Former Army QB Trent Steelman: "Army-Navy Is The Best Rivalry In Sports"

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Friday, December 8th

Former Army QB Trent Steelman joins Primetime to discuss what Army-Navy is all about. 


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We go to the Texaco gas line and dollar we're gonna talk about this game he's probably Phelan. Feel pretty good right now pieces his black knights are are the reigning winners as they come into this look for the first time. In quite some time actually first on fifteen years as they get ready for kickoff tomorrow against the navy midshipman but they're underdogs and try to wrap my head around this Trent steelman former army quarterback with us on the technique come guess like what's so put the army being an underdog tomorrow at 83 I don't understand how one Trent. Yet I want Panama model and meet the new home. Don't quite get it but that they're not more fuel the fire. Well. This game is going to be so much fun tomorrow it's always such a awesome awesome game for college football and for anybody that just loves football in general or sports in general our country in general and this is my third game I've been able to go to who. And I'm looking forward this on because it's the first time I can say to me definitively. Riding into the game. Army probably the better team and it doesn't mean you guys are gonna win tomorrow but did this army team would just market is his deal with this this program over the last few years. I obviously there's still some growth we have an army walks into this game is as a team that is a great football team and and has every reasonably they can win this one tomorrow. Yeah absolutely don't cut off those pickled smoked anything and I have a dot there. Good program back up and and really make him an. Nationally recognized program again he's got it coming out of the woodwork. To really get their gratitude that army program and that the thought in town without program loans offered nothing but great baseball coach mark and it. It is real ability just to motivate the guys and get the red clip we'll call it. Can understand that they have they there are pretty. And a game like this and so on the other a lot lot on the line about mr. Obama I know that they're they're gonna come outlaws. What about contenders in mine and it's gonna be a look the social order. Threats to humans with a former army quarterback on Twitter is at Trent underscore steelman and now he's with the summit technique come gets on 118 meeting of army navy tomorrow afternoon. At at 3 o'clock at Lincoln Financial Field. Inched into Philadelphia did what you're irked. That your your favorite thing about the week a Barbie navy when it was what and as a as a player. As a as a kid debts maybe even if you could take your helmet off for second just being a student. I leading up to this game was what what do you what do you remember about those days what was your favorite part of this rivalry leading up to it. I'm just just gonna hide the ball I mean there's so much national hide so much really international are involved we're. Sure for one week out of her out of the year you've got both military army and navy. Just gone back and forth between each other and really build on this rivalry that would be really. In my opinion on the greatest. Greatest lot of rivalry. In an all sport glued to hide. The tall their interviews. All the a bit going on. There's really not been. Like that game and that's what all American game. We're talking to Trent Steele the former army quarterback he's with a shred now on the technique come guess we we were talking earlier this morning trip to. Ott Carl Lieber who's I think to head of USA today the CEO of USA eight. And he was telling us he's on his deployed overseas right now a submarine doesn't know worry is hasn't heard from them since a week before Thanksgiving. Hump like you don't GE he said to him but that's what this game is all about for for you guys with the ladies in the black knights when you get on that field. Knowing that not ever not only is everybody at both of the service academies and in the stands and at home and all over the country watching but. There are people who are you guys represented war surfing cool you UW haven't heard from him and awhile and you don't know where there epic you know they're they're defending our country to set. I'm sure you think about that all the time but does that ever creep in your mind. Leading up to big game or pregame rapper or or during the game do you or do you ever lie your mind to go dirty kind of compartmentalize things and just worry about the football game. Tom you definitely just more about football games both. When the lights come on and you run out bill but they're clearly not a to the game is just another time for. America goes on there the middle women who serve this country and there all the great things they do so Palawan. Honestly does that put on this builders and play it again and we love it. And do the experience we love on a daily basis and so we're all those who are out there who Kirk. You can get all of because there they're Biden. Our constitutional right. And brought those to live the life we do we thank them and we think about them win into the game and a couple of good. Another Tom really spoke to bring everybody together so to realize the good that's going on in the world. And understand that there are men and women out there who selflessly serve this country. And how does the better good of the country in mind. It went when you think about what goes on on the field at that thing that always jumps out to me that you could speak to the streets you've been on the field in this rivalry game. Things I mean cancer or heated and there's real obviously compete competitive fire that's going on but you often don't see things get. At a hander chippy in his triceps they are you ever think about this thing get boiling over things getting nasty. So there it's crazy because you guys get after each other physically a football field but you never