Former NFL Kicker Jay Feely

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Thursday, October 12th

Former NFL Kicker Jay Feely joined Garcia & Bailey to discuss tonights game between the Panthers and Eagles. 


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Jay Feely launch Simon Arthel place kicker he'll be on the sidelines as an analyst tonight on CBS kind enough to join us on the tech job just like Jay thanks Matt Howard if. I'm embroidery dawn we're doing good Jay thanks raskin and you know as a longtime kicker in the NFL I am obligated to start off with they jab as the next offensive linemen and ask you have you got your eyes fixed console that. That's what is your head. Yeah our happened gunned down. To that they're the number although I've watched it here and you don't normally watch comment on the screen. Pablo block him ridership they're doing great thanks serve better bring anybody yen. They're just a weird thing it looked like about a topic. Since I tell you right that you might sound football team what his bicycle back some money they're Joan V. Today I told flooded the exact same thing a couple of years ago amid the high school loyal to him on TV and it's only during the commercial bright that it never went in so I. Are. There is a result trust must look at it like you're a moron and he simply took us six inches it's also a totally don't know it. The only solar although there's three other guys Zetterberg are bigger expense base. Our spotter Chris I'm a big thing I don't know what I saw. Off to go to go to Europe optical is so did you. Little solace talk about the standard I've been we're excited about a two Ford one teams two with a three best scenes in the NFC Elise through five weeks and let's talk about the home team for secretary auditors Cam Newton you know the first three games title looked like his pre season coming off the shoulder surgery in the last two weeks many sure looks like most valuable player the MVP that we saw in 2050 an. Yeah I think this offense is just getting better we do we just figured out exactly who they are. They get the two big receivers young Benjamin until they're gonna go Obama sealed them. But do a lot of movement and but really in the end what they're doing all the movement or just take it you look and then. Yeah I heard the defense not a player and then they just want to run power football read or write so. I'd like fifteen delegates of it got bigger. It gets to the baton to the best young quarterback conducting called Camden a young quarterback anymore but. The other they're gonna respond. There's a lot of teams are a lot of people thought that this going to be evolution of the Panthers need to do a guy like Chris McCaffery throw those short passes but as you pointed out I agree you're I start gore sideline to sideline and that's when you go vertical that's what they did last week with staunchest with debt it would Dixon and obviously would Benjamin do you feel like they're gonna to be able to take advantage of that with the Eagles defense as well. Well I don't know Dixon didn't have as much room that he had a blast hit a good surprise that locked in a few times when you look at that you. Eagles' defense. You know specifically you know connect secondary Malcolm Jenkins I don't I don't predict and had a big night and I like it but. You know I think you're innocent person ever continue to be used more and more I can't wait could you the month of that sort out there you know singled out. And allow him to have a choice crowd that are out there on the coverage your anger and giving him the ball and then the company just so dangerous. You know cars and winds obviously guys have a great year Pro Bowl type a year and make you know maybe even potentially MVP of this continues I think it's a big night for both quarterbacks in May be make it a statement moving forward but you look at this office maybe not the most explosive receivers. But they get the ball out quick they have a good power running game mixed in with a united national scat back so they have a little bit of everything the Carson once is kind of the the motor that makes this or the oil makes his engine run. They really have continuing to grow continue to get better. They've given a lot more freedom this year allowing him to make checked at the line of scrimmage. You see the defense the other life if you want to get into a better player that's something that he didn't really do last year. And that's made this offense better and they're receiving corps I think it's gonna continue to get better news Torrey Smith and a big catch last week below are. They're batter in the slot he doesn't have to be the go to receiver and will it get out gunned separate go on. Whenever I make them a dynamic team and obviously they're retired and records. Started one of the best in the wake. Talking to Jason Elise CBS roaming the sidelines tonight as the Panthers and Eagles go at a just on the street and Bank of America. I talked to try to about this earlier jail what your take our troops this Philadelphia Eagles defense and they're they've been great against the run second against Iran in the legally bonded to the Denver Broncos so far this year 29 the leaders to pass now we're we're realize there are some reasons for that as you survey this defensive unit won't use it. My thinking this could be doc they lock guys continually every game and they've been leveled up. Find somebody to put a distant and they've been doubled producers you know there have been you know and so. Given their minor injuries they've had a I'm impressed with the what they've done Swartz has done a great job with the defense. Whether I'm Fletcher Cox plate tonight entity playing at a high level that's a big part of it is a bit about the tenth alignment to get the most pressured disruptive in there. You know and that big big key especially going up against this this epic renders. DOJ typically these these short weeks favour the home team but not the case this year the home team is only 11 of those this year one out of four and typically is around sixty to 63%. What's been the difference for that now what do you think that'll fact tonight's game. Well I'd figure port dirty another factor one of those away teams with a New England. Another one. You know you see some of the good teams that go into a winning games but. I think seemed to understand then what they have to do. I'm a short week you can't change in the chase you can't go in there and reinvent the wheel or you're not going to be have a you know to put it a whole bunch of new stuff it's more simple finding other teams that we then went on Thursday night. They've they've all said listen we go there and we simplify our execution. You know play this game I think you know is such an interest in game could you have