Former NFL QB Brad Johnson: "I'm Excited For Cam Newton, Norv Turner Taught Me A Lot Of Football"

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Friday, January 12th

Former NFL QB Brad Johnson joins Primetime to discuss the Panthers hiring Norv Turner as their OC. 


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Welcome in another former quarterback under Norv Turner former Redskins Super Bowl champ. Brad Johnson make it time for so the technique on guess like Brad you're doing it thanks for joining us I'm kind of great effort here at notre thanks. So what do what do you we think of love year old year old head coach and what's considered to be one of the best offensive minds in the NFL throughout his career Norv Turner company Carolina to take over the Panthers offense. Yeah it is not a photographer for more than. The son Scott MacLeod for cam kills half a football. An option nor the coach for over thirty years and head coach and coordinator you can never at all. From a different path enforceable. Enron affair that together. How did that Diego together for there's a great relationship great truck. With them and they work together and I took the words and I love clip from the war organization. But does for the love football club and a wealth of experience to go back proof always use it doesn't count out loans they Weytman. And then how that platform and through the guy that he. It's beautiful forgot I can't move. You throw for yards for a touchdown he he can run for you are meted this phenomenal watching me assessment. I was kind of thing but you really hit it to commit crimes he had taken into an eleventh. What is quicken them up and has dropped. He's a great place to another got a great running game there but. Norton got play action take shots from the field. Industry can't really can't take his accuracy up from the 58% kind of throw or QB to a 535465%. Completion percentage got to get extra first found. And he got it out because a lot of them but then the other part that his camp. They tell a lot of staff and you know because you're right yes she is a runner but some limit almost you know from 35 effect here down in in the twenty. So it has recorded demo room. We're talking to Brad Johnson the Super Bowl champ former quarterback under Norv Turner in Washington eighties with this right now on the tech become guess like. Early on in the transition it's always tougher. For any quarter equities restart getting to coaching and it's it's new terminology and they challenge you and coach of different ways what was the biggest challenge for you early on when he started being coached coached by nor from a former quarterbacks to appoint a little what was the biggest growing pains. Well I I think that's the great great questions. For many outfielder once fit them in Minnesota for seven years yet I knew it. If you take a guy like Mark Sanchez he has picked different quarters to fifty years who so. And and you take it you know so you got to study didn't quarterback and how many coordinators around these different they've been in or if they've been a system is that similar. You know outlook for language you know I recall an auto that's the big deal. Are you pointing up in my for the hot for the break call. Or is it all built fans you know champ at a point now where he he's been under systems. He's played he knows the game but now we have to take it to another level. That's rough talk about gators completely different brigade of the 54 YouTube. Take left that. And he's already playing winning football is playoff quarterback because. Multiple copies in the Super Bowl but take his game to none level. And it to fit that's what. This can be unique demand for nor to pick guide to golf though to get not just incredible luck camp but also. Had those without love to boot camp at a point now I delete them take seven years and that EU should just have more good years great years out. And up to this could be a great marriage. Fred do you do you ever have them a moment you remember word maybe was on the practice field or a meeting room could later later time with or for maybe later on where you. You remember him came exploiting something do you and your like. Fanned out of that ever seen before oh my gosh it makes it much sets and never looked at something from idea perhaps Velika aha moments from nor real I mean this guy is CA he's he's really Smart I keep when I had never thought about it that way before. Did you have a welcome return and because member Joseph until May read when you when you watch it when he called to play just trusted. Trust defense. And if I get to vote on the comeback from creditable if the pool. Just laid in their truck to throw throw the play and growth and growth plate in rhythm with your feet and and your speaker Tom that we do. You know the route and all those kind of things that I remember you know I actually taking care would keep a former doubt they went about forty point them. North qualify for him to play right 4448. They fit the square into the Padilla. And tradition came in through the check that. And and sense nor that they have that stands that wanted people to check called the occult square. You have way. I would surely get a completion. Preventing any way you know what I call the place truck that. Throw throw the square for the corn for the people. And then let's let me as a quarter dictate what happens for you and that that's roughly half that for camp if you just shut the play trusted flag. I completely mobile haven't quickened up and distrust. And god and of the need to figure out how. And we're talking the super. Bowl winning quarterback Brad Johnson former redskin is well under north carries with this right now on the technique on guess slide at what I was asking Sage Rosenfels this the other day what would smooth which snores demeanor in the in the film world and also on the practice field which is