Former Governor Pat McCrory: "It's Just A Matter Of Time Before North Carolina Legalizes Sports Gambling"

Former NC Governor Pat McCrory joins the Mac Attack to discuss Sports Gambling and how it will be handled in the state of North Carolina.


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There's nobody better to talk to. Then again and is now one of orders here intercom Charlotte demo called WBT. Was Pat McCrory show him a goat Thompson on 9 o'clock each morning. And we had a chance to talk to former governor and mayor about the whole political game that would go on old were you don't possible approval. All's gambling here sports gambling and stayed North Carolina. Pat what's going on how you doing. Don't sign up they would going to be going on a volley or Allah oh what a lot of being hired the fight for Campbell. A millions of dollars big money is gonna be spent try to influence by a politician. And within that influencers to be a power grabs between gambling groups between its. Sports leagues. And even between state or local government and the federal government as well lap data that's because the Supreme Court ruling. Allow congress to step beer. And make rules and regulations for the state. So that's something that's been leapt out at each other divisions. Interstate okay had. How do you seal it and and a general sense about the you know ceilings alms. The state politicians on this like I've got a lot of people. Our governor that are there and hit me up and say and I'll match in our stay word the Bible Belt this is so our state would never do well you know we do have a lottery you know I mean like. How do you seal is this something you feel like ultimately would get approval. Yes it is but if well one can now be regulated that they'll ever going to be. Is gonna let a high school's sports college sports just professional sports. But the big issues is gonna get the money. And how the money in it could be divided so. Who's gonna get a cut of the action will the leaks get a cavity action will be universities get a cavity actually go to school teacher in the kind of reaction. It'll all be about the body of the money and the regular regulations regarding. Who gets the money so it's a good bit of power grab it's going to be a money grab. Which is side not unusual right. In this horrible popular songs Kramer. Not unusual I you wanna sing you we will give each lawyer now odds could. You have to meet their. Oh lord that would be a video little signs you shoot a video later today here in the office. Our game that we played the Susan slider Soriano in housing units a song we played or I'm glad you're Booker Rupert Parker brought. Underdog. I thought I had a moment a WBT recall of the season cider that's famous saying it was. That's the kind of thing I'm doing all the time around here there's no there's no doubt I shared shared that with you. I'm not. Think about the ramifications of this year not just talk about that economic gain she could be pretty not every. Pitch he can't throw every basket. Will you have pretty inside the arena and then you could get into corruption. I mean if there's that much money being put it to you know clear shall be approach to throw games so there's big money into it is just. Is not yet but wonder corruption will come also have a corruption we probably don't know. Well sixty cynic us debt that is come up obviously in our back and forth listeners and stuff. And I heard a lot of C you know guys out and say gets a handicap pursue a SARS like that that a lot of them say. Because you would have more regulation of the gambling it would be controlled by the government. They you would be any debt that that might scare Ross the corruption that might lessen the possible corruption rather well when there's a black market type saying. Do you disagree with that. I may what I disagree because every state could have different rules and regulations some states could have very lax regulations. Other states could have very strict regulations. And where you have blacks are regulations. Will be worth their possible corruption and a man who's going to be hired their group received the regulations and baby enforcers and worse that funny it up. I mean you've got to have people all of the money. And there's gonna do that the NCAA are you kidding me. Yeah. Now. We're definitely not saying that. Do you let me ask you let me ask you question this way you talk about you know you got to figure out where does the money go when you mention sports leagues. Is he your feeling like they're called this thing and integrity si ride the West Virginia bill. Where you know. You there already you know local colleges that are trying to kind of get money based off this. And the ceiling is a sports leagues what asked for a C out of this in every state is that will boost. Will stage just say oh Tammy like they're obligated to do that our bank. Well yard single lobbying and have some lobbyist goes but came up with a term integrity the hot new digs yet he would securities is. I mean that's an orwellian term and it. Hagerty Pete know what it is is a money Brett. Everyone's gonna when it got to the action and one group of politicians are gonna say well let's do it to give money to teachers and other group is gonna say let's do it to get under your words. And NFL in the NBA are gonna give no we get the money because you're pretty are saying yeah literature or. It's going to be a money grab it's all about money. I hate to break the news team sport away. Pleaded no. Unbelievable we've heard today from the laboratory unbelievable. Thumb what is your okay. By the way politicians won't get big they're patient. It is well supported they won't support and are you also have religious groups and get involved and again who could you bet on are you a deal would bet on high school that. You think that's possible. Our. Eighties art like I got to ask you about the puck there's stadium situation or possible stadium situation. We have what we as Felix about a sonnet you guys been covering this saying you know the ownership and and shot today is reporting that. David tepper will sign the paperwork today to become you know at least a gritty. In principle we Jerryd become the new owner. Concealed some modest last week on the station says it he's talked to temper and he knows his temper will want any new stadium. Do you think street Jude could there be gambling funds with the state allocated for some delight mattered at that only helps Charlotte's they would wanna do it and what do you think about local politicians. And what is David separate place that new stadium on game with. Those are great question. Did I say it all comes down the money should the ice every answer in this conversation yet you know we've got to features. March this two more like all the tools are big closed. For teachers so all the money go to he church for world of money go to Pope Allstate yes. And all the money go to local government county government would go to social services will get a broad look at roads. I mean it's going to be a money grab and regarding. Died of thought about it you know he's worth what 78 billion dollar eleven billion levs over eleven million the best. I you know well believe me here they have bared the big match. So our stars were eleven billion dollar going to be topic about you for your tax dollars to pay per pupil Allstate. How old app poll for the politicians there. I'm out here rip them when I was governor most people don't know about but that really stubborn and there's a cure which simply bass spears governor. For money for the book Allstate could do elevators and writing what I was not a war I doubt I'll I was broke that we don't have money for teachers. We had a two billion dollar. We are bad shape for years to go back sit manager Rick it's. And then he came to local and local. It's badly I did well not to make people said that to a mom short and here's the thing no. No outs are expected. So I've got higher priorities right don't have the paper as a mayor I help people. Yeah so we would be local I can't imagine the local government would saying no go right isn't there a feeling that. We got to treat to Panthers right there were so much to to this community. Here right now is due to fifty million dollar portable housing are where we don't really funny but that. And metro observers have been editorial debate say that's bad enough. We didn't reward money for affordable housing. Debate we get to capture affordable housing to the new football. Statements. That speak little or LT sweep. It. Our. The Hispanic problem I hope younger than in the local tropical. What's his Syrian politicians we're going to be played both sides of the public or be up so yeah no doubt no doubt would pay sesame David talk about the technical ski don't you. You're a fellow owners BS the put it more money. Yeah that's that's there's a real good possible and to be the way business starts when David tepper is hey mightily your PS cells I needed to get you know you need you you might lead us on the new stadium was more money so. On your cell before. And I think I thought it was permanent seat license right. I guess I just repeatedly permanent possibly will fund SRS jobless that is Claudette and high school baseball game for tonight. I expect that less people are going to be torment until order. I guess portal stadium changes I got bottles personal seat license just as permanent. We see Italy but he didn't try to tell you it's personal now whether it's personal or. Personal seat arts I probably would decide pat it was a pleasure menu is behind curt little victim a told us how these things are going to work we appreciate it everybody Pat McCrory shoot WBT announced. What part about or not a lot not a cloud to be meaty thank you so much but here.