislikes Isiah Thomas yeah Isiah Thomas came to Cleveland by the way. And was it was very vocal. He ripped the team he ripped his teammates see repeat coaching staff he ripped the front office. As has been extremely defensive the entire time he's been they're not let's say you're not it's justified because he has been you know scrutinized and criticized a lot since he's been they're coming off the injury. But he's a citizen does seem like LeBron dislikes Isiah Thomas in your response was who does LeBron like. Or vice Versa who likes LeBron. Mean because now the few things send the same thing about Isiah Thomas. You know it isn't that what just happened with -- reason that why he left because he didn't long didn't play well in the sand box you know with LeBron. Among those knocked over San Kessler today. Tumbled to its natural for anyone over there in golden ticket offer and you know and when you don't get along with others like that young people and get tired of that and nobody wants to be dis respected. Other wanna be appreciated visit teammates. On the wanna be given the credit at times and nobody wants to be talking down to. You guys you know when you're leader and I'm not sure LeBron does all that but. You know I speak we see the reactions a lot of times on the sidelines and we see two guys handle ball a lot of the times and you know if you're gonna get on guys. You know when they make mistakes you have to be willing to take the the the beating in return when you're making mistakes. No that was last night or in some of the of the losses that they've suffered over the last you know several weeks a bond James has not been very good. He's turned the ball over you try to do too much on thrown behind the back passes things like that and you know who's to say anything to put us if you're you're I tear your another player. Knowing you're seeing that happen. You know you know that there's a little sensitivity there because we know that he has a huge fragile legal ego. And that's going to be something that it's hard to approach but you can see the reaction of players when you make take a shot you miss it. In LeBron shoot from the top of the key when the ball's supposed to be you know moved and he's just emerged jacket or not know is getting back on defense they're all watch him. And don't LeBron James had the two biggest plays of the game last night. He still plays hard he still wouldn't greatest athlete you know in the game come into me. You know he had a huge block. Against Butler and then on the other any knock down the at least at Joost and great heads up play by the way to call timeout with about 12 left. I'll be cut shot fired on a straightaway. There right there from the free throw line and knocked it down to win again so get the two biggest plays of the game and that's LeBron still capable of but. You know I mean KE. You're not gonna be consistent beating teams that way if guys are given effort may be deals that the thought of them turn the switch arm off is gonna be there I don't know but. In a Minnesota isn't the Celtics and or Toronto. I mean they're talented don't get me wrong I think they may be one the most talented teams you know that is out there or did you ever come to that at that point yet where the plane well together as a team. Now the lakers have a back court of Isiah Thomas lawns or ball. So that's so that's going to be interest and a loss but there's distribute the ball there how well Alonso and that's who we as it's always a what looks like his role and that's a good question right he's undersized shooting guard Ben right now and things a little bit more fluid these days is not as many defined roles in our guys maybe they move so to the tune. Possibly I don't know if I got to the U shoots well enough to do that I will say this. We got into the desert very well bordello Fresno and no not at all except for down. Granola wealth and its extra interest that after the attacks are tried and exude Texas says Cleveland LA trade means walker staying in Charlotte the next on tester Terry says does this then chief timber and Charlotte. It doesn't necessarily because who's to say that Doris couldn't make a different move somebody else integrated strike a deal with the lakers and I don't know because we've been so hyper focused on potential deal with Cleveland and then Brooklyn tech consultant but here's the other side. Jordan Clarkson and Larry Nance junior do not suddenly make the cavaliers as good as the Golden State Warriors so you know Cleveland still has a little bit of time to get somebody else done or they want to. Ask your question with that because you just have something to me it's like. What does. What movie makes Cleveland as good as those I'm about to that they can make it's gonna make him the Golden State Warriors so if that's or compared to nothing else matters that's fun. But I but I do think he's going to get out on though. But let's say that so many can I haven't I got to still find out information on this Cleveland first round pick it does not appear to be that Brooklyn pick but I can't say that for certain to onto a little more million and it's hard to do radio show and do a comedy so much put Oz on that in a second actually does a good look at appreciated but if they're still holding onto that trick. And Cleveland still trying to make this your mental Sosa Cleveland notes. Feels really strongly there to lose LeBron James in free agency to elect all right and they want to make one more run at a title. It would behoove them if they still have that Brooklyn pick then to potentially maybe not depending on how you look at things and unless I knew more is in