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Friday, February 16th

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But Garcia. Now howdy everybody I'm gonna try every once in Wallace's sticks. Nothing dazzling us your thoughts. Feedback it's odd it's very like 1870s. At Utah or Arizona ash. Arizona airlift to think how do you all as an Arizona saying yes this early. And you your Arizona values overall as they cowboy western type of the green. How exactly 1870s. So why would you think that would be any different. Well would you expect to how to be from east have a show called Howdy Doody. Howdy Doody time gain words that I am so proud yeah for to do it I just don't associate that with the Arizona that's all. Amid what are your associate it with great Mexican food. Seriously vitality with Mexican food now know at an Arizona. With Mexican food. A great Mexican fruit but I don't doubt and it's gonna talk time there's also admittedly I'm ignorant about the state of Arizona yes your oh god yes they universally now gonna. I didn't agree with you. Whatever your locomotives Garcia and Bailey big show today we got Zach corporate audits of NBA such cowards and Doris in the Daytona 500 and it's hard to tell what Dell's second ago I don't know it's just throw him a blast out there right now I think. It's just last night. There are fed up by the way I'm calling chuck the ugly chuckling. I greatly from now on that suspect is nick and I sit shocks or don't get too so Austin Ike is I got to booked at 12 PM he said I'm not right now it's been great so party can't wait come on. Also told him Jeff Burton the confinement of the FAZ dot com or I guess was a fantastic interview yesterday talking about NASCAR Daytona everything. Is it looked that I could trying Jeff Burton said the Bart Bryant Jeff Burton Julius I people are responding that you know via Twitter yeah sewage and they loved him. They love Jeff Burton you know that's a favorite driver or. Or what was your favorite driver and a great job obviously aren't. On television but it was spot on a lot of things he said it was just couldn't could talk. The wall he was he was honest ands he was interest in that is Michigan radio so he was honesty was interesting and does certainly appreciate that about him but a we're talking to Brad Evans will be some college basketball stuff with him later in the show brackets colleges to ease up pretty good aborted does sensible talk to him and then coming up to 1 o'clock. We will talk to one of my favorite mixed martial artist personalities in the history of the sport jails on enjoys the show. He is part of that village sore heavyweight grand free just recently defeated Quinton Rampage Jackson we are gonna talk to tale about a lot of things coming at 1 o'clock so excited about that but 70457. Or 96 dead and eight. The energy is a little bit different. Coming off the back it's Akron now right with Jim and all of a little bit just a little just a little bit different right you get this. Day jail tonight there is fair is fair and they got not a bad thing you don't just different right because Mac is just ten out of ten. And also all energy lol all the time in the hole microphones turned up eardrums are blown out and and Jim is just laid back subdued easy going and just kind of given you his thoughts as they come to you. And I like that it is it's a little bit of a different change of tennis or just. A good energy coming into the shows little different the last couple of days do you agree with that I do. But he filled did you do voters should would you do an injection of more energy right now I mean if you missed yelling and screaming I'm not sure to look at sports. I'm not looking for it than just an opinion. Yeah you have an abundance of those oh I I do I don't really have weather and we're gonna talk about the energy coming in from the Mac and we expect. Is he might impress you wanna perform slightly better than I did I did you are talking as a governor and now and you talk about people that. High energy and like to hear themselves speak except that this stuff as well. Before. To say the least RE dot edu you you texted us this morning we have a Garcia and Bailey Twitter thread but that's where threaded text read. And you Texas this morning the other the pizza roll do you Yahoo! Sports article about the last night how are we was it last night I do last night it affects how early last naturally there would've known that I was dog tyrant must never woke up and saw it and these some of these schools and he didn't you know some of these programs are addictive and that's that's what a bullet just slid into what did you would you take from the read. I took from the dead in validated a lot of what I thought it could be yesterday and something that is entirely unprecedented and made. And just because I say these programs are in deep trouble right now doesn't mean they will ultimately be in deep trouble when it's also and done with respect to the NCAA. But they're more serious issues on the plate right now because this is the FBI this coming after them for decode a violation of a federal. Law on that was only the things I talked about toe with the governor today because I've never been interviewed by the FBI I'm pretty sure that you have never been reviewed by the FB RIs. And probably 99% of the people listening if not more have not been interviewed by the FBI he has them. Right and he talked about how. Intimidating it can be. You know what is said what isn't said what's not going to be let out. You know it's