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Wednesday, June 20th

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So right now that we're talking no way forceful pull. And it's also one of our favorites he was here before the other vocal. Couple months back window and display Texas say NM and if he was all soon go to look sharp everytime I talk to myself smarter you don't I do. It's a good time our army is great thing which are dark God's little smarter coach does a material. Today it's. Well it's certainly heard that bombed an unannounced special guests. Oh well. If you listen actors in the next segment you'll understand what they may have had a little bit of a different perception was accurate. You have this that you have a yet you have a special guest on Napster thing. I really really special guest did just stay on the street good lesson don't we don't we get your show for thirty. Our authenticity that is true at productivity just kind of cheapest remotely you'll understand oversight it's a don't like and if there's a that. I Dave. I was reading a story about children outside a dividend is staples wrote up my first instinct was dear little upset because apparently you will you read Andy's columns all the time and accounts that you listen to us every day some of the try to change that but it's you know you you are turnaround artist and we talked about just before the youth you turnaround programs and you do it in there and you rather quicktime and that's a great thing it's a great reputation to have what's the next thing day's close and wants to tackle. Well I think it is essentially turn in the it is you wanna get to the top of the mountain and that so very ambitious goal here. You know we'd want to play in the ACC championship game would like to. Who would be ACC champs would love to be in the college football playoff. And and that's very ambitious goal. But didn't our conference. If you can win the leg in mean that literally every year and a college football playoff than we know that's not easy by. That's the ultimate goal the ultimate challenge of what would like to do here. You know coach when you look at you know that the teams you know this year you know Florida State took a step back last year you guys. You know ended up in third place in the Atlantic coast and they have a chance to improve regular guys coming back to end obviously gonna held a job developing. In a lot of players you have what are your expectations this year for your football team. While it's just every year you wanna be better I mean action last year we could its captain and we did some good teams and in our division. But at some point. You know we would love we we have yet to be Florida State or Clemson and in those symptoms to. Giants in our conference right now. And yet the same time NC state has done a great job with their program Louisville BC Syracuse Searle programs on the rise. And it just week in week out and difficult to keep getting better so last year we want four games in the ACC would love to win more. We'd like to get back to a third consecutive bowl game for only the second time in school history and with a loved 13 consecutive bowl game for the first time ever in the history of quick source opal. Coach and into the unpleasant stuff obviously is made the news lately and they'll just kind of get it out of the way your candle Clinton and Doug Thomas Cole suspended for the first three games and sure that you're limited to what you can actually say about that could. Oh in terms of what it means for your team in the first couple weeks and and how you overcome that can you kind of just kind of take us through that a little bit. Well I mean it has to taller team and decisions have consequences and unfortunately this is part of college football and you do this tree reason that you lose players. You know his fur academics which does. Not happen hardly ever with costs it has yet to happen and our time here. Player behavior. Or. You know they wanna leave as a prop plane and off and you know so this is part of that the timing it's no different. That if he had an injury and somebody missed three weeks that you have to recruit at a level that your program can handle these things than. We believe are scanned through it pretty well the quarterback position. Jamie Newman and see him. Our men are both good players and they are both gonna compete for the job then to those two got to get ready to play in. We'll go to the first three games with them and then we'll see where rats for the rest here. You know coach I thank you Iran and then everybody thinks you're the one doling out the punishment new year and you're responsible for. You know them not playing now they're responsible for them not playing they're the ones that did it they're the ones that are going to be held accountable for their actions and you know and to send that message then you send it to the rest your team. Yeah I mean if you knew if you're here not to enforce sure your rules and there's policies there's no point capital men. You know. It's never pleasant part of it but it is necessary part and if you don't do it you just create a bigger problem. And so again it's it's not a pleasant part of it but it's just part of the job and you have to do it and down. And our players understand and quite frankly I I think could be very disappointed in me if if we didn't enforce these tanks. Talk to Dave Lawson mental book George Wake Forest Demon Deacons join us on the ticket John just slide in you know did you notice in some folks out there are due to just in case they don't you just talk about players that have sought committed but haven't signed out of that said though it it seems there's some. Momentum on the recruiting trail right now from Wake Forest and and I'm sure that's an exciting thing in I would love to know what in terms of selling the brands you know you're out their people know the brand on the East Coast certainly in the southeastern. Do we know I grew up twelve round Wake Forest is a lot of folks did for the folks that need to be sold on the brand how do you Dave Lawson so the player on the brand of Wake Forest football. Well it's it's just it's a very unique places it is you know where the smaller school. Enrollment wise you know in the power five. And you know are offering here is very unique. Yet to play the highest level of football in the ACC Atlantic Division. We contained in our division in that same time. Get a degree from the school that every year's been a top 25 top thirty. University. And you just get so much individual attention here whether it's the class size. The professor teaching every undergraduate course. It's really a very unique educational experience at the power five level we're not for everybody. You know I always say that all. Recruits