Garcia and Bailey: Aaron Torres Talks College Hoops, and The World According to Frank.

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Tuesday, February 13th
Aaron Torres is a slam dunk interview, and the World According to Frank delivers. Folks, it's a hell of an hour.

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Hi folks got a chance to win all this week with tickets at 8 AM 1 PM and 5 PM each and every day. At the end of the segment were given away a pair of tickets to see Bon Jovi April 21. At the spectrum sort of so again at the end of this segment which features Erin Torres. Of the athletic he covers college basketball has for a long long time he's joining us on the tech become just like he's got some great inside forests and Erin settle an argument for us because we're having that this morning is part of a little handoff segment here with the morning guys who's the better basketball team right now duke or North Carolina. I mean are you guys correct did they play armed terror. I imagine that it desperate and beat us. I don't a lot of long weekend without a couple nights later and I probably should have inside I must imagine. That they played in chapel hateful. And that you had you and chemical 140 run to start the second half and that the second half turn into a chuckle great like it right on the big. No you're not making that up when you've actually already are gotten under the skin of my co host here who is a duke guy and he does not liked your response to that to that question meant. I won't started you know there the first interview off. Your question but you can't question. You know I'll now are now granted it's what I do and ready I'll go ahead and and right now so that I get had to get everyone on both sides. I still think like dukes obviously has a higher upside I don't seek debt at any secrets. But they also I think they're they're real concerns about debt team and it's been documented it's been discussed the defense. You know the point guard lecture on poverty better than what they've pat but to still be turtle crawl at the time at times. Don't agree jump shot so like I I think I think that. Here argued to have I would say right now north Carolina's playing like the better team I still think Duquette the higher ups. Next question is Virginia Tech better. In Virginia have. Airport although I can seriously you've got a law that would it seem like he'd better command these. Aren't you know. Virginia could. Virginia you know. Already you know I've come full circle on Virginia this year for years and I just at all might get this dial will say I can't do it. Really they're really good team and they've proved that you know go to camera indoor getting that win. Following it up by beating wolf. I actually believe they're the best team in college basketball I think this is probably the year that they break through make the final war obviously stop predicated on matchups candidates face all that ducks. But I do like Virginia and it's a good point did it. One game and that did I do it at this thing that I argue about what people all been out line and I'm sure you guys are you about your callers. Is one game samples are especially in basketball that's being top college basketball. Not a great wakes you up to kind of use as a barometer to judge teams but yet now urging it is not. Virginia Tech agitated not better and urging I think pretty big country. They're jerks right. He loves but it's a point and it's a did very well I'm on the sect Alonso he loves and insistent Adelman went with those kind of questions and daughter Erin Taurus the athletic covers college basketball joining us on the tech job just like occupant has stated in for a moment NC state did is back data tomorrow night in upstate New York to its original searchers and NC state had a rough week last week prior to that. We're talking about what a tremendous job Kevin cheats are done and I still think that's true in his first year but as you look at this team six and six in the ACC there's still right there in the thick of things to to talk to possibly make the NCAA tournament haven't sheets first your what do you make of the job that he's done and where they're headed. Yeah I I think it's unbelievable and look you know obviously you know off mullah observer of this sport I love that exported you know I have covered this for a long enough. And to know how old. How old. Desperate desperate are the network but how how much that part of the fan base of the NTD that part of this being ENTNT. He walked a winner obvious what do you remember when I worked at Last year idea kind of a ranking of that's coaching hires not put. Kevin keep that number what it beat India stands were little mad about it. But I thought the time that it is the perfect guy that he is weeks in a quick stick specialist you know dating back to these hard military academy. That's more to what he did it its first head coaching job a while we did and then you know passport 42 and ninety they had peaks. You know what what I thought he would be able to do you would give. Players to read these states you know work betray its remark did not heed those spots dark side they duke UNC recruit. I know we did as good of an exit an old guy he was just good at what developmental guy. Take a lot of the same