Garcia And Bailey 2-16-18 Hour 4

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Friday, February 16th

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Garcia. Or child Israeli strike Garcia and Osbourne and you know we forgot we know we forgot the technically broads on it's 1 o'clock. While we're doing beyond this interview were about to do and I'm so excited about we've got their tickets to giveaway a pair of tickets to see Bon Jovi April 21 at the spectrum sooner third caller did some 7045709. 21 at the spectrum suitable right now. We are talking to more than great personalities. In all sports one of the best trash talkers. In the history of sports he's fighting in the bella tort anime heavyweight Grand Prix they're trying to. It's a soul that that heavyweight titles they concede just be Quinton Rampage Jackson last month and he was also on the most recent episode of Celebrity Apprentice where he. Become a computer courts device that he was fired by Arnold Schwarzenegger Yangtze in tries exactly right shell son of the great shell sought a joins us on the tech job does slide show our brother. Bill Ray spec or. This access exactly yeah. As FFS anyway I was still producing we actually sat down with Matt Mitch real and at the Super Bowl a couple of weeks ago. And had a great conversation about the summit a slight chance for long Donald followed your career for a long long time and it's an aged forty million odd to still get it done to write books still and everybody else how to get it done. EMA and I still love the sport it's not how many miles the car at the nobody while the car has leapt up to get started at that although they fired up or pick it up but it is well but already more. Our jail so really quickly. Arm is far is the does Celebrity Apprentice stuff goes that's. Outside the slight Romano you have a lot of interest you did you even talked about buying WW he's from Vince McMahon at some point what is it what was a Celebrity Apprentice experience like for you. Turned up at WW with a little more expensive at all she'll do success. And I don't scrap out that it was openly gay people understood the were playing a game and it's. Did you cable that open that but the back but the people understood that. Had a great time it's still have good relationships that they add that there are that urge that you spoke to that or cry baby that they went all. You know we went with cheers and their belt type that would probably wedge right up the beatable but so what great about our that they edit BD 80. If I loved the book wedge liberty to get their the only part about being you be brought me more joy. Tell your obviously a duck you know I'm looking at your bio here you're from west Leno or again very familiar with the Portland area have a lot of friends that went to university Morgan just short side Chad Cota played with good low ball there but what made you decide that you wanted to go in this direction of MMX. You know I want that they and I love of from the beginning and they tell what the ducks on the trader right I would that be any worse they trop there Rhett what program look deeper now. But as far as cute and they have a bank finally got a right to do was to speak or look up what they saw a sport out there are a few of the world chip directly to the baddest dude alive. It buys it in my father and international we treatment that we thought the US team we are at a pay go all way to the rules just change won't be that does the public got out there. That's the sport and so it was pretty heated this remain. Chile and it's like in this there's this grand trees. To the March Madness of mixed martial arts and I love what you guys are doing and not I was talking about Jay Glazer joined broadcast through a couple of weeks ago I think that's awesome night it's just a really cool thing to develop towards doing and not talk to dole tour fighters have talked to USC fighters and you know it was only a matter of time before someone really stepped up to the plate and challenge to the USC and here you warned bella toward doing it what makes this Grand Prix this event so worthwhile. You know everybody just understand that there's very few times in this sport Ibaka joke if the people we are a lot of politics bit to keep it. Either got to be ample opportunity to beat the mayor that part Archie at each step of how or at. If just some promoter put your name on the contract. And it look buddy this is the right guy you're better but he expected but it there's K oracle took that they eight batters to just come up but you guys indeterminate whoever's left standing out what the wealth around is that there. Panel was stood back and goal we have court that there there's there's not been more parent sport and a competitive architecture go to the bracket at. Tell you you you're one of the toughest men in May be one of the strongest guys on the planet right and ever maybe ever right but we all have guys we look up to right there's always somebody that's a little tougher who's the toughest man on the planet for you. The top but it I ever had to grapple although that the guided west gut should he was no oral ship you know wrestler that you are what he would eat out front with Brett hurt the to spot due up battered do that I ever crap all if you look at the other thing. To me on this state which street that he did demean the practiced review what about Iraq. It's softer sales ought to zealots or emanate heavyweight Grand Prix a chillier at Purdue and yet I I know you won't dump on Rampage last month who's up next for you. OK so that was the first quarter final thought I'd be at the semis. And I will take on the winner of commuter who's gonna take on greater unity go to Chicago he. Or what