it's cautious mums the word on any thing that there have been discussions with you're not gonna hear about. The media is not gonna know about it's gonna be between them and the person they're talking within their investigators and they're gonna have that information so. To me and skis and a lot of times when you're not knowing something we start doing what we start speculating. And there's going to be a lot of speculation with these articles because nobody's saying anything and to me right now that's kind of where I stand. With anything it's me and said it's all hearsay it's all indictment. It is there's a couple guys on this sort of finger and I trust and big vagina you send me the article wrote these one of them because in the he's well connected and Eldridge a direct excerpt from the article this morning because it illustrates just how serious this is it can be but no where they got their information because he says quote. Other the soundtrack to the free federal basketball corruption cases is essentially ticking time bomb which will inevitably explode it will impact every major conference call fame coaches. A score of current top players and some of the nation's most distinguished members affected programs. Multiple sources who've been briefed on the case and are familiar with the material obtained by the feds. Told Yahoo! Sports that the impact on the sport will be substantial and relentless in quote. Or an enemy just because again you're implemented I think a lot of people hear that word and they think that that's a bad thing. You admit it you are being implemented and I think guys you don't wanna be associated. Or you'll be involved. You know with a are a resource that's going to be their parents may be taken down. Are if something were to happen here at the station where the FBI were didn't fall we're all gonna be implicated. Everyone else. Right because we're gonna be interviewed and that they're gonna wanna know what we know but what does that mean that does mean you're involved that doesn't mean you're guilty me your implicated. Right so you know with that the same thing this guy doesn't know anything more than what you and I know other than the other being it implicated and investigated. That's. Well I think he does know more than we know Doug because he wouldn't candidate talked to people I just want to tell the FBI works according to Pat McCrory. They're not gonna tell anybody anything. So you know what is the FBI going to give out other than there's a potential. Write that this may be a big deal right and that's all. I think it already is a big deal because the FBI's involvement college basketball that in itself makes it a big deal. The fact I don't think it would be I agree with that I don't think there'd be involved and that's going to be some that I read into it as well I think I don't think they'd be involved unless there was a little bit of fire with just. I mean coaches have been arrested fired pulled X. Ex mistress recruiting you know because of their remove what they've done as part of this and that's what sparked an entire investigation and again I read that part because it says it in multiple sources have been briefed on the case and are familiar with the material obtained by the feds told Pete Campbell Yahoo! Sports. But the impact on the sport will be substantial relentless so important what does that mean to sustain the coast is going down does that mean that always doesn't get specific clinical what is it the the headlines says what. Garrido had logged everything I have sources college hoops corruption case poised to take down whole fame coaches talk programs lottery pick oil. To take down a hall of fame say means there are speculating that this potentially to do that that's all that means. You know night and again I mean if you can read into whatever you want yeah there's there's going to be something that comes out of this right the FBI's not vaults by accident. They're involved for this but what does it does that mean that in early college basketball's going to be taken away and you know guys are going to be arrested everywhere I don't know. It could be I don't know what they know neither do neither neither does anybody that the the writer of this program this article doesn't know that. Only people know that the people involved in the FBI. Okay because if that's the chased him wise any of this important and for just listeners say we don't know anything more than they know he does noting more than we do so we don't know anybody to be implicated you know and as a matter. Tell us it's really miss a story because. You know this being under investigation that's all we really know at this point. Given its our Jim it's a big deal because the FBI has arrested coaches pulled them off the streets and they've been fired that in and of itself makes this a big story and continues to divulge some more and more is coming out you're right we saw no more we know we don't know. I don't know the end result but we do know this is me is becoming a very very big deal that's what we do not affect that's also lets the Jack wants to talk about the slow muscles project on this discussion Jack puts a map. The guys are. Call Barack they would pick is that I went. And a half I thought that's your hero three hours too early czarist. I don't Rick Pitino. Very. And cute couldn't step guys up. I mean look it is live now is probably right I'm going. That they everybody rip. Yeah there's potential that could be there you know that's all right Chris should phone call that's thumb in Hawaii