guys that were there last year all marry your seven other guys. That water roster glad you're completely what that moderate under head. I know they're right on that kind of NCAA tournament right now. I don't think that should take away pretty incredible job that Kevin Keats is done with largely the same roster that mark I had last year. None of the with the top sixteen came out yesterday for the C Diener the you the first three seeds or whatever the though the way that we measure those things and I think a lot of that's done to create controversy it's great topic but. They had Michigan State they believe is a three seed did he hasn't asked the number two team in their poll in the coaches poll hasn't as the number one team in their pull misty stated you're gonna ask me if anybody got screwed in that whole thing just initially was mosque and state. Yeah you know it's it's a fair point I think you can make the case that maybe you can Beckett got screwed on the back end it as not being on the top four seed by the Oklahoma. That continues to struggle wasn't what the number four seed. To me it's funny because people say oh you know all not a lot can change between now lexicon. Think it could change between now a collection somebody what do we think our. Kentucky about the go what do we seek out West Virginia or Oklahoma about the goat status change in this sport teams hit law school. You know we were rooting for injuries obviously but injuries are gonna happen tweaked ankle. You know locker room thought like there's just so much stock that can happen. I don't really get worked up this time a year about this team should be to attract cheap should be a three they won at Michigan State takes care it is that they beat Purdue again. In that are Big Ten Conference turner got our you know potentially have the chance to at least like they're gonna get the speed that they deserve the paid way. Whoever it you don't feel like he works quite it there's still a lot of how about it not just not want the I think it's good outlook college football act you know what that pop or changes week to week I don't know. But I just I just can't get worked up about this team deserves this team deserves that you're good credit you'd take care of that soak the next couple weeks yeah. But you didn't do it all year like picking we're talking about and Justin did everything will take care of itself but what what not practical and that our collections under. There are always looking for that next Wichita State you know that next Gonzaga the next Butler. You know and you know a couple of teams that are popping up you know consistently throughout the rankings in. It may be little underrated because you don't auction quite frankly may be ever Saint Mary's RI. I think it's earlier Wichita State in there as well we know Wichita State and what that pro. And is now it is Saint Mary's or Rhode Island team has potential of making deep run in this years I am you know that that the the March Madness. Yeah I think we're proud of that team many people forget it it won't be any early we know the coaching pedigree is brother Bobby's head coach at Arizona State. Maybe battle a candidate for duke double lined a coach K wrapped up here over the next few years obviously there's a father pop early and incredible. You know a bit high school coach and the big island that I actually really liked about that. High riding momentum from last year people forget the eighty early in the air at wrote about 34 years. Has been building this thing everybody thought that this was a program like could try to break out. They didn't really come together last year they entered the ten term and I don't even think on the bubble. Put themselves part of the bubble. And then ended up winning the eight and try to get the big NCAA tournament in peak crate in an infrastructure out and so. I think that is momentum that's writing in from last year where I liked that they've really just kind of picked up where they left off last season. I think they're really behavior they're athletic they got high major guys that and it transfer Al. I'm so they're acting that's going to keep everyone problems and had to I think it's. It's 202 without these the bracket to say definitively older it definitively is sweet sixteen by. It's too early for that but they're absolutely that kind of schematic stayed married to a smaller degree as well. I'll let you know they card he'd get a little bit exposed by getting that idiot like that in order to achieve yet we watch you are now or 67. Ot keep probably comes elections Sunday may indicate you're Rhode Island. Where I would get leaky that are booted up checking out Rhonda wants that bracket it's revealed. Erin Torres the athletic covers college basketball join us on the sector jobs just lined up I got asked about Clemson Brad Brownell. I was on the station earlier this morning with our morning show he's obviously to be a candidate for ACC coach of the year and I think maybe Tony Bennett's aboard a loser ever to may be has already obviously but Clemson is is sitting second in the ACC standings 93 in league play right now but businesses is about to pick up for them over the next seven or eight days because. They've got a trip to Tallahassee deployed to play pretty good Florida State team the got