Davidson Coach Bob McKillop: "We're excited for the opportunity to play a program like Kentucky"

Davidson Coach Bob McKillop joins the Mac Attack to discuss Davidson being back in the big dance. 


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They can beat the darlings of march they play that role so well they get on Iran that they're fun to watch. The offense is just such a team based concepts are also skilled. And man they got it done and they had to beat a couple of tournament seems to do it in saint Bonaventure. And Rhode Island what they won the gates and they played their way in. And who can't be happy for Davidson and less sure like to Notre Dame alone or something nom La mama kill head coach. Of Davidson is where does and his rewards for the great performance. Is a Kentucky Wildcats have like 49 MBA players take coach congratulations what's going on. Thanks back wonderful he would you and that's certainly. Rainy day and David then but the sun is shining bright. No amid debris kept. Everett tells tavern must have been going bonkers Jessica last night coach and think. You know we're not there you are in route poll for beep beep but that we so are quite a few videos and pictures from other brick thousand. It was very very ecstatic place. Now and it was cold it was cool I love watching you guys play a tell in an all time in. Then when the stakes were you know win this tournament and you're going Danson you know lose at any point determine go home I mean. It was so entertaining those last two games were grace. I mean this thing there really get that I was really impressed by yesterday coaches. You guys want a grinder I mean you guys like a free flowing game you know you're very efficient offensively. But because of Rhode Island give them credit they're so athletic and they're so tough on defense. You guys had to roll your sleeves up winner grinder wasn't always pretty. And you win it's the end only defense is stopped is there's something called and satisfying to winning a game maybe it's not our style may but we found a way to do it. Well you're exactly right credit Rhode Island they were sensational defensively have been that way all year long. They make every possession a grind they make it's tough out every possession. And it's exhilarating feeling fit to realize that we flip the script. We we had to get three stops in the last minute of the game it. You know edit Davidson wildcats in my opinion have not been notre ferocious defensive team got a we started to emerge as a pretty good defensive teams and just drill that we were able to do it in a way it is not in the traditional way brushed away and. Now that was cool that was cool in the TC I know wasn't cool free to CV eight point lead go away in Rhode Island got hot took the lead back in June showed character in the way you guys won that game and my that was absolutely awesome what. I mean what can you tell us about this team I mean it really notice stuff kinda seems cheesy when when you hear media say it. But how well I look at these dudes and it really does look like they're a tight knit group a real truth team those guys. He you know he's had the fortune ability Europe less August just to Italy Slovenia has detained. We had the fortune of traveling to Hawaii for Christmas. We've been battled all year long imagine murder or anybody being in toward it seems well. We played Nevada New Mexico State North Carolina for. All sort of gains and what we've learned some very valuable lessons and credit our guys they. If if you sit back in their mid January it it's a team of top this physically and emotionally. People would say yeah you will always. A bit urged eight team would tremendous emotional soft there's tremendous physical toughness. No doubt and is not scheduled so that's something you do know. Every year you play a schedule that is going to challenge ourselves and you're sitting there are five and seven and I think dummies like me you're sitting there saying man. Davids it's only five to seven going into conference play off on this team be better. But I think he did did you kind of know all along okay the way we designed this is we're gonna play some real tough ones early. We're going to be better for come conference play I mean is it did you when you start conference play did you think your guys were kind of battle tests in the horn and we're going to excel. Are extra that we had been battle it but I was not sure level we could reform. And up first in cup display we are really get knocked to the mat Richmond. Amateur sin now we came back and we've sort of first conference game in brokering arrogance. Saint Louis and we're down at halftime it. We're really. And I think that was one of the defining moment they have time departure from lock early which our guys put their foot parents it would do something here. We turn epic Trier and it became the catalyst for. More progress. We not dramatic and we again we rich riddance they went close losses and we put our foot down again and now what do TCU had a great when they are eroded. Even our Dirk triple overtime loss to saint Bonaventure. Became I've galvanizing. Experience and not add to that the that the media spear. We're sort of momma killed head coaching Davidson. They're playing Kentucky gets it that gets a bad news here in the second is that you gotta now game plan and deal with that that's an outfit. When I got to talk about coach when NH and it's your first states and title you win the A ten tournament title. You got to talk to us on the difference between the so calm and in the 810 because I don't think fans realize. And I lean on you don't want to disparage you'll conference. But man this is really an accomplishment for you guys to go in this conference compete the way you've competed I think you've been in the semis every year you've been there in the tournament. And get a championship because this conference I think people sleep on how good discomforts as a basketball. Well I could never be more fortunate to grow up as a college coach or coaching in the Southern Conference. Moralists are French ships are great people and terrific rivalries all during our time in the Southern Conference. So I like treasured experience experience made it better prepared or be able to play any 810. And what BA get that trust grows on national stage. That's expose sister recruiting perhaps we never would have had a chance to get they altered perhaps doesn't have a babysitter where 810 I can agree not come if you were not in a tent. John actual prevention might. Not come so it's it's. Straight into our team. But you're you're right about that count level. DK and has our on our roster eight to ten guys who can really compete. And a pretty good level. The first cup stint that scene number. And the drop off I think (%expletive) just standard in terms of different Serbs. Performance because you're going gets. Bigger rosters and better each night then. That's gonna give you a battle cost test that hard is that make you better. So when you get better place recruiting and it tested in a better way Iraq is she going to be a better team. They coach I'm fascinated by this mashup you guys stroll Kentucky in a five. Twelve match up everybody knows the history success that wells have had but I'm looking at it's it's you guys says this veteran group. In nose and that they'll they'll just I think outsmart she'll lot you know backdoor cuts and and stuff like don't just run the stuff. And then you look at Kentucky a man they got so much Dorn talent they're young but I'll be Darth they're not playing great right now. What's yours but your thoughts on playing Kentucky and and their strengths and weaknesses. We're out there you go get a lot of attention because so it is can Turkey. One of the legendary programs in college basketball. John as hall of fame coach. Andy you're right they are young team but it he would speak to anybody who has played ever watched them play this year. You've noticed that they've gotten significantly better. And that's pretty usual for. A young group which guards to get better season progresses and Serb just wait for that weren't done there happening get onto the next step playing level. So this is a team that has a lot more maturity and age you would indicate and they've gotten better and better. They're late Heath here let it they can really score import they get the ball going down hill drive into the basket your beer is serious stroke. Hey coach it's team bones first of all congratulations on the 810 title. I did some advanced scouting for you why I asked that all I do still more for Kentucky's ripped. And I got an advanced on out are archived there for our crack on a disorder and I here's what I'd notice guys are right the status of that information. Kentucky seems very young this year missed her that's that's that's kind of what I noticed that's a deal that's only paranoia for years. Are. What are there are meeting at 9 o'clock. At that where Tracy or I didn't I didn't know it was announced that I did I did spot Dallas are very young I got a lot of seniors on the roster I noticed a big incessant jump real high to coach honesty did you say that's a Dell deal. It sure. One that always get me a plate of nachos at the brick house. At a shameless bone that is chambers are well we're trying to help coach Steve bones trying to help. They we wish you the best select report Soria loved watching you this weekend. And dopey and keep this run going coach stakes are common on good luck. Oh.