Former NFL GM Bill Polian: "At This Point, Cam Newton Is An Average QB In The NFL"

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Wednesday, December 6th

Former NFL GM Bill Polian joins Primetime to discuss all the NFL storylines, as well as what he likes about this Panthers team. 


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We go to the technical gas line here as so we roll on 5 o'clock hour. We welcome and a man on the call now who's gonna be. In the broadcast Booth on Sunday Bank of America Stadium huge game for the vikings they're trying to get to a one seeded Panthers try to be a stuff avoid being a succeed. It would be on the wrong side of the playoff cut line Panthers and vikings at 1 o'clock and could be on ESPN radio with former Panthers general manager. And the hall of Famer Bill Polian built could talk to you how you doing. I'm verified that fact that they would do. All right so publicly what do we make go for the Panthers are at right now because it kind of felt like maybe they were turning the corner they've won four in a row with a with a winning streak comes to an end with the thought against the saints where really every phase. Played ugly football had a hand in that loss execution was poor and really might have just given the saints the the division on Sunday with that loss down 02. Off but now others I mean there's no rest to get to turn around and take a vikings team on Sunday but realistically once you take the emotion out of it where where is this Panthers team that right now and 84. Well I think here around. I think there's look CNN the next. A little while woods simply playoff team right. Faith. Is faith in them pumpkins are gonna play twice. It's tough fourteenth this week but it's always possible of course. Fonts. So. You would think that. It in order to get in. And that's really all there look at that at that point he got a wind event. So. They need to win two out of an explorer. Who assure themselves a spot in the playoffs. Thought that it's entirely plot to treat people get in. Comes out. But I think at this point you don't worry about feeding you did say hey we gotta keep winning every week to playoff game for us from here on out. And and there's no margin for error. Bill Polian knows the hall of Famer former Panthers general manager former bills GM former colts GM he's could be on the call for ESPN radio. It's going to be Panthers and vikings on Sunday at 1 o'clock vikings think they could be once he gets within their grasp and appoint grateful for right now. Hot overall bill wouldn't when you when you take a look at this Panthers team. Defense is played statistically great feels like situationally they've they've kind of made some big mistakes in key moments and hasn't finished plays and finish drives and they've been bad in the red zone which is not a trade market this team over the years under runner Vera but I've heard a lot of people say this team can't to. Compete for Super Bowl again it took Cam Newton turns into his MVP form. From 2015. News is that a fair statement or no. Well I had it for me it's an incomplete state and I think that. You know always it's typical media statement it is sound bite. The if you look at the points per game. As compared to fifteen the vikings. Are generally regarded it one of the top two defenses in the national football. They're giving up seventeen points per game. The Panthers are giving up nineteen point 8% to 10%. Excuse me nineteen point eight points per game offensively. On that good enough to win under twenty you give up on that when he got a chance to go a long long way. So. You know I I don't point fingers at that's the panthers' defense at all. I think they've played pretty well now. If Johnson has gone for a time that another issue entirely. But. But the fact. The fact vote meaning that it defensive. Tax. The vikings with that great defense that 47 you bet there's 34. Though that the that this that does it defense that the envy of many around the national football. Which brings it back. To the main issue. Cam Newton. At this point in time. It's. An average quarterback in the national football with his passer rating his fourteenth slightly above that. You know we beat you wanted to be in the top ten. And and you know what the issue the issue. Basically. It is interception. Putting at that that's basically it. If you get past that. You know you're you're pretty good shape. But he hadn't taken care of all the way he should be that games where he's been very good. IE New England be that games where he's been. Really poor so he could and often now. Which would indicate that that you know right now. We have. Enough for us statistical information. To make a valid judgment. And so for her you know to be fourteen in passer rating at this point in time as. Is right in the middle of the pack that's probably not good enough. If the defense to Super Bowl defense I would think so. Statistically and every other way out and say Johnson's well it is another issue entire. But. You know offensively. As they know they've been as good today they possibly could be I'm not so sure. Has Trish McCaffrey. Produced the way you thought he would feel. Absolutely. Christian McCaffrey has done. 64 receptions. Which is not so it's been you know throughout. Now I'm sorry kicked in the NFC twelfth in the NFL. Are that for production for repeat. They're not edited. Is that they're fixed to that extent that exceed expectations. By that by a pretty wide margin so I've. You know I don't know what