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Monday, April 16th

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Go to the technique on gas line bottom in this 2 o'clock hour and I think this is one of the best football guys out there one of the greatest follows you can you can have on Twitter you're diehard football fan. At Evans so was where he can get him on Twitter roto world dot com is where he can read his work and he's with this right now on the technique on guest on Evans Sobel Windows 7 are you doing man it's good to talk to you again. Barry record but he occurred support for the current production yeah I was just telling people earlier if your match off. Column that you put out every week during the football season is just like beyond even the fantasy implications and they're huge fantasy implications. It's just a great read like I feel like I get a great grasp on every game based off your match ups column you put out in these are lanky man like how long does it take you put that thing together every week. It takes place vote you know that there are working on all week. People but people have used it sports betting. As well. And so are your a lot of peace partner feedback about it and thank you very much for reading. Yeah man it's graded to a real I feel like I can't get a good grip on out on a game in July. It's OI port through some of those stats it's always great to be checked it out wrote a world icon Evan silverware this and you can follow him on Twitter. I at any and so was a desk right gets cut and we'll talk about that first the war ground elsewhere but does right gets cut on Friday that really a surprise based off the lead up. Over the course of a few days we knew it was gonna happen in a lot of people bringing up the Panthers I think for obvious reasons when you look at their depth chart at wide receiver you're one of home. And you said. Pinter standout. You know especially to about Cam Newton knee you know how we lost. They're trying to force some balls into tight coverage. Maybe and look they just got a massive question mark I think of that whole position what. You don't Joseph person from the observer importing hitters not expected to pursue it out. How what is this fix for you re sick man I I think does make sense even though the Panthers make might be going in a different direction here. Yeah I mean they can patriots usually reverse course and changed their thinking I have reason to doubt you know Joseph version of aura about it. All right now but I think we refer they're thinking. After the draft they don't come out of the dryer. Which they were cheaper that they think can help them right away one of the reasons that I bought it it makes tension was as convoluted Q. You know does Bryant is not a big times separation receiver so he requires a quarterback. Is willing just to wrote she. But trusted receiver and throw the ball. Here we are steeper even when he's quote unquote tightly covered in Cam Newton had one of the highest rate in the and a well. Well you're you're willingness and aggressiveness. Willingness to throw the ball to receivers who were. Created one New York or less separation. And he really never been surrounded by you don't play with our receivers that were big on separation whether B Kelvin Benjamin or certain functions. And those guys have been productive in those situations Cam Newton trust his arm brought his arms very. And unity the most accurate and I well know what you will awhile these receivers. You know you'll trusted receivers to make plays in tight coverage and that the current quarterback is that Bryant needs to play well. In in your mind Evan do you think the Panthers have ever put the right type not amassing enough is that we do that sometimes only has not enough help or enough weapons but do you think the Panthers have put. The right weapons around Cam Newton in seven years. I mean I think that we can look back in content and they did you never like in upper Echelon. We achieved record is best you can have a proper really would that you're that. You have to help a bit and all open and shouldn't ripped through ratio and intriguing can't. And yet Greg Olsen and chase game. And I think if they're hoping for similar impact our orders meant. Other big not from Indy candidate sure you do that for years I think. I think they're. You know I'm an ideal world Curtis Samuel can come back and get healthy but Kurdistan a car struggled don't know you'll as a rookie and I was coming off. A severe injury was also really young. Coming out of Ohio State when the youngest prospects. In 2017. Draft so he cannot read our in our. You know learn an offense under new coordinator this year and well I don't really know what to expect that it and it is mr. you're pro. Merit and and so was with a true world dot com he's on Twitter at at and so pleased with us right now in the technique I'm guess when you're actually tweeting the other day talk about Torrey Smith sand. Your daughter was one of the strangest acquisitions. On the off season to what what when they should say that about Torrey Smith. Our featured the Eagles we're gonna let him. And I don't think if you worker's salary right now shoots five million dollars I mean Panthers. It taught and they've got five million dollars and we. And about a week later. You know or one year in June that million army he's. He'd get not a company. Commodity. Right now at this stage of his career and that was a strange trade. Figure out the young quarterback which starts on his resume in their order early and get back at god that was going to be released now barrel where it got. You got arrested. In Philadelphia. Like they were given up. A very you know lock in NFL starter. But you just don't see trade like that there at all it you know. Teams trading young players who was star on their resume at premium position like corner for a guy who was almost certainly going to be taught by the Eagles. Evan what are the moves if any date that you thought they did even if they were they were smaller ones that make my not a Greta much headlines toward the moves from the offseason for the theaters. The U think actually our our good deals like I actually think the Ross cock grow deal. Might under the radar but I think that's a really good signing for them. I do you mean I always like our role you know he he's from Mary played duke. He's always been like underrated by the NFL I think you always play at a high level it you know he's not necessarily shut down corner. But I think they knew what ever you being in situations. Where you made me start whether it be in in Pittsburgh Steelers. Or all with the giants in this spot starter he has been active not think the secondary is important that the positions. That the Panthers need to address. Mean Mike Adams