Former Eagles Receiver Mike Quick: "This Eagles Team Is Led By Their Defense" 

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Thursday, October 12th

Former Eagles Receiver Mike Quick joins Primetime to discuss tonights game and how he thinks it will play out. 


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We're gonna go to the tactic obvious why this man it's gonna be on the call tonight pair thirst Eagles we think we got a really good thirst and I came to form what seems. And I never too early start talk about playoff positioning in the NFC we're gonna look at it. And C state legend. Former pro bowler all roll one of the greats to ever lace them up for the Philadelphia Eagles former wide receiver Mike quick make it's time forced. On the tech become just like Mike good to talk to you now welcome back to North Carolina. Where are you very much British. What do you think tonight we we could talk at all all show we released Thursday night games you never know what you're gonna get I believe. Wrote seems this year or Thurston a football or 184. On all the whole goal hope teams of one I think 61% of these Thursday night games. Over the last few years so it's going to be an interesting match up recent history this year since pro teams have been successful in. This is a Philly team kind of feel it Sepulveda company and against the Carolina team that's out some about a two week. The game. You know I think that this will be awarded this Thursday night games sic we've had and a long time and surely the best this year. At least the way it's built so well both of these teams are sending teams. I'd really like what Carolina is there in the past two weeks to real good football team and are shorter show how good they are. And he delivered by the young quarterback whose only played. Twenty games 21 games in his professional career looking like you're a proven veterans so I'm a great contest of both DC and that they go. Led by how well they played defense so I think it's going to be a big defensive battle tonight would. These teams giving up. 1819. Points on average defensively. I'm Mike quick what this Eagles radio network on the call tonight Panthers and Eagles. On Thursday night football and for for those who have seen this Eagles team maybe in years past and didn't realize wow this team is how do they get this good again this quick. What book it's a meets this defense this defense is is really good and it starts with the front seven. And I think people living forgot how much talent there was on the defensive side of the ball for Philadelphia. Well that's true that this team is led by its defense and they were without Chester Crocs the last game and captured. I think he'll be back in got to be a big boost for them if she is back but it's a team that attacks so front. In the secondary they're just so okay. They're not great in the secondary role where they're able to do is disrupt offenses because buried it puts so much pressure. Because their front four front seven they're so good. Mike what do you look at this Panthers team what's the thing you see within that makes them so scary right now. You know what I think here did these two things are very similar what I look at a feel that their defense said the Panthers played I think they play great defense got thrown they're getting after people and Julius Peppers I guess he's sound the sound of you to bring him in a Condo created he wreaks Havoc. The big guys in the middle of Buena Vista look very good defense I don't think when I look at the secondary the Panthers are just okay they're not great. But up front the front seven big got a pretty good the linebackers throughout stand in the way they fly routes and I don't think he clears. Well in this early part of season has played as well as he's played in the past. But he still look equally and he's still trying to put all the time they're very similar. I really like the offense and the way they're starting the place for Carolina your a lot of layers to this offense they can do a lot of things well. So they're tough options to the fit. Mike a year ago the. Those got off to a hot start when when Carson was a rookie all then lane Johnson's suspension hits and all the sudden things kind of went off the rails a little bit she went to Europe next ten games. What is it about Carson this year that may make them better able to withstand does not have an a key part like that around tonight. Quote. I think the backups or better they've done a better job of training these backups and they've got a couple young guys. The sea bright side at the right tackle tonight and peace hopefully has gotten better because he's gonna have a big challenge on his hands with Carson himself the way he runs we Austrians now. You can tell he's taken ownership of this offense it makes great call that the line of scrimmage. In terms of getting them out of a play that could be a bad play it and making sure that they're. Make it there there until favorable play where the matchup pits them better. And that to me as the biggest growth. Of this offense defected he's so good at the line of scrimmage or bed making adjustments getting this team into a positive place. Former Eagles wide receiver NC state great Mike quit quit this right now beyond the call for the Eagles radio network tonight alongside Merrill Reese. Up there there's an Eagles up Thurston a football we've got the Panthers call on these 1110993. WBZ. Is so to further that question and maybe this is an unfair question but are art the art Eagles at the point where they're waiting. Because of Carson what are they winning with Carson what's a quarterback right now. Oh there's no question that you would of course in the words. Offensively their running game and really gotten going the last couple weeks Lagarde blood. A huge contributor to that windows small wood and then we have a rookie out of Wisconsin. Court Clement who's also contributed you know work. The loss Darren Sproles. Couple weeks ago. And the the run game has really picked up and that they had. Made it a lot easier for Carson lynch until they're held up play action behind their run game and go to work candidate. Mike quickly this former NC state great former Eagles wide receivers on a call tonight Eagles radio network joining us right now. On the deck become just like KK short he's our Fletcher Cox how close do you think those two are one. When now when you look at one another the way to do those two guys in the way they play I guess lecture the ex McCain want shorts right up there I think with within an -- Donald among those great three techniques out there right now. You know I think there are very similar in size and the way they're eight or disruptive but shorts are really good football player and you know I I didn't I didn't realize how challenge that he was until I started really pay attention to your defense in the way to defense placed. You know he's alone would vote to allay up front. They're going to be problems. And I know legal authority understand that they've got their intro. Mike we get a picture on our tech solace in knowing which we wanted to look to your NC state great when he we think this Renaissance rally geared up or 500 they've door. About there wolfpack Donald. I enjoyed it bad you know once a bit of Florida State game and I was so impressed and no wonder. But they're going to be able to do that next week and the next week then. From what I'm watching they will look back just like that you would seem that we're talk about tonight. They play great defense they fly around to the football they're very disruptive that the line indiscriminately pushed the line of scrimmage back. And when you're able to do that defensively. You've always got a chance I like what they're doing that they've. Don't David Dorman heck would jobs. At NC state and I can stick my chest out again and and brag about OPEC. Football gathers talk the coach of the contract extension for Dave door which I think is is well deserved to get it all the road on Saturday noon kick and then. I mean it's that it's basically this season is that too except that. Mikey got Notre Dame erode any club president all the meat state controls their own destiny right now. I know everyone is looking at it to their Clemson game and it's going to be a huge game put. You know I I grew up playing the games so you don't look past anybody if they got to make sure and that this weekend that there are on top of their game and they're clinching game to get here soon enough. You get the greatest wolfpack wide receiver. Mike quicker Torry Holt. Historical. But it won't do it. All. The pop pop pop pop pop up. Gun. What still wants a wide receiver early July perceive her talk what are you what are again I can't go home tonight at your thoughts on Ohio all right well Mike it's a pleasure to talk David how slow Merrill to broadcast tonight thanks for dropping by our go to. There because there you go by quick former NC state great.