ESPN's Jimmy Dykes breaks down the NCAA Tourney

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Tuesday, March 13th

ESPN's Jimmy Dykes breaks down the NCAA Tourney.


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Who better than the very Jimmy dykes from ESPN SEC network to join us here talks in college hoops Jimmie good morning how are you. I'm you're not a guy at night but I have me on thank. Appreciate it transferred. Long Island University Brooklyn we. Quite yeah. But yes. It's just a statistical and I I like Redford what did he make utility shot like that. And did you know there that accompanied this guy. I like you got a cure I got but what it ain't so Mike here we go. Oh yeah absolutely I just get outta Marty Smith went to Radford though see whether he has been colleagues are together a little bit of knowledge of the for the Highlander. Are. Centrists well moving ahead obviously you're at the SEC tournament we saw on nine from the ACC getting in do you wanna begin little SEC flavored Joseph Barton. Yeah they've. You know they they continued to get better all year alone and I don't float into a country that Dan Pettit well but it. Kentucky has really come on the last three weeks. On the opposite event first of all talking about that because. They have really figured out who they are they album all of it right now they do it. The way they run some inside trying to off but it is kind of a powerful he would cut off then. To quote player and high potent two guys not only that you're. Do we get the ball and I don't extremely. Kevin Knox and a very very good baseline. I'm working up. In capita and downstream her. He thought of it this train appreciate your calm baseline action. Cal Perry got through treatment kid he can people like you got a mismatch on the block he'll he'll spread support actually one guy inside. When Indy roommates that 73 even or semi final game they're they're just really clicking right now not not what. Think it's important to look into practice and playing well right now about not who you thought was great all your orbit and playing well now. Besides real problem. I believe there are dual track on track become. The bet reap what percentage defense that came out of a major copper like spike you're probably their numbers they'll. The point that were 28% overall. No in airplane should a lot of. I was gonna say there's they're about to face a team that's traditionally makes a 30 to get by with that against Rhode Island at final there but Bobbie Phillips Davidson team they would buy a three ball. You haven't that they do and that they I don't interpret cal. The the thing David were inept realizes that reaching only Annika to be deeper because that's what people link is. You don't you don't understand now. All that it is and how long are he'd get on the board with him in pregame warmup. And they can really really bother shooters the you're talking about to guard may play a media elbows and shake your stuff and there's expire ecstatic. And the rest of Frontline is anywhere between 69611. And at that it is huge thing. But they all well. You know Leo they go in there come up yet he's become a championship and they've been a little inconsistent. But a right act in detail right now I'm not a thing. I would not played and that they paid they look the part of a vital work mainly won a championship. Out of the SEC teams besides Kentucky give me one more event you like that could make a deep Brian. And the best chance of that in the NCAA. A couple of belt off that would senate seat because that they're at their Kentucky beat the Bible when. And it he would do it subpoena. They're not dynamic in any area but there are no walk on it means. They all eat than. They do a good job as anybody out that all is in regarding about the ball would. They're all huge part of the game they're very fundamentally under physical deepened between. They get two guys one of grant William the other admiral Schofield. The boat what might be they. Art and have the other one export at out. And about 240. They look like deep and demand in the in the if he'd see that they are in a match like mayor. At the three order for position where Rick Barton despite playing. And there but it is a very difficult team to beat they don't be stupid stuff. Macau like Virginia out eight he even just you know be stupid stuff they don't speak in well. And a very very good yet yet seen it seemed like he prior art and very explosive. I would act are packet you Meriweather in the sweet sixteen and an Alabama because of the conflict and that they dangerous at that dangerous yeah that they can wreck that now Alabama they they got app we go or. And back then I might not know court will be the first. Guard taken in the next NBA draft. It's definitely try to thriller brackets here suspect until Thursday or talk with coach Jimmy dykes. ESPN SEC network so as of over the ACC you just touched upon Virginia there what was it about this year's Virginia team because they use a similar formula every year under Coach Tony Bennett that may dump. A unanimous number one and then the overall number one seed to this tournament what what what made them so good this year. Cast your statement so consistent all year in terms of what they do how they play I think it. Exceptional pony gets those