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Wednesday, February 14th

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Got a great slate of college hoops games on this Valentine's Wednesday so take care of the sweetie. Early on an island you settle accounts are candidates for that and take it take care that would get ready for some college hoops and now who else to talk about it with than this great man right here former Wake Forest head coach former South Carolina head coach of course the director. For the Maui invitational none better than a great Dave Odom coach how you do when it's been too long hope your well. It acrobat document may. Lower the art got big time. Anymore now you got big time coach. Back not coach I'll miss you man it's good to talk to I I wanna know on Michael Wednesday at 2 o'clock. Which Dave Odom do and we are you doing you get ready for your games tonight what you how you can you get to schedule your night to watch what game what you don't like at 2 o'clock on Wednesday this time of year. I am making plans for NIC more he tournament can make you plan to do our last game. I am G he'd be. Right combat in the Atlanta yup and make it plans to go to there ought to do a talk for about the group. I got things going all seeker but I every single hole where you'd. All oh man I'm the guy who present the greatness right now so the Gray Davis. Citi's former Wake Forest South Carolina State's coach coach idol of these games tonight in maybe I'm crazy for thank goodness that maybe I'm crazy I probably am crazy. And wrong for thinking Kentucky Auburn might be the best of the bunch tonight I'm really looking forward to this game later tonight. I don't know of Tibet at a spot that that Warner when it's meter at the against the act in Kentucky apple ball and that'll I don't think they've we will I think they're caught up in the moment did. You know they gory war. Mean that night and it is the ball game I think this night to Turkey kinda starts he wrote back soon. Where worked out very think they ought to pretty. But I do think yet that it's been interest in game and it used to reduce. Well and I think the thing that'll be so fascinating rite is is when you see what Auburn's obviously of the way though they can attack you the way they can defend and press to make you uncomfortable. At the stat that blew me away for this Kentucky team right now they've got ten more turnovers on the year. Then they have assists coach like that that's a major issue for this Kentucky team just taking care of the basketball and and and and obviously the talent there but they they have they ever they have some issues they need to iron out here over the next few weeks. Indicate what the biggest problem with college basketball is to bankrupt. You don't get dispersed after amber and dumplings. He is a fallacy. In the players'. Ability. To make. Good basketball speak him on the move they don't do. Everything is real real real real well when you drill where you troll or that you tell him what do you take this crawl over. You take to dribble you elevate. Shoot you do that awaited real without that they don't translate. Civic gain by it all side. It gained as they slowly being. He goes in concert. One end to the there and that's why use the statistics like you do a threat out there haven't been taught. The plate Bible but that's bowl had it they have all that they've been taught learned to run. Jump. Shot shoot three make out spectacular bought jot those that think but the game is very fluid Bible but you. How do you fix that coach if it's not drills what are you join us from a coaching standpoint had. You walk you wanna do it through which you won't talk to gain all the time. I think. And now actually drill them now about a about why no one of one home. One OC group country or a dark about but when you start teaching. The yeah I you to played big gain without turning the ball over the place Smart. But just. The great and it is the great seeing you year Europe Virginia this year I don't know of the year you know those kind of scene. They don't make those unforced turn out. Because they've been out the play of the game viable. Coach as a result of of teams trying to do his one and done that there whereas you know. I have a guy who once season actually teach him how to play basketball on the ET two month of the ball in the basket and try to get disaster championship nine every program and how to deal with debt but. You're exactly right I mean you know today you gain. You know kind of per Lawrence. High school coaching. I think he's so valuable it is being all that. You know IAEA used but not in the event much. You know they that they are all about playing as many games. Simply play. Well it'll come GQ they're they're almost like. A policeman. Security policeman at an elementary school it is gonna stand here like what they're. Wait of up and down the court. There and they say or you're out here and ethnic and he it'll sit down featured an hour you'd made this mistake here's why if what you should or and it play out. Coach one of the games were gonna be watching tonight for for a variety of reasons Nomar from Bakley again as he deals with a sprained knee so he's not gonna play don't really is seriously just being cautious right thing to do for duke. They get Virginia Tech and of course the Hokies high off that win. Over Virginia Virginia still looking in the number one team in the country they handle their business against Miami last night. This this issue way duke in the defense coach what what do you make of this because if they don't need to be an elite elite defensive team but obviously they don't push this thing Ford if they wanna be fighting for national championship and defensively they're not there yet in in the pick and roll game in the in the ball handlers in the speeds seemed to be an issue for duke defensively right now so what are we see tonight. Well I think egos here at CNET. Well as much pot but yet. Liked it much enemy. Virginia Tech at. It beat you a date on. Where the ability get up and down court there's tremendous condition. And I don't think you will want to get in that