a host duke and and you're Blacksburg played Virginia Tech so I think we're gonna learn a few more things about Clemson over the next week how much staying power do you think they have and do you think this team ultimately stays you know right around that two or three seed in the AC six. Yeah two great question you know I mean look I think to accredited brought out first I think you're one of the that stories in college basketball like it don't talk about we're so broke it. And that's certainly include myself in that makes our. You know what Ohio State you're in the first you were Chris hall of what Texas Tech you do with schools like that. Medical wouldn't dare they they lost air blocked the game from last year one of best player probably in program history. Oh I. I I could be wrong I don't. But he seeking to it would have kind of Steve didn't appreciate any other editor credit. It will really taking care of the teams that they're supposed to and it ought to view we supported peace deal. I neck UNC but I need. In these kind of Campbell is you know adults not for lack of a better term in their home game. Are beating the automobile he's he's he would we see every night at college basketball it's always easier said than done BD in the quote unquote. Actually in the conference but. Clinton had done that you guys bring up the key point which is. The next week things are going to ramp up our exponentially. Right now they're one of the best story in the sport I don't know. They'll be able to kind of weathered this storm and found that 23. And later he's riding a lot of people thought he was coaching for his job. Help you know I got brought in Quetta expansion out of that he's been bought it's been unbelievable what he's done here. Erin based on some of the other recent bracket solid Jewish scene a lot of guys have visit as many as eight SEC teams. Making the NCAA tournament now for years we've just been conditioned to believe and and more often than not it's been true there's a reason behind this that the SEC isn't it not only not a good basketball conferences sometimes they've been all but eight teams potentially making the NCAA tournament you know our our do we have to stop sleeping on the Southeastern Conference or are there or did what do what do you make of that possibility. Yeah I think further at least one year we ask you now look you know can Alabama. Alabama not gonna get a column that's been very off it. I'm Missouri do it well without Michael Porter junior would be curious to see what happens you know after the quarter. To believe that program but if you're absolutely you know I I is not so great it not been on that's for awhile. You know what I actually kind of equated to let beat you got to appreciate this. I think a lot like what happened with each UT football where you want to use the football analogy all year everyone is that okay yet he gave the best copper to college. Not repeat it debated. Two or three years ago you look around eight. Are important got things going at NC state. You know they that they bought it you're keeping you grounded it while they got some good coach in the weeks. And I think that he expects same thing about what's happened with yet few feet. It's take a while but. Ben Howland at Mississippi State franc mark in the South Carolina even on other not have a great year cuando barn upgraded mr. reporters. Operated or are you are not doubt aware. There's been a lot of coaching. Talent that's come into that league and wood and the body becomes a player come the Internet to get everywhere helping. So I think to meet produce one year at least. We're seeing the fruits of that labor with all these all the great coaches company and I and I believe. There's good copper many college basketball. Don't know that they have the great team at the top but many talk about I didn't write out that that league in the war. Erin Torres the athletic he covers college basketball and nobody I gotta say that was hello to debut great job we appreciate it we would love to have you back soon. And he thought he got big thank you crap and I appreciate. Absolutely want to Dara Torres so I'll from the athletic doing great work over their got to start with Matt Jones and those guys that are Kentucky Sports Radio which. By the way that was so there should have as the show the Cayman ahead of us on the right to some amount I was conflicted about bringing about still one of their guests you know. Our regular. The NFL's top offseason priorities and finally. Little bit more but California war console both Garcia Villa. Introduction. And right now man I love your roving leaders should I guess vehicles in the kind of run my jacket here. Yeah there's there's always. Holy man we give this kind of like a lot chillier this is has certainly is a dangerous situation. You would a cold room to talk I'll get to the yeah. I did good lord that's a message back Jesse Frankie that's swagger of a clear message back yeah. This place it's like you're dealing with caveman. A sweater vest is dressing your every avenue baseball can't take another routine he's part of that's really just an honest it's where it would have but again once again. You got your dad does. Audience that bush is no frank did you not did you get your had nine did Amanda and I haven't got