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Friday, January 19th

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Former cavs GM and longtime NBA front office and any semen NB ATV series sex and NBA radio you here with David Gergen what does David you don't thanks for making time. This is a crummy conversation and as you can imagine and you've been in these situations before in. You know I should have to hornets practiced today and it's just one of those days you've been in those situations for the media shows up you know it's gonna be on on the agenda questions that are gonna come up and it just Clifford said today had heard about the reports from motion around ski and couldn't envision a scenario where it happens cam answered all the questions the right way to enjoy. What do you what do you make this report from loads that the hornets are at least listening to offers on Kemba Walker right now. Well knowing very much what these conversations satellite. I can't I can tell you that they're not shopping Kemba Walker certainly. So wait the way it's story is there. The quote chin and he's the best there is good it's doing this by the way yep we need that they you know there's been conversations are sure. But what happens it they will have been having trade conversation. So you're sitting introductory Joseph you talked to a scene in you'll have a conversation. And build that seem all that you book. Yeah that's fine but what about him yes. And if you're rich you'd say well I don't have won multiple. I have it was. That doesn't mean he's shopping Campbell agreed. So I think what happens is people here that can't be available in trade and they think Charlie actively putting together deals to move him. And it I don't think that at all what happens I think they were probably having conversations. Around other names. Someone brought him up. And ridge probably did what I acted quite frankly which was saying I don't believe an icon at the untouchables so tell me what you think. Well and and that's what's interesting David Griffin's of those former cavs GM longtime NBA front office an NB ATV series sex and India radio which is on the technique come to us and I was making exact point over the show today because I think it's maybe it seems like splitting hairs or semantics but I'll what do you that is an important designation to make your aunt and to that end. I mean you managed one of these guys I mean I'm counting too many David and you might even say it's fewer than this. I think they're what five guys in the NBA were you say truly if somebody asked you say thanks so thank you hang up I mean it's what LeBron and Katie staffs. Part in an what's what's the latest is honest lady today is what what's the list is a Felix is a really short list of truly untouchables in the MBS. Well and I think what untouchable really mean there's there's no scenario at all and which you'd trade that player right tactic the only reason addict there. Tidbit you've got a player under contract that is really the whole grew up your team and you know they want to be there but some of the names you mentioned. If they quietly went to their front office and look just so you know in my seat next deal I don't wanna be here. You you'd be surprised that people. It would give discussed entry conversations. They did it not because they're asking me shopping and it's because. It's really are that this year you spot the ability to know the value of all the acts that on Iraq. What what do you think David right now in your estimation seeing this hornets team we're just discussing before you joined us David Griffin with us again by the way former cavs GM serious sex MMD radio NB ATV bit distorted seeing Michael Jordan said on the record about seven years ago I don't wanna be were I'm stuck in that there was -- a team with a court Gerald Wallace in. And and it's Stephen Jackson and Boris. Like third period I think they've actually got more flexibility than apple what do you make or deported stand in today's NBA because we US so many fans around here it's safe. Blow it up blowing up blowing up and that's just the thing you say but it gets much ordered implement what do you think or the mourners are right now. Romantic notion to think that you just blow it seemed not to build back up then and everything's going to be good eventually there if you start from zero you can always get back up and would say 83. What you can always go from near 83. So I I think what people think it they're gonna blow it up and don't spiritual hunger and the reality is that tear down these. People always give you chicks are great players. But the buildup the typical. So when people get so caught up the knee and your lap callers use the phrase that I met when we going to steal and they get something you guys used off the bat the bat masochistic we will of mediocrity. It just an unbelievable. Turn of phrase. That mediocrity. Charms from. Starting from zero and getting to a point where you can't go any further quite off and it's not like they shot from mediocre. So I think people need to understand. It's not just all or nothing there are other ways to build the winners of Dallas won a championship from the middle. They were able to spend into the pack and Mark Cuban spent considerably more money that gear and other people but you shouldn't do it if that's what you want to do so. It's not a by Mary this and not all one thing or another you need to have a little bit of all so and I that you're looking at its Charlotte. They had these second hardest schedule in the leak the date yeah. Over the next two weeks they're going to have the second easiest schedule. And after that what the trade deadline passes. Bill asked the thirties the schedule. So if you are shortly. You're probably going to take the next couple weeks and see what happens you've won three out of four. And you're starting to look in the terribly better. And you've actually beaten and seeing that went against Washington was not a fluke. So you're starting to be in this situation where you might not being just mediocre. And the bottom and he didn't so that you shouldn't have expectation that with your schedule you've got healthy and started playing really well I think you should look which are seen as being better than just the eight seed. And I'm not sure if you're anything other than eight you can feel pretty good about your play neck. Yet no debt and and it's you know I've made that point that you're talking about about the need it dead it's not a binary system it's not eat you flip a light switch this is the way you compete for a championship in today's NBA in your your cats team. As a good example that about how you retold I think on the fly I think to get back to competing for championships you know I point out what the Minnesota I actually David in in in recent weeks about how obviously they had a franchise player in Kevin Love and Al Jefferson earlier before him wasn't working they got some draft picks still or losing. And then we're able slips that fur Andrew wigand's the first trump take it was a great year to be the number one pick got Carla tiny towns maintain some flexibility because that will add veterans around those guys and do it could deal in the trees for for Jimmy Butler next thing you know they appear to be a young force. It in in the west into what you people this gold states so amazingly David because speaking the only big you can convince me they knew exactly what they were getting with Stafford seven clay eleven and dream on a 32 and lest we forget dream on wasn't playing in front of David Lee until David Lee got her so some of the stuff in the NBA and you guys as GMs know you're dealing with some of it's just. Time and place right so this is a little a little luck involved some sometimes in this whole situation. I've always believed that it did it better to be lucky than good and if you can people you have a chance to be really good and I think. What happened certainly capable state they they hit on six of various places but they also grew that organically over a long period. It was a perfect storm of the cap going up. And having the kind of team bit Kevin wanted to play on. Having guys be willing to take less money which is what's going to happen moving forward for them to keep that together and away and they. And they're all willing to do that. Think in Cleveland what we did which we were able to win a championship. Tearing it down. And starting over again but we were only able to do that because we edit owner that would play well gaining. He was willing to pare down in the bill organically over a period of time but when it came armed with the switch was willing to spend whatever so do that. And so it's very difficult to do that scared out. And get to the point where they're ready to be good unless you're willing to just pour whatever they then do it and fortunately we were flat. The best player this generation certainly was from Akron. It's not for that we've which side and three other free agent. And we would've been making an incremental steps forward and hope to organically ball and that being go state. And there and they did you know that gain loss in the playoffs yet. That scene once it became law in her in the second round and and then they added to it over time and I actually. That's what people out to be partners and the core of that group. Didn't just thrown together in one draft and then we we're off to the race. If it doesn't. Worked like. David Griffin former cavs GM and you can follow a much shorter runways and DG underscore wrists out people Lebanese on the tax on all the analysis Zimbabwe tomorrow series XM NBA radio deals and dogs Jo Myers. Who's got the greatest set of pipes and all radio by the way Brodie Joseph Myers for the pelicans are Tamar surely apple Hogue our Foreman for the bulls are GMs could be on the show hey David it is a pleasure to talk to you I love the insight and let's let's try and do this again soon thanks for making time for us. Thank you so much and good David Gergen former cavs GM.