Former Tar Heel Jason Capel joins the Mac Attack to discuss all things involving ACC Basketball

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Wednesday, February 14th

Former Tar Heel Jason Capel joins the Mac Attack to discuss all things involving ACC Basketball. 


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You know sports or he'll just Cabell joins us here on the Mac attack or Jason Capel make and I did that I did that to you what's up. What's up brother you do and I did. You I mean how many times have you been called to. Armed Jeff Capel and it just bothers you probably are angry at me right now. You know and I agree I would go all way Merrill the armed it probably angered me the most wars. My freshman year. Checking. Back you to regain their North Carolina and over the loud speaker tricky here there are people. Eric appeal. That's a bad one that your own arena you're playing fraternity fuels and there and your brother was a duplicate. That's bad man as bad I let's not let's jump in the summit is to stuff here Jason. Let's start first with the way the Tar Heels are playing. I mean how good does this basketball team shall we get excited and start right raising the ceiling that's kind of how I'm feeling the war. You know how much how much better should we feel about this he'll steam after the three wins in five days. What do suing liberal for our source of course. You know it's. There's a good thing. I don't fault when North Carolina has. I heard options. Our partners greater support options are score a basketball. Product or help rebound. Is it being bitter is very good. They're only going to be. One at a vesting MacArthur in my opinion. As the growth of the Euro for a lot of the law but went anyway you can not play well one audio there we spoke. Are deployed additional quote if there were or are on order. Our. Blu-ray who earlier got a caller a lot of our own people more. He's going. Great basketball himself told very well the way our appeal curriculum you know Europeans are doing all with our regard. We cannot make a commitment to the rim and read our about people. And figured that third option. Pickers or they're very true I believe they're completely by. There no doubt no doubt as a Kenny Williams camp Johnson are big X factors. We're taught when Jason Capel and we'll get it straightened out every time I talk yeah that's not happen again RI data my promise. Our Jason what are what are you so so this debate forced we got into yesterday her I think there's a two or three days ago with some of the callers calm and listen nurse. On Luke may do you think Luke may has a career in the NBA. He's certainly gonna have a shot now. Well because of number you put in. Our moral Koop he put in the market brought her honor. Numbers you've ever seen on a good there's been very good spirits but like the tower and broke. And so they're gonna do but look the fact that we are the fuel. Better so. Request it needed. Coveted in the NBA now with through. We got there are six very yen and shoot the basketball. Incredible athletic player in the world. Doesn't put it on the floor level. That epic a lot of that level there's spark a year. Are what will it really get a look absolutely are you gonna out work. When he used that opportunity I don't believe so. Perspective you. Skills. That is very much present it and today going to be yet. We'll give them an opportunity and if you do you are currently without hardly works. His ability to push himself to have back. I would bury your head their campaigns that we get from you know. Buena what do ability. All it would put in the home floor you're not. 676 or whatever you government throughout would be. But he soon. He talks. He worked extremely or your car care adequate opportunity usual. Just steals and maybe a band stretched for armed could be his role let's move to some of the games tonight you know duke. Barbara Bagley apparently has not practiced this week since the Sunday night game and now you start wondering okay is this going to linger. I mean if they've got to play Virginia Tech tonight maybe Clemson on Sunday without Marvin badly that this isn't a good two games not pass him for I mean. How do they stare against Virginia Tech tonight albeit at home and then at Clemson if they don't have bag. This atop. What a fact we orders are not it was so gay and currently because. Virginia where the best move. The ability to lawyer RO. They do grow to be quite our. Dispute broke strictly due our experienced throughout. They are appointed court what low Robert we are because actually he acts. You can do not playing. I'm in Virginia Tech go to their Sprague are always out of order Spiegel. So you completely spread out they're used they're all great situation with eight people are here and we have a caller. It's so typical for pro thirty. Unique because they're so pretty out. Air cobra revoke her. Anger. They're due to partner. If you grow up pretty epic there is. There aren't true poll lawyer are blacks here or go both parents talk property about the spirit. And do it that are global prepare. What it contains herbal cure or treat certain. To be attacked mow them between occur when you look on all of the better urban beekeeper. I don't know that's a tough matchup for her defense Clemson will be too with some guards as well that can put it on the floor and stuff. More so when Jason cable talk it's an ACC knew Steve don't you do what I these games tonight. I don't I believe we are appalled by your two and ballots are very what mark. While beautiful wife my two little bored though I'm all right I'll be there are two under the builder. Very cool yeah yeah humidity it does downsides festivities in early before the hoops is our man. What do you think about NC state in Syracuse this is really a bubble battle between these two teams. How how does NC state match up against their zone and man NC state letters stop guys like Howard in and battle from Clinton on a Florida State defense has been terrible lately what do you think about this game. It battle playing great now is tight battle really. And I'm very concerned employer spirit Q are you doing you have doubt you scored all reliable shooter. Great big hurry to grow stronger are back preparing pitching rapper. Wonder about it speak very it is going to be the big thing pointing instead go the conduct bill that would be three F you know quite big. Well either there or couple real. R&B. Based on the back in the ball out there are larger step. But candidate do better and certainly are your bill it's going to be a key factor are all. I give all the credit worked there he what he's been able to do with respect. For why you're there basically you walk. I thought since what are going to be a threat out where. I think we. I think we lost our other. And oh yeah we got jealous of her secondary allows you were so our guy gets back. Or and our leaders to get peerless shagged I don't wish we'd get just take a break bogeyed it. I tell Jason Capel Buzek young exact. Tell Jason Capel make sure you call Jason Spitz and act on jet tell them that we that we are close to going to and it's always get better ever tell thank you.