matchup in the. It's added and that's what I think is so cool about this because again we got a really cool opportunity to talk about Israel about this is that these these are just you know some open coming anyways these are are are well known household names in the world of mixed martial arts. Names like you would trade or frightening or doubted that we saw slight Brock Lesnar time and time again this is as big as as big jets. Yeah ESP resisted a piece senators realize that black market but it peak I've world champion won this world chip in. Oh marks that 80 yeah it's pretty hard by interpret what. What are quote it into what it it will give people or so. Get there's no way to deny them at work or can't that it is still very good about themselves they will be the rightful winners. He'll tell us athletes he allowed time to get ready prepared to go out there on on on the the field in the in the ring. I mean on the mat however might be kind of have a routine you know you use at the locker room. You listen to music and things like that take us through our preparation for you as you get ready to go into the octagon. And knock somebody out. He hit one of the most important thing is what your approach is mine isn't the same time I I don't you think our fight they are being what Butler beat that created by you know whether that 10 o'clock 11 o'clock it is they have better read and get beer conditions are pretty laid back there that we get over to do we not. Do horrible horrible a bomb finish it was some wind sprints just completely exhausted every couple were up fifteen but it would make the walk at bats Leah. What happens when that caged door closes. To tell us on our art. I it will focus spoke to a treatment I don't think about the outcome but I do think about it before. There's always think I wanna do about blacks fight utilitarian not move forward step autumn. And I just stay real discipline to make sure do windows street think that not speak integrate a great. It's still the best rest you know back Kamal what though or whatever the event were the order to focus on it and I think about it being hard you repeat he didn't say park knew that that at the ball. Did you you know just a fighter yeah your businessman and I know that so you're not one that brought you talk a lot of stress -- conduct -- unnecessarily burn bridges so much and I wanted to clear what my asking this question and a look at for a viral sound bite here but you know we had a USC fight night here in Charlotte about the three or four weeks ago it was a great event and no that's still sort of household name in mixed martial arts but not first fighters talk about that in the organization becoming less fighter friendly image but even referenced that Reebok deal and so on and so forth as a USC become less fighter friendly and is that opened the door for promotions like the old tortoise stepped in and really don't make a name for themselves. You know I hear that same thing as same thing to edit have a spirit that I love my apparently a BM up front appellate court think their worst similarity between car cobra and a white and are different. Data from nearly. Primarily when you look at the book a fight yet and so is that fight intrastate Scott Coker yet since self is that fight. On Andrea you know that that candidate to different mindset than they poop or they do like double the critic that the that the re are you out there Jim that. I was never part of that. But I can tell you this fighter never should have been able to get sponsors there though expect you to produce in the future of television. That led to power what have the advertising dollar that it. Higher than the model but it up Akira if you read it. So the practical group let that happen it is very generous but you know but he that the oh who what that affected it quite that act as a fighter ever should've packed. Michelle here in the NFL all the time you with concussions in you know all the CT and all the brain damage it goes along with that mean I'm sure you're aware of you know some of the fighters like mom. On all the and are you know what had taken place with him. I'm with the dementia and all the other things is there any concern for you ever long term risk. Yes definitely and I don't spent a lot of time speaking about Brett that well for our side. From the the evident right from the U I don't wanna capital but I think the people that talk about each you know we're here they start that'll they always anger after they beat but nobody ever the debate to make this sport deeper water. Assault that and we'll look back on boxing could we've seen a more bark at. Shortcut around. Where he's speaking guys out there for twelve brown that's ridiculous it's aura that told nobody what it would be human body is eight for that chartered out. Amateurs that are in the Olympic Games despite the regret that than not that you can't prove your point and apple think at that and nine senate. Actual problem shortly Europa quit picking at all. Award a bit of a bit and that's the mood is equal under an approach. It just go. Only for their copy of the world that I wanna watch the birdie there. -- -- particulates are nerds some sort serial couple what do you what's ago I was actually thinking of chocolate all my head for a second because the question the last is that you know what when this sport really for sort of breaking into the mainstream I guess what about a decade ago at this point if you had some really big legendary memorable names like shock like Matt Hughes and BJ attendant in the list goes on and on and on and as I watch it now I still love the sport but I wonder is it is the sport right now missing as many of those marquee names early just so many great fighters