money and. I should give it to you yesterday so when you don't get so you Osbourne who does come to hang out with me will Lowe will get his hat earlier than you do in all likelihood so anyway I guarantors is fantastically appreciated his time and they're good college basketball to have their stuff like there are a lot of it was really really good eleven back for sure on what couple things. Look at the heels are up thirty not. Playing good basketball when they both French and all. I know your your duke duke guys put deals are turning now they really need to and a nice pushed here through February march. Any brilliant shooting has been unbelievable these like your dates he's come alive man and if the if they continues she'd like that they are a final four threatened. No I'm serious Mac offers you stick especially this year was how brackets to break down and we don't do their college fastball glanced deeper announced very uncertain what's it feel watching the big east a lot like I do. NE CC out from both much solace on the same amount of time. Both covers everything good teams but also a team that. Lose first second third on its image as ours is right this has tested eligibility ala who's back to the big east. Stock villain all right now it's probably. Knows Ayers they really a ball though they're always playing the multi. It's been all is kind of leveled off but they're coming back in as they literally get and yeah Providence middle of the road promised might make Iran acerbic. I don't think he's going I think it's a Xavier these gators playing gigs appears there's a year after playing a ball but I look at what those conferences and I'm by missing teens and you know last thing you hit the big ones that what you're at duke I think duke Carolina Villanova Xavier those two conferences. Our plane really good basketball and he's a sister in Virginia. I'm not know Virginia the tournament don't always seems to not score points in games it matters but it is sweet sixteen elite deal. And all this not be able to score the play great defense for two or three games. Ever have a game they struggled on defense and they can't score a point in my room that mighty Virginia Tech. Which is trying to do. The respect. No longer that's all just trying to get a little respect I don't know what I realized that my school is not duke or Carolina when it comes to basketball we're just trying to get some respect Arkansas ball. So that's that's of sir tactical. Michael Jackson doesn't know. NASA but that's right you know Franklin doing that you can't I don't understand and tried to what isn't as we all ask for the always best NC state to be in the mix they'll be determined to share of the best for Carolina. And due to opt I have a chance to play each other in the final four that could happen this year you don't know that could happen. I believe that is a really strong possibility until well yeah I think it could happen this year. That the big crossed racquets in one of Adobe you both be in the final thought the jazz play the final game that could happen though I think frank. If if counties honored that you played really good basketball. Duke duke duke will be a final fourteen in my opinion. I just Jordan Israel the duke has a long way is going to be as far as we're talking about two average teams guys right now so we're talking about. Talking about the eleventh place team were eleventh ranked team has to Wall Street team. You know I'm still I'm still use the rich are I don't get RBIs SOS. Another good did it AT top 25 at the gorgeous ball. Are brilliantly utilizing the Internet you don't think they'll look at those things to our dads are drive two plays and tiny factor in Napa has on the national wrestling guys are voting for all our teams you don't think I don't know there was that it would only be up top they say okay did all Carolina's parliament library is part of the formula but I think. But he talking about seeing RPI and SOS take more impact on the on the season. There's still a lot more basketball I'm going idea right that things those things can work theirselves out but. You talked about to a slightly above average basketball teams right now and I'm talking about town and I'm talking about upside. That's what you're talking about boat ashore realistic and so we're all gonna say. Know there are a good team and had a great team. But who's a great teams yeah no problem there is not yet there's been some teams have been more consistent minutes you're gonna look at what is going to win games it's gonna be the teams have been more consistent because they're going to be able to adjust they're going to be able to adapt they're gonna have some toughness and that's what teams people like about Virginia's their toughness in these close games they've been through the fires they've they've won those tight close games they were able to pull those those victories away each and they've been battle test. I know it's it's probably this is easy bit analysis but how do you seek state are really missed an opportunity on Saturday B Carolina. They were neck and yes momentum. An eternity does this and gave us an idea and it's at least it'll be targeting the ball holds its close right I think they'll dog unfunny a swing instigating and I believe that they'll win a couple games