Eugene Robinson On Midday

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Friday, August 10th

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We have out to detect and come gas line you know him as a former NFL player. Not just to Carolina also in Atlanta and some other spot you all so. Know him from the NBC NC in town of the Panthers radio network she is Eugene Robinson he's joining us now Eugene while Michelle. It. Let there. Well like we wanted to start with this because we know we have to start when this thing. I'm sure you've seen Kelvin Benjamin cam Newton's the video that went viral last night. What was your take on what you show off from these two individuals. Law. Trip there in. Oh. Go to war. A child. Like that. They're. That can't. Were. It's. Judo. Law between. And so on that for. Now grow up. Report. Just the result. Eugene did it surprise you to hear Calvin say what he said last week I mean these are guys who we've talked about you mentioned it yourself they were friends when they were in Carolina camp. Defended him pretty much up until Coleman's final days as a panther how surprised were you that this ever became a story in the first place. Well. A pocket. Of quote. Out. There. There's always. You. Oh. Got to. Work. Up. In a there are. Eugene looking at this 11 of them may be in the things anomalous frustrated that is I've heard a lot of people say but it cams role in this. I don't know what can could have done differently do you think that he could've done something differently to make this seem go differently. Well. That. Can't. Miss. Well a couple of there. So camp. Or. Are there. Well. It goes. And it. It. I. Oh. I was Eugene Robinson on into the gun gas line Eugene what did you see from camp last night we talked about it earlier on our show and we said there wasn't a whole lot to take away it seemed like. The same old camp where your thoughts and impressions of those two series. Oh. It. Oh. It. Now like that. Well. All. I. Can. Now. As well. It got all. The other. A what you. Court. Eugene looking just at the game in general I'm curious to get your perspective as a former player. Is you know fur for me and Josh we both. Kind of scoffed at some of the other points have been made it not a show about cam but just everybody in general. Though that people are viewing too much in all of this because today's pre season game number wine and it's tough to take too much of this seriously. As a former player watching the game. What do you look for what what do you see as the real thing to watch in in games like pre season game number one or pre season game number two. Oh. Vote by. Oh wait that. Well. I. At. All of a oh. All. The although. While. Ago. I. Guys. And. Eugene Howard are you about cuts come on Seymour. I. Our. Because. Oh. There. It. Or. Oh. Up. What are. Well. Eugene Robinson joining us in the tech become guest line former panther former falcon a long time NFL safety now to BC NC as well as appear at the radio network. I know we just talk about Seymour there but as a whole. What are your thoughts on this secondary. For the the Panthers in what may be they can do this year. There. Oh well. Oh. Well well. Injury. Well there. 000. Oh. What are. What. Well. Yeah. But that. Oh. Oh what law. Couple. I. A it. Well. Oh. It. I. Eugene that is some phenomenal. Analysis there on the defensive secondary and intense performance last night we really do appreciate it Gerri excited to catch up with you throughout football season. Yeah. When. It got hurt. Well. Oh. And excellence duster we will keep a look at on the early such.