two teams. They're playing actual football that are growing better understanding who they are united and when you get to gamers just been assembled fire and a lighter players have played fast and should be able. In our day you know as well as anyone know obviously look at the game plans in the implement it implement implementation of the game plans you know you start looking at what these teams have to do and from one week to the next this game is going to be more similarly based on what you saw last week in carrying that game plan over unfortunately the match ups are gonna be different how is that a factor in tonight because I think ultimately the team that runs the ball tonight batters doing the football game. Yeah I mean I agree obviously whoever runs mobile speaking to wanna run a bomb and that's. And how to opt out but when you look at the matchups when you look at so well and you say up to what are they gonna try to get I think they're trying to get into the second advances. In other strengths. The peppers as up front at the front seven you know and the ability to go down the field and trying to take advantage of those matchups in the second there I think will be key Europe bit. At the campus can not allow big plays not allow those home run ball. And make Philadelphia grinder now you know two or three yards at a time you keep everything in front you and I get a really good chance it. I'd say it's really CBS joining us on the tech jobs just like a little further if you would for a second Christian McCaffery because it is here's a kid. That was stressed its overall and you know you had some people who were excited about that's people who hated to pick one of the and the producers figure one -- -- from -- or whatever the case may be that you see a kid like Kareem caught out in Kansas City a later round draft pick getting it done and that the detractors about so we'll see you could have gotten a productive guy without spinning this overall draft pick on a running back other 2.2 women say they're looking at how much are chaos he's -- for opposing defense is they asked to account for and it's opening up things for other players not all sense how do you view this trip through us through games and where he's headed as a football color and how they're using the most sensible. I think you deal might look at it overall team's success and looking at what he's done it that often. You know go back to last year and look at Cam Newton and the struggles they he had and about up and that's. And the versatility that he provided and the problem that it creates bird defense. And what it's so loud and how effective it's allowed this to be. I think they're justified that it that it cream on a bunch last year at college. You know and I knew he was gonna be really good player I had no idea is gonna have the success but he got it now lead league in rushing but it's. You know that the guy that you knew in the right system and to do in this city or Philadelphia. You know what have been the right system. You know for a guy like that I don't know in the innate type of offense picked Carolina around. Agreement would have been near as good state of the data Christian the captured because of what and versatility allows you to do. All right so before releasing dose Wright got his dig in the beginning I'm gonna say in my until the end what what's. What's going on with the wolverines meant to you while watching a series party and then whats going on Jamar law. Good question what up to that Enron had to the Toledo game like you gotta get guard. An object ever. We'll talk sciatica they're honoring our 97 team that year reunion so we were there. And an open and that we're gonna get away and then and they just struggle look if you look at the quarterback position and I just have not had success and tomorrow got to find a way to get that offense thrown because the defense is playing great again they lost twelve batters twelve guys in the NFL right now claim. As Brooke you know around 90% last year and I've thought that would be the big question mark. And they've replaced the guys anything got better and faster on deep and they're playing excellent team defense but. Their offense it's really struck in and got under way did a great job recruiting keeps Michigan relevant. Did you have to be Michigan State you gotta be out of state media struggled there a mess. Our zig jealousy goes out of prediction the wind's that I. I can't do that. That's true. Annika I just had a question look at what's a like Cordoba Tony normal and it immediate boost. First time you know color analyst we also the city doing a great job what's your take on the inside. I love it could burn different font term stadium depend on hanging out with them having come a golf course stuff. You know two guys who love the player and we haven't gotten out there to match up but. You know he he brings to eat and I youthful enthusiasm to the game you get here that when he called game of football he loved the hope that. He would everybody trying to figure out what that offensive doing. You know I mean it's been fun to watch and call played Mia an analyst. It's actually for me to Vienna have set and just kind of less and it was an education comedic analysts in the Jim Nantz and Phil Simms. And then not hear him and Romo and the difference and to what they both do well. And so I feel like for me it's been a great opportunity just to grow as an analyst puts him in two guys I think what tornado so well be a communicate. It joy for the game and they gave a kind of diagnose what the offense they're doing them and why they're doing it. And you know I think. He has stepped into that role seamlessly which I I wasn't sure if you're gonna be able to do and I think there's a lot of question out there. Jumping into that we announced role have in the precious that to happen. And he has increased stepped in to seamlessly. Team and our bill William prediction on tonight's game but he can absolutely give a prediction because it's the old quarterback vs kicker type of match up on the golf course who wins the battle. The approach I'm always gonna go myself. I ever did not quarterback my entire career and that they get money from. China putted pretty good golfer rumor that he shouted sixty I recently so that the to. Bring my game. There are just this storm is one of those I don't know just there was no other sites are not under her crown and and I did ask how today's game alone Ali just Arizona why not easier did you play here Charlotte. No I haven't played out here much at all. On the golf course is gonna get out your sometime in the next time you're down get me optimal growth put. I am about to play well sometimes absolutely will make it happen next time you're generous you know our assistant director Ted thanks I appreciate it.