obviously. And others. The investigation and you don't know you know what he knows again I mean. If you do tell me what he did and you know you start squealing knew what they call it a squeal and ramming Brad everybody out. Then to save his ass and and works these deals I got those things happen all the time you know from what I know thumb but it's. I said I just don't know I don't know what's involved what who's involved with what's. You know important Tina was fired let go wasn't rehired so we obviously there's a little bit more information they have on him and it looks like guilt. I I guess. It suggests there is is Ezra casino turn into a snitch seriousness of State's witness now they're just yet and so I don't know what is shocking we know he's a pretty bitter guy about all this right now so bad that wouldn't shock me to gonna get I don't know we're casino like that so maybe is maybe he doesn't it just isn't a situation where it's you know CYA. Yeah I don't mean did you blame the guy doesn't want to imprison only to have the discussion on what you think this might mean. In 04. For college basketball auto mall and luckily. Early on edge tonight and Donald wanna wanna see individuals necessarily go down to go to prison. You know for paying college basketball players for tennis shoe deals under the table I don't care I mean that that's that's the sort of things that really bothered me that. I guess where I'm a little jaded when all this is I think you know we a lot of times in The Knesset before coming in and so buck twenty seconds. You know we've we've we've. We did you achieve guys they're guilty no evidence and you know boom you know that they're guilty without having the trial of our. You're guilty before innocent this country right now you know with what a lot of us do. I. I'm just going we're taking a step back with that and I'm gonna have a conversation what do you think this might mean. No it and we can talk about opinions and that and you know those types of things and I guess that's what we do but. I just hope the people just look at this and say this guy's guilty of bad guy did this there's no way that this guy's not gonna get arrested he was implicated so he's guilty. I I just I I am jaded because of that. No I jetted but I mean I think is so take your right no innocent before guilty or innocent until proven guilty now that's just that's the essence of who we are Americans but it doesn't stop us from talking about what this piece from one of the biggest. Sports in America and is certainly a sport that for years and years we know and has had this kind of underbelly culture that existed and it's just now do the lights being shown on a for the first time really and what's this girl look like when it's all said and done we'll talk more about that throughout the show Brad Evans joins us. From Yahoo! sports' great show ahead we'll come back and double six more phone calls Texans which is Garcia Blaylock. By getting you into shows you'll never forget when tickets to Bon Jovi Rod Stewart or Ford or. This week at 8 AM 1 PM and at 5 PM child Bailey frank Garcia and Osborne here with you on this Friday. Take you ensued and we did 70457096. Dead. And we're talking a bit about this on this. NCAA FBI investigation that continues to grow a little bit last night so Pete Campbell is that the analysts and always today and here's somebody different currency probably said it damn I have to do that I get a little bit it always sure about myself understood the sick with their own workers and assorted so many different ways but he's one of the best most connected guys out there is a pertains to college athletics and it only was it SI furlong time is the New York Times for a long time now is with Yahoo! Sports attach forty those guys and I he released a story that franks and over last night and you know it just details aid they bombshell investigation that is going to be. Far reaching and have potentially a huge impact a substantial impact on a lot of big time programs hall of fame head coaches one and done types lottery picks. And you know frank and I were talking during the break there and you know frank was right to port one thing up a lot of people out there especially San. If your state fan yet. You wanna see in North Carolina or North Carolina fan you wanna see do going down and any time implications come. Out like this you're already gonna jump to the conclusion because you have a bias against those schools to say you're guilty because your implicated that's what I'm trying to steer away from NASA. But isn't this is what I'm more interested in right this is another excerpt from that article that that it speaks to what we're part of this story to me matters most in should be talked about the most. And it's this quote so how bad could be in terms of NCAA rules multiple sources told Yahoo! Sports that the material obtained threatens the fundamental structure and integrity of the sport as there's potentially as many fist as many as fifty college basketball programs that could end deltic aren't compromised in some way among the documents expected to be in the federal government's protection or the bank records of super agent Andy Miller who bankrolled middleman Christian Dawkins who was at the center of these two cases and quote so to me that's the biggest part of this right is attacking the very are those do this guy's I'd. I think it yet but they they have ties to a data tsunami aid into Miller's one of the big. Odd day agents out there was he's at the center of the state in their