Dimitri Flowers On Primetime

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Thursday, January 18th

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Dmitry flowers making time force on the technical guess like Dmitry are you doing man. I don't do it here America what are you what I call you fullback H back doing all your your your bit of an X-Factor for that sooners' offense what what's your position what I call you. Operators throughout being called. In a Swiss army knife may and I get. I it's so funny I I watch you and I would say this before you came all this I think if you watch a lot of highlights for Oklahoma's offense. And you see all the moving parts in man there's a lot of moving parts you guys got athletes all over the field. You're you're one of those guys is cut out Dmitry still there. Major. Our foot. OK I'll sit I was saying you watch you you're offense and there's a lot of moving parts every knows Rodney and nobody knows baker Boyd. You want the guys who gets asked to do a lot of different things on any given play in your your kind of the secret sauce to making everything clicked for that sooners' offense. Oh yeah you gain male street what that there are around a lot. Well don't you you know you're only going to Japan to go to our leaders are in mind to Egypt Iran really. Are divided everything we do anything all. If they do a great job according to correct this and then IQ Margaret utility in and day. That we utilize yet rubio all around the world are indicated up. What you love to hit right to be deposition do the things you do your great blocker you got you don't like to physicality to do which you do right. Oh absolutely out the post in an apple back position now that's what they you know you're going to find it they want. You have to be physical appeal in about outlook has you quite on. We're talking a Dmitry flowers fullback H back he does it all coming out Oklahoma Ambien Reese a Senior Bowl and it'll be interesting to see where where his side his draft status lays in it we were talking here urges in Carolina we know we've. This offense Conner runs it you know has in the years under Mike Shula cover college style offense around Cam Newton and lot of priests have moved men and they use a fullback H back in and Mike Tolbert see god that I think played when he especially early owners group play played his pro game the way you play right now and Oklahoma. Up threw it out or myopic as compared they're into all capable Mike and after my corporate account. Like you ready bill I'll look at all the Carolina at opposite but I got to let. Well when you hear people talk about the fullback position that I feel like it's the way people talk about and of your basketball cinema big basketball fan of people say at low post centers there. They're dinosaurs there are dying breed of dog people insane after fullbacks for awhile but I I still seats I have four teams that they're usually these correctly the fullback still need in in football today. Palo you know that you are what people are corrupt political oh yeah if this. Both of them are political like MacBook. A lot of different things in the open because of the cup that we've been battle there throughout the year. When you were standing on the sideline Demetris flowers with this by the way at Oklahoma is going to be in the recent Senior Bowl fullback H back he can he can do at all. You stand on a sideline of of the of the the Rose Bowl and you're getting ready to to play one the most historic games and all sports in this country and you CA. A stealth bomber flying overhead. Did reality set in like holy crap this is a game I ever played him before. Which are there to give it he or earlier McConnell actually about to come out you're here comment about the way you look at that you did this and I intend here. You know we had a month a month long wait the department of beer audit he didn't go the way you wanted it but you are oh can't all. That's that whole feeling that's got to be the best feeling on earth right YouTube play all year in. You kind of live for those big games and those big moments but to know you guys it started with that when it's a horseshoe to put yourself in position to play on that stage that's got. I mean that's that's that's everything right as a competitor. Absolutely you know and it's what we go to describe the process. It is that during that hard work paying off to get to that spot and you know we we ultimately get out there and do that for the vote in ought to be out there. Dmitry let me give yellow preview of what you're gonna experience over the next couple my sister talking to teams in the pre draft process. They are going to be interest it and you also but a lot of people are gonna wanna talk due to find out information about baker mayfield. What are you gonna tell an NFL team when they say. What is baker may feel like when the camera's not on what's that cat like when nobody's like. Oh you know I don't know that told the truth and you know they export outlook you know you or my radical leader. And what you needed all the building this past weekend. It's competitive market itself fire that you know off the duties well I got it eat you did you not a grip but it was. It's different with obviously eighty EU EU came there anyplace for coach Stoops and you've played under lane two. Under under Lincoln as your office of court very became head coach which. What it was a different girl what's the dynamic when he made that change this year as you guys didn't skip a beat this year obviously get into the college football playoff. And I mean that's the thing there really wasn't that much if they. Honestly that I kinda just quote you are not the only difference look at who we can keep beating them. And then it got it because it occurred to them how important traumatic that rather Arctic or it's I like you hit it to be an error on the. Well one of our favorite guys around here on that staff and we we saw on the Gupta talked about a pretty regular basis for a few years is is old rough Ruffin McNeill what what what's it let's select ever Ruffin around you guys that guy is man he's the best. Area ala outlook a rough meant either. Eat they eat you can you don't go to audio out there you're back comic relief where you period you know got a repertoire of about god out of our in the future role model. People trapped below. And no I guess you need he's just one of those guys bring these people and our life right Dmitry where you're like you now need. You need so much advice or some some picked me up and you know you could go to rough generous and give it to you. First sort beat you know he couldn't live through at all whatever you can take a few. Greta. As it didn't weird for you it always starts try to focus on the individual game you've been such a team player that's kind of the nature of your position in particular so now it's all about you for the next few months it's gotta gotta be we're departure. Proud fully clear a couple of weeks in reality kind of that it what they've especially now it. We should have been out there. But you know it's it's different now could handle he inning and it'll eat well. Example that would be like eight people. What type of what I did and Oklahoma is not how are well whatsoever but you know if I go out there about. Russo who's the back you just love watching when you watch medical football right now who's the guy. Being interpreted. Playmaker won't overlap like I can. Do you like you know well in it this year we Delanie Walker occurred. Eat. It then you're into money at the different position where you don't be blocked well I sort of active. You feel like it and I know you guys get so focused on on your own game it's hard to watch a lot of NFL football you certainly don't get to watch every game every week but. Do you see more than ever did to college staples of all the offense is being implemented it that the NFL level now. Well I. Kind of joking around like he's multi unit so Jacksonville on the little pop. If we can't agree of course but we were in Kabul the game and our current vote I attribute a lot of Canadians that. What you did hadn't got a lot about it is that they're back the loan grant and I don't regard your honor ordinary what are not well. Just seeing that not expecting about it now it's back quiet it translate in about critical. Our Demetris flower for the sure it'll let him go to bowl fullback H back at Oklahoma will be the recent senior always gonna be selected in the NFL draft in dust. Of course played in Oklahoma playing in the Rose Bowl game. I against Georgia where the Rose Bowl game traditions is a Larry's beef also how personally how much food did you put down Demetric flowers to Larry Steve. You know I'll talk all in your debt in the cream corps. Recruit a group you know. Was so that was the highlight more than the more than these these are the primary and you were getting down on the cream corn. Hello. We I spit we wanted to do so because oh in the of the properly though you know what that that I got back my feet. A claim they may await currently. And I derided it of course but I cream quarter but we did the plot that was brokered accord. How often though we got sit down your team because you're probably all like yeah I'm about to put downs a serious amount of food how many guys actually disappoint here like dude you talk so much game you really use your eyes are bigger than your stomach you could put it down tonight. Well there are a lot of people it is that you there it is fine people that were competitive and it's being and so. Erik now that breakthrough on the State Street where they'll realize that out they. Weren't there yet people. All our money Iraq for the third ladies they're unit but it but I don't look great are there. We yourself food coma Demetris flowers fullback H back and Oklahoma be at the recent senior ball and you're gonna here's name selected during the NFL draft coming up in a few months and Demetrius it's it's a pleasure to talk to your best to Locke and Donald will catch up sooner okay.