out there that you know we were just having to sift through a lot more names. Yep that part of breakthrough in the guys that are fight now are a lot more talented than the guys to get the chip but. Though guides or more go at it that the early dollar question deeper become desperate at arsenal but he shows right now you know your beat. 53 showed. Scheduled for two deputy he'd ballot tort 43 took control for two company keep the basically carpet every single week yet there's going to be a couple of shows to choose from so how deep breakthrough become a little bit different. I don't know that happy a circular question but that is. What makes historic that were the but he or any dealer in export. And a candidate to do that and you know that's what everybody straight big route to write. Two point yet they're only show the people caught decoration. Not for me see it which we had it been more. But. I think that he the average viewer army yet there's so much going on and I I don't fear it will. I need to separate itself. You know it's I tell you talk about you know given that octagon and you know and brisk and everything in. The risk being in cold blood and you know we talked to some of the guys and you know that's that's toughness that's courageous. Nobody if you could choose your knockout move for your move of submission what would it be what. What would you prefer would you prefer not to the guy out in his eyes rolled back at the campus or would you rather see or you tap a guy out and have them submit to you. I would get which uses the mission and predictable like kind of the Ole. Wrestler continued to wait but it shouldn't act by a technical all which we get only what they had a the other edit the stop the export. But they all very dominant. But you can catch a guy. And it could catch it I talked about it go to who looked more legitimate technical but it our boat they are. Our jail last thing I can't let you go without doing this I'm getting married later this year and have to show was good about listeners calling in to give me marital advice what is the best piece of marital advice to chill sonic can offer. Oh I would tell you that don't keep score don't ever keep track at 8020 break it's you're that they get a that you get the ATM and you're you're given the AD but that's okay. It just agree just move on happy wife happy life they ought to. Yeah and it's a real thing men or women or their record edit OK you don't need you to watch it you are eager to skip it can feed them and wait for the compact view that's okay too. Sales are before you go to bed and say I'm sorry you'll know when I waste dumping you're gonna have a pretty good chance on just have to tell the. I have always had pretty simple I got lucky aren't they are the right girl their at bats spread so it it's pretty simple for me but I do noted there is a lot of that out but I don't. Don't break it out just say OK in the ball. A sales auto. The toughest men in the world to estimate the island bill Torrey and amaze world's Grand Prix Rampage. Are what you create about. Two but we appreciated and it's who saw this opened just other it's a good job just like I was as good as I. Him and I have a lot in common Daria yeah we hate the docs we love beaver hard. Asked. Beavers the beavers or beaver beavers of the US capitol the beavers are brutal act didn't predict that ever happened also don't say that it Garcia but it. You know growing lush alone is a whole lot like grilling your bank account whether an obvious fact that they're both green success depends a whole lot of Tammy how folks Mike Rogers your curriculum were blown care while we're a financial planners we do you know had a plane for a lush green loan. 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A -- simply 7046022446. Here in Vegas. It's your home for hornets basketball when those 2.5 610 WFANC. Sun and yeah. Then ten or anything at all just being. What you don't know about it. I'd stand computerized so busy trying to do those crap I screwed that saying tell the smooth return their defense. Sound and goes Garcia Bailey welcome back chills on it was awesome. I just is awesome as we thought to be we appreciate his time 70457. Or 96 to and it got to circle and back to a conversation we were having their problems at the end of our number three until court over CBS for stock jumped former agent compiled a list of the top ten potential cap casualties. This offseason for the NFL we got a chance to talk about a couple of them on Tyrod Taylor Dez Bryant would warrant circle back to a couple of these just in terms of you know these players telling. Might sit. With Caroline printers potentially and it's these guys were spending any real money on. And the next named on the list let's talk about does Friday with a pair divorced this morning yeah. And before I know people wanna you know throw him in the name but it you know in the in the fray here because that's a big name be placed the cowboy right well recognized and had some good now. Numbers it was Romo there and you know he's a guy that is. You know been a little bit to. In just. Out there at times where he's made big plays he's he's dropped some big plays but it does he fit here with the Panthers. It's kind of the same thing for me with Kelvin Benjamin. I'm in a scenario I mean would you rather have Dez Bryant. Or DeVon functions and I think that's an easy question right I will be Dez Bryant but. You know you have DeVon fund just in a sitting here on your team. And has a lot more ahead of him and he does behind him I think Dez Bryant is getting to that point where you start their reach. In the sealing a little bit to Max and he's gonna start coming down here in the next couple years on top of that you