approach toward there was bank records to find out what Monet would move wherein women to who and you know that's that. There's no far that is now but that has no food no it's not funneled out there every Democrat ever been audited. But it's in I mean I can imagine. You have the dude this is that did come up with things from five years ago come up with you know this paste a word this Omar got us right and goes on to say front. Agendas to some of the more important stuff to me quote NCAA officials are staring at the prospect of a tournament where the winner that will likely be vacating its title. And many others eventually vacating their appearances there's a lingering mushroom cloud over the sports' upcoming showcase event that won't go away the most fascinating to trick you variable here is time. And quote soul. The question is now you know Tyler say it was let's play the what if game right because that's what we do. Let's play the what if game let's say that there is no several coaches that are implemented in this. What does the NCAA do you reckon that's the question how does the NCAA stepped in how they have. Analysts were needed to the universities is this an individual problem or is this institutional problem. Right that's what you're gonna have to determine. I don't know if it's an individual problem and it's a loss thing in the go to coach gets fired what the NCAA has grounds to do right coming up how are they gonna come in there and say that. The integrity of the schools compromised the competitive balance in a college athletics is compromised and those type of things are gonna be what they probably who do you ward and as. Hum you know but. What power do they have you know when it comes to it. Dot we're sitting here talking or break about what potentially this might mean for college basketball. And I think we all kind of agree that. You're you're gonna have to challenge the one and done because of you know the recruiting and the process and they EU and all the channels it goes through the recruiting process and you know until there's going to be bad men and there's going to be you know this guy is tired for this and you know this person is is is you know and promise is that. You know and what ultimately happens I don't know I mean but. One and done to me and the written that the use of this game in the recruiting and the multi millions of dollars that is a ball with that. Is the reason we all understand that I'm not breaking news to anybody there. Nobody looked at this again you you go back to. First call us at something right out of the break there existed episode the first thing out of his mouth was what caused the wonder dog sort of way as it. What it does going away it's it's it's completely undermine the integrity of the sport. And it's wrong on a number of levels what you're surfer and a good free agency is wrong on a number of levels and I think the most the biggest reason why it's wrong is because these gentlemen have Andy capability of making millions of dollars by the time when they're eighteen your soul and if you make him calm she school for one year which is a sham anyway academically. You're actually taking a wait one year of high high earning potential from Demps which is morally I think wrong. An N I I agree with a lot of what you said Oz I really do. It's the reason why in college sports I hate these transfer rules because this is the type loose. Problems that exist with those types of things now is that it. Is that the systemic problem is that the problem love is that the child's problem or is it the greedy as people involved problem right at most it's a systemic problem right I mean you have the recruitment of these one and I. Yes exactly so there there are some that might hear that say well. You know there's nothing that's forcing these kids to go to college that you go play overseas for a year right well that's not really the idea do you wanna force that that money out of the style of the country you wanna force that tax revenue out of the country and talk about being a systemic problem. It is a systemic problem because the system set up that we as we know it right now no longer is really viable and I say that you know knowing that the NBA has been working. To set up more dream a Minor League Baseball type of system it'll never be the same were teams have four or five minor league farm systems you know which which to hold players develop players but you know we have the geely now we have to wait contracts on the ability to bring players up and down you see the system kind of coming into place. Because that's the direction that we're headed in minutes extra second doses are you know this is you probably looking at money laundering charges here too you know money laundering. Tax evasion wire fraud and corruption. All things that would not really be a problem at all if these eighteen year old guys coming out of high school had the opportunity like baseball players students say hey I've got 25 scholarship offers from big time division one programs what the Yankees just stressed to me in the third round are off limits you to two million dollar signing bonus I think I'm gonna go take that as an eighteen year old and developing their minor league system and it paid as opposed having to go to sham classes or classes and I wanna go to go. I'll just to stay eligible. I disagree with that with what they were still exist it did that the laundering and others the titles sponsorship. The those things could still exist well I don't think they would still listen to what