Former Pro Bowl WR Herman Moore: "Most Underappreciated Receiver In The NFL Right Now Is DeAndre Hopkins" 

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Thursday, December 7th

Former Detriot Lions receiver Herman Moore joins Primetime to discuss the difference between the NFL when he played, compared to now. 


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Penalty love juju Smith Shuster uncalled for the sports column fox unsportsmanlike conduct penalty very disgusting disturbing a thought the hit. By Georgia logo was uncalled for. Bad first football there's going to be some fines there's going to be some stringent discipline. Let's just hope a lot of these men are able to get up tomorrow morning and move on with life let's. Some of the stuff got out of hand tonight is very disgusting and disturbing. Are we welcoming in the in the multiple time pro bowler of the multiple some ultra one of the greatest receivers of his day Herman Moore former lion with us on the technique come get us on Herman your thoughts on John gruden beside himself at what he witnessed a Monday Night Football on on Monday night what do you think today. Oh it was Warren is a year in a moment of the game we look at you usually have these quarterback and he's gonna block. It's it's it's kind of an instinct you're looking to go block you know that you besides a guy out you've you've. Wonder where nobody's paying attention. As you try to make a block you know I don't I think you could have been. Even harder than it was you know depending on the guy. But tell you try to not have blind side to try just do enough to get a guy off but. It was there to protect it from not making a tackle boy at the same time it would be no it and though coach gruden. Understated yet we don't want to see guys getting hurt so I agreed. They cheat you. You do want to protect the players. But even when I played there at the crack back block and I and the pusher he's partly around that time. It goes commonplace. What we saw a lot they've made highlight every night you can get guys on kickoff returns they're looking and go down and be the wedge buster in and knocks iceberg deal would have been to the ground but. You you'll say given what we've learned developing that we know players are trying to hurt players are I truly believe that I think they'd be instinct and emotion of the game takes over. There and guys make mistakes there's a group judicial that they began to back he's not looking to injure anybody. Garmin do you think the game is more or less safe and more or less violent than when you entered the league in 1990 question. I think at last there in less positives edited and then I would say no no way but no it was. If you do you're a lot to do a lot more if you grow underneath. I don't a dramatic route used by the Archie didn't keep you didn't get enough depth the linebackers DT off on you could be looking back at the quarterback it was a perfectly legal play. When you quarter of the metal they want and they don't like this today we're guys that come in and they had targeting. I wasn't a part of our game. I don't separating you from the football so it was definitely more collision bigger context I think back then. I need him probably before my time. There's got to taste it to be made big guys play didn't even. Deal harder and there was more violence so I think maybe it's actually been so excited about it to a certain degree article isn't to debate it probably are. Because of the equipment and because of the technology pickled in their regard Tampa. Probably have to live being invincible. But they don't think there's some cases you can make that does it it's it's in some regards the collisions with bigger but I don't think it's more frequent. -- or talk and -- a great Herman Moore the NFL great and Herman with this by the way out of courtesy quickly tire and auto centers huge supporter military veterans. Through their trading one uniform for another program on this Pearl Harbor day and other former lions great with us on behalf of the damage you can visit QL's trading one dot com nominated veteran by December 11 quickly more unveiled a five scholarship recipients at the quick claim bowl on December 26 to four field which is going to feature the Duke Blue Devils and the northern Illinois Huskies still that he will be on ESPN 5:15 eastern on December 29 are Herman Moore was just the great lions wide receiver on the technique come guess like I do feel like at a certain point on somebody that's that's been. You don't jarred by the violence of the sport the presenting we've got more information that was ever had before so that changes of the view of an obviously Herman but can we are we at a point words it's kind of this is the sport and for better or for worse we could you what more can you change to make it much more safe Friday without changing the sport itself because it feels like we're at that point where we're kind of towing up to the line if this is going to be a violence or we can make it certainly safer but I don't know what more you can do without changing the sport inherently. There's some argument that you can also make carries some reports that you great if you look at Xavier. No that's one the topic that a lot people talking about because of what it look like on TV and it was. Tough to watch as a former player. He would any try to make a tackle the player he's coming in. Two to make that play any come that a weird ankle if he gets injured. That's good I don't know there's much you can change a bit of technique on that or maybe come in a slightly different angle it's no big deal is a collision in making everybody gets up. And when you look at. Narrative that they would Judy Smith those collisions are gonna take place a lot of parents are in the NFL someone sees some we don't what about kickoff and then all of those things that we see when guys go down and run through guys. I would say this when you start messing with it too much you get guys into positions of being. And decisive when you see a guy right now and you tested before to equity company to make a tackle. They're more concerned