have the payment on a money so. Yeah I think Dez Bryant's a little bit better than fun just but. Am you know when you start looking that ultimately. You know what helps your team long term. You know how much better I think he goes punches but you don't put both of those guys on the same roster you know for this team and go out there and try to stress to fill the knelt to do that. I'm just not sure in this this offseason in particular. Is the right time data dialect that and they may or may be never is according to some people but there you did is going to be a complete change in culture. They'll rally Carolina Panthers took his career it's everything somewhere maybe just not here that maybe on your right so the next named Melissa team to leave you know a guy who is he's been around he's played the patriots play with the Broncos last couple years. That number's going to be twelve million dollars as it stands right now into the Denver Broncos won a save some money and invested elsewhere twelve million dollars is a big month big number. I forgot who did by the way earned his fifth straight pull Pro Bowl Boris jobless 32 years old you know I and and for quarterbacks that sets it not a. The guy can play he can't he's just he's a football player what people call borderline dirty there remember what he was able what he did you do the Carolina fans as near the goal line. Not remembering who he grabbed his face masks and slowing them down and said listen if the penalties only Libya half a yard on the idea that every time and take my shot on the guy. He brings us as a tally to your defense. You know he. He has you know what you're looking for that position as far as coverage ability. But you don't tell your for the Carolina Panthers. Unfortunately I think you stunts the growth of the younger players because you're gonna put him in front of them. Right so that's kind of the discussion you have to have is that. Jealousy is he did interview a guy you're willing to roll with the next 34 years if you're gonna pray that type of money to England for me the answer again you know it is no. You know for that player I think you're gonna go out there and free agency you're gonna do the guy's gonna be here. You know for at least four or five years you do get the maximum out of his contract and his ability you better days are behind the key to leave but think that. You know he's he would bring some toughness that it which I think this. This group needs I'm a little bit more fears a calorie. I mean a little swagger if you will when it comes to. If the defense and in it and and that secondary and I think those are all things that these young players we eventually get but they have to have the confidence in. In and their ability and you know maybe sometimes about their play a little bit more confident what they have. Philly ground Ottawa. Our filly brown definitely Brett thank you literally browsed as he snatched him down near the goal line labels in the Super Bowl and got ripped his help head off our next name on the list are DeMarco Murray right EZ guide pro bowler Torry sixty led the AFC with almost thirteen hundred yards but they're not a great Torre seventy Derrick Henry cut into his workload out there and silly and quite honestly as far as it pertains to the traditional wanna swap on thirty year old running back for a. Right now and you took the words rademan methods which are doing a swap one for the other it has a little bit more big home run ability than jays do but I'm ledgers dues that apparently bruiser. I'm you know who who's been nicked up dude who's unit to necessarily count on. Hum daughter percent of the time yeah because he has some Wear and tear on him he's shown no signs of those. You know being in the in the tub in it and that may be in a lasting you know like you you you'd expect younger. Running back in summer go running back on when you're young yet. I'm hungry and wanna got it some conflict X contract this willing to run through break tackles. On this let's try to make a name for himself. And maybe you need to again the second third round you know may be in the fourth round who knows Bilbao. I want a guy in the backfield more something to prove that has ability that you take a shot on this gonna go out there and run his ass off. You go forward into three years four years before he gets that opportunity do a good Contra got things running backs. You can cycle strewn. You know a little bit more what you get these super talented guys. And them talking maybe a handful of guys you're you're talking about guys like lettuce and as he tell you it. Mueller Damon Thomas and back then Marshall fall into these you know these dynamic players in Adrian Peterson back in his day you know they're gonna make fewer differences for clubs for years to come. Than teaching young guys coming in challenge and that's what you know that position for me has become you need a talented guy you need a big physical guy as he goes to break home runs or talk gorillas would get you to join that conversation is in that first half for those relief guys in gold around. You know but you can draft those guys once every four or five years right and not have to pay them that lion's share of money so if your doctor. Not running back I'm gonna go young Ahmadinejad back there's a run Argo stressed. Couple more names quickly and and to a lot of subtlety McKinney says the Panthers ought to Vick we did talk about Brian Kush are Brian Cushing. Linebacker never gets into PED suspensions and that that doesn't make any sense of Randall Cobb for the morning good he's expected to make him a very talented guy but if he's cap casualty unitary Randall Cobb you know 1230 million dollars a year. You know and that's what