Former Panther Mike Tolbert On Norv Turner Hire: "He's As Smart As They Come In Game Planning"

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Friday, January 12th

Former Panther Mike Tolbert joins Primetime to discuss Norv Turner being the new Panthers OC. 


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We go to the technique come guess like Norv Turner now the offensive coordinator for the Carolina Panthers in a man that. Played for the Panthers and a band that was playing in the playoffs last week Amanda played. And plates of his best football of his career. As a pro bowler in San Diego wonder Norv Turner Mike Tolbert make it some time force on the tech become guess like told work gut told those are you doing man it's gonna talk to you. And notebook recruitment good you know it is Ohio Rick. Honorable we've been all right we I think we kind of felt like it like you the last week we're still you know periodic reality set in for me it's it's Friday down it's likely and cats are playing in the playoffs this weekend so how how you do before talk about Norton and everything I got you've been the last few days is trying to. I come off the season and obviously it's never easy to go to the playoffs and can be one and done but what what what's it been like the last few days. I mean is that it for me personally you know -- informal but there's been a role. You know 48 and two. Were I'm still pretty good. By the feeling very you know other who did in the people who wanted to put. You know you never know what things on faith in the future is so. I'm I'm happy about whereas I've just got off the road Rezko go before. But eleven out drop off my back home stronger so I'll move on from kind of very hours without Micah. Why appreciative when you're widget on out though right because I buffalo weather complexity only I've done here at seventy re not. Friend who brokered right there there's food out for you could not outright. And your comeback are have been a girl rather go zero for the this as a bad there's an mad visual I visually. I but I look so bad there's snow in the near buffalo snow. 56 while he's that was right yes it's. That's their oh when will you be worried then you know what. There or not. You know that it Buffalo's known got to pick veto threat or say work were furious with the overall very. This run and now you come back here this is all for you Mike Tolbert was this former panther former charger feels fullback he's with the spread on the tech become just like you come back all the people around here as you know. When the roads get wet act like idiots no value allowed only hear from nutty all like I've been up there. Life goes on what you got feet of snow don't know audio lack crazy when there's water on the road around here. Right you know hormone drugs who put it Superman that they had a note if there was no. It today. That effort melted and here it goes right to beat where one point guerrilla. The other work I exact clothes and October you said something with their. He says some earlier that you can end the season the way you want to put up there and buffalo man you guys were able to get into the playoffs so granted UV into the championship but. I mean you guys still have to be satisfied with a break in that breaking meant street from lobbying them to be in the playoffs. All right our meal we we bit off you know if he feels more. Clean up effort you know more than fair standard you know coach McDermott preached the entirety in the end apparel he was. We're fitness center right regard we're not in the field being the past. You know what we want to make Carl Moore for the game so I think the police do you know. It was fun you know obviously we felt like. We could've played a lot better you know. If you bill you know we live out of things get away from work. But it at a date to tomorrow in the various you know they're sending it over the we want happy feet in the lead anyway for. There's no doubt Mike Tolbert who this Panthers former Panthers fullback former chargers fullback with the bills and of course on Twitter. At Mike Tolbert 35 cities with this right now on the technique come get slighted. I I obviously if you're not in this locker room anymore Michael you know so many of those guys and so when you see the pain of their season come to an end didn't. I eat you sought Tuesday morning just like the rest of us that they Kenny Dorsey and and Mike Shula. Are being let go of Mike's been there for all seven years itself in some way shape or form Kenny over the last. Five years or so so what would what's your reaction just from a human element of what you know those guys and antsy and that change made on Tuesday. I mean. Me personally you felt that I felt like it. What comment you know just simply because. Does that mean give back in this over you know. Rumor thing going home which you know go to very few that got its low got to go got to keep ya he ground now could. He he'd make you move you know they go for the we've got a lot of them like that happens we'll blockage mogul would do away with that we see gutsy guy known. Kind of outlook okay okay it is. My gap and in. He's won about three favorite coach government. Well that's what did you see me read this situation Mike and you know you how it is it is the criticism always goes to. To the play caller to the offensive coordinators and Francis is what it would do you know whether it is their fault or not one of the you know one of the things that people point to its exact guys Walton. He'll Mike Hsu who's got a lot of it over the years and I feel I give him credit I think he's built an offense as you know. Around a special talent quarterback in a way that a lot of offensive coordinators might not willing I might note that might not have been willing to do. Over the last few years but you know Rollins also been really loyal to a lot of people's call for real change for awhile now runs always giving. Guys second third fourth chances to try and turn something around I feel like that's another reason why why why you guys respond. Paronto sold so well is he he's he is a loyal guy he trust you guys to get things fixed and be frozen and make adjustments. We have to move to a golf then that he could have got it there for the players the ones who quote the free. So even if it anybody this wanna put forward. Understand look at the pool is wrong there you know so or four mark felt when I was there you know I was there it was right. You know what I mean to tout himself because he knows what is that he Mike Tolbert who just won't. It's our Mike about it lacked a lot of saying wait a minute trust them you know as I got that you might hear. Good street down here you know you know I've been here in Iowa where a lot of you have that faith in coach and that that prove when he does get the expense. We're we're talking to Mike over former Pitt to former charger now with the bills he's with this right now. On the technique come guess on a case of one of the guys that is now the new offensive coordinator year old offensive coordinator you and it's not a success. It's seen Diego at this do you draw Norv Turner would would would you would what do you think it hiring of north. I'm out love it you know there for the birth out of office that you are. You know part of that quote prepared form up about three favorite book burners and it third. Even that you got it gave me my opportunity. In a belief did meet for four straight years that you played again and I want to play I call my number so I'm greatly appreciative. For the Wiki it. From from a out of me because itself from Mike from from from the standpoint of an adjustment this