David Teel On Garcia And Bailey

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Tuesday, January 16th

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Talking about duke last night nice win over Miami North Carolina try to create keep the streak alive against Clemson and UBA slotting of the number two in the latest poll we got a lot to get through and though we're joined now by the do you have ACC sports writers David teel Newport News daily press joining us on the technique comes just slide David is a pleasure to have you back voting hours if. Good morning guys don't do do well I've been doing so. We are we are had to do fans are this morning as well that was such an that was a good win for them last night from for many many reasons and I'm sure he'll get an of those slow you're just the second but you know the comeback in Bagley showed some toughness and signing a little grip on the defensive enemy and this just seems like the kind of way and they can help this this young Duke Team kind of move forward and done address some of the deficiencies there. No question. Gary treachery Newton brought to create. What. There's twelve or sixteen or of these we're seeing Wake Forest in the Miami kebab. He shoots it like that. Gracious you know for a lot of optical with a therapist then as you work with that the blue devil and that then that though. Then they all the best fit. Know you look at you when Duke's able to do obviously there atlantis' him speaks for itself but the talent you know and it does out there on the basketball court. Is not always consistent is that just the factor of being young and maybe something that they're gonna learn to ACC play. Our hope it's certainly a factor of what do you find it didn't. You know what let's play that young people it's very calm mood but you sit there with the ball well if all of this. Is that we believe that this bubble so good. They're not really taught many defensive quote simple and it is very all of our bench. You use CA everywhere. And lose especially the so called won't question quote a bit this way all the way we all local so cute kid can comply. David lemon lemon talked about a Virginia for a second because this is a team down slotting of the number two in the polls and you're doing things that I I don't think many people out there are expected they would do and giving given the losses from last year you lose a guy like London grand days and do everything they lost over the past blows let's call it two years they get to this season and a lot of folks okay could be in doubt your could be a rebuilding year but you know instead here we are there they're number two in the country and I'd I'd love your perspective you see this team quite a bit. How they've done this. Well it's. A very complicated and well we expect that not. Is this not what cavaliers have accomplished. They're five and overweight but moral fiber hull. And now they're daughters but while five of the next government all the world. And world team and ACC. Right now collar or left side are hand in twenty. And that they get that much story. We're starting QB that that would put those four home games right now. Seventy really change in the highest ever since we believe. It doesn't fit. So you all games are wearing it at. Almost on productivity rates so horrible we have a cavaliers bears started he only. But the root for quote Graham I always always do these. And board defending what level. Even. A ball well there have been in the past that we've become truth is defensive efficiency is not close. And then Kevin hall are a little bit why we're capable of all the law. You know because of those percentage you talked about the way teams you know traveling to the other teams homes and you know maybe this challenges that they have. You say there might be known that no chance and held it down Clemson goes to North Carolina and gets that brought him aren't as big enough for 59. I did a row I mean there's got to be it's it's bound to happen isn't it. It is is that this is. Arguably. But that being the well Bravo has had it in his time the club so once it got there it's without a welcome. See them up always listen because they fear of on the job out there it may not be. Q did and so that was done communicate that there's not a KJ in the Daniels. All this they are brought it. There is five up or quad throw there are fired up well off the if that's starting line up what are thought they'd grant that would bar each breed. And they're defending really well they're shooting it better than in previous. Our club sent out that's. They're nationally right there are confident they ought to speak. And I did not narrow. It and. It's a great question talking to David Diehl Newport News daily press joining us on the technique come just slide. Are really quickly have a Boston College last night did that win over Florida State and and they've now been out three in three conference Adele wins over Ndukwe couldn't and Florida State now. Drove opposite. It is really good and how you mentioned that built we basically where it. Our office to jumpstart the barbaric thing you BA if Charles they'll that would give it about four week. That's the that's a pretty good club the trick question