kids seduced something that justice should not cool to do about cool thing to play like they've played they'd they'd do it. A level that's higher than anyone in college basketball. Marty that that they they're not they're not going to be and well. They're deep and it is open net you don't beat them on the first game of the weekend you're not going to be in a 24 hour period in between on the second game so. But not to lose the first game back and pay that and that nobody did the speech explaining because of actual preparation. For their there's but it round matchup. And the problem haven't they and is basically he is it different than anybody else in the country. And the team that are close to it or not near good so. What I like about Virginia and I gonna happen they don't change what they do and they did it matter who they're playing like that trap the post again. In good act and double they're all being deepened for the big and that. And it makes it tech or going down group made up on the shooter and they did they take things the way that a lot in a bit that'll probably. I think what make with the typical this year there are again. There will be one you don't papadore I think it's been your pat etiquette in dire trouble for nearly an epic are. They keep this year I haven't won in the whole thing I think that you know. For the most they can medal brutally they dominated that league in the regular people. There have been there at a conference championship. And not think it's just the years that that. Played it in the right way is going to be rewarded. Absolutely of the North Carolina and duke you are seeing them go back and forth in their head to head matchups do you have a feel for this format in the NCAA tourney which one. Might go further in this tournament between North Carolina and duke. I would they do occur. I think the golf throughout the look in his term it. Critical but individual and not get out and I think in order across the country yeah Andre Aiken at Arizona. Will be able typical player to match up against and play again and it's knock out tournament. Exactly right but I am I think conflicts will be there on that list. But back we just that he's a difference maker in the end you guys know that good looking and haven't played against in this year or not and Utley. They don't realize how big a long. Good if it is and I think he puts so much pressure on your defense because. You cannot achieve it you cannot beat him you have to keep your body on him all of our. And that really that your defense and bind because now you can't rule you know off campus bout of penetration. And we can't do that then. You're given up a lot of things all of your defense because if you do you see it they're gonna throw a lot you know. Ordered up and go and nobody with a body on and you go to our commanders wet and cold and he did a phenomenal special talent that looks different than everybody in this tournament with the exception of patent. Epic grace and Allen as a kid that. He's morally incapable of being on the weather this thing. Ten or fifteen best player in the tournament and it Pete does in the is that. Or four consecutive games than not find open Antonio huddle like without a question. Jimmy dykes talking college it's our last when Jimmy let's ago and we early rush job for selfish reasons opus on our brackets. It doesn't have to be a deep seed like a fourteen. But give us one or two that maybe we haven't seen a lot of that's you know not a top four seed you'll give us somebody you think could win two maybe three games here than they do we're not thinking about. You know I would I would keep an eye on a couple of team. I think I think South Dakota State is very very dangerous. I have right cart public Kuerten in my armpit and it candidates. Eating each morning peace. Not twenty or 25 point game he's just. A night and another matchup nightmares that that they move around although the war post greed ball screen action. They clear that they pay that but it's seen that they've they've they pretty in the right way they play hard eight and they're a box saw that not going to be in so I don't turn it over. I like the match against. Ohio State Department that that the that the team that I like more but away at the comeback in the next round but I think good steak when opening game. The other the other team that intrigued me a little bit is that Murray State. There in West Virginia and about cargo we almost died the last one lets go of the rope that they're there don't don't merge state and Auburn. Like their copper down 104 minutes ago. They've got a player of the year out that we there. They're in the play hard they need they've made it culture what in there and I think is really really do they get it. A freshman guard in. Though seventeen is dangerous because they want and currently in they wanted to leave orbit and rated. Out of people around on those though who can't duplicate that don't at 1213 slot and beat 22 critical anti denial. Elected at the image amateur and a new West Virginia and lost anyway so Michael and Emory statement for sure. Coach Jimmy. You see a lot of hoop this year it's at coach Jimmy dykes on Twitter Jimmy appreciate it take some time enjoy the tournament coming up and all the great exit begins today we appreciate talk on us this morning.