I'm saying that they would exists in a way that wouldn't be a problem for the NC double check the. To make it there Ellis I mean. And your right don't always gonna fix its aid it's a headache off the NCAA is excellent although I doubt about it college basketball does not to concern itself myself I don't see argued all. All the money for. Those sorts of crimes are always been around it but not on the Internet. Not only is probably easier because there's in this show and it's a little older now it's part 34 years of existence but we're first came out. It was phenomenal. Right in the show's called dostum. Nursing Gotham I saw when it came out of 10 well it in the show. You know there's the commissioner. Who's that mr. grow right you're does everything by the book his dad was the guy that took down the the mobs and etc. etc. and then there's the mob bosses. Right there's a conversation between the mob. Boss in the commissioner and the mob boss had the commissioner. In dangling could have killed him anytime you want right to have him killed tomorrow and and and he would be done in MPL commissioner Gordon would have been. Out to seek. What he said is I need you. Like you need me and we co exist and that's what makes us successful. That's the same exact its big money boss you know crime. I don't also it's capable resisting without. But it exists and that's exactly how they need you like you need them they do and. I continue to be a little bit too and we don't throw rob DOS are on the bus initiatives exhaust I thought we are great conversation with Robert told you yesterday wanting you said. That little bit missed a little bit mind boggling to me was he says that he's still don't have it quite clear grasp as to why the FBI had to get involved. Or to me it's very clear. If you have a shoe company or bag man that gives a player and his family 100000 dollars to come to school there do you think that families and rushed to a report that's the IRS. It then was arrested a report that Mitchell proper amount of taxes are taken out of a note as a so so that's one of the many things but it draw on the FBI into this investigation and a slice of a second ago it got it it leaves the NCAA is. Per viewing it and it's no longer NCAA problem if the business model is a little bit different. And there's also the things that exist whereas offering jobs in the security financial future. It's under like that you know whether it was Reggie Bush back in the day are you fill in the blank with whatever you know case you can come up whereas. You know I listen Kyle you're struggling here you can't really afford to go to school over here but we're gonna make a little bit more enticing. And we're gonna sit your family up with the job mom doesn't work right now and we're gonna come over here and we're gonna give her job making you know six figures. Right I mean I don't know if you saw the the recruitment with a kid at you know we chose Florida over Alabama. Reaction a mom she was that she was not happy she was not a mean maybe that was just a little bit of selflessness it was a lot of selfish and maybe it was a promise. It was a promise. We'll talk about that we got some great stuff on the text line and on Twitter we got some phone calls it take as well this NCAA FBI investigation how do you feel about it do you do you think this is going to fundamentally changed. The way college basketball withdrawn because I don't see our Walt 70457. Or 96 to edits Garcia they would. That's a great point that one or Texas brings up a cause and this is a very legitimate. Concerned he talked about the one and guns being done you know being gone and done away with yeah. They're still doesn't exclude. College recruiting for making these schools successful human I get to one and done kids but you're still gonna go recruit well of course your play added anything because your recruiting here. These types is that things will still exist because you're still trying to win. The middle. I disagree with that I think that's a fair point. I think it will be limited a little I think it may be not as big Jack yeah maybe that is sought after just a great point I'm not gonna try to argue with that I don't do. They get the same time though. The scope of what we've seen is so out of control it's been so. In able to by the NBA in these rule changes. That so. I cica I think what Tyler said during the break that they have to go to a baseball model I think that that's right if you come to college or comment for two years should come in for three years. You know you're you're not and you're here for. It's it's good or radically change the product because if you're gonna have to find kids who are also there for academics. Where is right now these top 25 kids made their for academics not all of them are gonna be one and done but almost although Morgan skirt lined in terms of academic eligibility. Let's be honest about this too would only sit there sometimes and we we bemoaned the state of college basketball now which changed because there were rooting for different kids a year a year because it's not like it used to be where a kid showed up as a freshman and you might get a little bit Iran that your side about what might be in his assault mortal about to contribute something about the time is a junior your growth in the most of the growth you know who's coming back and now that I think might be one of the by products that really helps -- to get the sport back to what used to be but on the yet you what you said about the NBA is absolutely right because for all