in the AC tournament no delegates nothing good to. Great wins on the Reza man for slip some bad losses. As well for the tar balls about Los it was an audience I didn't say that line alms alms join and I thank you Los UNC Greensboro earlier in the year ago I don't outlaw you know which is 8860 that in. And it just lose you know they do they mean they got to two dollars and sixty got beat. Now I'm agrees for a big win last night Tucson and look Greensboro section yeah. Your NC state right now you were openly rooting for Greensboro. I have kids average of cadet automatic bid may determine it because that comes Claudia Claudia and here's the deal to wrestle with the state keep this in mind because they they played the meat of their schedule already and they got Syracuse tomorrow night and got away and got BC all players they Georgia Tech a little hole so. Did the games that are gonna matter for NC state. It's easy to ignore note to Kyle's point to me if they're gonna get him because. If this if they're not gonna stay right if you know we used to call the possum name back in the day when you know the before Alison with a total team crap their best yeah so if if the state if if that if they're not gonna states and the wolfpack or whatever state fans are gonna. No make that comparison to. Are they going to be synergies that you are deeply gaps they should beat Boston College they should be Georgia Tech. But the games are gonna matter are gonna be the boss of the they've got to build a resume and not lose ground MSN have to sleep but if they go 123456. If they go. Formed to. But they go for it too ignorant to me because they go for it through to get twenty wins on the SARS and Canada and a lieutenant in the ACC of Kabul turn the games and easy I think that's a win a first round games still to maybe validate depending on what other team in the SEC tournament and to follow other teams around them doer who was on the bubble and automatic berths and all that maybe I would agree with that does have the buy or that first round you know they want to play I don't fight us but I still don't think there and because in this particular league as deep as it is if you go attended a conference and you win twenty games that you audience not you should. You don't miss so now we're missing the big twelve does comfortably Texas Tech Kansas Louis VA dolby dolby to turn it but are those teams any better and there's decks are really good. But they played outside of conference. And also it looked as I think does that make them but I had a chance to be a great end of February early march. Office turn the play's going to be huge and I love the fact that all three teams this year are in the mix for. For triple. He's directing right now. Is he's directing I'm not shared an annuity guarantee that nothing has that I should be I should tell. Formalizing even tees topics in the in the fourth hour because we know it may comes in and tornado yeah you know what but for some. Yeah the conversation we had a little bit yesterday. With all the columns in you know how screwed up California is doing X if you did know but we can do it tomorrow as well tell us that that's absolutely true we're gonna come back pay I have a question. Timing is terrible. Let's give away those fine job was. Let's do that anyway because you folks asking about that way to go cause. Our ages ago just a third color jets and we got a pair of tickets to see Bon Jovi April 21 discussions that are third caller gets and as we go to break here it's in Bon Jovi tickets especially the ball. Stop. Time now. With the world according. To frank. Your notice to the world toward the front purse question. I put this out yesterday there is a a company called Boston dynamics. Pride of Boston dynamics. That has developed it's a robot. Capable. Openly endorse. And it caused a big stir on social media and a lot of folks were excited some people like myself we're talking about the robot wars in the in the time because. Every science fiction book you've ever read it's pretty much for suggested this robots are going to do. Take over the world angels all. Does that noise. That's the robots come forward. I used to wonder frank. If I would be alive to die and the robot wars and now I'm positive I will be. Do you think you'll be alive to see the robot wars where robot would know when the robots turn on us I try to wipe out humanity. They don't see iRobot do you see her room okay so are you afraid of this and all the proceeds and created robots right so today. Whose day. And then moving. They created the robots humans create the robots and the pitching so Smart. You know with you know you learn geometrically. Right they don't reason. That's gives us the two programs to Greece but I can't. Program to resent any religion mentioned that's because that's a lot of a lot of the technology using your hand every day weekend. Program instincts that kind well computer learning technology and the ability of the of these machines to learn. Is what's scary about all this season and you're using it already some of it in your phone every single day computer learning. And so that's what the future looks. Create bigger faster stronger robots to do wiped out tomorrow. I I had not that's not the answer more robots probably isn't the answer that question