the future but it might behoove them they might be inclined to say. Let's go wall and let's make another trade bring Campbell put him alongside LeBron as well and then all of a sudden got Kimba you go abroad yet potentially Clarkson danced in the rest of that crude still they're still be there'll still a big goals that I'm inclined to agree with you were too much better chance. Okay you're you're much more likely to do that a seven game series then you are taken are currently constructed because Boston's not meeting. Golden State in a seven game series and so are out of your two the number once in Eastern Conference. And there's everybody else Iran is not doing that no neither is anybody else in the east of the difference between those two teams in the cavaliers is that the cavaliers still have a broad general and got enough help around and you've got a better chance knows of Richardson. Is rivers teams to preside in the west than we all know that you can throw Cleveland then there is a maybe the other team you know because of LeBron but. It the way the construct of right now without carrier I think they've lost more than what they thought I don't think they gave carried enough credit for the value that he he brought to that basketball team in his ability to finish to the rim to take the pressure also LeBron to be a ball Dominic guy's going to be able scored finished end and still able to knock down the three. You know it was just an eagle struggle power struggle on you know whose team this is in you know the way you're gonna be treated and those types of things. And you're Gary's gone on to the Boston Boston's number one seed. They're continued as him not falloff. He's played a little bit better defense could Brad Stevens is gonna require that. And does shows you the value of you know good powerful strong head coach since you know Derek you know did you play into his. It is system in the way that he wants things and so everybody everybody else is doing you're gonna fall in that phone lines not the players though. That's a different no you write a lot of players control in those things. The players don't make mistakes the players are gonna be. Held accountable right you have to be held account you can't just be that guy and and wash you hold yourself to a higher standard than everybody else and you know my head coach one time Tony. Don't try to tell you play a perfect game don't point the finger at anybody else. When does that ever going to be one of what is an athlete ever played a perfect game. Never based. And athletes never played a perfect game nobody's ever struck to anybody out with some West Point seven pitches nobody that's a perfect game that's the true true definition of perfect perfect game. 127 pitches from a picture that strike and somebody else. Or argue with you on that but I can't exclude all the time are breaking news on the Pittsburg Steelers are hiring Crimson Tide defensive line coach Karl Dunbar is a defensive line coach what you care. Because today is today that oh so loving day word right after signing day. All of his assistant coaches who recruited just wasn't a beer for the next three or four years are taking different jobs so unless. What are the things relevant law college football that's neither here nor there we're going to come back we'll talk to me Ellis Saudi ESPN if he knows a whole lot about trade deadlines in front office moves will get his thoughts on the Cleveland LA blockbuster deal if you want to call it that's probably not take that back not a blockbuster big deal we'll talk about that there is also lowered its next is Garcia they look. I think it's all assuming Ellis on an ESPN at some point this is pretty much his specialty both sides had told pause there before the break given the fact that. Eight remorse around studious conduct John just reported the Cleveland Cavaliers trade with the only lakers wouldn't be shocked Islam he was pulled into a studio somewhere or. You know a radio or something with the networks so he's not answering at the moment mobile get him on as soon as us and as we can and we'll talk to him about the strait of course and also want to Charlotte hornets may or may not do in the next two and a half hours leading up to the NBA trade deadline so as soon as we get him put him all year 70457096. Dead if you are listening or through just now catching up I should say odd trait is taken place between the Cleveland Cavaliers in the LA lakers. And Isiah Thomas dealt again his cavaliers. A career last mr. gates and he she's been dealt again this time to the lakers and he'll go with chanting fraud Channing Frye. And a protected first round pick from the Cleveland Cavaliers. It is not the Brooklyn nets protected first round pick Brian when Horst reported moments ago that so I now. And for reasons that are unclear maybe a million that we do rattled alike can clear this up but now Cleveland is barred from trading at Brooklyn nets pick until after this year's NBA draft. And for the people just tune in and if you're a lot of people there are texting or just tuned in is there any news or updates with Kemba Walker trade or opera firmly in that with two entries that still may be. I don't know also still going to be with Cleveland however because of what just took place with Elway but that doesn't mean that there's not a three team three team trade or potentially in other suitors though. As far as we know armed he's still out there you still available. On end. You know I just not maybe to potentially good news Cleveland. No but so we got a male son on the line this is his specialty is what he does best and he's joining us on the second