doesn't feel like a huge departure to me what what did you play to both offenses under my chin and ignore what what's the what's the departure in terms of philosophy and in style play a play calling and all that stuff. Well I think you'll was more book old school traditional. I quote where you gonna. You can back you know you used back there right next to run around for whom I think gonna put up off before becoming. He's very Smart game planning and I think that the different that they can bring the he's been around it long enough been done that a high level of there. He's gonna bring a different dynamic and I think actually with partly. You know make Campbell better or that a player broke or. And stood so why do you say that what what what what what's gonna make him better I think I've ignored assistance to detail its goal. Fine day. It's part but anybody that prepared the way he gave how would he can you know so he's got to make sure it. The quarterback you why it is prepared to pay more it was up all day in day out with those rivers to build a bullet you know Charlie. And stuff like that you know I think that you know. So I just I know the Eiffel. Demand he had forward its quarterback and his hiding and it it ultimately violence running back and there. So now you mentioned running backs in north system. You're so you had a lot of success there a guy like me Tom means back in the day he had a lot of success at those. Though you to type of backs are kind of similar in them in that manner. Who law in the Carolina roster right now do you think this will give his number called more often now that norm is here that may not have had that real opportunity before. Well off mapping obviously. McCafferty garment garment get his. His role. I think with every role would probably be told them what to work. Their throat before it is very unique you know. Honestly think. That found in a row right now. We can't Bernard thank you indeed very good solid back he's really really thought. He just hasn't had so you know he's always had played by myself doctors who are now the effort so I'd say cavern artist friend won't have to. Click here. I feel like equipment for wrong McCaffery you know the one thing about him and what it seemed was the Panthers maybe never figured out exactly. What they wanted to do with them you know they get the shiny new toy new super productive but he was productive in a variety of ways from month to month and game to game sometimes. Which door about it correctly from all I feel like he's. His role may be will be. Almost reduced but because it reduced its refined and it's maximized by taking advantage of what he does it maybe not asking him to do as much is that is that a fair assessment hurdle. Foul mouth with a itself mean America fit well there is finding its feet though he's not he's got that down everybody on and off oh. What would he keep him keep their ruler on that he and like if not if she got to do. It wouldn't. Well and and I feel like the pieces imagine trying to go back in a weird talk about your time at San Diego and went when that offense is clicking and in. You know the things that or Watson is often to the power Mac you're talking about that the kind of the change of pace scat back you're talking about. That the pass catching tight end the big physical wide receivers and speed on the outside as well. But if they're sort of all those things which you Greg Utah McCarron artist named McCaffery. Staunchest. I mean that at the big arm quarterback that that excels throw the ball down the field a lot of the personnel seems to match what gore wants to do and went to what is often it's as your clip it. Oh yeah they'll plot map think the very fitful you know the great fit but it came in fourth quarter of middle of the army is. If it's fine it's going to be fun why. Well you city came home in on me. I was a one year deal with the buffalo writes on horseback. You're back you're here so what's what's the deal Mike if you had to take casually look have you made the call I know it's early still but not all been me so that was up. It haven't made any calls they obviously broke Vera you know it. Warm up there but for the most article about their coach. Goes coast skipper to run event go to India is not favorable. What book so. Newspapers hit it right here home of a threat. The fifty. We do believe that that. Right blooded Shaq I don't know if you shut Thompson your voice Shaq just weeded out he's at you right now to leases pieces bring told we're home. So he could go. Certainly he's gonna take a quick social media push is over there right now so what you're saying you you do another training camp you got more than he. 23 more really. But it feels great of these new love these new training camp you got to look through these new treaty gives lifted our big enough in the polls be it. And again right right right foot and a but. But at the board but right now I think I can do the you know abided with a very left it alone though it noted the first is that right by. I think my third year that every week I waive it under through it you know to 4845. Supported 10 great shortly. You know so fast. It'll help or vote. So I'm I'm excited about the future. What happened there will we do you change your died a little bit word change to work out we do we acknowledge it was cold up there. Well it's a little bit. Removable. Definitely when my wife. With. Bob morrow profile figure before. And you think they both pretty much filled their way to say it. You wanna have a long career. Can keep door to door snuff out smoking stop smokers who are not about treat him as much as well but there flew him up by the the release. I think you might help and let it gave me more ambition more drought more you know more motivation. But it would who aren't you know thing I actually enjoyed. That it I have to try to five different healthy you know. Be beaten her so there you go Mike Tolbert saying he's the best he's felt since a year three in the NFL he's back home he's looking for a new deal Norris coming here so you know we don't we're not saying anything we're just we're all we're laid out the facts if you know it's going to be it's going to be a long offseason so it puts just start start the crusade now we see what happens when that although some guards you got to the house back and give. Graham how. Awful did you play at Haas broke the rules policies don't let that that's that's the way up for a while Ferraro I'll. Alone knows she played that's not if you wanna be and Dave Bush is like overseers about this hammer and as he can remember how these are Mike Tolbert former panther former charger played under doors and done he sounds like he likes to move for the Panthers. From an offensive coordinator standpoint just had a great year up to buffalo and let them to the playoff to the first time. It's seventeen years and do not forget what it may write down in Charleston your your fishing tournament it's going on down and made that right. Right right that's right it may men wanted to put a brave they think the press that benefit faithful. You know we know without. Attitude survey we don't care Rick Peterson who over the grandpa. Well. We will keep open a four year he'd enjoy the next few weeks I did it decompress a little bit and coming out with a since Studio One of these days Mike we think settled out. May know. You know what effect got discovered letter that Coppola took the words more or Beckett settled it unpack Vietnam Cabrera got so bad it. It's tough dresses gravel mine was doing or have heard all the best buddy good to talkies thanks for making time fraudulent to look upon that thought enough of.