you gonna have to decide to do a lot of times your cap casualty doesn't mean you're gonna go out there and get that on the open market right. So depends on what his marketed as I think there will be a good market for Randall Cobb because of his versatility. And his experience. You know he has the ability. You have to make guys miss he has the toughness to run these interior crossing routes. I make catches you know make guys miss new those type of things but he also plays of Aaron Rodgers and offense. This pretty. In a wide open and you know utilizes his ability to it's tough to its finest how does he fit you know here for the cure a lot of pans or does he fit. You'll some of these other offences I think that you know he'd be a great piece from New Orleans. Are really do I think they've been great complementary piece to. What you have which tomorrow in the backfield I mean are you talked about you run across route and are run those swing routes new what do you do you cornered him you almost have to play strictly zone defense to keep things in front of you learn you know that opens up holes for Drew Brees does he takes those things apart so I think he's a good fit a place like that thinks a great Britain and Green Bay and just because your cap casualty. You know to what your contracts as you are doesn't mean you don't renegotiate. You know to the current team that your raw and just take a little bit less money I think Green Bay is a perfect fit Randall Cobb. You know I I do I think that you don't need to patriots another arguably you know conversation can easily can be done I'm sure he'll be brought up into because of his skill set. I just don't know if he sits in Carolina Panthers honestly because of a new type routes he runs he doesn't really offer that you take the top off type the speed that you're looking for. And you have younger players there that you know do guys like Chris McCaffery -- Samuel odd demeanor bird do we you that don't even mention very often who you know came along pretty strong but you know he's got to stay healthy to. We knew we need some you know and if I can say that we need more toughness at that position. They're dealt. Are there just last three names and again I don't think these make much sense either it'd show on blunt instrument to be checked casualty altitude makes much sense here especially for that saying much to bear signed into trouble is gonna want and then on Doug Martin another running back who's done nothing since 2015 serve the PD suspension the first four games of last season tea and and and last week the Lola the last actually could Nixon says dependent on money on tape Austin. You know the why pursue your friend who's with with over the rams right. He's a speedster from West Virginia if I'm not mistaken you know dad it's. Has steadily speed that you are looking for but you know he runs terrible routes. You know neat he and his most of his yards come weighs in on the three yard catch and make a guy miss it would take to top off a lot of reverses. You know very similar to the skill set if you look at with a guy like I'm occur Sam. Bomb he's I think a little bit tougher right now he's a little bit more seasoned. Than Curtis Samuel occurs and has got to make his mind up what he wants to be right because he has the ability to go out there and do a lot you know with what we've seen. You know just on film and and you know when you see certain hear guys talk about him but he's just excited he was good football player not. Are you can be a great athlete BS that there's definitely in Britain in a great athlete and be a good football color L eight. He has the athletic park yesterday side you know she wasn't a football player and a. All right when we come back everybody's favorite segment the world according to strike. Introducing. Lucia it's. That we've seen changing new starting speeds of 200 make it. Double the previous plus reintroducing spectrum intraday. We speeds up to 940. Megabit it's part of our commitment to bringing you a faster more reliable network every day. This is spectrum dot com. 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That's home filter club dot com. They have recommend you visit your home for Charlotte hornets basketball 102 point 56 kids W. Charlotte sports we have. Time now. For the world according. To drink. Headlines. I'm not sure that so we're handling a case that does. We're we're we're we're we're cut that out of the intro right there. That won't happen again there's still so if people just don't sit together now so do we start doing this was not hit. And as world according to hit mentally and our track but yeah. We we don't care if there's thank you you have on our daily schedule that you created for us that you would be your 1 o'clock who seems to meet at 1 o'clock would be appropriate time to play that we're not coming in implying and watch Utley hit man the world record frank segment now restrict only territory yeah. I don't like I don't I don't I don't see how that's appropriate see. IID on a nice little heads up I'll be in in about ten minutes obviously you relate to break lets you always are popular little early like we always thought yeah pomp. So they're not popping in and I say Ozzie must concentrate. And the lunatic just as it does is they've ever done it. They would take a straw poll Mary Joseph sucked him man is an ass clown yeah we'll. We knew that nothing about I would like a good job forum allows. If people really wanna hear this all. If we really should that mean he comes in here he's so excited. Americans are so excited to talk radio. But I think less hit man is more. I thought hawk it's being part of a great mid d'antoni should yet less lesson and is more steep part of it I