Former Panthers Assistant GM & Current Bills GM Brandon Beane

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Wednesday, September 13th

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We welcome back a long time cancer front office man now he's the GM for the Buffalo Bills and the privacy in Lee County Brandon being taken some time four straight and how are you man. Doing well we arbitrary what we call this get a name for this game is it reunion bowl one homecoming boy we colonists we need us likely need to name this game we're gonna see on Sunday. Pretty Vanilla got your back door so earlier we do. There's a new cars for so I. Any release for you guys within the organization I know you take it week to week but just say you know kind of he didn't get get the ground running and then you hit off with a with a win for free you'll for your first game and also for coach McDermott that's got to make things a little bit easier get ready for today for for this week. Yeah I mean as we all know how hard it is to win in this league so home. You know game to be no home opener debating game. It was nice for the university of buffalo and in the organization knows the kuwaitis are. And how we got a long way to go back to it was a good start. How quickly these four months gone Brandon when you go all the way back to the beginning in May to where we are now it's it's almost informants in the days since this under his Lebanon to the that he believes any little bit longer than that but how how quick of these four months so much for you. There's been asked imperious. You know although job demand and so on staff on the college in the pro side and then obviously moved much and we have here that ended most of from the base station yeah Simon yeah. Or early July I've been also and ginger in school now finally show we're going to see is our turn trying to get Regina I guess you. We get grade like a shelter for the winner right like the first snow starts and a few weeks I think up in buffalo. It's seven ignited our hero for what. I'm not worried. Oh. And we don't you get a break right now actually compared to us you avoided that you you didn't miss Wofford I don't think when he came deaths in the late July early August even have to worry about that are sober and -- let us our Forte if there's front office man started as an intern in the Panthers organization and that worked his way up to assistant GM now is get his first job as the Buffalo Bills GM okay ready for a Panthers and bills Sunday 1 o'clock we've got to kick off on our sister station at one. A news 1110993. WBT I would be interested to know Brennan because you you know you've been in every facet of an organization here in Carolina for so long. You knew kind of sort mostly what to expect but there's always sings a crop opry like man I'd I didn't know that was going to be a job responsibility here this thing was gonna pull me elsewhere. Did you have one of those moments early on in the job or maybe it's still day today were you realize. You know wasn't expecting that out there realize that was gonna take a B five to ten minutes in my in my day in this in this job with that job responsibility. No honestly nothing. There's always surprises and there'll always be here every year there's things. You come in with things you know when your checklist socially that you gotta get down that they've been happier days. In the front offices of things that come off from you know. Players stats just there's so you don't 53 players so 63 kind of practice squad so there's always things going on and that's part of you gotta be able to react. This area in the right manner to. Brendan is as Dennis Dennis socialists and remember talked about this back in May with you but is it Ben is beneficial she thought it would be having a god you're so you know familiar with the new trust has such a good relationship with the coach McDermott does that make this whole process easier. Yeah most satellite images countless. We know along with the glue that was a big selling point because. We've all seen the relationships between head coach and GM when there's friction there generally doesn't work Alps and so no I was going to the guy who has spent six years with the Carolina and didn't -- for that but how the guy you know how already worse I'll be killed Sean is and just you know the mania is an and that type of person. He's the kind of guy these that was attractive to work with. Were you caught off guard like all of us when we saw that you know the Panthers made that decision to shake up the front office about. A week before training camp put it what what did you receive that news when that when I finally major made it your way. He had you know it was interesting obviously he. He's not mr. park is open shot you you know or surprised it was probably the word. The timing you know for them to do that but. You know when you step in the in the EC east and coach Sheehan rolled that. It's a day to day job and you never know when your time's gonna come. And your own you know you your faces out there on the front line in the end sometimes change will happen and you know it is what it is. As he talked to date since then bring it did you reach out right layer I know sometimes you kind of want to just let that you don't settle for a little bit before you talk to all of you being did you reach out to him and speak to him at all or no. You know I SMS text. You know later that night and just almost thinking about it yeah and you know they'll form basically by. I let it cool down and just told him we'll catch up in a week or two in. I waited till I was about a week in the camp. And then I called him and we had at least a nice long conversation not talk to him several times since just see how you doing that to. He had day to demand. I learned a lot Foreman appreciate my time work and within minutes. I wish him nothing and got investors as he knows full. And lasting understood that we talked about this in neighboring Indian witnessed the other way Buffalo