I LTT answer that robots is more robots. Don't let. Is the fastest car but what happens if the panelists talk. In new little robot language to the bigger faster once and a joint size the only robot programmed to only learn one language as to human language us. That's it. You do Davis is what was it China a couple months go some forged ensure that if they exit the shot yeah and China and there's rumored to do an emergency shut down these folks what they work and that there were the robotics of they're working on the presumably she developed a language that was a sizable too few months ended until they had to pull the plug shut the damn thing down. Registered Helen people. Doesn't talk about you can learn he's isn't spirit that I'm their friend the robots at all. I don't know why you guys because there until soft they weren't going just using robots are gonna go Rogen start telling people. It's a lose tell us because they get tired of their human over lower sort. What happens we treat him really well below and desperately we oil market we Greisen fatal. View it's a no huddle and the green I don't know let's go now at Darrow but because they have robots like that. Let's break. I admittedly. I've not watched as much of the Winter Olympics as I've probably an extra your target well. I do have a I did economies manifesto at home. And it's in my bookshelf. I'm segments he's eight you know he's part of my college that he noticed the mind council that we haven't really you know combined cops. Frank I think the best part about the Winter Olympics is the white belts however I will say this. If Franklin Garcia was born in. Maine. And he was up a winter sports actually one winter sport would Franklin Garcia pass. Taken off your name is Franklin now is different Cisco now it's a French law Francis. Francis. It's just right it's tracked. It's just frank my dad's name is Francisco. Early so I know this you know here's EMI's frank Christopher Garcia. Can on the white Mexican. How. That's easy for a slowdown. Could. Be honest plus truce to what you did to get to wonder on the slogan don't like what so for what I do you always. We know the united cross country snow here with a gun I know that ticket and that would be part of it. But that would be part of the sport that I would create. Beaver honey. I'd be a deeper hole. Yeah. The fast animal frank. 200 ferociously that at this very little beavers are so. Don't adjust the subject here and talk about Bieber army believe derives. In Mesa, Arizona who the mighty UR start no but he's arrived weed and he saw to the Marlins don't. He's pretty questionable when a web that there was my beaver honing escapades. Yeah. You're you gotta be don't be ironic this. Can I finish the question I have for you. Now this is good read but they don't tell despite their tee where you grow up your from -- but this is an area you are familiar with. So then when you've decides to have dinner tonight. But where is she received where would you suggest you go eat in the finest. Dining spots in Mesa, Arizona there's a very nice first meal of the Chicago job. Officials Garcia's. He's a plan on. Gas and you are going cigars this. In mesa. Looking it up a guy that good food it's still assist. There's still a system and a half since I was a cook there that I'm still cooks there no chip there to wasn't Tempe. National restaurant and RC and citrix restaurant he's right in the room Mariano it learned that they're the best she's just ever that's awesome. Yes I'm I'm Elena Garcia I don't know what he likes this like my aunt I don't know we'll find out. Like stake blossoming as pressure I tell you what happened TO would be a great restaurant I still question. You'll be ready to his guy like rattlesnake I sometimes wonder frank what is your favorite like of corona. Dissect he's motel low almost two years what is which is the best as they had a they had at a singer and get on the page of all those Beers which one's the best. A lot of mutual kind of americanized to light the muted like this to kotsay like an authentic. They're all I think are great climate don't correlate that well Mattel had the least authentic. Is trying to. Yeah. But it's probably the best tasting. I could say I really liked a sentence. I think to scientists are. Releasing good just what exactly does sixties soul. Yes kind of the but lite version is Hispanic nationally and our suite for fine you're their freight mobility scooter really good jealously sicker than a larger type. Heavier. Murdered little fighting to dissect he's is probably very popular one there but. The most popular one is thrown. Because it's americanized and we're led to believe that it's brutal Darren. You know Mexico City but it's not it's it's but it's very pocket and that's very good days to especially with the line I look I'm seriously yeah. I need to know I don't climb when you go to Mexico. Which I'm going to and a couple weeks now how many crew members and crew lights. Because they're two for one thing there is the line kills all the bacteria. So you'll find on every food played out there's a lot of war. Latin because you spread it on or put on because that kills the my resumes revenge. Is through dirty. When nobody knows sometimes can be. Our city. You don't. They cook with the water right the water