think especially. Like some some breaking news here I was just informed by a a source of that hit man was in fact late to do segment not because he anticipated using a break but rather because he was seen walking around with two girls on the problem is taking it outside lunch break. Almost no let's not and it just described on how. Did yeah I would really can tell her Tennessee home when it's been a short Lawrence Burt who can no longer than that and I guess I know that very gust. Who's got the first question. Well last to first question I don't care. Frustrates you know lethally publicizing get re glad to be dating world gonna put some M profiles up. On an Internet web sites to date known been known to be seen this incredible month. Yeah. What is your most embarrassing. Dean story. We have data stolen. And really date. Did you ever really dated. I got to dig the girl one time in College. Park last time my current members DD. I'm going on to meet with her. Women flocked to use it well yeah I just I don't have to write so telling it saving user crude he chooses the other. You are lucky one tonight nice hum but it's. I came back into. My bro. Home and my roommate was sit in there and I was all excited we've got this. Great date this guerrilla member and trying to do out with this entire time. And I was kind of just like jumping on him cushion room any tricks Mira Vista miscues off me once. Any kidney and stomach my natural reaction. It was what it was like about her well are song back door swung back to unfortunately you know kind of appears to its. Is he with his two Houston unfortunately yeah well I mean I got kicked out of salt it's from soft. At 108 so that was dynamite I mean really had nothing to do with the data at all team never like been on had ever been on a really bad day. No days that I nasty is gosh I don't it's not a very good really sure there's no way I hit named Iran has enough. Which has given that question. Pretty Garcia. Seriously that's got stuff. When one break Garcia tracks his way on his yearly hobble family vacation and next Friday night. Yeah at the show which aren't on the exploits for the Friday before the show. I'm going next also was a fresh off trying to a mosque Friday okay to do so next Maher I was given money to those who don't have mostly been. I I don't think there's a choice. That's when they Jason what when Freddy Garcia first steps foot off the plane in Guantanamo. Sam a kiss right. Is there is the first word comes out of your mouth I don't know cynicism to clean mark what is the first thing you do when arriving at the airport. All right I did yeah. Okay I thought. That's it I'm here for him now or no months surveys of for Russell ball out other kids going this year. Now hold your school you on those desperate restaurant. We're about this you know many years ago Tom Hanks I expected the kids to go and they did a lot you know we have our great friends ago there. We all congregate there can only once every year. Now for 7810 days you know whatever it is and you know get the families gather as the kids get older they have more responsible. Though these. And they're not able to get out of school they have their tracker they have. A soccer they have whatever act sport they have going on and it was hard for them to get out and go the older they get but. When you earned like junior. I mean it's okay because and really miss in March but once you get that sophomore junior that junior year and high schools when you start really kind of focus and that. I'm missing grades don't matter all the way up to that but schools start looking at those grades a little closer and yeah. I just a bit more difficult lie I appreciate you might as he did a clinic to dope I can't make it by. Yeah I did invite Paulo next sat next year are invited unit and that and that in a date yeah you can kind of take center. And if you can't find a date to gobble it all expenses paid except for you just gotta. The do is apply the pair give suspend for the airfare. GAAP you know that's all you're there I'd. That's what the girls say when. And they say yeah that might or might Jackson does not affect I know you definitely larger chain last. I had my question. Update by the way for all of you who have been no texting and tweeting in advice this morning and how to handle this wedding dress situation. My fiance for those who don't know is open to ensure my mother and her mother wedding dress shopping this weekend. And I was asking about appropriate responses to the Texan I was getting about which stresses the best. She already bought it. It's not so I'm I'm completely off the hook I've know no more involved seriously membership buyer. Afghanistan's different scenarios are probably more hooked. Little bit of both presides lean more toward by. Has nothing more frustrating. When somebody has to go try everything on the store on vick's intent great reminder why I don't I'm not one of those people. I see what I liked yeah I don't get it and then get out so yeah. You urgently in case you were just like me were you Mohamed to trial on jeans and in policy was the worst or somebody trying to close anyways between Marty big kids yeah exact things tight. I start in the press and this is husky on it is like come on I mean the loose it is really not that loosely it's gotten us this is Yuxi sizes too big giveaways to sympathize it's another had been off my plate. An aborted and told what we're wearing as well important everywhere. A a two out show to sound until it's crowded but is that include disordered rest does include best. Does include best get excited I had also hit man is in seeing mission that he is in seeing the what I. Wait what should we make shipman what are the come on out