the criticism that we level of the NCAA throw all the awful things we say about the NCAA sometimes. This is driven by the India because the NBA was the one to establish the rule the one and done rule but you can't enter our league until your ex age one year from high school so the NCAA is is that the at the mercy of the and. Isn't there isn't hurt the day's events remind me why the MBA opposite so I could tell you wasn't supposed to because there was litigation. No it's because it's it is actually nine point David Stern when he was commissioner of the NBA said I want NBA scouts out of high school gyms. He sees an I want NBA we'll watch NBA scouts at a high school gyms our member and I thought David that's the most preposterous. Thing I've ever heard. And I'll tell you why. Is because. What do we talk about all the time where these kids to make when he does to make that draft choices they do all the stuff they got people in their ears are guiding hand they're the sort of a sort of an invisible hand misleading and down the wrong path. At that athletically in their careers are really they benefit. You want to qualified. People giving good advice. These people as soon as possible in life it's just that simple I'd had a. I never understood why why David Stern thought that it was horrible to have India is just professional styles in high school gyms when all over the country -- Major League Baseball -- sitting high school baseball fields the more what is so morally right back not only in high school from there they are being well before that of course northern region a huge tournaments and everything else in what is so morally wrong about a high about an NBA scouts sitting at a high school gym for -- may be equipped to make that jump as opposed to a Major League Baseball scaled sitting today at a field somewhere on Saturday watching your kid who's eighteen throw 95 miles an hour say hey we want this kid now we think we can develop and it's worth our investment to pay this just four million dollar signing bonus as starter not rude to ball move more slowly got. With that it would here's the difference in the fundamentals of them you know and I don't have to explain this to you guys but I'm just pointed out and in baseball you have the system. You don't you know I you have the farm system. You know an MBA you started develop that with the G league in on a lot of that but that's what college basketball has form was used for like in the NFL. By the the college sports you know the the minor leaks as some minor league system you know for the ourself. Right Major League Baseball has its own system. And maybe there's some Linda MBA knees and maybe start looking a little bit more seriously with some of these young kids coming down. And they get to determine the level of movement they come up but at least they're getting paid at least they're doing. You know there have an opportunity to be pro and they say it should they choose schools not for them than not they have a place to go. Mike writes in on weary says the whole amateurism model anti sports educational institutions as the problem the kids should have the opportunity to make a living if they want compared to the European system with 62 year old soccer players at ya much better than the NCA ABS and that's the Jimmy to. That is that it's always been kind of the issue in the USA and that was just an Vermont about the sometimes who looks we forget how unique juices to America because I've got me I've got a buddy and they were monitored I was become a friend my Toshiba and got in Pedro he's Brazilian track he's electrical engineer who lives in American Al brilliant guy love soccer love everybody loves America he wants to learn everything there is to learn about it and I'm sitting there are some Saturdays watching college football watching a college basketball game and he'll sit down and ask me questions about him because he is. Completely mystified by the fact that we can have such school loyalty based on nor are athletic teams something that most of the world just simply does not. Stand does a great question go to Mexico City same type of mining disaster either pro or you're not right to other college system over there is really is like a high school system here when you don't high school it's like you're on your own but. Let me say this I mean. Is it in team sports. Right you have to conform to that system. And as what you just point out you have to do this XYZ were an individual sports. For 1415 year old kid you can go pro whenever you want. Is make that decision say I'm going pro. You know I'm gonna get paid for this. You know you can have amateur status let's say in golf in if you win the masters you're gonna see it a couple of months there and a gust. The you know the top amateur. Right gets invited back to Augusta and whatever you know other if things go along with that if you want to win the tournament. Because there's Britain and young guys have been close there was a Chinese give a couple years ago that was near the top leader board ultimately fell off but it's 1415 year old kid. Was phenomenally couldn't keep up you know whatever it took place but. If you're win that tournament. Junior Greg. Right but he can play out if he wanted to compete. For the term it all in December on pro. And I'm giving my random amateur status right. And then if you want determined that same kid in that term it could've could've got produced 1415 years old same thing applies in tennis. No golf in first and M and an individual sports. I can make the decision