there has got there and warned that has been exceeded its its one total of each of the past. Chile these these seasons all wreck. So so clearly a program trying to get well don't really good while. Talk about NC state because there's been a lot of coaches you know before you know Keats had of been there there have tried to you may be. You know take over and don't be relevant and you know maybe when the conference and you'll beat duke beat Carolina what's keeps biggest challenge because the two teams that I just mentioned I think is it. You know try to recruit against those two guys and keeping expectations. You know that NC state has is a fan base is going to be extremely tough Freddie coached little Keats. How well he got off to a to a great start in the triangle there were at the home victory over duke. That had gotten what he's an awful lot of that they have they sit there and the wolf I got people close. And get positive respected that you'd be able to unbeaten. At that hole. And don't go wolfpack. I think like most teams in this league that are. Part of that all pull crops. Very guerrilla struggle big time. On the world and that was an example the other night so you don't. David are you surprised at all how law at at the start little holes gotten Austin into 3 a morning conference thirteen to four overall given the mess they've been through and head coaching change and everything else does that surprise you that they are no where they are right now and I die I know they recruited well there still talent on that roster but. In all things considered it could have been suffer in this. A typical of flat out of Louisville Kyle I guess Kaka. Sub prime. Condone that ordered our port law. In its second. Day of Padgett they'd be over energy. But they really have. Collective course here beautifully played out the now H one and the other day go over the Hokies. Got RV four point seven. Very Adele have a career day. Lugo the bubble that is very good defensively very walls. Among the top fifteen. In defensive efficiency. And we'll go cardinals sure it is likely did. On Saturday get to give and take you know go with a lot of it is well they go to Notre Dame that eight. Where there is David Padgett left installed very coaches conference call with a yesterday it will never walk itself that. You can Wake Forest and the way they started off the season new and they lose three or four you really made good little run you know maybe play in the sisters of the poor but you come back in a conference in human displays them up wrestling competition. They've lost. I don't know if you saw the hot seat and I mean they got two tournament. Last season and we'll use it John Collins. I think you're compelled to us to take a step back. But do we we were talking about. How difficult it is to win on the road in this league. So you ACC expanded. To fifteen greens. The deacons are four and thirty. All the road. And that includes over three this year and in but I Crawford Karen can get him some points and such. But deacons have a ways to go. David before religion god I'm just look at some of the beat the older venues programs that have migrated to the ACC to stand out right now Pitt Syracuse Austin's a troubling start stop starts and ACC play searchers especially I mean you look at they've lost four straight to wake Notre Dame UBA in Florida State they lost to some good teams. You know but this is not something that Jim they diamond that programmer custom to a Jersey do you think this is gonna continue to to continue to be the case moving forward. It does not look I've seen in person. Thank you VA it there's certainly doesn't local right now all I can until book Charlie and the our show. That potentially would have thought the perpetual bubble since joining the ace he's seen every year it's record what that there isn't gonna get in the field included in the year. Two years ago when they made the final four most Wada. 789 people who is not what it was evaporated when they got the jig is to open each final. Took to get two issues then. But LA is it is. Troubling if they can before Apollo took that long to rezone. They just can't squall. Bands they have next to no doubt. Free gym bag we have to bear arms start is perhaps better than early exploded some of those stupid they go one truthfully in 08. And been playing power boat nobody plays more than than those who aren't there it included a fresh approach. I mean in frank coward and in part. Well as you're honest David a thinker from them if memory serves were for pretty much two months out now. From the opening day of the NCAA tournament and two months from now if you could try to forecast how how many bids do you think this this league gets the ACC. Want to sit here look comparative look at the standings right now Karl. Virginia consoles. To North Carolina that there order day yeah. That's seven. Excel. Court date. Not think they can get it but I. Eight Coca until two months out or Collard aide David seal Newport Augusta hilly breast joining us on the deck of the job does slot as always appreciate your insight great jets Oakland. Our bureau we appreciate David what are the best the dean of ACC sports writers joining us on the technique comes just like.