about there if there are too high on a guide to hold a Kyra they gave him a certain way in or not maybe they're moving pretty about their own personal safety. In some regards and in. I think there's a false and some security. They're guys get sometimes in Tamil over the middle of the are going to be word because the NFL's most attacked me but I company takes a bat and gore shot worse. It when I came here and I always was aware. Protecting myself from making sure that I which you must separate the big collision. Because I knew that was part of it that was potentially that could personally I think if they're. I get another argument that you made it did start messing with that too much you almost are having guys to go re learn. How to play the sport to you asking him do it at full speed where the margin of error has now become just couldn't you just don't know where discs. Herman Boller talking about violence and destructiveness. As a former lion was his surprise to you did it took two tries to blow up the silver on the other night. Well not really because we still don't know when you start deal with what they've people cut corners. When they're trying to you don't pay increase profit margins in today's standards of draft creating he's durable. But back then I mean if it was still it was still the concrete is concrete it gets something that's supposed to last they did they are some pretty detailed the significant structures they can withstand quite a bit mr. Obama obviously it was one of those things and watching it we were doing some real time. To stop on social media. And that the look on all of our faith is that it was still standing and would they don't know whether all the silverdome and it's still spinning behind this so that little bit of luck. You know we we get most part of the true. You are in there in the nineties did feel like the kind of place it was gonna last forever. Did you know it started to get old but what we love about it and we've got a nickname that in doubt that the jungle is that it was one of the most difficult places to play in the NFL. You start talking about 8090000. People. I think can come in there we have sold out games you have remained we will probably beyond the capacities were supposed to be at times and the opposing teams they came in they understood what conflict management when you can play Florida. What was your favorite building to -- Herman Moore with us again by the way the great lines undersea tumultuous time pro bowler an old pro and die by the way he's witnessed courtesy of quickly tire and auto senator and done they're they're taking care better and send those you've supported the military through their trading one uniform for another program -- QL trading lawn dot com the war one Q a trading on dot com nominated veteran by December 11 quickly unveiled a future scholarship recipients of the quick claim bowl featuring duke and northern Illinois December 26 at Ford Field your favorite building to walk into and silence a crowd in your career was watched. Who wouldn't happen often are to score touchdowns to get them today and Lambeau and it. It was you always want to win here because it's so historic. Air and it was just they agreed to build on the play and I think the if you wanna talk about just in the it was really inside of our conference in NC central at the time before became a north. An actual beat Minnesota because of just the entertainment factor there it's been so close to the field and just. Passionate about their vikings. That was an album that it was it was mice that silence because they had that dome to it and it got really quiet when he did make them quiet. Whose team boasting he. NFL they do your speed that you think. You know you would love to go up against him in your heyday in your prime the guy that in his prime the corner right now in the NFL it's doing if you think the best you'll have to go up against don't want want who's that who's that guy. Oden appears that in indefinitely. German because he always wanted guns from people that they stay here and here's some of the top guys. That played in the double would have been the mistake these standpoint you know he's not scared now within its reach. And since almost got a Prius and great safety net order mention. I ride lot right before unity screws and I would have loved to have tested some of these other guys. You know what do these safeties are they or defense of factual. Rapist because one of those big Y receivers just for a quick second so mine was always I was never one and one quarter being shot you know is always how the white. I'd start to really pay attention to the RBS because of coordinators who zone that eagles' side of it that we get as receivers. But I don't want that one guy shut him down. Who's the wide receiver not getting enough attention in the NFL because he beat plays great may be just that the best quarterback play doesn't about popping numbers when you watch really meant that guys like guys doing something who is it. Tends to crash. I'll say you have probably opt into the good guy OK there it is costly there in that people are paying attention. But he he he continues to put up some some good numbers but I want to go it old school veteran. And you know we as a yes quarterback but Larry FitzGerald says it if this continues to do some things that. You know I have to look back gate you know I mean belt with the team the team and he's good one year next year he's kind of dissipating but he stayed pretty consistent in our respect for. Larry you can check out the trading one uniform for another program her. Herman Moore the great lions wide receiver of the multiple time pro bowler and Oprah make it time for us and they're gonna honor our veterans through QL trading one the number doesn't spelling out toward one dot com if you are treating one dot com nominee to better about December 11 quick claimed were unveiled a five scholarship recipients for duke in northern Illinois in a quick claim Walsh at Ford Field in Detroit December 26 -- it's a push to talk to you thanks to make its unforced. I appreciate it thank you for all the support.