for myself. With my family just by myself I try on a jury member to go pro or whatever I don't. That's right that's right that's a good example and I'll say this too we have we have to step aside but that. I don't wanna always I want this to seem like an all out attack on college sports and accounts for two great you know I know it's unique to us here in America but I think it's a great thing it just needs to be cleaned up it needs to be fixed and as it is there's nothing wrong people people wanna sit side tied the tradition all the time sometimes that's I like tradition as much as the next and I like they did a thing since it went about things have worked to not work to me and I love things that are traditional that makes sense in this case were just learning that this doesn't make sense and there that we're Smart enough to fix it and that's kind of where we're headed unfortunately the FBI had to get involved for it's really I think -- -- meaningful change and that's still yet to be seen but I think that's where we're headed so rob Marco you guys hang on we got some calls the take we come back would snap judgment some phone calls and -- wrap -- our number one it's Garcia and Baylor. Lost supplied. This is going to be quick. Yeah this is a secretary typically did. Fired up for what I'm fired up about it just kind of let loose and not really fired up about the NBA all star weekend belt. And we talked about this a little bit our our FaceBook live yesterday after the show. It's not to the point of the in the NFL Pro Bowl for me at this point where I just it's it's on watchable I'll probably turn it on and have it on the background for a couple minutes on Sunday just to say that I saw a little bit of it. But I I've got zero interest in this Damon and reportedly felt bad about that I do because you know we will would you would you do this for jobs the expectation as you watch everything you read everything you listened everything. With no longer you do you realize that's impossible and it's not even. I agree use of your time. We're boils down to. I don't know how many if you're gonna watch the NBA all star game besides your thing and I'm not gonna root Julia knocked at a talk trash to you about it if you like like and I don't care what anybody else like set off I don't I've I've got enough miles south Dorado I don't have time to. The judge anybody else but I just don't I don't see the appeal anymore like I told you yesterday I've no interest in the game I have no interest in the dunk contest. I I'd and you'll probably turn on the three point shooting competition because I do still enjoy that and I'll probably watch the celebrity all star game to see if Bubba Watson's and go to basketball. And that's that's about the extent of the trumpet I don't know what you're going to be watching on frank I would rather if I had to choose an adult because they're good they're coming on different sides. But if I had to choose between the NBA all star game of the Daytona 500 Sunday I'd I'd pick today talk I would. I'm not far behind you gutless than twice or guilty. For their crappy product. You know same things applies for the NFL not just saying and basketball Basque. In fact if you're has to me a lot of times they'll give me a good MBA playoffs game vs. You know pretty good. You know NFL football games Olympic NFL over MBA but he gave a pointed out I love him today. Always have. It's entertaining to me I love watching the best athletes can only make things make hard things look easy. Come we always try and that's the problem so don't go so cruelty for not watching that's their fault for not providing. Better entertainment value. And Scoop Jackson made that point a couple of days dosage you shouldn't feel bad he said they should be the ones try to give you compelling products. I wanna watch us the scoop was right about that you know the same time I just often wondered myself it is there's something that I'm missing if you come to jaded you know just not try harder to find the silver lining or the value and it and I just don't see a lot of value in watching a game the fans once 65 to 160 with the rebel troops in annoyed just ridiculous offensive play enough and on the defensive I just think I think it's a waste my time here. Here's what Leno Westbrook can issued a lot a lot. You know he's not gonna pass. A he's gonna try to be the MVP right. Your staff Kerr is gonna hit some amazing shots. Guys and are you play any defense if you decide to go to the rim you do only duke uncontested layup. You're gonna have a lot of cherry pick a top. Challenges wrote in Dulles and attacks like the NBA dunk contest was the best it's been an over ten years last year but the media won't stop with the lazy there that's what I say 77 and he likes it and I just told you a second ago if you like miniature thing that's cool like judge and anybody I for me it's just how many differ. How many ways are remaining out there to innovate the dog but you can jump over different things. But at the end of the day you're still sells the ball through hoops how many different ways can you innovate the adults we need lots. When Matt's on he's already love its little off on why not much just enough. But what I'll say about this I will agree with seven. This he did dunk contest is why I watch the NBA all star weekend. I don't care about the game and all the Dane usually sucks. This is be real it kind of sucks is not tasting like you guys are saying the dog contest the last year especially with your gourd exactly being going at it was amazing. So