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We'll continue to deal with the decline of the defense and man I hope they put a stop to an onside both teams talk about that. And if there's stuff group would sordid 8 o'clock but right now our next guests were claiming it would you song David Cutler's head coach. At Duke University nice little rebound there to end the season with two big wins big performances. To get to a bowl game and other heads to Detroit to take on the northern Illinois and did cutlass on their head coach joins us on the Mac attack in Charlotte coach are you doing good to have you back on. Oil a great arm and New York for the national football foundation hall signed banquet tonight. And your right we forward by the end of this opportunity shall hopefully we'll take great advantage. Yeah those last two performances go check how did you guys get back because it was. It was and it was an odd season you're watching the outside the way you guys started so strong and I really thought man this might be coach cuts best team ever. You guys win for you lose six in the middle. And then but those last two games and the way you paid played against Georgia Tech and wake. It look like the way you played against say like northwestern early in the year it was it's very weird the way it took awhile to get back to that level what what happened this year Yeltsin the dance. Royal pitch him very difficult thing butcher finger. All earliest we what I call seeing you know they're not all in most stinks. There's a fine line between winning and losing in the Miami game or try. You know you're about the first game would all on Friday night. And we had opportunity after opportunity and we cherish. Quit making employees and their opportune time. In our defense played really good all year all but what what bidders. Which may be sick placing gain. They Ortiz and so pollution for a broad church about such there armor Welsh. There are are an army as sharp as we know what you must shelves and don't think about sure regimes that were very preparation and our you know it usually. Good football code fusion are our hope that that I end up one before trouble certain darn went cold game. And we did not do. To get back where we were running we do know how to do patch job. You've got to be reassuring many. Yes and it would not trash everybody fell short of their shell and we did continue to work. One thing we're gonna do well practiced well. We got a little healthier that you know you have people played her passport. So the open date even though we've played. In wishbone teams are option teams after that. Open date was good for much. And it shall we founder show you know we really polite well well sort particularly in or shall we can maintain that. Now he has a passing game gonna run again you are complete complete team against those two teams are taught when David cut let's head coach should do. Coach it's now been twice where a school that you had some great years that is an offensive coordinator. Has asked you to come back as a head coach Tennessee and twice you have said no. Put into words why you why have you made those decisions what is it about duke and compared to Tennessee even makes you wanna stay put in Durham. Well as there's not a not a compares certain truly nothing about the new universe you can machine it's about duke university and the people. Doesn't look we have been. And just absolutely treated amazingly well they're great relish Croatian they drew. But our our tea reached a point mark career and I'll be honest really I'm not kinda. Sound off humble work right church but I'm really the point where it it it bothers me to shoot all of this movement. And deportation whatever they're changing his coaching which. When your committed to a group PR people you're committed to something special on. I like you know that we. Like the fact there are armed people. Are making the decision become rare. Hope there because they're going to be mentor by our great people are coaches urge our special our support stretch special what. There at thirtieth great education oil. And we've done we've done a good job. Show our ice they are right they do my mother the way it 2012. Marty. Taken a big job the first option she just put your relationship baby you know the right thing to do it had initiated any ill. But I think that's enough you know. Oh yeah and that's consistent now mom's word matter sir opinion matters on the wouldn't you were you at all I mean was. It's still think you kind of this was where your mindset both times and hasn't changed. But how much do you just how much did he weighed just say hands reacted to degrade Xian who reported hiring. How much should that affect you and how much you think that's affecting other coaches wanting to go there that's a tough bunched up to please down there. Or is that not expect me. And a negative way. Our show are they really should universe you can actually many really great French and players that we coach through years. You know opt out her. For the universe you'd just show you are Smart and he enjoyed watch. Calls happen. And that did that did strike me a bit what have British. They teach our Asian operations people. Our other great financial group best friend on her. Account from all what do we do to put a 100000. In this stadium a match or that question always backed or what they're 1982. Tan dish dish there's Jewish. Perish just say. State right now about Maria and about this very difficult. Coach tell us about Daniel Jones and his season. He started off amazing. And just like your team I mean it's not a coincidence there was a dip there with the passing game. In the middle of the season but many play good late in the season how do you feel about him is it's still a still learning process for him what do you think about his ups and depths. Or I'll. You know it and sent a whole lot about equal or injury. And so after the four gains. What are you laws were courageous armed brand. And you know wooten who won't won't go into details but yeah be battle. A lot of things this year are physically in your number early probably. He hormone got to pretty much better down bush credit. You know short leash he's special football player out challenge him are. Occasionally dude there Cordoba actual drug shall Croce who get core Berkshire. Book ball four. Or not Ramadan. And I think there and Arab and later would be challenged our do it maybe sometimes in all our way. Are a little bit or are with great last night in Latin. You know about that. Blog right now that's O publish. It yes it is off. But you know lap and about me. And I had different I am so choose gore by action of people. There and all we're good buddy. And when you can do. Your your ball. Could make themselves. Our global labor and it kind of best arm flow chart in probably should OK sounds good by the way how I mean there's so. You're so you'll wind Ely lake can help seal I don't know he's got his job back how did you seal as a guide to coach Jimmy college. I mean did you sue got angry at the situation waves trailer this week. There are out. I'll probably honestly very angry and it made no option actually been a football coach tried microchip and on and not bad that I could. We just made my notes show that sure enough it like came down like he does they're here last stapled Utley were to him. In our and he's there yet yet term Lipton you know my vote terrific form a ball movement. But you know he told martian Arctic I didn't say it was about so much either ushered you know you continue to be bottom he Roche. Doesn't surprise they do you have an intro well I Meche but truly if you were real property. And shall he would. He was so they was great question are very grateful our own. What not pol about anything or anybody he just doesn't comply yet you pursche special government. He's a class act there's no doubt about it he coached before we let you go. I have two we just explain to you you have they to commit here in Charlotte to your program he might not even know about. My the guy you talked on the phone Osborne got the answer the phone that we have T don't suit there're there are producer Steve Jones already duke saying you know all about that. But Osbourne is igniting graduated from UNC. And he has since declared himself say duke sand in basketball and football and not a Tar Heels say coach how about that commitment. All. I don't regret what we've had that North Carolina government there this year. I mean you just don't really know you don't touch you just stolen from UNC Alyssa. I am I am all or map or it though yeah their Egyptian and they want. Yeah coach tubby Assam a big Fanny years I think you learn the best coaches in college football and you do it right away and you're just somebody who is very easy for media give Baja. Well I appreciate it very much right you said one of the best I think easy desk out you and I. Thanks Sharon Stone guy you guys are supposed to just behind right now I just. Part or all of that one out there are other great help but believe it yields they do either one of those compliments I took clinics are. Best of luck in the quick blame bowl against in northern Illinois congrats on kind of rally the troops again there's bowl games. We'll talk to down the road coach thanks so much. Here are you gun owners got Boswell and slowing down please leave you. You trying to out just but against these shows like the kiss but. Allen's watch him watch sob Bork her striking at least for Tennessee twenty minutes and if you're afraid of UN cease and your drive into the office you heard that right now is a UNC grad Osborne professing his love for god clips and all things duke and then doesn't make hay Alexandria I was sick I would suck up the door there was a need to stay in North Carolina on. Hi we come back we gotta get back to advancers on the it is a Mac attack on Athens it. You were talking purely sports win. Live and we aren't stopping there. Charlie. Earnings release on your for a president to reach me at like. Learn how to make money flipping house is right here in Charlotte. If so we have an amazing opportunity for year. Were looking for a small group of motivated individuals to join our real estate investing team. 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