keep the clean OK you know. On affected the way don't worry about that at home. Don't they'll be fine but come out onto her like. Crazy ass outfit what's gonna keep this professional and Nicholas moot because Snickers it's my wedding. Real smooth man to be single ladies and what's the colors. I'm not an unreasonable and just kind of delicate. Or is that movies from two guys are dumb and dumber the tuxedo like that's our blue orange and blue the blue and was fantastic we've agent man whereas the in season what were those on those things called the plea there as the the ruffles ruffles and I'll win the damn more than one out of all the blue one maybe. No I think you don't get to choose we cheese for you it's her wedding you where do you see here's what I just relay where its results whatever it is right here's what he has to have. Hat McCain. Mean I love you death girl. Don't you dare hang McCain is so again don't wanna be associated dumb and dumber tuxedo. A guest says yeah jamaat you know we now he's doing he's absolutely weren't a top hat now the top ten and tell us what every does 'cause he's going to be the emcee right. He's got editorial McCain wherever he goes. As museum sees it and I had to from the champ Romano guy I want greeted that only if you played a clip. Anytime I want to know what I had a pulled up right now I how can I. About conveniently and that's yeah. This is not much of the negotiation and it's what she wanna know we're gonna tumor in which we heard a manager Monica took just you just the one thing like mr. 300 tomorrow. This to you what's the chances he has like the dark glasses ever could detect and everybody's day follow the leader time America and but we're here. Animator yes I hit my aviators I didn't know you believe there there'll be no aviator Steve fearful there on the top hat and Monica. But he did was no so I Mir mediators they were not nor my as a wasn't what's the chances. That he has a date. We have a day. We bring and they add to present more and animal life frank. So let. Splitting into Dallas bred puppy I still enjoy the party he's a lady killer by the way speaking of that. You know that we frank and I made a split executive decision earlier so Harry Gaudin never exact decision by YouTube and that Canada and now that we are all putting Oz draws has put himself on the data in the dating market. We decided that we are going to carry segment on the show to try to get both US and Oz dates from our listeners I. I don't need your help pal it's not about your health it's about our entertainment. We are going to do radio doesn't what was the name of the show you said earlier changing the dating game for their doing so dating game. With Oz and hit nine yard this portal we're gonna see who gets the best day. Is there any I think is buried her like KM we'll find a female bar choice okay so to be like to know. Sodium. Well route well what will around may be well rounded player. Job career. I'll (%expletive) us. Today we're relative to get married here and I'm gonna date would. We don't have a choice seek to edit the Jersey that has commitments and buster what don't this makes you so confident that you're gonna get chosen over. A better job of a screen up on the international scene here ugly mug. Oddly speak for yourself I don't know what stimulus is that this can really hear you talk. She's gonna ask you questions that the get responses. Like for example of what does a great day look for you. And like I am hi few minutes of the apiece to take from me my Q is skyrocket your glass and drink age is neatly in bed by about 730. Now I went to Italy just isn't and a 7:30 in the morning. A dog food downside is that terrible accent I mean doesn't even the little it's like down my ears yeah. Like we're we're sort of what is a daylight on a date that look for it and we don't know like we're gonna. What why me down I knew we are going to. I guess we'll know for you heard it Caroline brought. A mastermind this plan. So that we do well but it's going to be a dating game between Gaza hit man we're gonna find them each missed the conference I think that's when we'll find out well. Bernard Joan back to enough filling in for drugs this afternoon Brian no Damione Lewis gonna be a great show two to six primetime oval chat with those are at least the bride no I think coming up next. After the garage door to Randolph is Garcia Baylor. Unlucky. Your tablet on your Smartphone. WFANG dot com is your source for the best sports talk get information in Charlotte. Here you understand what the biggest names in sports. Podcasts of your favorite WNBC show some lives it features promo. We're eighteen pages of this contest in more. Check out WS then he got come today he online home for Charlotte sports leader 10256. Cans WNBA. I'm John chirping with NFL network now on be Westwood One radio network. AJ McCarron has won his grievance against the Bengals making him an unrestricted free agent. Apparently two national titles as a starter Alabama but it seemed limited action in his four NFL seasons backing up Andy Dalton in Cincinnati. But is only three career starts back in 2015. The Arizona Cardinals announcing Thursday that eleven time pro bowler Larry FitzGerald. Will return for his fifteenth season in 2018. FitzGerald caught 109 balls over 11100 yards and six TDs just a year ago. The NFL draft will be in Dallas this April when it's on the move after that. The five finalists to host the drafted 2019 and 20/20 include the Cleveland can't area. Kansas city Tennessee Denver and Las Vegas for two winners will be announced at the spring league meeting. In many. This is an NFL network now on the Westwood One radio network. One and oh my favorite word. 