Dave Doeren On Garcia And Bailey

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Thursday, July 19th

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I've talked to date to order a football coach at wake. Please don't close sort of the NC state wolfpack but politics. Right that was gonna join mr. little while and I'm excited to talk to him because. Maybe he's you know for most people with the full support of what you got come back David. I think they're my piece of people as taxpayers poured out to a series stroll and all the time that don't know exactly how much firepower you have come back and talk about that a little bit. Started with a Ryan you know he's. Special special guy you know on this really proud of him. It through the process of making decisions on what he wanted. Made for the right reasons you know he wants to lead this football team it's his TV wants to be the best quarterback he's community improvement Stockton problem for. In our receivers and him have great chemistry in the account to use it depth at that position stuff Lewis helped arm. You know Jacoby and Meyers they're Thomas. Seat here America uneasiness guys there known. Returns for 67 card and then period and on him and university of southern Californians think it is very player. And then we have some office of linemen and make at all near Bradford college loans from press so. Auto far powers you mentioned inexperience and and we need those guys to be better in the world last year his view of him on defense. Tell those guys you really need to be notes. Kind of their responsibility for tactics you know that was my next question how do you not just replaced the defense side have been able to hit the ground running with one. Well we have a lot of kids we played an ounce you know by design we wondered did captain. You get that perhaps and so to me proud they're growth through various crimes have Frazier. Casement Williams here is more says stallings Dexter right Tim what through Q clouds. All these guys play football you know we've been on special teams on the cloud returner Warner. So we've got to figure out who we're mark lombok going to be there's competition there. You know who or other one Robson X going to be there's competition and there's a bodies and works on the see the matchup so there. I'd Dave Stewart head football coach at the state wolfpack to what is your own radio road to put things about her Duluth and got a lot of these to get through with. If you were you know popular guy last offseason -- to took a lot of calls and understandably so why was why was NC state the right place in the states simply you got a lot of momentum and they don't like affairs of more than that. Now we'd love to hear him hear it wasn't like Vietnam and we love Raleigh we've or neighborhoods or kids love their schools. I like our team like a culture of our team like hurting elect a lifestyle living in North Carolina were being in the mountains lakes beaches in the car. I mean we're going anywhere and and thankfully I was given an opportunity to have security for me and my staff that's a long one and you know you have a five resume. Mollify your contracts and salaries that. Made it competitive for my coaches to not want leaf and swastika and sometimes but fortunately go through job. Yes rumor mills to give which you need you know and and I wasn't the intention at all in this world wanted to be from the start. I could be here and tell my kids throughout college at this afternoon yet I hear that got I think sometimes people forget that you know coaches top profile as you hard it's still about quality of life. It is really very much as of about family. But take care of people around. Down there we had a family meeting in everyone of the kids sick is that the only. You know they wanted to be here they love their schools Nicholson and like if you wanna go go you know. We don't want to do so made it pretty easy for want us your children. Our coach lastly is kind of an uncomfortable topic tonight a lot of coaches on the we don't wanna talk about it so whatever you wanna do that spot but. How do you talk to your players and your guys maybe recruits about. You know injuries in football but CT if it's a topic that everybody seems to be talking about these days and you're the first person to talk about what you tell your guys. You know I think there's so much more information. There's an account where knows. Abbreviation. So. Nuances as things progress. Affirmations. Hand over. I archery that justice is viewed by ethnic and it's here players. And because there's changes. Doctors now. In its research. Give us research and best practices around they recommend we practice all those problems you talk. So you know in. College two. Years ago we were the days are back with no days off. An awful about it. Nobody's that works does about it. Now he never have two days back. Never helpful at a practice two days. We have protected here on top of our moments to issue. We have baseline testing. Its. If there's anything. Off warm. They're cute anything they return to. Return wrote columns return learn protocol. In the class. Options which were you when you watch the so our players are worth all of these things are articles that educates them. Everything we know but what we know right now is probably nothing compared to yours so. It's an evolution and it's not just football mrs. women's soccer market and the ball. Yes. This is an football problems we're learning more about the human body and so that. Applied sports in general it's NASCAR. So. Think you're just on the we know more now by our bodies to move on news more ways to. They tore it via Tuesday it will back the undefeated have. Another exciting these statements extra amigo and I appreciate your users are.