kind of great would it smaller much more. Version. Virginia Tech so we think dean is going to be slow. They think it's right now and great. It's against it go into effect so I think you'll see as well birds there and that would also. Work the ball into the all ten. In that. It they kids. Walker. With the bank the second big kids certainly don't Carter do you know card yeah when they'll cart. History. Liked it for you don't are terrific where I think you may want the most underrated. Players in the conference this year I don't look AM it. The tactic it weren't available. They. We'd be talking about Carter's first Timo oh ACC player so. They've got right inside I think you Ian coincide I think you'll see a trying to play oddball shot. And and not try to keep the game at a moderate. I'm only new rules to go open manner don't like it do without correctly. I think plate right in the Iranian. Virginia Tech when you do. Coach how you approach is going into this distrust run of the season and for for duke is the defense have been and I planned to divas davis'. You know because they would like. Do you focus on that or do you just focus on what you strips are because I mean at this point how difficult would it be to get them that. Actually buying today and turn it on this at this point in the season always just. Those it has been a focus is stripped. Well I am and it acted now who are a doing better I mean you. You you've got to believe they are if it is easy basket that they'd be getting. Don't know that frustrate Mike Hsu (%expletive) skewed because he's known as is always having been with not only that he that the team that they're physical. The detecting this scene is anything but physical and or anything. But good or they fit to then. And I know Mike is track is very that he possibly can't keep them. Play it I don't think you know might there be a lot the champ. Anticipate being being in jail and get inflamed going to be bit. That he wore on the play and he'd know that they must be like if they're going to advance beyond this. First circuit dissect it we yen in. In it GA tour you know into their program. That they they've got to get to that have a chance means to carry a truck. For for a for somebody who has a watch cook children's -- by the way Dave Odom forward for state coach were South Carolina head coach. And other director of the Maui invitational Andes with this right now on the tech become guess like for somebody that really hasn't been paying attention to Clemson. It till recently coach could you explain to them how. Clemson is the number two team in the ACC without their second leading scorn Donte' Grantham who sadly his career is over yet again with an ACL injury knee surgery done for the year. Any of the number four RPI in the country how could you explain to somebody what conscience on this does done this year thus far how good they actually are. Well. It would be difficult I have a couple currently. I think it starts with red Bernal. I think he's been underrated coach were. Several years. You know he's really good because the coach eutectic on there. About apoplectic game offensively. Went rapidly and now it changed the way he was playing. Somewhat owned all of upset is because it picked back up. You think they'd got a ways to go. Before I would put in no problem now. Category in say totally problem. Money at the C one or two more games I do think this schedule has been. Mostly favorable to. They have and it you know like that it won't look what Carolina regained. If they have any thing like that. So. You know I think I think you're in you know the list of somewhat when I don't. He kind of Anna's. So it be for another. Time own own own Leah broadcast but I don't like the large not for it and be in balance get. Year the ABC that they can't summon not just don't like that the the big twelve with the round Robin I think is the way ago. I think it the current clips and has been blessed with the imbalanced schedule that. My coach will really go this week to talk about Virginia first time they've been number one since 82 and that Ralph since think I was pretty good so good good good to see Tony Bennett. Get this team kind of to that stratosphere and they've been here for awhile ago they broke through that glass ceiling and obviously people keep saying now you'll never win a championship this way I'm not sure that's true just hasn't happened yet gagged. Tell me why you think Virginia's got as good a shot as any team in the country right now to win a national championship. Because they are one of these. Then most consistently. Good teams night in and night out Villa will be in the it there's no up and down did not like the stock market it's not like oh later. Every night if they come into work if but no lunch pail and they are doing it and it there island. I love for union this year because they have a great it. Much better than they've had with Procter and has yet and it locked in meaning men. I did get under coming out of debt is rated a bit. Where it's been he's athletic he's you don't need to produce when it comes there I don't think gilts starting. Until next year you're. Because they don't want met the media industry and written by the saint what I love there. Point and it demands that it is all part of the way that they that they bring it every night. And they didn't. At that they won game. You know it's undo all that were also whatever that he's done a wonderful job and not. I would say right now and it got to get it to anybody country to ring the veil that last final game. In the shot making they've gotten this year from Hydro Roman cow guys been pretty pretty impressive too as well for Virginia's suit Tony Bennett's crew. Roland right now number one team in the country they get a win over Miami we had great action any ACC tonight all over college basketball the great. Man himself Dave photo former wake in South Carolina head coach and a coach next time we need to make like a trip to two to just discount for the Maui invitational go way DO OK so just call me. Hillary. As do that but it is out there you know alliance on. I guess coach of the best instrument can time.