Former UNC Coach Doherty: "I'm Now Close To The Fire, But Not In The Pan"

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Friday, August 18th

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We're gonna go back to detect become guess my first few moments and actually switch gears talk a little group's real quick because we're gonna welcoming former North Carolina FA US MU head coach great majority make its entire first coach tell you how Loria. All doing great thanks scrappy on the show so you knew you to write else. Well I guess stuck accepted a position with the Atlantic ten conference. 86 citing how true this is some great coaches so great programs great schools. So makes for a great league that's been our top seven. Basketball conference. In the country over the last several years. We have a dynamic commissioner and Bernadette McGlade. Who has just entered the league and erratic manner in the last ten years so far up going to be associate commissioner chartered his fastball. How how how quick did this come about was this something that was in the works for awhile or maybe a conversation happens and next thing you know we're here you are out how did this come about. Well let's listen. Came about she is probably the end of June. Or early July. Understood that the previous. Well associate commissioner wished leaving. I put a call into. Commissioner glade. Leak talks and then. I've visited her. In Newport News learned visitor again in these street visitor can afford a huge it and also over the course of the summer. Probably about a lump I have almost true. This came to fruition I've been looking the last copiers and you don't just you know opportunities says you're coaching there's a front office administration and I'm just excited Atlantic ten has a lot of great coach use a lot of programs rich in tradition. And one and in our backyard here in Davidson College has Bob tell. Is that is that something needs to if you go back coach when you know you were you were being head coach and FA UN SMU and North Carolina for say hey coach rivers fast forward it'll be 2017. And you're going to be an administrator in college basketball for comfort is that something you would have thought in your career was headed towards down the road. You know I think every coach should. You know they were really worried about probably the next game he's been lectured crew. All the sudden you're at a place you know blood Bob until all 48 years still Martell he's been a saint Joe's along China's. If Albert you don't always control your face this Utah there's much spin. You know old dude you're here you're not a fortune and those gentlemen. You have to look at other options and they're not better every day and thought that I stay there but. In the front office so you know your clock in the fire assay in this real friends are very close to the fire but I'm not trying to pick. And so love the game of basketball love college basketball. And this league all the athletic China and Israel he. A dynamic pass block copper or certain I'm excited Kurdish front until the Jews slaughtered. And I can. Assistant commissioner of McGlade in these countries. And did not anymore AM I'll look forward to a. What what what is the job responsibilities rules changes stuff like that we would when he puts on your plate every day. Yeah you know it's actually. A matter of fact problem people call Richard I actually. It's our place for Bob. Is what I'm at and poetry school. And I coach firsthand when he first got to Davidson. And pianist son called me basically within a minute of each other they did know chose coal. Then I called Bob backers say you're not American Julia it'll start to disperse security Wear me out. So no scheduling his dictate you know nonconference schedule you wanna get a grates it straight Astaire talks. And then and then. The working on the post season turner not a factor isn't the first time. In the league history to it champ ship and Washington DC. Mark shut currently eleventh. The Capital One arena so we're excited about that. And then if you have to oversee the officials'. And and so while we're closer Brian Kersey. Who is having officials here were option oh what a compliment conference's. Sort of ensure that we get. Hear a word trap the best. Possible. Product we can put on the floor. For our second slow the fans are pretty sight in the stands watching on TV. We're talking a Matt Doherty former tar heel head coach former tar heel SA US immune now is going to be the associate commissioner with the AT and overseeing the men's basketball operations officiating sister seeing any coach because it would just sought any NFL where. You know they're they're hiring now some full time officials and a college it's tough to do dampened. Like you said you get guys who were. I don't trying to geographically regionally coaching in in an area where they can where they can refereeing in different conferences but. We see some alliances come together the ACC in the big east just on this side how important are those moving forward did you just try to get some uniformity. In the refereeing in the officiating in college basketball. Well wait we're part of that alliance slip the issue Syria. Brian Kersey who rap when I coached. Hey you know it comes down to. Who relationships. It comes down to a valuation. It comes down to communication. And then ultimately. We have to do what's best for the Atlantic ten. And making sure I'm again that our product is as good as it could be. For our student athletes for cultures. Four stadiums. And bigger so. You know I'm referees are hoping you look at the court people so you're the most important. Players on the floor. And then very often overlooked it's this year. Those who have three most important people on the floor because they can control the game they could make a great game. Area so important to have younger officials in the pipeline treat them. And have them in position as you know older officials veteran officials. Either way out there and the US essentially grind here they're doing sometimes each. Ford it's sure. Usually. Travel in between and you wanna keep guys fresh it'd alert and on capitol. The rules pose a lesson we talked to Coach Williams. Although I talked to Purdue the final four national championship. Could well in Serb. We got may have a couple of really nicely suited for discs. Circle around us all the players who are on sit sit near Al woods. Certain leader Mitch Kupchak. You know low bench Carter or Danny Green it was a lot of fun being a saying amnesty groups. Pulling for mark on the moderate and yes first time I've been in that situation along Conn. Do you feel like north Carolina's got to do a good argument here against against the NCAA with the academic stuff in terms of that just being out of bounds for the NCAA you have a view of a gut feeling on that or no. Well you know we if you have a gut feeling I'm a little biased. But I. I AEA and that is not mine eight lane yeah look as a former culture and a former player and someone who is. You know been involved and called vessel for a long time. I do think it's hard for the answer double or decide what's a good class fortune or good question now if you know there are some other irregularities. That I think all align their jurisdiction that. That's up to them. But. It's up to the university simply. To oversee their experience or. You know there's the state of North Carolina to oversee. You know what's proper and what's not proper academically shuttle. You know albeit serious situation so different. You know we have private school of public schools there's a lot of benefits to being a private. You know I've been a part of Notre Dame and SMU they're a lot of advantages to being a private institutions when it comes to things like that biggest things are public record. And so I think for them to get that goes into the academic side. You know I'll side with bubble coming in the door way and let. You know maybe that's not there area but. You know that show again now I'm watching with bated breath just like everybody else. Do you think now that the meetings over things you'll speed up his and so long drawn out do you think it'll speed up now with the ruling out and it's overheard do we start or wait a while. You know I don't know I really don't know I talked about the coming in the other direction. It was more about the soccer truly would be Atlantic ten. You know wish you luck we're live. The NCAA but you know my focus is during the Atlantic candidates. Working we're cool we're commissioner McGlade and it's. You know all leash fine coaches we have. You know from Saint Louis today considers. Change goes through Davidson College Richmond VCU. Rhode Island and so going to be an exciting time. As we took office season here. In the middle of November. Well coach congrats on that congrats on the new gig and. Thus I can't yeah I can't feel that it still had the player coached they're over my head but. You know I have to treat everybody fairly right like raising children every all fourteen coaches I got it treated fairly so this will be shipped on time. Exciting time I can't believe we're talking about college basketball. Well good luck coach good to talk do you think sir thanks for making time Forrest Gregg script thanks Jeff.