job just like an enemy great timing we appreciate that how are you. None Obama undergo good. Go well we've achieved it and I'll know on this Cleveland and de LA trade trying to figure out what it means for the hornets potentially in a local we'll start there with the actual trade I Isiah Thomas is on the move again Cheney Fries going with him along with that first round draft pick and Larry Hayes junior Jordan Clarkson are headed back to us to Cleveland it seems as simple as Cleveland's try to get younger more athletic right. Yeah yeah I've I've I think it administrator a lot more about chemistry. About locker room chemistry or it would clear beyond I think at some of this struggle of incorporated opened the jets being beyond. What he's fully back the magnitude of injury you're not beyond all that the bigger than what we got we're not getting the law. By and if you're not you're already. You have basketball it issues personality it can't be something that they're. Yeah rear its head up and at uglier patina that had been Cleveland. Again I'm not I don't either through. Make my nugget pond the bag got. He did great guy but the party you don't get along and especially when your high pressure situation would upon crunch when you don't have a whole lot of appreciate. Tour stop to work out of the go to the more stated that keep building it'll storming normally people Orman what have you learned in and embittered took our collapsed but without that. Luxury. It makes were bad chemistry and so they have decrepit chemistry there so if it's not just yet they got younger more athletic but all all well. Big cleared up in clear chemistry issue that what you got out there but are from they don't want they can't trade that that they out. That there is being called a step be able. And nobody will not allow you to go. You have to particular rap. Where you go out is that they're looking toward the future once it's happened that the trip to really weird rule it's like. They were allowed to go until with the possibility of that happening but what would rapid happen that you could trade. And so it it is just a loophole will not teach well. So and pick after pick everything we yearly to what kept that you know what the owner of the sat back in eighty was doing it was a basically. Olympics for cat and attacked in the pocket at the board he ended up being a lot of the record an album of all Craig now Cleveland State. But this folder for the lakers like broad. Expect a beer bumps than a month earlier. Let me let's go back to you know what you said about Isiah Thomas in maybe not fitting you know the personality of the culture there and you know I think we can do is understand and realize they rationalize the same thing applied -- no carrier name. Now wanted to be there at what point is LeBron James do start developing the reputation as an employer well those in the sandbox. I think what we all know we already out of it you know if you like speech its own particular way. And whether that was unclear even a minute war. LeBron is very particular and when he had that great you get to be that he. I get to work a lot right is way were right the economic unity my way. And he bit. You know I got it pretty good about how we got to this site yeah the problem comes when you have again a question right. Now what I read. Whatever that Portugal because not everyone though is gonna get along or are there. Do you come tutorial on whatever aperture was bad enough time. To develop a working relationship where at least. Able to get the job done on the floor. Our own and again that would Bellagio training camps and you people literally you're like oh time time that time to develop and fine tune and bottle at a time where there was a lot of competition and eat so. Yeah it could take into being that the Mets about the that there really was no threat that they were there and Obama stop and give them on. On this November because like that and they're on the they're getting hit. And miss camp and missed the first two months of the season. And has come about McGrady injury and had to go particulate so again. If you're starting from where LeBron economy started way back in October 2014 but a bit of that starting in October. You're spreading it and then north and instead of starting at. With the idea that we have waited and get the being done in terms of this year to assure India that it was a very that it encore. But you know we gotta get this thing down now what are I don't know what bothered me a picture already know about them in action. And so all of goals pressured compiling a bubbly it's incumbent that a lot better. It just it it led to a different set of circumstances. That it's really hard to compare how Kylie got along with. The bought and eventually burn down on them then that I did not have been so. Within that context is that no abundant played well other is that they view of all Bob Barr. You have a ball inherent app and adopted it because you know what you've been to new routes where it would you run out of all timing scandal brought. It didn't get out of the question of WT. Carey's pretty good but tell yeah LeBron old toll. Well all all the wrong or are you don't let me. The ball because he's yeah. It was I would put a Kerry are the global front is all about their ball away and immediately I really don't. You can bet for a. None charges that he's pretty good but I said that ultimately brother Adam. On. Exactly what the plot points all but. Is he talked to figure it there yeah you've pretty good book LaBarge batter out but poke ball out and guard would be that we you do not know kind of a one. If you're not willing