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Blue dog gone oh. Our. PM with Chris Kroger or brought to you by corona lights. Game on climate official partner of the Charlotte hornets in 10256. And WS transient ordered troops for the next weaker so we just of course it's all star weekend festivities getting underway tonight and I'm sure the next folks taking over for Sarah WS Lindsay will talk all about that order to bride no Damione Lewis coming up in just a moment but we have to say Brad Evans and she'll Sonnen and chuck Howard and us taking all the way back to Russia did engineer don't Zach harper. Of also ran against sac are levers to check great great stuff here on Friday so lots we appreciate infamous for such a great show we're back on Monday of course suffered most of the week to try to sit in his. His vacation next Friday and these dogs for the the following weeks are gonna make the most of next weekend. Again we'll have some form with a bullet to Damione Lewis who just stepped out he's back in a moment the spring and Brian know right now for the garage door do Randolph he's sitting in for Chris program this afternoon and Brian first of all it's a pleasure our. Man you guys Dillon we're doing well we're doing well we've we've talked about a lot of things this afternoon including Minnesota's NCAA investigation the FBI investigation I should say that. If you're if you believe some of the guys who pretty well connected to college college athletics like Pete Campbell this thing is poised to bring down a lot of names of a lot of programs. Yes it's just. It's a weird deal man because it's almost like. Abs like in this whole thing to speeding. Where I'd be like say the speed limit is 55. And all of a sudden. Where we're cars have been going 7075. In some instances 85 and they just let it go. We're all of a sudden there's this new system where they're able to go back in time and see how fast people are going and it's like how far they wanna take this how much they want a crackdown because. They were allowed these teams were allowed to operate in do all these improper things troll long long time his guys well know so be really interesting with the FBI does the crackdown and right the wrongs that the NCAA never did absolutely right I saw and I'm sure we'll talk about that the session with what do you Luc Bordeaux significance of limit on the ownership of course I think it's interest thing where it's kind of like college football recruiting or react like we know what's going on when we really don't know. It should have been stuffed a shot clears them Thai recruiters couldn't real estate earlier this got to be pretty we have no idea who these people are unless it's a name were familiar with link Kyle Busch or something like that though a bit on that little bit on the Panthers. Of course some hoops going on with you think about college basketball in the NBA where it's wide open in college hoops right now. I really don't have a great feel of who's gonna end up winning the whole thing. You compare that of the NBA with the warriors and I'd be stunned if somebody other than the warriors when's it. So what's the Eli age as a hoops fan better deal like the wide open nature of college hoops ordeal like the Goliath on top which is the warriors in the NBA and everybody tried and taken down. No doubt about it and you know I did the college basketball -- -- is absolutely fascinating to go back to the protesting for second talking about ownership which is Celtic that we clearly do a lot urine if the people here locally they they have some different opinions on whether or not they prefer it and local ownership group that understands the fan base in the organization and that would largest presumably to ensure that this team would never be relocated which is unreasonable to believe whether it's local or an outside guy becomes an or do you wanna Gallagher and -- to bar loads you want someone as you said maybe a real estate tycoon from LA or Texas or something along those lines but look ownership. If it's not the sexiest thing in the world to talk about being a new business that Lauren but it ultimately impacts everything an organization doesn't and that trickles down the science. Yeah it's absolutely huge there's no doubt about it its chest. We. We won in no more than we actually do is what it really boils down to. Over me who ends up being the owner I did it I'm not trying to say it's unimportant or anything like that. It's just looked fans when I know are they gonna remain here that's first and foremost. And is it gonna be an owner that isn't meddling that doesn't think he's a football guy when he's really not in so it's an incredibly important. This is one of these things where. Do you have a great sense you know think about think about college quarterbacks going into the NFL we watch these guys baker may feel all these guys we watched them so intently. And we can make estimated guesses. On who's gonna pan out and who while how do you make an estimated gas based on who was greeted real estate who the mole holy isn't whatever business you speak you know he owns a Waste Management how can you. Forecast who's gonna be a good owner and who won't. This is really difficult to do a look at Ford the conversational Melissa do you guys have a great show all right. I meant thank you page O'Brien no he's filling in for crohn's this afternoon do you Lewis in the house Damione Lewis will be with him and the best thing to happen this segment is that he brought his young son to censor fright so a lot of they're gonna have some fun we'll be listening for back on Monday besides the hit man Osborne for Franken Giles this has been Garcia Bailey W legends it. It's. What does that do they'll blow your mind. Just happened.