Demeter specially with quarterbacks. Think you know anything they get along that the thought you know maybe the you walk QB great. These are demand from death and nothing can fit golf and he knew I mean I've skated past before stuff is you know how to wondered out kinship. You know all that kind of stuff Super Bowl player and BP all that but but to take it to the level and go get them out. And that's and I think that's the other thing for cam that there's nowhere about two yards to the right court without regard to be in the game would be front. Get to cheat jars it looks like he's off the 300 to get the right yards. Where you're winning you're playing and head early in games. And he can close games out met back when I think of Troy Aikman. You know he would have attempted bootable the first path compared to what they did in fact have all the yards to the plate came in the first half differently. And then to be a quote came out so I think it's a big fan of camp just to be over us to go to a new process for this system but trusted and Jeff Gordon finished you know punches through years of experience he's he's great place for you never hear. Quarterbacks talked about that experience has always. You relate to you get blown these these at all. You can joke you can lap the field marked effect tops off of his immigrant situation. Brad were you surprised it Dick coach gruden finally got back after all these years or did you think none of time it passed it was gonna happen to everybody talk about it religiously NAFTA which you think. Not that it's simple life. You know what happened it got struck everybody but he got itself and when it what happened nine years ago eight or nine years ago. Hillary started this QB can't be started. I don't Monday Night Football he did that drafts you Kathy get the heavily gang though. There's just so what does that. I knew that it generally for their jobs in the path of this was the right one for him he's got a young quarterback in Oakland lot of talent and I don't think it just for. I did a great situation for norm for the kill on a bus. It's a great situation for John Lombardo of place where he used to send their last controllable you know what's going home so he can keep us. Got a. Do you see a little maybe a little Tampa Bay bucks and in the Jacksonville jags right now you see a little he still Brad Johnson a voice portals and that defense and everything they got cocoa with their running game or else. That situation Phil yeah I would different situation. But just out this great defense. What's going on the other place I've winning football PF. You know who does what happens if you can't that's what you think about it that's the kind of thing you can find ways to win games especially fired up for things are. They denied me pretty Frank Gifford another great quarterback but not yet again another great defense week in week out he's got found ways to win. So you don't know because I'll that. Well how about the about Tom Brady student he's in his forties Brad you played what seventeen years in the NFL very delicate breeding in his forties trying to get back to Super Bowl win another one. It's amazing it amazing he's 45 bodies of self. It broke down completely and that comes from the free throw it all here. Flickr's not have to polls. Gonna golf purple border find out if you change your game is he's relentless. In the he's the statue of all. Quarterback wanna be foods they can't run that event after forty years out of college and it just seemed to find a way to win. And it is they've quarterback should. Found ways to win five to greatness and that's what I'm done his abilities. Only thirteen year here formula. Well last week I I don't I'm sure you sure you were made aware what are your records you were the only man or at least the last one to do this in NFL history were you would catch your own touchdown pass as having 98 was here to do it there's worthy opponent and Marcus Murray joined unit in an exclusive club last weekend. Yeah it was impacted by the not senate the foot the play with the players played throughout the book out. Law fear. I'm Liz doubt. The players who have content to watch the football got bad effectively chemical. Three yards and two bill before you're allowed hard that yard short. Got in their first outback mr. Katz who did no work after the game and and that would FE those kind of unique play and then the free market may have to do is kind of the I'm Brenda wanna trainers there taught torso enough. And that Tennessee they're all out about mark they all laugh about what Clinton had not so great time for him off. It was. That's phony bride Johnson Super Bowl winning quarterback played under Norv Turner as is it coach in in Washington and I've taken some time force of the technical and get slighted. The pride of blackmail north clearly put your high school black mound right. Yeah sure oh through. Great by authorities but feel before we cavaliers within. You'll agree if you're from but that actually also felt an AP coach you know benefits for small school for a lot of progress there but yeah we just have to elect last month it took a little weekend get away with a wife who have the Black Mountain that was that's appointments that I see what you get you did you already and now I'm a little ways with Nashville's like what twenty minutes away tonight that's a muscle area there. Yeah I can. This tour and now we've got we yeah him. I'd have a golfer because they have ever charities there we for an Obama Kofi Shuler you viertel's also fill. Condit go back out of this. Beautiful place well let's move on club Bradley to quarterback always a quarterback and it's great degree do you talk about Normandy offensively of what might become an effort came of the Panthers it takes to make it time was good to talk dia. I appreciate got that feel shows raise an awful lot of fun for our fans who want to that computes.