to particular but. Greg Papa but everybody didn't and they don't know about over the but if you're not quote unquote always felt if you're going to be very hard to come to grips with the idea that meant. I basically equal out here without the thought that I would go all. War until we bought. You're not good enough to be the cab you demagogued it could not be worried that the liberian. Even though it may hurt some feelings got what what about being I don't know boulevard gate is the best option and that. The depth of the the way we came to grips with the Miami and that's what we were able to keep it up. I didn't know Saudi history and joining us on the second job just like we we don't have a talk time with your sword to it's to what would what this means for the hornets are released its connected at all because. I mean you know on the identity judge Charlotte every different day like we are but if this was a team that had little. Very real player also expectations coming into the season and they have been wildly disappointed. And works the for the season now where it's okay blow it up how do we get rid of nick consumes contract -- to get out of drug Dwight Howard's contract trading Kimberly is the most valuable asset that seems the right way to go right what we're hearing about a possible deal with them everybody's been saying Cleveland was trying to work out a deal to Timbuktu Cleveland with LeBron but it doesn't look like Michael Jordan's willing to do that. Yeah and I think that that out and all made of the conversation that they wanna do trade Cabo. There's no shortage of scooter. They're not give it a point guard saw me you know in global Islamic kemba on the carpet in a very usable right. Quite a cap like there's a lot of it is definitely beatable walker. But it might adorns a ball who have taken orbit but in all our apparent that a lot. Maybe you're better you're not playing but yet they're not an insult any public statement of the cab is kind of got to move likely to capitalize. Good good you know I think about about these it all by name but you'd hardly despite all but about what about a way to do it defeated the gut tea. Took an eternity and do it anymore. Well we know we don't have anything that you actually want trauma so the field not gonna get done and don't nobody but so. That contract is one what movie. And so the only way that they're gonna if you put significant begin to get sweeteners on net. If you don't then. And aren't there was definitely picks and then all of a number of well I could you do that. Yeah I would have been so that we were trying to get out that would give it up out. To get rid of the thought of that it would credible weird you try to blow it up. But not that that's what a great bill. Although. Like continued declared political side of that is yet know what a couple of input from haven't worked ultimately dot com Villanova beat him up well. About a bigger than we're let we are we always we still in the given the Buddha yeah we don't make it that well and it didn't look to be incompetent. A lot of really good bought these really good old Cleveland. Is there. You know open you look at enjoyable or can we position our belt but it's only if you'd. You're tonight one of the lead and that the very big bottle or picking up well it's two all game and now and that beats revenue would be significant. Could it have what he might call it what money is that is an issue every day. Maybe not well is the matter immunity get swept it matters between the two won't give them up. Are sort of a lot of questions and a lot of problems it. Everything is double cut and walk audit ready to give up and it did some article the quote. You're with little. Then what are you willing to give up make that happen and that that get in the way of what you're trying to. You know I mean you Shimmy and to say and LeBron James early was the right answer but I'm wishing you a decision. Are you serious she really thinks the policymakers playoff Sony because there are no way and help. I didn't I didn't pay legitimate let them there right now due to the bidding is at its end game that. There are there are hot streak away from being an eight feet and I'll tell you that didn't like it sounds weird that they have. From a business standpoint did not do it well and get close to Waldo game. You Arab man Matt particularly if you're not a joke about like the word whose where money. Right you don't want to ignore whether there's no matter it never believed that they you know Bob and so we won't go back and they're not order that they we just made you. Five million dollars. Look at religious butch and we didn't blow it up and give up one he'd been met you what I mean a lot but he might but don't appreciate that Bobbitt should I not. On the let's go on this lament I'm of the opinion that so this team needs to have a very clear plan and that plan I think starts with Michael Jordan probably hiring a new GM other picked Oprah chose option last year but so there's been no indication that's going to be audited the the are these WG and moving forward so you know and maybe he has we don't know but I think they're gonna have a new GM this time next year and a lot of this conversation starts with what level of control Michael Jordan is willing to develop as it pertains to personnel on the draft and everything else but is there a guy. Out there Mitch Kupchak David Griffin somebody else that you think could come here. In a market decides it all amid market where it was a great fan base and identities that you know maybe it's not going to be super attracted to the biggest free agents that needs to develop