Former Coach Bobby Lutz joins the Mac Attack to discuss various College Basketball topics

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Wednesday, February 14th

Former Coach Bobby Lutz joins the Mac Attack to discuss various College Basketball topics.


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Bobby Louis Charlotte. Legend when it comes there's work as a basketball coach has taken a liking to tweeting doubts seven Dee song the lyrics or T bone gave him one of his songs. Then he was sweeping out Laird stood right there real easy like sunny Morris coach lute who joins us on the Mac attack. A little basketball college hoops analysis Boris here on the radio show make coach are you don't know what's going on. Outdoor great carrier doing good what is George savor it. Musical acts from the seventies your favorite group. That's closest really tough for me when he thought of a broad group Eagles. Game. Fire outlet where a group couldn't go to James Taylor is. Nice nice very cool well we're very cool I love their classic rock stuff all right let's not. Let's I wanna get incident you know this year in Tel troops kind of bounce around. To a couple different things going on and what is your opinion on. First thing is you know Charlotte searches for Nady in RBC is going to be a search for coach at some point. You had mentioned last time you're on man I would love I'd love them to call me pick my brain I'd love to help. Have you talked to anybody over there from Charlotte then all of that about anything. I wouldn't know one official. And on that note straight she'd we have talked to brand. Lot of that no one call. At this point so I'm sure they are all our. A really good. Charged herb. You know tentative. Figure out the immediate thought some of the the first step you could probably get a boat and I did so at a pretty bit. All right let's some talk about some Moscow's best ball stuff you know you and I were trading tweets back and forth I commented on steel concern and the way Roy kind of slid him over the point put Barry off the ball and and that's something obviously he's got skill set to do is agree one held a passer and you made a comment that hey that's as spyware he's gonna play at on the next level. We we have just discussion. Steel pins and Luke man a bomb Jo Berry how many at least Oriole players do you sing play our NBA players what would be your guess. Coke question. You know out of the bank they all can make money into our next level but that have to be. What the web app but at point guard men pat every now and you'll have one turnover game like she say we're back yes. But but but he he actually looked orange very itself so you know happened tip that led us certain. Ability to go our different position. Give him a cheap state. Maybe the best in the NBA and not beyond never underestimate them but you know I watched him as a this summer raptors make in year. It would offer a lot about pat. Would pull it. Out of an outlook the the it is valid or tell you that no one and recruited in order earlier that I. How is she got up. It's. Awkward in map routes you're governance op well here. The cult. I'm new obviously he. And it Georgie hang at Iowa State that. To me was the same type gap just not athletic that while he would docs but boy it really polite so. And then you know very very good players thought that the well but the question but such a tough. You know. I would say I think you act. To be the best Mercury. Now more. Play some more action on. Yeah no doubt about that we're sorry Bobby Louis coach man NC state fans right now are screaming at their radios Bobby why couldn't you close the deal because may is averaging 32 and fifteen this seize billions NC state. How. Can you bet and it adds that the pop our. Are submitting data. As you know it at any damn we aren't. We we may actually make mistakes we all look I'm one of them needing to step up our met that he go. So. We've we get in as a staff we didn't think it will look. But personally. I was a record how well what about records we should take. Yeah yeah let me listen listen to what Schuerholz for second go see if you're in Tebow to work out a song 'cause we're kinda you're going in and out a little bit. So let's see if we can geek coach Lawrence Solomon and we got to reconnect. When a caller whatever that's interesting stuff on Luke may says he knows says he annuity based ranked it Luke may had the it factor. I says Bobby loses we'll get a Mac all keep talking some college basketball's on here on the show got to reconnect with him whenever he also admits I had to talk to anybody from Charlotte. And any official capacity it always bothers me the money to. Which administer your administration kids should do that worked yourself the issue like tabs that right to have that come up with a good list yourself are anyway let's go back. To Bobby Lou it's our body we got you now as you so examine our our our car. Sounds good I know we got you we have you know look so I would ask you this question about what you ought to staff curry then you did this yourself coach you're very honest. When you like when you saw him play a Christian. Like did you just staying K he's not big amounts like what what was sitting and again your saw are from the only one but like what was it to you guys. And I know Seth Greenberg in magnolia ACC coaches you know I did the same thing but what