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Friday, July 13th

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Derek Rae. From fox sports part of the soccer coverage first off thanks for being here what time is it where you are. But it caught the top 10 in the morning about the LA open up their ability to go Oprah about the elected. But the final go well beyond the Cordoba. Very good area LA's got a little bit better weather probably and whether it's a pretty good Russia had been too bad at all. Oh thanks thanks to the time to agree with a solid technique can be assigned to talk world cup of them. This is not out Sicily. The match up may be that. We say this with football the Super Bowl or the NBA final sometimes you want the biggest markets kind of thing TV market stick to collide. I'm sure there are a lot of people that were really rooting for France England final which would have been fantastic. But Croatia got a done that they got testing on what to expect to see in this final on Sunday. I think part of it is also eight but there is big on dog it would buy the book about the girl on. And got a boom on the way and but I think that the public will have probably been. About quote become you don't thought that the world up front about other people but now there has brought the local sports. I am you know. On the part in the final thought bubble up on your outlook of the opera one got it would be brought up out there. But the the most successful team below up O clock when you don't wanna know all about yeah. 98 book the bottle and probably is wouldn't that about then put a new moderate and a vibrant generational. One of the youngest called. For the World Cup other thought or devise a way that you are. We're going to want but they'll told it would then be able sitting on the very pivotal beat Croatia. Of people point five billion. I don't know what all the people involved in it I think what they do on the ball but it's remarkable book all completed our audited and it marked the bottom of the they both got what would you. Go to the ball a little bit basketball player as well. But they they get into the Bible Belt and look forward to benefit our people bought a total of all is that well followed. I think it will be wanna go back on local and state of the world probably will be. Dare graze Lucy covers welcome soccer soccer for fox force of as well as other outlets joining us from LA right now but that's the finals in Russia so France Croatia. Live on fox Sunday coverage started at 10 eastern time here Charlotte time the match starts about eleven we have a third place game. Saturday it's England and Belgium I mean. In Belgium to got to the final people have been OK with that they're one of the top. You know two or three teams in the world. I think a lot of people obviously in the UK were rooting for England when they weren't born beer all over each other. What that game that's that's a tough thing we used to do stuff like that like do we were just saying in the NCAA Basque watery used to play third place game. How tough visit to give yourself back up for that game after you missed out on chance to play for the World Cup. I think that they put their perspective to what I thought oh and they are the world day. Then it is what you lose seven article on what nothing left all of opened a ventilator was that out. And are able open being about what a difference with the and that abide that are a bit about where people are. Obvious but they got a it was thought it would definitely. Hogan in but I wouldn't say OK well. About open and but it had been habitable. We have been possible without a dog in both their budget and then on. Our our the bit about what it means the world. But it that it will be the ball well. Off topic for England. Then opened that people want a long fought for what what they are all. It will not happen again. Out of the sport. And people are already at the level they Obama will be on the European Championship but don't have a we've been. By the they think it's in about. Are they they I didn't have thought about the last four. It is a formal vote but people on the opening bode well for all the all the both I think if the rebels. For folks who don't you know maybe understand the physical told dare greatest soccer takes on the player. And Derek rays with a solitary become guess I'm with fox sports and covering the World Cup yes a team like Croatia who will be France in the final. They've played three consecutive games they play election time so they've gone 820 minutes and they went and got a BK's and some of those games. And then you got France Assad who had an extra day arrest. As well how big of a disadvantage is that for Croatia how big of advantage for France. Upon it but I'm not even if but I don't even though it played about. Out and they all know what will they round up elect its well I haven't even anyway. But what brought up by as both a vote is dependable O although. Days before the low orbit Leo. He broke the World Cup final thought that you'd you'd spoke out about about a foot. Bet it was in the early. Available publicly I was able to put the AF. Colombia would open all the people would probably have been there in Auburn then the federal intervention that has gone about our immediate. But other than Obama would be better the world. Sort of event and I'm an advocate don't but the core. What we probably will be if it. But yet but that is so bad that was spent the penalties we can make. Days but it didn't put but it is my brother and older but they look for. Yet they saw yeah the state that is the development for prop up. Well I believe it is it is one of those but only as well but I will pop up paper I think most people would open FaceBook but you have overlooked this. Really haven't been quite simply. Gerri Willis to talks of soccer let's have become guess on your degree F Lindsay he's covering games are for fox sports who'll carry the third place game on Saturday the World Cup. Championship match on Sunday which were starts attend the games start to kicks off around 11 eastern time here in Charlotte. And Derrick I know there's a lot of soccer fans that have enjoyed these games with some dynamic play we're seeing some some young stars as we do. Every role cup on the rise and some guys who we get a ride off into the sunset that have been great players. It's been difficult I know for US fans because the US team. Did not make this World Cup in this cycle. Very disappoint for US soccer big shake ups in US soccer how quickly do you think. That can get turned around and potentially the you know it does the US jump right back in the next cycle or is this a longer rebuilt. But the typical not a day that the world about the equipment before that I operate. Other than a field of view on this is probably viable for the ball then all of of the view that it probably will mean he won't. Didn't belong lawn of the bulk of the world that it is. I think everybody all for the immediacy of the US realizes all the it is but oh well I hope that it the global. No not again out of the that they did of the world. The that and more of an will be a wall went up but he bought back. And it's about what happened then but the other part of it is okay get on the ball well but when I bought these so called on every well outlook for both. What haven't they went nuts over the over of and multiple it would I think we've both been at. All the people that equity the world before they both spoke up and our own ball on the other side of that. But you pop in its annual and able to law. We've all the while and then looking into the cause of the world are we all of your. Children or whether it's a bit more about what we've been the first political order is you don't all that they. Look it's they didn't look on the road though he had that the Iraq and prevent the global. Art upon. But I look at it. I I thank all of our other top but he. I. Although we've it's appropriate if you that have been overlooked on what many of them were not possible as well. One of the battle did it have made that for what it's epic about the world before everyone thought it was used in a way it is. It could be that they won't. You know all bought a couple of the exit of the US at the battle is on the way we're in the get a that they laws. I would make for a possible all the Oprah. All by those kids that are put on the beach that are player's foot Sandra is the stuff. And by the way it is today are just like to know in case you're wondering if that's is accidents on the South Carolina accent is a Scotland exit sort of share a moment. My my wife is from Great Neck in dirt I lived in mill port as a kid over in Scotland so where you will vote parts of Sony from Derek. Although they both both both been great at the bit about it from the other so I thought the ball as well apathy about it that they. On yeah both these for the vote for a typical but I am very well for political all the way up either of them. Yeah both of a bond. It's it's a tight it's a tight course up on top of the island on come right and by the way thank you for not making us have do a sub W a trainspotting. As we can do on the radio. Well. Well well pop open up even brought up but it also they don't beat up by people out there. Really enjoyed listening you Derek and Allie do the game smoke there's been it's been fabulous watch in the Fox Broadcast and look forward to. Does to hear you do call more soccer along the way and also watching the world go file thanks for the time today give back to the beautiful LA lifestyle go to an Alberta during your gravest of the way there. I wrote back for the Hubble is without it we don't that the typical of they'll they'll.