I can never remember in recent memory one of these things ever getting out of hands are dirty and away were you guys are are are are being nasty with one another on a football field which is a pretty hard line to told you guys do that in this rivalry game. It'd com I think the reason for that this there's such mutual level of respect and between the players than an understanding and now win that many games over and they're going to graduate that. Well by embattled. On the and so public about lautner and those obviously have a competitive beds there and go out there competed about their ability but also. Just keep things in prospective partners and iron play golf fans had that mutual love or respect book. Make no mistake about it when applied there and on those scoreboard lights come on it's a different animal. Meager rated game to be the single greatest college football game and there just because there's so much like today. Former army quarter electorate Stillman get ready for army navy tomorrow afternoon at 3 o'clock the only game in town. And die it's gonna be the 118. Edition army at 83 navy at six and five somehow navy if favored tomorrow which is really interesting after the way last year for army snapped a fourteen game. Losing streak and are I was remarking earlier. Trent did you know you go back to 2012 and a pretty wants to talk about 2012 foot you you were you were a quarter actual army at that time. What navy went up seven nothing you guys answered. They went up. 1070 guys' answers tentative to have you guys went up right right out of the halftime breaks I think thirteen ten then they made it 7013. And you you guys marched down the field and then there's that that fumble on the exchange and dig up the ball and that that was kind of fitting you guys out gain them every. Major way shape or form and you you were inconsolable on the field after that after that game because that streak. I was at ten and then anyways is close to lose that come into an and is it ever was before. I mean that that. That do you ever get over that does that Curtis said it was simply kind of sticks with you man just how it just even be on the streak aspect of it that game that one isolated game and we were so close and it just it didn't happen that day. It's funny on. Because I'll I'll I'll work for coach shield appears to chill through a mop and coordinator or quarterback coach at army. I'll look for now all are under. I'd be very coach here at technically diversity but we thought about it. It is it something that is never. Never gonna go away. Currently. There's at least one point today aware that that does not LaMont is replayed not that they knew that plane and everything that happened just so visited home. That is banned Tom. Looking back it in many grow up men did come on man an update that's what this game is about whom it has boys turned an immense and understand then that. The year triplets the points will fall but at the end of the day hope all what you do not we walked problem is though. It taught me a lot about lies the poppy you know. About how to crawl to be leaders accept responsibility and live my life not formal style book rather. And the very moment especially if those are wanna get over and it was it was who isn't saying just the amount that you know phone calls. Own and mostly wrong maybe they have been navy players the last decade just. Just congratulate me on a great career big Al. Deep down inside that they really wanted to aware of that because. You know bills though the plot that that he showed bad days and I think again not just goes back what this game truly mean that and what's that game is truly about. You're you're you're great day here and now you're you're Great Neck game and obviously the outcome didn't work that way you know and as we get ready for the sort of mark Trent. You know this guy Ahmad Bradshaw who is broken some your records this year. He's been on a real 14100 plus rushing yards a game what diving over what eleven taught rushing touchdowns. I know what leads the number one rushing attack in the country. Are much the pretty special I kind of feel like you know you hate to close out the one guy but I I kind of feel like he's a difference maker tomorrow in this game. He would he would I don't know motto personally but again not bird unbelievable thing about the candidates. And the one thing and accuse pomp and and it's shown that his leadership. And not that position and a couple of options that's what you need you need a leader you don't warrior. Clone any need to money's gonna let off. Earlier 100% quiet to what you're trying to do because there's triple option quarterbacks if you're not completely body and you're you're not sold in all of what you're doing offensively it. You don't have that killer mentality that a warrior mentality is not gonna turn in your favor and he's done a great job all year it's just going out there operates co chills being my coach always told me that you know point guards and you just need to. To take what's given to use you need it should be the ball and you get the team the right place that the right on the Internet employees and older do and he's taken what given phone. He had completed outside his ability but he has been felt all year long and stuff. There hat's off to him on the home believable careers. And people ask me all the congress would you consider hands you know one of the great army quarterback and I wore it because he's gone. What do a lot of army quarterback I've been able to do not beat navy and he's had another opportunity to do with this year and so really depend himself off. Or on a breaker. As commander in chief's trophy place for the first time since 2012 and haven't haven't wanted. Against against navy all the way back since 1996 so there's there's some bothersome real. Real bragging rights online tomorrow 100 an eighteenth edition of army navy former army quarterback Trent Steele the Macon some time on Twitter at Trent underscore Stillman I trickle army. Theo dawning both upper and our buddy thank you for making time.