Former Tarheel Tony Bradley

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Friday, June 16th

Former Tarheel Tony Bradley stopped by Primetime Friday afternoon to discuss his status as an NBA Draft Prospect. Bradley also reflects back on his Championship run with UNC.


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Tony Bradley make in time for us Tony how are you man. Guerrero in our club doing well so how was the work out this morning over here. I think what could well sort some things there most people who do know what do. If people who didn't even thought overall what blue. Work gets you had over the last couple weeks. There stroke what my a level or local pool. Only. Tony that's that's a lot of work outs man that is a lot of work outs. Could clear the air the tolerant country further. Just prove myself you know I don't it would be directed lets you didn't. I'm I'm into an apartment so far. We would work. Just like his I hear a lot of people say are they don't matter all that much like you're not getting evaluated necessarily in terms don't allow you don't know on three on three drills as a lot of stuff that's unnatural to the weight of the way games played. I in the MBA five on five what does matter in terms of these work out is it the energy level is it that readiness just being mentally locked into should we do have to be. Every bit mentally drained as George physically drain with a leather work outs over the last couple weeks what's important for these things. Glad that I go to ground but I know I need you. Do you work out so what they're very important. Showing you sort of the oracle of steel or third. Are a Roethlisberger did step on the court it was you so all the court it's what keeps you in. Come close he knows that too low. Or reject you will go a select of course that is especially in order. Our Tony talk about all the court for me when we we all look at these mock drafts and all this noise kind of coming from all the court sources. Do you block that out or is that some of that kind of fuels your fire senior lower in this when higher in this important. What are you do with all the mock draft information in the rumors that kind of swirl about what which team may end up picking. Most definitely our outlook out of protests if they opt for all of last year Balco lest you strap that. You people. Typical go to it'd been didn't go first round also think if you think are most Ursula is that this year. Well well the year. Mr. happy loaded with a a lot of talent. It says they're. The best years it is loaded so if that looked air. Is crazy you when you we can you when you start to go through the draft process and Tony Tony Bradley's with a former tar heel NBA draft prospect ports after the hornets earlier today. It was a crazy deal when you you know you kind of get to the end of the year and you guys are winning a national championship didn't you get a bunch of guys who have. Found redemption and you come in your wanna be a part of that and you know then guys start talking about you is when you're the best pro player on this team pier one and done player in your coming off the bench is key reserve put the talk about Tony Bradley is the best pro player. And a Carolina team last year was a kind of surreal for you just coming in as a freshman at how did you got did you digest all that. Well. I really know. Title could you are best cochlear routine you know our our political of that I don't let the auto social media stuff. You've done it I didn't go that much where grip that much decreased about sort of book out. All the stuff that I did what garlic stuff so also proceeded that you weren't really low lows movies so off we ordered their homes built that. You just for me to be a little piece a piece of that a part of that team. Just from just. Tony we've when you talk a player that just that one unit coming off the bench. How critical is it to you when you get into these work out when you go as quick as you are going through the draft process. To show everybody and everything that you can do to show make you can handle the ball show me you can shoot the three ball. How critical was it to show everything that you got to do because you played a little bit more limited ruled in someone. Who would have been a starter on that. Oh yeah this sir is very critical blow the sum up and working on a course that he'd he'd try to improve on in the statement that scene you know that. You know I'm on a bit too much more so. Most definitely hurts they're critical. Tony you think your setter in the NBA a true center. Oh no sir I put a floor in the far. Our chief judge you pick and pop have a ball. It would work go. What are we would for you what does everything's about mismatch is right now are now in the MBA with Tony what what are those mismatches for you were both positions where if you're out there for you feel like it's gonna be mismatch in your favor director at the five it's a mismatch would have what's the difference. Between power forward and center in your game and away. What more we are empirical cool oh what could that be a little firmer and the no nobody who saw it sure a lot of most definitely it worked out. A miracle what that without subtlety of thought that he of making a couple boo to ensure their door. Increase it Primeau shut but like I can do that thus. Are grouped others I've achieved that yet you. So that's what a lucky for chuck you know what who worked I'm also. So well the ball well below and still try to stay neutral. Some words draft with. Yeah. What are teams seen in you Tony defensively or do they feel like your data can be out there enrollment kinda. Grim protect him do it does you know the centerpiece of their defense what are what are your thoughts on your defensive game. The Japanese literal learning though that. You know and actually move must be well thought that that those big debate you know after work out. Is it so no wonder he's so well go to. Political opinion so like they think that I can be practical and what we are Gartner group by the. You see you here in a rumor like what who's only course of stuff comes from a recent Hussein and his stuff about you. I just decided social media these are Russell Seymour moral and don't disturb the state that. Well people talk I know you sort of try to block out but armed services they didn't know. How tough was that decision to leave after a year Tony I'll tell how much did you wait did you struggle with that decision. Yeah yeah it definitely will look so there's a no nonsense about. You know when the truth that America combo are but our home. So like. He playing. In the shooting Columbine and what's your. Interviews with teams that sort of let it be backed up that I want to hear it. From their audience are the most eagerly. What was that conversation like with with Coach Williams had an echo over. Oh closer to a court order that there were world go a sort of my marker in what Clinton gave. So we burn you go. Whatever Susan great are out of port wrote in the chart of you know he was happy. City what she would of course you sort of hear but sit and look at EA and they're that the two blocks and so big that this does support. Emma how much incursion has he given you over the last couple of weeks as we as we get ready for Thursday how much is he meant as much as he got involved. OR Parker yesterday he knows just checked and then they're less likely they would because Dave is all coaches so. Yet there's certainly keeping such and just wanna see how they ignore. Still so. In word whether coaching staff or what are the things that you got to pick that we know your view week we know you're an athlete. What are some things you picked up from that coaching staff thank you see in that one year is it and helped translate to the next level. Just. A light to go home. Last week a special to become a bit celestial trailer that that that would be the folks know that I might be in that situation if it did you ever go. But. Actually director Larry you're open. Talking to Tony Bradley former tar heel and I coming out in the NBA draft Thursday night what we're we're seeing the ranger expected to hear named Tony a mass heard anywhere some. Mid teens all the way maybe till later on the twenties which would set ranger Specter right now. Yes sir are saying they're hurt. Mid mid first round little early first round so they're seeing linking their. Late 20s30s. So. Do you if you have gotten any any thought to maybe you'd be more of a French second round pick do you think he still has come out or or where you're going to that help drive that decision. This is yet to prove that they're desperate to become aren't there definitely opens on. Probably out of Cuba postage or a lot of work that most people that I a look at what there are property of seeing it go. Well I know you've probably heard all throughout the season and in leading off during your journey workouts get ready for the year. A man if we win this thing we're gonna be God's forever in this town like organ over the Morgan this is going to be good this can be good so what he knew pro I thought yeah sure you guys are just saying that. What was the thing that happened after the national championship gamer like holy crap these guys were line I can do whatever I want this town now. What's the best thing you've gotten our reward some sort of some sort of accomplishment or achievement you've got some good from a stand something orbit they're like Tony Bradley national champion come writing you can do whatever you want big Fella. Well I've definitely been the difference Webb who want but I don't think we'll look to speak their own order. To more people. Notice thus you know are more people predicted success you know so and let them know no big report. Let's go to let's look at what you've paid for less meals though right like we can you have a taste for me on months right that's got to be true. A paper route there is a good answer Tony are buddies pay it it's it's a pleasure to talk to UN. Who knows maybe things were got a certainly we'll see you know hornets uniform thanks thanks for drop them by as could talk to you. Productivity.