ESPN's Chris Spatola discusses the NCAA Tournament

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Friday, March 16th

ESPN's Chris Spatola discusses the NCAA Tournament. 


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Let's go to the take it down gas line and bring in the friends to show ESPN analyst. And also with CA CC radio is well do a great job there. Kristol joins us Chris what's going on brother you don't want. All of the time. She got us. Oh. I Chris that's also going on there don't seem to deceive he's okay over there seem to god I would twist it's all on hold. Bomb easier doing something or maybe he is a since of I don't know what he's doing. A double figured album we can go on is a true broadcast professionals so we will get him back on the air are we got him. Chris you ready. I have a the the city of Detroit what happened what really just got this whole conversation not the arts. As a bad dispensary off I'd like to see Tebow that Wu is good for comment that will throw you off. What do you think let's talk about day one of the term let's start local and am getting an Arizona which was just a huge. Development. What do you think about NC state like. I really lost seventy I think great stuff scum and but damn do they have a lot of work to do defensively and that come with personnel I'm sure arrived to take can't keep anybody out the paint. And they were really finished the season with two duds. All in all state fans have to be happy the what do you think about the way the season ended. Well I think it'd occur all it is is where you would sort of characterized he's been there for 30000 feet I do faint. You know you got quite a purpose so important understand because hire Kevin each hired a way to I don't. Cops probably because that we you know pressing style what what he did well what they had great that will be it. It's your recruitment of there or you're your hiring him to play that Kyle and I think. You know ultimately beat you you had a clue that by the end the year it was a lot more smoke and mirror gene that was trying to play that annual. Or trying to turn you'll Burke. And it's tough to do that in the tournament especially when you're. You don't have quite the guy to do it. I thought it sustain him for a while it well a lot with a bit of around their top let's play but ultimately it's. They they're just not quite there with a guide they need to play that. And so we end up with these is a lot of layups like is that a lot of a lot of yeah axes to paint a lot of source Graham Loral was not a whole lot of Dutch so I I think that I don't where they ended up by the end here. What do you think about what happened Arizona last night that was a convincing beaten down in case for thirteen game buffalo. And if they wanna hit fifteen three's again on Saturday Kentucky's gonna have all they can handle what do you think the way Arizona went down and the is it fair to look at Sean Miller. And and continue to criticize what the results he gets in the NCAA tournament when he sent. Yeah I mean look either. I want it sort of fight against that like if if Virginia lose these. This year in the part of it. He's got great honor society he refused plane if they lose department. To be at it you can't sort of obscure. For about putting a misty back for game seven he went all that that you can't stirred up but we let it I think. Look at toe mark's view goes to a national championship games anything bad about that. It'd be requested. I think in light of all apparent Donald this year and we're that a bit of all the pattern now with. What he was accused of but not tapped a guy I think there's there's no question it's always it is something that that that can be had about a program and about you know I. You know look. You can't buffalo like epic good team and I X I had it been yeah. They're trying to latch here and and sit out this is going to be really really good at any leniency Arabic term epic sixteen threes it's going to be. Erica if go to beat like that and and I actually lack I don't know where it and you know pocketed it there's a block on all of that program. They're a bit aren't here where I have question there are all the war. And I thought that I'd equate I bought up low right after the and who wants Arizona public it would be you'll be all right but they are back. Yeah I can't argue with that at all cannot be neat and listen though I think the whole starting five sleeve then I mean there are guys on their like gay and others are got a big NBA dreams and and they she won her sat in the scandal kind of got their minds we're talking to Christy Tola EST and cal troops analyst Chris what do you think. And listen I'll be the first to admit my track record predictions Chris is not stellar doesn't matter what the sport is there's not necessarily my you know my Macs for promises not to be a nickname a mine. Com I have this feeling in the duke is going to stick it to Rhode Island only 225 points. I think they win this game by double digits I don't think Rhode islands played their best basketball down the stretch and when you beat Oklahoma team. And has now lost twelve to sixteen in overtime that's not really impress and make. How do you handicap duke Rhode Island tomorrow. Yeah I mean Rhode Island is it they have struggled of late. And look at stray thought about it like it is today I'm mad at you many times you're bet there. Not only are those guards the key for you but what you now. It and that's really the point production was great but it's the ability to do with about all the billion control Spain's people who play under control Wiki. Any debate back there and I thought I thought you beat Specter yesterday if you play like that they're there need to be in Rhode Island or barbecue that. You know there looked like I look at South Carolina last year though it like South Carolina like. In terms of how they defender very aggressive. I thought last year wasn't ready for that but not a lot about duke back without. How how much of that or how much they pressured. But it is actually this year is broad and rolling it well good player he's not in Gary's going blow. And they don't have any side but I think it's were duke has to really. Elliott besides. Roll the ball down inside but they've they've got to. There have to be a substantial edge on the collapse. And it generated that you know I I we elect I I think duke when that won't go away. Rhode Island like you know it's likely that four guard lineup they don't usually like to play the two bigs together they got that one big looks like ECB plane left tackle somewhere. Died Barry. But it seems like not now. Does dramatic news yesterday when it looked like it was fathers and sons playing on the same court together but they will have a size advantage. No doubt about it will what do you think Chris about the heels. Mom they open up this week. The Providence game seems like one to me they couldn't. Could be tossed. How far you have the heels owning your bracket. He thought that they actually I got that going. Ultimately lose acute back. I got them go pretty far back. You know it's strictly can't gotten back. And I I do agree that property they match up Carolina ban. They expect to saint am and and I just. He'll probably. Keep you up beat bigger in the big east starter played that final really grip crying kind of steam in that. You know physical and it. I think we give Carolina. Especially on a perimeter you can make it sort of a real physical tight game comment so creates. Dave what it would be a bigger a bigger issue but I I don't beat Carol I that it. Well last what this season the two hottest teams it's ironic that they are they could end up playing work impact yet in North Carolina with a bit buoyant it. I don't I don't Carolina loss last game regular see him go but won it in no shame about obviously the project into any tournament. There's a shame that our ideas. There are you rebound. And mitigate. Gold or are rarely victory to cover that small light up and that how how bad that by the and it. I think will be a top top doubt these ink mr. met who haven't seen. Yeah no it's a good point as a very good point tides gonna be fun mandates and we just. That that was one day man and I had a ball and we got plenty of action to go. Keep up keep up the good work brother we appreciate you coming on check out the new ACC radio channel Chris is on there you're there and afternoons right. Yeah three is a guy and then obviously just being you see him on there as well. I Tricia command. Tebow tried bug yet another ticket item I cannot you know I'm like it's a good byes to the full season yet Tia. What are people are never out. Well how about that lead a little respect for once I know I love having a producer so respected worldwide like Tebow and the stakes are brother big good enjoy the games are.