Fred Albers On Garcia And Bailey

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Monday, June 18th

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Yeah yeah. Brooks teppco wins the US open for the second consecutive year the first player since 1989. To do it doesn't shed a cock over the weekend and leading into the weekend over talk a lot about this course a lot about. These players who would end up prevailing at the end and of course it was Brooks kept yet again we're talking about that throughout the day the right now we're talking about the US open. With Fred Albert serious accident PGA tour radio joining us on that segment Cobb does slot for a we appreciate your dogs are our. I'm doing great that we tackle so. That. Could double its cell atlas thought about what happened there yesterday ME group Brooks kept good is. It he's such an interest in diamond. There is you're gonna start the Amanda the PGA tour calendar discussed probably January's what is. Tell you under thirty in great shape has the look and he's now back to back US open JQ what does this mean for books depth of. Bought me a number elect the 120. And wanna back back. You'd rather easily opening on the other hand you don't want to treat got on the beat beauty or 11. PGA tour that go along with both. You looked a really great contribute to 28. You congratulate almost two us opens and that. You know hurt other golf with a clever lookalike. Yet but what I want to be your. Effort I think the round that everybody's talking about the day that everybody's talking about it is the third day obviously with what happened with field in the course and as tough as it played in. You know the competitive advantage or however hue he wants to explain it but. Was this golf course fair at the end of the day for these golfer. Oh come to walk around about I got a little relief well. Well all location Arnold but they. I thought it went all he had on Saturday. No sources of that and said Saturday do you playing field for his. Advantage that he took with him right around that the green to. Don't tapped the puck back as we've all done by these guys are pros these guys this is Phil Mickelson he's he's a Steward for the game's that got everybody looks up to. Divert everybody's take from it needs to be banned he needs to or he should have been suspended two. I did what he needed due to go out there and into demands these rules. Well. Might say that. It was them with the speaker of the game. And I think you're right now Leah so quickly that I wish I can't. But that market right now it's too late but I will law. Number one. Quote rule meant to you welcome tell the truth about what about or was it a lot. I can Wal-Mart. One creepy I haven't done it. What accounts rather than on the other hand in all it was absolutely premeditated. You have to look at our. What state of law and courier are ill repute to see to a that they're not. So highly respected on the PGA tour. At the open in significant. That won't be remembered. Even I even think you'll come out one novel we talked about. It we will not on the record I don't. Luther god want to break all of. We'll see Fred Mort we're talking to Fred Albert serious sexson PGA tour radio joined us on the deck become just like I think that's a very measured take and that's. I don't understand why there are more measured takes out their elected because you're right Phil Mickelson is. Phil Mickelson describe to the second don't you act as a PGA tour professional he's expected to conduct himself in a way. I was certain attitude certain decorum and those things are certainly all understood and respected but you get the takes like Andy North saying that he needed damage to millions of kids who looked up and he made a mistake that we just called Adam and I try not try to let this guy off the hook when he's got to deal with the consequences but he just made a mistake I don't understand the response from folks like ignore. You'll children and a guy. Who thing throughout the rear. Is really signaled that we're now back to all the warmth on the Ryder Cup about. You know Tom Watson what got back in the Ryder Cup. And you know he stood up black or a cup in that it followed on the a couple years ago after memorial. Yeah that the cut here it will it quote. Regarding cameras on the ball quote beat them in the it was a calculated on. To show that the look you had failed and that the ball was. Got a all all but. It took the mine alt border. I thought to what we can get their liquor if people really really wanted to. I'll cricket bat but the two who could call an inflatable ball all the way down thirty yards off the lead in. You stroke probably like to Wear what I believe. I'll bet at. The he mutual social Kubrick and do that. I don't think they could better do the little point out there look you're. At an Arkansas. And Dustin Johnson choked this terminal way. Given that they're called ball of putting poorly. You know you'll be a relief well. Well hold your thought now beyond what you hear what you want a conflict all out out out here. Everyone DoubleClick dot knows. I've looked down vote ought to be competent and her and at all bumped later and later you look down rather than it looked like about the role of hand you know we equity. Like that before ought. Over the weekend. He played it out of what could. Of late early. On. They're your Friday and looked up he'll. You do what enabled repeat that that yet been built oracle we. Or call. You bought a veteran of the law they've been at war we. Different we've all