players who the GM for this job. And they are these are very buyer parent what is need to group them because you've done it. In market but we're not here's more acquittal not a huge market model wanna bought that become clear but can't at state. They're gonna move on to deal on the why clearly kept it simple but eight score and a book without it these working in Munich if not he's mocked it although. It is you'd be looked better but it is that the nature of calm but whoever that and it made it. Michael don't have it. I know it's hard to be patent we will take simple board and we worked out. But that the only thing there is no quick bit. More when you are locked in the book but a salary and when you're elevate out a couple of walker is limited by Brent with. And so. Whoever it and it made me you know what what the magic bullet to cure everything within worn out there you gotta be anything that is going to pay a whopping get the beat them. Are you may know Saudi ESPN joining us on the tech become just like John just to give us some insight we appreciate your body with a data back and Johnson. Thought I'd fortunately no sun and dust like deck and lost feisty differ. Says he Symbian descending here on this or LeBron James or a similar video could it. So I've felt bullied you know I was out of work have you ever. And he. He has a good option to celebrate tonight LeBron what is now LeBron and I mean I mean is one of the best when he does that he's got a great insight is well connected we appreciate his respectable comeback will luckily I gotta say your meal with the mullahs are entirely written stroke. Art woman of December now they take your breath during the break and welcome back major strikes all right below rolled our rebels for hit and enjoyed the show wanna I wanna see Erica. An event comes Garcia and they'll. I mean. Back it's Garcia David thanks to a male side for joy just says Doug great insight there on the Cleveland LA trade in what it means for the hornets and what they might do two hours and ten minutes left to go in the NBA trade deadlocked and not look like much is gonna happen but will say Wilson is 70457. Or 96 today and I'll be talking a lot of what is the last hour so open of the show talk the talk duke Carolina as though we took some great calls we talked to Jose Angel the voice of the tar heel stretch his broadcast tonight on our sister station WB two elevenths and 99 point three URL for the Tar Heels in the queen city and of course thanks to David -- made the other brand new voice of the blue double C also joined the show it's all about the duke perspective so a walk will come back to duke Carolina but now we're number four but really quickly. Did Josh McDaniels thing that we talked about yesterday just got a little bit better. Well Josh McDaniels has a lot of you ought to know by now. And agreed in principle I agree to terms to become the next head coach of the Indianapolis told symbols gonna leave his job as the offensive coordinator of the New England Patriots. Well he made a last second decision. To remain the OC is the patriots and spurned the colts at the twelfth hour less than without a head coach and got a look tonight in a bad spot. Well he was drug through the mud yesterday that decision and a by a lot of people. And he knows that it comes to what has this happens you know that's that's the way to stuff happens Bill Belichick went through it when he you know. Wrote that note on a napkin and left the jets after a day or and a matter of hours really. Our guys have done this before. And we get into something in a second about Joseph is higher ability moving forward because I feel like a lot of this has been completely overstated and Joshua Daniel yeah but typically I heard for as the strokes and no more talking about this yesterday you know whether anybody would ever touch him again really the continues to do as did his job well I know four or five years from now we're never won opening comes up this warning in the second thoughts of retirement. They don't definitive opinion had totally think that's a debate do you. Not because he said not to go to some Indianapolis I want it. I mean everybody has the ability to make that decision I mean I can only guess they forever I would like salads injured and pick me up to there's personal decision yeah absolutely. So does that we talked about yesterday is pretty clear east and more workers are MRSA. But does George came out this morning that agent you know these fairly soon. Prominent agent Bob LaMont says he has terminated his relationship Josh McDaniels. In the wake of the decision saying quote my lord is my bond bush breaks that there's nothing left in quotes are you fired Josh McDaniels not the other way around. Mr. Mos Def you know pissed him off and probably has clinic clients Siri to make that decision. There mcdaniels is in his only client and you know he got to deal struck just like mcdaniels yes and realized that he wanna go I don't know we order Tiffany had her. Omni all the sudden you know what he came to the conclusion with. And maybe it wasn't enough money and maybe it was just an attempt to huge at the patriots to raise his salary because he never really wanna go in the first place. It only Josh McDaniels and his agent are gonna know that but obviously it look like if he wanted to go his agent when out there and got the deal done. And then when he got the deal done aegis and now I'm just didn't. You know and I don't wanna go so that was his agent is tough spot. And you know for your nation just do that's where you have to say okay well how can I continue to represent you as your agent and you don't have