Dave Clawson On Garcia And Bailey

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Thursday, July 19th

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Dave Lawson and coach of the Wake Forest Demon Deacons put and it's an automatic now with the loosened up. Bots talked to five folks here in Kuwait City reversible but it frank Garcia pass along his resort to the story can be yours yeah now where is playing golf is the early when it for them but for a good Boston the Charlotte hornets are they have the big annual group to target so what. All the Panthers rough there aboard separate about it vertical that was it was a fun and yet so. The Debian back in Charlotte it memories from the helpful. Trying to get back to a tier one bullet that's right now distinctive but when you came your stroke belt will stop by its Austin studio you're dressed I think almost exactly what. What is to shape as you role suited up and it looked like slobs radio well you know what if I was just and radio that I would shape and address it down and you've got much cooler socks than me. That's not I don't know why you do that for radio I have it at third for key date because my mom's old habits that you don't Republicans no more presentable. She's going to come here handled so not officers Obama does if you could make stuff up generated by its failure tuxedo and nobody can accept snapping pictures vote for the so I could get away without. Our coach look I'd Bettie Page. Admirer for awhile now of the job. On just which forced but the programs as well it is there a certain characteristic to coach like you implement that program. You know maybe hasn't been where wants the ban because Nancy resource please do it around Weytman I think there's a while ago I can be just in. A year ago but I've looked at your thoughts on I. I think part of it is just you know experience is a great teacher and I got my first head job at Fordham university and the Bronx in New York City when I was 31 years old. Probably wasn't ready to be a head coach and I took over a program that at 122 games in ten years. And I made a lot of mistakes and there's a lot of things that I didn't do correctly early but I was able to learn from my mistakes because it was in a high profile program. And you know because of being able to are we re able to win there and you get other opportunities and you know so that I think every time you take a job and a higher level there's a little bit more confidence. Because you've been through these situations before but every school is unique and every schools differed and you know so that there is a blueprint there is a plan but it has to be tweaked dependent on the school you're at. Another thing that I've noticed about him noticing is that that we I've talked to Jim broke for years. You know we became you're expected every couple years Jim's team would be a little more seasons then that's more depth and that was when they really gonna make their movement and make a push decency. I thought maybe you were doing the things a similar way but it seemed like to put something together where you can compete every single year if you don't you're up to be killed. By attrition and I think what went when I first got the job. I met Jim broke for lunch and he was very gracious with his time and his advice. In the one thing he shared with me is Dave and I first got there right Richard people. We've built the program. Because then we started winning and got to the Orange Bowl and we thought we could record a higher level player. And then we recruited guys certainly didn't belong at Wake Forest. And then they laughed and that we couldn't red shirt guys and then we lost her formula in the descent. There's a formula to win here you know my advice is don't deviate from that and that was really helpful advice because. You know now we've had a little bit of success not to run that Jim had promotes externally who we've had two good years. And sometimes you get tempted to maybe get that more talented recruit. But if we know he doesn't fit Lake Forest and he doesn't fit our program and our culture and our university. That players not gonna be there you're better off not record them and that was really good advice from Jim. That we still you know that there are certain boxes a young man has to check the play football Wake Forest up in. Obviously there's an ability boxes you need to win football games but there's an academic component. There's a character component. And if we start. Just worried about the ability boxes don't check the academic in the character box. In the model of how we run the program by retaining players in the belt home we'll get all out of whack and we won't be where we want to be. Are we talking to Dave Lawson hit the ball coach at Wake Forest tortoise on the sector job just like elected senator radio rows up the phone just to have I think that it's it reflects what. The Atlantic Division. I'm in my goodness at Clemson Florida State you guys Boston College NC state local. You don't do this. I think back to last year at this event and they know John's Wofford and all the coaches and your coveted and rightfully so you're letting everybody in the world notices the best conference in the country at least. Of that that's what we just work. You know and I look at this this conference right now I think. There's no reason that that the ACC can't lay claim that every single you're available to. Yeah I mean you know it's competitive certainly be the SEC. West is a great football Carre craft's right you know the the big one side of the Big Ten. Has some great football teams but. I think every year we're in that discussion you know in weather where the pastor not I mean that's what makes sports radio and that makes. Message boards that's the fun part of it that you can have that debate every year. But with the success that we had. As a conference on the national level. Then how competitive are cited the division. I mean last year and I think six of the seventeen collectibles. And we've had success symbols and we've had success not a conference. And it is a tough tough division and again we wanna make progress when I keep getting better but we also have great respect for this leg. And progress in this league in this division is an easy it is to make progress. You gotta be some really good football teams. In you that's here keys is getting battered right at it look at the job they did last year against clubs. This is the link that you don't show up every single week you're gonna get the do you do it divisions is a lopsided but it does need to be fixed. I've seen is that lopsided I think right now it is right it is cyclical August is that I don't know if it has been and I just think that. Partners to. Programs in our side at the division. That look a little bit differently than everybody else it's there in term. You know how they resource things and all that so you know I I think you know Clemson and Florida State are just they're built. A little bit different than maybe the rest the conference and there's all different levels to it but those two. You know to have them both in the one division. And you know if you probably if they were different divisions he knows them I think a lot of times the last few years they probably wouldn't it and that means for a you know see you have a lot of coaches in the Atlantic that would. Like this he would do it up and down almost every coach Nichols lewis' no way leave it alone at a talk to targeted a close to joining us here on radio row couple quick things turned to lose look we gotta Lister so I ask you about resorts and most of all doctor Doris. Craig gore should now let's go when a player great breakout year freshman year. You know get him back healthy at the wrote directed speech he's now Reno Oakmont on its courtroom I think Richmond Virginia gravy that's right that's right that's an acknowledgment that's dip that's like a whole different country Hampton roads yes it could be you are right about that so he's from highland springs high school. I was the head coach Richmond for four years now iceberg that we recruited heavily. And right is competitors very skilled he loves football the team needs. And he's an exciting player so we're excited to get him back. The reader Richmond spiders programs pumped up a lot of guys you know prominent in the game of football you would. Obviously Mike London because the top dictionary of whoever that's affairs programs are quietly pumped up a lot of fruits and it's it's it's a great school to beautiful campus and when I was there it's a really good football players. Okay less than anybody Providence this question beautiful voice. How you navigate this for three weeks that can. The work in progress I mean you know we're going into it. You start camp in your goals to win game one game one we don't have candles though. You know we're going to as if we don't have we don't have kennel for the first three weeks preparing that way. And then let's see what happens now that you get a quarterback perhaps it will get him some wraps it. Keep fresh and keep going but. It we you know it just got to be fluid it's hard to predict what's gonna happen that. They thank you very much yet to see project has been off for having me on that Paulson head football coach Wake Forest Demon Deacons a lot of fun to watch have been done a program we appreciated not.