goes on the foods what time do you cook the water right it boils now but to these days is spread lyme market it kills the the Muslims you know. It's five questions hello I ask a follow no I know I saw. Do we only do with the rest of us did any questions yeah so I'm in other science based question for Christ. Aren't some people seem don't be so the first launch of the SpaceX falcon heavy rocket last week it was a big success but it didn't go perfectly Elon Musk is trying to in the private sector get people to the moon and other planets and such so let's say the first. Exploration. To a different planet comes along and Elon Musk comes duties is frank Garcia who. Doesn't matter to guy who owns a company guy comes he when he says frank. How would you like to be part of the first crew. To fly SpaceX. A marsh or to a item whatever planet they wanna go explore. These terminator movies have you seen in your lifetime this is realistic and they lost last week uses a success I would do they have robots up there. Probably that's with a robots are doing these scheduled to go well beyond the we're gonna use them for that sort of denial I had already due to some degree. But do you accept the invitation remains just that a walked out he's pissed. Do you some answers you like he'd like to be renting content you wanna be on the first group you don't knowing that you might not make Abaxis face yet. You know what I'd do anything wants. It might be year old an opportunity. Literally that. You don't know I'm not going to space. Are solid my feet on the ground would you do it when I know heights. I will say this I am a space mirror if you if you know anything about me you know that I stand my free time which had very little these days watching YouTube videos about black holes. Drab city stars. All instinct if you really weren't great perspective on your life with Gupta cosmic steel videos on YouTube they're unbelievable how big some of these stars are. I would do absolutely it's one of my biggest dreams go to space I would absolutely. Take a chance to go to Mars. Even among. How many stars do you would be the first person in human history to go to Mars who what do you got Matt Damon went stranded him there are you living an Adonis is part of the risk man. Listen to us the bold explorer. Series is somebody told me listen you're gonna go to Mars pretty training you're gonna come on eyes of planet for human time. I probably don't. And not if they said we're gonna terra form that mother shouldn't do it I'm game. Amin has got to get his gravitational is gonna get its magnetic field action can have an ozone layer to protect you from cosmic rays. Again I mean dean and there you go to tell you were watching too much. Flash Gordon last push. Up. Dawson was Flash Gordon. You know plus corners are not surprised you don't Flash Gordon is yet but are you sure it's not Buck Rogers. But you're talking about. I'm about Buck Rogers Canada but is it just remember buck yeah he's distracted that that's a perfect oyster in this that's an important right now got a well that's why I want to ask a question all right OK I mean do you see your from the mountains yet did you actually the beaver. We're definitely going to bridge or come got the right. It's gonna say yeah. Yeah. It does get. I don't side get a vote Chris drove real Georgia's governor momentarily for the garage door guru handoff yeah. While we wait to we'll have to thank Tom ever stroke which reported NBA writer Stephanie ready fox sports southeast and Erin Torres. Of the athletic all for joining us today and soon stopped. The Sonics want to tell about it what they are are you wanna know. I'm OK just why wasn't sure she'll look at that well. We had Diana back in here who resigned going to be featured on the back its act against immoral for the of the best picket lines on Valentine's Day she's got frank all sorts of riled up look at itself which you talk about. We could talk about the beaver eating contest not a dude like come on. Stop it. You're killing me. Eat you take innuendo. And you just pushing all the way up to where it's only. So does a blank earlier on what it takes to be able to. I guess people always. I don't people actually eat real beavers. I said yeah to clean you scare nets. Well I know there's water that was one guy who was way too into the reversed a religious way too into what it takes to clean more than skin one and you want. I've never once amoled considered to consider cleaning is getting a beaver and I don't wanna just in the clip that's Beverly Hillbillies has now back in the day. Beaver pelts. Big time bartering big time today time in the bartering game I actually entity under special point Alaska instead just FYI I don't like currency did like couple beaver pelts you know. Trade enforcement addition some sugar so that notion and Aussie duck car street tunnel thing turns James much. How so. I try to demean John. Nobody's trying to do to address or dementia nobody's trying to do it's you're in trouble listen you're pretty you're very talented in doing yourself. I do one thing that we really didn't even touch the chance to get into was this service at a Calista bust. And I don't. And I'm trying to do is not a trial lawyer but. Odd extra struggling meaning I know there there's a list ideas Jim mobile