I will watch dunk contest I'll probably wants to three point contest I have no use for the skills challenge I know use of the two ball I'll watch this liberty game doesn't like CDs and athletic dumb ass is Guthridge I'd like to ask you thought. I did not so I'll watch them. Honestly the celebrity games probably the most entertaining. The do we did not like like a Major League Baseball has CD out of the all star softball game that that's an interesting I love and I don't I don't turn out. I relied on love the celebrity softball and I really don't but listeners as far as dunk contest goes for me. I used to be a big dumb guy you know and I remember them out like that I condone called plays like like these guys obviously as I'm saying but. It's a while watch and why. Why we love watching the dog can't competitions to grace did that's right I mean it's Pettigrew Pau was in this and LeBron. We might throw you fill in the blank Anthony Davis that you're at the Davis American dogs like these other guys too big but. Yet the athletic guys that can fly through the atom compose a guy that's just. You know he's extremely gifted Anthony Davis is going to be just empowered bunker and dignitaries and rammed down you know but the brawn. Let's him out every now and that is what Sam wants bill let me see those guys. Against the other Gordon Zend you know the other dude from last year what's his name. Tackled this Levine Zach Levine you know. Let me see those guys against those guys promised those ads on average eagle bruised because Gordon will bring Levine would probably beat up. Here's the here's the four guys dunk contest by the way literal people Larry Nance junior Dennis Smith junior Donovan Mitchell in feeds and you know what's funny is. Is this kind of smaller guards this year. Yet kind of smaller guards respect to the interest they could be let's take some phone calls when we got to fulfill this promise you'll go to rob first he was talking about to college basketball rob what's up until you turn to read about. Bad credit on. Not just I don't either but it well but a couple like I had been it but if ya. Port security grant from the military and its vote or aren't there are. It is just. It's a major. Not to quit date on mountain. I think I agree with frank I don't think any bank that investigation that will surprise anybody that debate about college basketball I'd just. Compensation got a little bit. But I think they would come out there it is yet to spell out there people around I have already the people are connected to a will be. Shot but there are not become an edit that agent people know that don't buy out well. So hang out talent out about the one and done rule. They which start I hit it out a cup professionals doubt. College agreed to buy the one to control what's done before the goal rookie salary cap and DH editors. Into. To the league table pay can't quite do but money. Well. And aides did institute that before they ruled it a copy out off the ground up like that in mind. I. Backdrop pressured to vote Coleman look here's the deal dryer too quickly and just. We all grew Francona we ought to we all agree on that we don't expect anything to come out to weasel I assume was happening there is not about that is about the attack on the on on the actual fundamental integrity and business model college basketball. Regarding the second part. You know that that's ultimately solve the SE BA because veteran guys don't wanna see you high school players getting paid so much more they can get paid either so that's ultimately beaten lashed out CBO negotiation we come back to that though because Frank's actually knows more about -- negotiations on one of those but let's go do what to Marco next market we appreciate your call our. It was Carl got a bit that the it's all about money all political support anyway so we already know that I'm home bush. Eight U basketball. And the one and donors as hurt college basketball gateway. I'll ms. act that cute I have no real passion. Obama lost to Carolina do ganged up but nice try but to watch Olympics but just a little below. The level of both parent border and other it was no no bad blow it because they already clear against each other anyway. It was almost like just a little pickup game did it in you know it's what I really think is hurt negates. A home. Baseball and hockey help topic of this setup biopsy. What I'm offering is riverbed also took on minnesotans is getting drafted and I can. And he's going to a model lead first of toward they get video blue book but. I think that's the best way to go they're gonna do anything particular update. But I Smart roper (%expletive) about it as well subtler of the money is tries Dre has always driven everything and the guy I think the opportunity for these kids and eighteen years old they have the skills and if they have the marketability to go professional and it's earn a living they they should have the ability to do that. No marker it's Agusta further solely a whole hurting college basketball's also hurting. The MBA and absolutely yes we look at the Sacramento kinks to you it's a group fully young guys who noted that we all watched intelligent loves watching the those guys are nowhere near ready to compete for anything meaningful the NBA and won't be probably three of the four for five years so what we got more than a tendency won't be right back into it now we're number two other things to talk about as well Zach corporal join us. At 1130 we'll talk some NBA with him should be great conversations Garcia nearly.