what did you think he was lack. How are just there a couple but so are you OET what. You know there yet demolished physical guy obviously and he looked back as well should look at is added. And all that but I think we try to take their consideration the other thing is. Our goal. Train position that was just you know had to camp and actually boasted that it won the bad shoot out all how Perino when we were the heat they yeah they went way today. Don't get your call obviously we've we should've had a boat like a boat that we could who knows we my out of people are under. I'm going to be bogus and ate out apparently played out so. That front but no he just in case you make mistakes. Remember mark your hours but in the summer. Before is well warships in new year. And we watch statement and he he's city just a good why exactly what this sort out all my mistakes and not enough he is just move on for. That's let's that's a lot of stuff from Yale and I must not now massage badgering coach sharp on not on recruit studs you didn't really end. Let's go let's talk about duke right now. It is duke underachieving right now coach order we need to chill out of that stuff until the season's over like how do you feel about his dukes why. There are obviously extremely talented and then we're really all the ball so good in Scotland or help out there help what can you deck game. The question tonight but. And got a bit play in the heart. Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah so are. That but not how they get. Into they'd count that's all world. Each ticket you how hot or too low with the main. You know everybody thought Florida was top spot in the country I guess observed him for a week last week amid diligent consulted the Serbian. You know it in their back Wall Street wrote. What are proud and happy place in the. Last week they went to it now there are back on top of the world and I think a lot of things like that you know Virginia. You know is it's been so consistent but that didn't fit that category really Alfred. They don't go art it's well they have a topic that cop on actually the games straight. I opened this garden is that this single or change your album at that one out or they were just but with Nolan Smith the app but they've garnered that. Hack out and you know it is that there are different their plans are all they're young. No matter how talented they are. It's harder or that they're not saying you're upper I mean really know how to guard in and help beat job. It took awhile seems to have a chance again. But I think it's way too early. But there's no doubt that they go in March. And go a long while what Al elect opal. Still got that high ceiling man with all that talent level what. What do you think can you know what it's like to coach up there in rallies you know and the challenges of it all that sort of stuff. What do you think about Kevin peaks like what you know what what did you think about him you know when he got the job and it's feels like he's got that thing a little bit ahead of schedule at this point. Yet no no doubt he you know I've known coach Keith since you're good hard great we heard some of the in what so are. You know he obviously really good code in now. You know we're becoming a great come in and now work with what oh lead a lot help in the transition to college Damon. You know that they're airplay and despite. But often they play really well and they put himself and a really good position here is your book bank. Debate bit which are searching schedule so topped the rational way you know here at the dilemma. You know notre our stage scheduler rational way. Looks easier on paper that you know and in terms of RP all wet which makes the pressure even more minutes a cult you can't lose some of the you know you can lose to Syracuse. But then you need the wind Abacha there the other risks that you have worked Syracuse. As you know really tough game you look at their scheduled rest the white but. That's an opportunity that it went they're cute ones order last say they're gonna be in the tour goes up heard about or. Is he stay clear of what a great position. And now that this step to take care there and they can when Turkey that we do it all the way so those are two things that are probably. Very similar weight placed in the committees not. I coach I was fun talking is always on talking hopefully we can do this some more here on the show and on this station where we get you on. Talking college basketball. And may be one of these times pitchers and catchers report maybe one of these times I'll let you in Tebow talk about the Yankees even normal very upset or real stand right now. I don't know how that how got a patient out. Or about all of he's got substitute at the middle school bank debt twelve reception battled that are up and the middle school here BJP today I'll know. Iceland is still no decision the Yankees the Yankees don't have a second baseman or third baseman right now I don't think it matters doesn't matter if I could play without either position between you and the Red Sox I'm social frustrate is an Orioles this going to be a horrible year for me for you would be great coach. Well I. That we that we needed Goodyear noted phils are pretty yet. Yeah. Yeah the little engine that could I feel so bad for you guys are coach would those kids in shape other middle school will talk to down the road are.