people expected. But but what they're getting his top flight performance. I think a lot of fans who who think maybe from running the pure rushing standpoint they they haven't seen the impact with him in the running game. From a from a York's precariously appointment and those numbers have actually gotten better over the last. I a couple of weeks with their I think a lot of fans and maybe you could speak to that maybe maybe that was never going to be his game in the first place of chewing off. 567810. Yard security way out of Camaro has at times but I think that's worth that's the crux of some criticism from 10% so far McCaffery. Yeah well I would stated. If byword general manager at an detectives wanted to get rid of them might get it had a line. I'd be happy to have a it would be I don't know where this criticism comes from it's beyond me you got a good player. Who's who's exceeding expectations. Because he hasn't been hit quite as explosive. As Alvin Camara. Well what what difference does that make paredes quarterback anybody think that Cam Newton as good as Drew Brees. These media you have you might have to have argument around you with I don't know if we do would you. That's right they're people who think camps better interpret yeah yeah I mean can't arms today at two different kinds of guys you know this entity that can visit drew can do vice Versa. I mean it. It's such as the running the running aspect of canned game the physical with his LB Barrett. That he greets book huddle but you know like essays Charlotte is vastly YouTube did you get some push back on that on that question. Well. They're welcome to it. They don't put down and get experiment many other flight did it Cam Newton a first ballot hall of Famer right in fact they're gets a good look at it that way think you filthy. He played seven seasons so he's got to give what I do think it's interesting Billick we always talk in the Bill Polian saw this again he knows the figure two is a hall of Famer himself and a former Panthers GM he's on the call for vikings and Panthers and Houston radio. And it played 1 o'clock on Sunday on the national broadcast. We are talking to Charles Robinson Darren can't you cohost with me from target's under both Pro Football Hall of Fame voters. And Kim has pushed the rushing. Numbers out in a way that is ridiculous and he's broken every major rushing category from a quarterback's standpoint but he has a quarterback right in he has been the guy that jump started this running game for the Panthers this year when it's struggling but you're right the passing numbers. Are different so how do you weigh that when you when you evaluate him what he does in the running game compared to the inconsistencies in the passing game. Well I I will quote. Jon Gruden. On the telecast the other night when he said your quarterback cannot be your leading rusher. If he is. You're you're you're you're not an attrition football to. Hard to opponents and that by the way if it could end up getting her. Yes and it's an obvious you know if it no doubt like that bill points Wednesday if there's GM and on the coffer for vikings in Tampa as of 1 o'clock and used in radio today. Really fast and this can be yes you know we head to head would you trade Comerica McCaffery right now if for some reason this has wounded and a. Probably six of one half a dozen of the next two. Yeah I mean you could probably. Based on what you've seen thus far which is. Which is incomplete you know Loney SpinRite nor ability overtime and things of that nature. It's it's probably a push. Okay filled with we were talking to her a little bit better runner I think that McCaffery probably in the long run. A little bit better in the passing game but it support. It Villa will are talkative to the voice of the Panthers Mick mix of earlier he he says he's a group of the police there is no great team. The in the NFC this year I tend to disagree I do think. Philly and I saw them up close and personal of that team is the real deal they remind me of the painter for two years ago playing forcing turnovers playing with confidence on offense the quarterbacks getting better with that confidence every week and a dominant period running game hot I think New Orleans had as a pretty good formula work it is well. Do you believe it's it's wide open in the NFC or do you think there're some teams that are cut above Minnesota might be one of those on Sunday. While there are always teams that are cut above. Minnesota is one. New Orleans is another Philadelphia. Is another. I think after that. You're you're you're kind of everybody's kind of in the same boat except for the teams that are on the bottom and it that's it in some cases students. Injury or in the future Chicago plant a rookie quarterback things of that nature but I think those free. Standout in my mind and I've seen all three up close and personal self I would say those three stand out. But each of those three fire are essentially. One or two key injuries away from coming back for the attack. There is no quality depth. It in the NFC this year not that there may have ever been but. This year it's it's really I think it's really tenths. That's the hall of Famer Bill Polian and on the broadcast for ESPN radio on Sunday 1 o'clock Panthers and vikings. Huge games and they're all going to be that way down the stretch for the painters were trying to make children and that the dance when the season comes to would have no it's a pleasure to talk to thinks the McIntyre for us. Thank you my pleasure.