I'm more into tomorrow but the ten offseason priorities for the NFL you know among them the contortions DOS and dove in the anthem protests and our should say you know the things happen to make your what they're gonna do to make the income less controversial. What else is on the catch rule is you would expect is on your instant replay and done a few other things a little bit further down the list. Is the sailed to Carolina Panthers and it talks about getting the the ownership house in order and know what they're going to do but compared to sale also was smooth transition there ands you know how the NFL's actually gonna handle this thing because if you think back to when the story came out. On that Sunday. There there are as it was on Friday that wave was broke wide open on the Sunday PM you know you eat jurors he stepped down and that we was gonna try to get out of the way in and make it less and headed for the NFL but this thing is still kind about their Luminex kind of it is. And the Panthers you know now with the GM stuff happening and everything else looked to be testimonials across the country still kind of an amass so how was this sale gonna go down can things called down here or at least how the NFL season back that's one of the things that this article talks about that's one of the top stories in the offseason is one of the top ten priorities listed in this article for the NFL and the policies. I mean I don't know means that the higher you know for what Dennis Miller is because. Amused look at that it's no where and who they want in that club that exclusive club. Your image matters. There's a lot of things that go into that whether you're gonna move the team. You know I know that we've talked about that it's you know pretty consistently throughout the offseason. Luster being the. Next head coach who's unionized general manager. In those type of things and dump you know maybe it's more here because. I mean I don't know with the stories that we're where the rumors are you know what's been talked about as far as nationally. But I mean as the Panthers have been present. Does one of those things continues to pop up every time you know this topic comes in due to to do it to discussions so I'm not share. Illinois and when another thing on dudes is kind of raises all that is assailed what price tags actually going to be because we've seen valuations of over two billion dollars but you know you saw the book the Buffalo Bills go from what one point four back in 2014. So it's expected to a clips that but is it gonna hit it to tell the two billion dollar mark what is also. I would say it's in the wall over two 1000000000 AM AB I don't know if I just reached a deceived because again the valuation is over two billion dollars for this team right now but they'll. Anything over one point forward obviously eclipse with the bills sold for so it's going to be interest NC. Where were you when I needed tried to become Kagan I tell the truth please I was working the phones. I was talking to a hornet's source I'll really so a mosque that I do work look at a got to hook you guys can't be mad men a lot I want my source I'm not mad at you. But a news. Because I know I look dumb I'll watch a Michael may and I should have been in the studio about five minutes ago though it does say he was. Like I was doing something so desperately wrong terribly wrong. Gasoline was today he just from these on this beaver exploration thing beaver hunting beaver this even it beavers have been a big theme of the show. On one thing for the rest your life with you on beaver cooter. The I'm you know what I'm just gonna Bala I know be better position for starters. On my guy that's true. Slow time in your voice that I don't trust is still up for you we get a fun show me and Damione Lewis sits at three were gonna talk a lot of theaters but. We'll get into some more it's college hoops I got cam was gonna drop by show on Gemini from the sporting news talk MBA I Joseph Torre talked about some of his capstone for the Panthers you do as a staff it was more older to get into anybody Andrew nor well. Did allow a single track a sack I don't think he allowed a single pressure all year long. You don't both kind of said last week he said hey hey I thought nor well was out the door. That's not a foregone conclusion you know can you find the money to keep him sojo Corey t.'s great well let's take glass. Really right and so talked to Joseph about that in the end George tadano from ESP and he actually had the one on one sit down with Dwyane Wade yesterday due CNET I did not and wade lose anyway it was pretty honest like wade was talk about the dynamics in that locker room C Morrison Steve clustered. You see no doubt the majority are no good radio yesterday voice I was good radio I tour for just yet we're gonna get into all that and invent more corners frustrations I'm sure so that's it it's going to be fun for hours Damian Lewis is gonna join us that there is a toss numbers show sorry I was late. Not gonna go back tomorrow and orchard would you like for he just told us I'm. Nature yeah we'll center in Britain and listen I drive times coming up next for a hit man Osborne tried jumped child is has been Garcia and relief W since it. Shot eight. I was I didn't have blow your mind. Just happened.