what 37 years older reshape the you know James Brad bury it and didn't take the circuit yearly that I would have expected it to my big kind of our own captive born early and late last year I think if they are gonna look at that secondary as a whole and try to make some upgrade. Are they do not true third round picks I think if that would that would make sense for them you address secondary with a third round. I mean PC easy difference. Better or worse Don Terry call over to starlet to elect is just a different defense of tackle is it a better defensive tackle or worst defensive tackle. I Don Terry call over to starlet to elect. Our ticket and upgrade and certainly an upgrade of our very well. Play like he skated last year he was auto one year from video wit it went well last year it yet but he's been a busy careers never going to be. A double digits are. What is the bat is human being and we've got we or how it's used. Start a new look well I think he's just trying to plot code and he wasn't showing signs. Oh really getting better but aren't very close younger and I think has more upside and it hit like that signing by the. The last thing on the roster as it currently stands the we'll start talking with a draft really quick Evans so was with us wrote or world dot com he's on Twitter. At Evan Silva Christian McCaffrey's rookie season how would you evaluated. I think up and down you know all the line where it was poor and I think it remain the Panthers. Biggest weakness right now. So I don't think it's you know they're going to be and close. There will sort of Russian law an armchair and we need secret should McCaffery continue to elect are not announced in New York for serious effort. But I think that we saw how if you'd be in the receiving game you can you share Vick play. And if you go back and look what historically. You know how let her running backs reform and rookies. You know he certainly would not humble way. We're looking at who are looking at him in comparison to other or are rookie running back and thinking that there's reason for concern. I think if they needed to add. Another running back in debate. Certainly will in the traffic and it was where you've been out of order in a lot of our spurt for them. You guys who are shown he's he can play in the patent game. He's six foot shorter per pound. And I think if you another got it into that per round read a couple. We're talking now at and silver wrote a world NBC sports is wealth a road the world dot com and you can follow him on Twitter at Evan solar talk golden Panthers and NFL draft. I speaking of distracting you mentioned a minute get to third round picks they've got four picks and a top 88 overall. That's a pretty good hole and they need a minded bigot a lot of holes and his roster and it I don't know I mean I look back now and I did say this for awhile I think it was kind of unpopular at the time good. Now I think general. You don't wisdom of hindsight wait out. It's drafting was pretty spotty correctly what you think of distracting does that feeling this roster looks really thin given how much credit he got for being a talent evaluate your. I couldn't agree more I mean. You know I know I don't like they've got a there's certain way that you presented himself but if you go back and look if you track record and what you actually accomplished. The Panthers Gina I mean he did not make the raw you're significantly better than what you'd hear. Broke from their you know their the first stint of Marty's turn. So I don't you know looking back in hindsight I don't think it that was a significant law. You know we think they've got open and it is well respected around you know violence to stop what god yeah. In prep opportunities on got to within that you but when you with the Panthers GM. You know he he did not really put the ball forward Webber for Carolina I did that. So it sounds like for you a 24. I mean obviously had to see how this board falls and things could be crazy attorney was saying earlier we play that cut but. Sounds like to you you think wide receiver saved your. 24. I view idea well the thing is interior offensive line. Could be in play you know. My uncle Leo he is bodies pretty much spoken down he's already talked about I was gonna retire. Activists seed and trait turner you won building block. And then of course you all in remote well so I think that interior offensive line the the thing about that is considered a period position. In this draft he might be able to it you're you're intercepted Goer in the second round and you might not have to take them. Number one for but I think that you're you're right offered the lions wide receiver and defense that I mean those provisions really standout from me. Vision where the papers need to come out. Well this drop of young talent got that are ready to play right away. Mean they're they they have immediate need he's these position the papers don't really apple bother me. When you look at them relative to the rest till we what they need that they do you have really stand out in the these guys that are afraid of what you want. Art and will lay eagle this I'm not saying I'm not asking you if you think this guy's gonna be the best cornerback from the draft class overall blood. And if we fast forward five years are now they got near your confidence is gonna be really good player and asleep quarterback is who is the one quarterback for you at the top. And I mean there are re elect all the guys you know I think it baker mayfield though. I think he would be my number one quarterback and I think bit. And I go in and are emphasizing. Tree that owner predicted it. Like hype. And they should be looking more accuracy. And baker baker made you'll although he walks high. Use you're just under six foot one newspaper consistently. Accurate quarterback. Every year. The college level and he is an accurate. Now you'll pastor as well he's not just a guy who live ball screen the mean yes. Great efficiencies that rolling the ball down field but I think that he would be to god that I think. I have the highest war. And might even the most solid. Bet you become. At least that followed starter whereas. You know they're Arnold got Rosie and Josh talent those guys might well more action. Those guys might have that better viewing and baker made the other thing is baker nick took the bat bat to become. Followed long terms are. And Evan solar wrote a world dot com on Twitter at Evan Silva and you just ghetto street is working especially once the season starts and Tony that match up colony puts out every week if your fantasy person as he said. If you like to gamble a little bit. Are you just wanna know more about these days it's a great way to go and Evan it's always a pleasure to talk demand picture make in time for us. We've been there.