confidence when I don't and our job so. Yes that's where he I think Jason made the only decision possible. Here's or it's more interest. LaMont who by the way when mcdaniels told him over the phone what his decision was said to him quote. Our said he was quote committing professional suicide and quote and also LaMont as it turns out is the agent for Indianapolis Colts GM Chris valor. So there's that. You know he's the course all the time it does there there that those sort of things are pretty coming to write about that I mean when you have it but when you were present a guy. Who screws over the GM of the other guy you are that the GM you represent of that same team that that's that's a toxic relationship there really just can't be six. That's right you know it's like the buyer seller mouse and an agent represented both parties and screws over one site and screws over one side right I mean you. You know and and and as a tough situation to be and if you're selling a house and you have one agent just doing the selling in the listing. You know he brings his client and Summers can get the bad sign that deal. Right somebody's gonna not feel like you know they're they're being taken advantage of a lot of times and in on this case when you say no I'm not selling. Worn on night no one bomb yeah and make you look like an idiot to the other guy didn't. You know now you have a choice you know not yet to make your decision in his decision was to stay loyal to the general Andrew and he made his word to his promise. And you're Daniels out on the old am I now out of any open market and back with the you have pages but another agent of another ages walls in my tomorrow. And wants to go represented him and at the end of the day. You know he's going to be back with a page as coach and Tom Brady and he'll probably go into another AFC championship game. Death alone there with him by the way if you're just tuning in just judging go to some of you are judging by some of these tax. Yes we are aware of the breaking news the cavaliers trade other cavaliers Cleveland Cavaliers have treated. Carter Isiah Thomas and Channing Frye and he protected first round pick not the Brooklyn that's protected first round pick but they protected first round pick. To the LA lakers for Jordan Clarkson and Larry Nance junior. As a result by the way also of this trade the Cleveland Cavaliers now cannot deal that Brooklyn nets pick until after this year's NBA draft a needle Saudi ESPN explaining to us while little while ago so if any hope so thoughts that you may have had lingering still about a potential trade of kemba to the Cleveland Cavaliers to get that trick that's now off the table. And the ruling was because you don't wanna have a club go out there and just sell kicks off you know for being get nothing in return just to try to. Are you know make the money over the cash and that's what's taken place he used the rules who cleans up at least there's is that general stepped general subject can remember. The name of the of the dude on the did the team that was so and sell players firfer dollars on the on your pennies on the dollar but. You know that's really in essence what they did last year so they're not allowed to do list this year that's why the NBA has blocked or protected. That first round pick you know for the cap. By the way this deal it appears opens up to super Max deals for the lakers this coming free agency Centre in this Al. In the short term Cleveland hit it in the short term Cleveland in the long term probably lakers clearly give. Better tell me mainly in as junior he's okay. He's athletic. He's a ball Dahmer guy. You know but is Jordan Clarkson going to be you know that that player towards. Clarkson a good piece for play all from you put him with LeBron James and I still think they almost not that I know stressed that. That's the factor right there assuming you're talking about who is the best guys to put around LeBron James for this rod. I think is you've got to put around LeBron James I still think they need more as you do is welcome to contend with Golden State that. There's not anything out there. And this currently available. That is going to give Cleveland the upper hand on Golden State match points just not. No you got four all stars over there. Two of those players might be greats or are greats you know and I'm talking like top ten players. You know on May be when it's done they might even be start talk about the mount Rushmore you know who knows we're staffs gonna end up and more grants can end up. In a long term don't grow with as many championships are gonna went Klay Thompson's lock down defender dream on grain is a guy that a lot of people would love to have because he's gonna be that perfect utility knife. I mean they're just constructed. You know to the point where lets you get pardon Westbrook and Durant or are Westbrook in and LeBron. On the court same time not really know that matters because you have a budget talent. But Jeffrey ball Dominic guys and so yeah there are the perfect blend of talent vs team and I just don't know how you mess that. We got some great stuff coming on a sex line our number four is next we wanna hear from Carolina duke fans where are you real sort of the show some great calls. Which Carolina duke tonight the first of the season talked to us how you feel about the game tonight we'll talk about that I will try to squeeze in some more college basketball talk as well more NBA tilt as we approach the trade deadline and some interesting stuff coming on the sex lies well about the patriots mcdaniels and brought. Who won't squash rumors that he may retire Garcia burial.