played with some really good golfers I'm sure you guys seen this strike the ball like Dustin Johnson but they just can't get in the hole at the end of the day in. In you go back to a couple of putts you know during the round whether it's on a Saturday or. Even on Sunday yesterday as we're watching that tournament that's the difference in four days of talks about how far he hits it or. How straight he he he hits his irons how long it's desires but at the end of the day. I'm on a flat as an. Well you gotta be at an outlet to cancel all our recovery electoral at all well. You were. In treatment but there doesn't even try to play ball. But you will be able really. They were the U. The golf course just. Sold out. So long on Saturday and the hole locations were just. I could choke or drug. Q Mike didn't. On Saturday and I think it was good control of my. You know what caused by an absolutely. You're you're very. He brought the girl up the spot or out. And every warning about the or else but at least he got on Saturday develop it be to the outlook. Little molecule. And Mike's going to the auto by. Absolutely not. You know they go oh yeah. Very very typical. And that you there was no call I would. Epic but that a lot of and I went oh yet. How much of last year had to do with this year in the difficulty of the way the course played a note that. And sometimes the US open is a different tasks and I like the fact that these guys are being challenged in there haven't showed some guts and it. And determination and you know maybe a little moxie every now and then so I don't mind the US open with these guys are struggling it shows two. Who has a little guy in the you can count. Yeah absolutely and you know. You'll call went on to repair a ball well. I don't know why I'm. Oakland or. Two of the market is. Oh re looked like the fairway. They create more saw the report in two. You know we got political that or Russell the word of their written by old. You know there really develop. More options are you should be heard on greens are so what what it and so what that at all. About well. You know Lou I don't know what chemical yeah. You know I'm the cougars at an equal player. I think the ball as dark double. Cut out so we'll let them all in all I have a all he. It is but. But I like while the couple but what you do you. One at that pickle politically or every year what you thought it would go here you're. You know you know lack of it won't. I can go to Iraq would then they all or. All the water out there really aren't what they want it both of these people would bring. Go to Eric know. And water and get a lot of Orange ball. What they do what they lead to let them go out so pick in the championship around the country is up aren't we all all. Well by. Then what do you because. You think or one every well here obviously you look here. So you literature you've got the muscle that one wouldn't open the what a little. The championship. And memorable comic but vote or public repeat it but you haven't. They help one tournament but a moral. Error on. Them like an adult or not. The better you cover repeat it would by all the running on the but you'd go. Who we are. So are you GA GA on. Local integration a little bit but it didn't they're happy to round and they don't want pretty cruel white government. A couple times a year. Our Fred last thing we'll turn you loose speak at a future events. I know interestingly enough the next on the US open is played issued a cock is going to be the of the towards 46 year where in the United States North America host the World Cup so. It'll be awhile before this tournament comes back to what to synagogue but. Are you look at the future schedule course last year the PGA championship was here in Charlotte at quail hollow and 20/20 one the President's Cup has come back to quell hollowed just curious. Obviously this is a draw a golf crazy city you know in terms of future events quail hollow in a what what do you heard what it is and and not not the US open specifically. Just future events because these grow hollow folks have their island on more and and potentially better even PGA tour events. Now I'm sure that we'll call it go to your latter. Gummy bear sharpest third you know you demand that the what the cost of about all the other well although it oh low although. Well all of that later but I figured and that it occupy him wouldn't you pick her but just once all that. Wells Fargo global. Two weeks after the mountains. Following the and they're all let me. Well although the console but looking at. The other court in the area. And the like. One of the other year once every year new open the war what. BMW. On the big 18. Record but no. There has yet. Period you know it's all about that are not act like that's what the occupy. Art Fred hours PGA or should be serious sex and PGA tour radio join us on the tech become just like coming off the US open weekend that we kept a log enough thank you so much for that I'm. There you go Fred Albers joining us once again on the tech become just like we come back snapped just wrap up the hour to over to Michael Felder. Is in studio are rather joins us at 315. To talk state ever talk Tar Heels that a tactic and off the week. We're gonna touch on all the in state and regional college football programs as we talk and state and Carolina today we told duke we talked wake we talk TCU yep 49ers to app state little bit everything this week. We're looking for do we jump ball with heels and and wolfpack. With Michael felt or 315 it's Garcia and it.