Bills GM is up bills and dancers get ready to match up in weeks to Sunday 1 o'clock kick off the Bank of America Stadium. We talk that is a neighbor anywhere you know it is so rare for got to come in here and not you don't clean house with us with the with the scouting staff and not bring in his own guys and he did he trusted. You guys did to to do the work and in for him to work with you and how do it meant a lot when you go I you don't regardless of how everything ended but for referred to go back in time and realized Gelman came in and trust did you guys and you guys know their relationship that's that's pretty rare right that doesn't happen and a lot of front offices in the NFL. Yeah I think where the right word I'd give a lot of credit 810 minutes. And so every single one of us to man or you know to have to a woman that. You're gonna have a shot to prove yourself and you know you're here this year and you know people that are under contract he gave you know everybody extension just. Show only united back from the we had to do our our jobs and you know I think everybody did their in the mean they've made no changes. Brand houses and the transition being from somebody was offering an opinion to announce the other guy that has one of the the big voices and and making decisions were setting just and then like. Well he you know it is different gears here in the city where you have to make the final call. I was fortunate to have a couple opportunities in Carolina could do that day of the guarantee. And the draft the year that they've left for her son's graduation but. To be you know it is different and you know that that's part of you know today that pressure that media excitement you know on the job done and I've enjoyed it. What what would you say and in that room that is just thief is the thing that's so hard to do is I mean obviously compromise you never you always gotta compromise he never had 100% agreement but for Ewing in that position how he managed those situations and try to listen to everybody but also feel like man I didn't trust my god in this moment and can make the best call for for what I think is best for the organization. Well I think he's had the right word listen listen to everybody take it all and and trying to makes you know rushed so you know rush decisions arrest judgments. You know sometimes you do have to trust your gut you know people can be on both sides in the sense that there can be great arguments both way. And sometimes you got to trust your heart a little hole what feels right and that's gonna happen plenty of times as we move forward but. You try and pick your battles this is not prefer medio and shown traveling on the battle and he's not trying to do it here and personal dapper coaching so. We've got all got a good relationship where we're gonna have disagreements we listen we've already had a few things that we don't always everybody sees the across the board of this but we work through which ultimately come to the best decision for the Buffalo Bills and and that's the way it will continue to operate. Did you have a potentially moment and all we're here fielding phone calls from your former boss of Mardi Ernie making a trade is he's now the GM again year GM and another place in your you're both trying to help each other out and do what's best your organizations that had a that a little bit surreal few weeks ago. Well it's funny I told him right you can't starters and says listen and they eurozone portrayed at this point it's we have we got to make a move that we built up for free who works for me so after the very and we actually mayor you make a roster cuts since it's in the like in his so while this job a little bit you know. And there we you know we came up was something that they they need some corner depth than we needed. Simpson's ex associate receiver so I was a win win for process from us. What what's he has done airport on on keep on Seymour what did you what did you guys think Kim is obviously you youth obviously had some some other debt to deposition where wasn't necessarily need as much anymore I'd to make that trip but would you take him as a player. So came on the very first targeted young man hours for talk about what we know kind of person they are either very young man he'll fit. Tonight called through the temper locker room. As a player he's he's along smooth mover idea ball skills can eat a lot of good things. It is it. So if you wanna knock him at all the other side. Cited limitations a little bit. But he's a good players go to he's still young player and and again we didn't want to actually give up on two to give us you know some I was speeding Keylon they're nice job in the preceded. You know we had to give up something. Our brand in the angels' GM get ready for Sunday Panthers and bills weeks to inevitably 1 o'clock kick off Bank of America Stadium well let's go desperate and what's the what's the thing you got to do when you get Tamarine got to go get a stop calling mr. Richardson wants to be in that back corner Booth and arts barbecues so what's that things for you where you got to you know make your way around town to stop the displays are gonna get a meal here what's the thing for you. Too many places and allied with and goes so. Actually my parents are gonna come over and stay at the hotel with the team and actually games Olympic amount of discernment and try afterwards to see a few friends I don't know the spot yet there's so many good spot subtle. I hate to call one out there and not give below there you know almost twenty years so develop a love for a lot of places. Number and it's always a pleasure to talk to you work or everybody's always excited for your success and got it started as an intern the Panthers organization now be going up against that interest he was the GM on Sunday as the bills and dancers get ready to play week to recalls are not reunion bowler homecoming volt we'll call we to that simple enough for any good to talk to you thanks for the time. I thank you.