and their parents say that academics is really really important in their decision. And we recruit to ten or 15% the kids are really mean that. And you know because of that we try to establish a local base. But most of our recruits come within five or six hours. But it further right here at the right person with you know less certain values system. You know I think where the politics goal that we we have a very unique offering here in. At the same time you're you're not making any compromises because of the level of football and I think as we've been consecutive bowl games and now we've had a couple players drafted in the NFL. I think every year that what we sell is becoming more more reality of the product on the field. They're coach is insisting you know to hear two different people's perspectives on know their team in. You know what they are we an offensive team are we in defensive team your average. I'm team has to do both obviously but the strengths lie in one side of the ball the other typically what are your strikes on the offensive side vs the defensive side you know this year the defensive side vs dolphins aside this year. I well I that that's I think one of the things it's really interesting today to coaches that you know how we play every year is just dictate that a little bit by where our personal strange dark. Come not just on offense or defense but. You know collectively an offense or collectively and defense so our first few years here we were a much better defense a payment because of that we played very conservative on offense we tried to run the football. And shortening games and we don't wanna get shoot outs come as we graduated some good defensive players and had a really good offensive group with a quarterback like John Wolf for a good offense supply and then. Killed receivers like Greg torch and Scotty Washington last year we really opened the top. So we should be good on offense section here we've got errors are out there at all our offer to wind starters are back or tops six players including the hill on. Our top ten offensive lineman. We've got great torch back Scotty Washington backed Tea Party bad match Colbern back Alex Bachmann back. You know are all our top receivers are back terror our top running backs are back. You know we just gotta fill the tight end position in the quarterback position. Defensively. We didn't lose a lot but what we losses really do that to mean to schedule for distressed by the Houston Texans Jesse date to a second round pick. By the Cincinnati Bengals. So we got a lot of guys back could play football but there's there's certainly some holes and an opportunity for young guys step up so overall we feel our caps will be better on defense although we're we're missing some of those. Kind of volley CC caliber players that we had a year ago on that side of the ball. Don't like to mention the on the offensive line there because I. I want to bring that avenue a couple of years ago you guys gave him 48 sacks and the next your you covered all the way down to twenty and you talked about all evening experience that you have coming back this year so there's never convenient time to lose a quarterback for any length of time but it's got to be without you got the first couple games you do have a veteran offensive line that you can at least depend upon he wanted to keep Jamie your whoever it is upright and then that's got to be reassuring a little bit at least. Yeah and we've got its skill players back coal Byrnes Kay carding a concussion below the chance to be heck of a tailback forest I think Greg door cheap it is dynamic is penny slot the country's Scott in Washington 65230. Pounds and can go hoping to get didn't miss some spectacular place force in the ball game a year ago. You know so a quarterback at some point has to make a play. We're not ask and got to do it alone we've got a really good offensive line some good skilled players. Jennifer quarterback and running offense distribute the football make plays when he needs that we can still have a really get off subtext here. You know coach college football's forever changing its you know what it was like twenty years ago seemed different and it was like ten years ago was like now is different there was you know ten years goes well but the rules and college football and in the transfer rule in particular is one that I hate I absolutely can't stand it. I think there should be in some accountability. And some stick to a desk with some of these players. And I think everyone should be. It may be predetermined on an individual basis verses having the general rule because I think it puts universities that huge disadvantage in particular coaches what are your thoughts with the transfer rule. You know it's. It's tough that we we've always kind of had a policy here of if a player wants to leave. We don't have a problem with him leaving and as long as the team he's going to isn't on the schedule. And then what I don't it's not to punish individuals to protect the rest of the team no fur. A player to go to attain the next here that we play and given mall harsh signal to our defenses and our calls and are put you know yeah that's. But we just always never want to put to rest the team that risk. Now you know graduate transfers are a little different as they graduated but. I agree with you and you know if you look at all the scriptures we did that happen in basketball I I don't think that's helping for the game and I think in football we wanna avoid that. Come down on football. Players perhaps they have to stay three years before they can go to the NFL so. We had a little bit more continuity in terms of personnel and basketball outside think. No will we get togethers football coaches we sell the time that we we don't want to become like basketball that the percentage of transfers is so. Hide that it's it's constantly hard to build a team and continuity. And there is some ten that when you go somewhere if you don't have success straightaway they used requested you work through it. And a lot of our best players here done I mean certainly John Alford didn't have early success but he fought through adversity and became a great player for us so. I agree with Russia but. You know again there's a lot of different perspectives on Madden unfortunately. There are cases retreat centers that maybe tickets were treated fairly. That gap becomes diversion that everybody sees an eight years and that becomes the case of allow an instant transverse. Our day gloss and little book coach Wake Forest Demon Deacons induct college football can I did your fast enough coach we really appreciate your time is always enough it's always fun to watch this program continue to grow and climb and I your sort of a season that and you'll always be special in our books yes absolutely.