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Friday, July 20th

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Dan W a frenzied powered by ortho Carolina Jim's a few Damione Lewis took a lot of football this hour and then we'll Eugene Robinson right off the top of the 1 o'clock hour. Heading into Dennis Don CBS sports talk in college football there and says Damien now of course former first round pick in this league former Carolina panther a does not have to report to training camp unless he wants to go watch it. I'm actually going a bushel for training. Wait another one go to buffalo maybe try some other reason why the movement and Ganassi organization went to the bills and though we do one. I wanna go out and you know work with the do you learn. Shooter opened Dan Morgan then he'll be helping them open. And so applause. On the hill he. Just don't sound too much yeah I'm not normally I'm about a million dollar in muted to learn I mean they know they McDermott that what they don't know. Gas your source address forget the other and you die comment the official the home on WF Lindsay downloads a day listen to us anytime. Anywhere so well we talked a lot of defense I would be there. Offense for the Panthers again or five days away from there's reporting to training camp of diocese in my particular issue of the new additions guys like yeah bring an end and Anderson a running back you've CJ Anderson you've got to Torrey Smith come and you drafted DJ Moore. What do you like I mean what's so what's been the biggest impact of the new word weapons that are coming in that are gonna join Greg Olsen and Devin punches and seems he in this group. I think you don't just bring in CJ Anderson gives us a solid got to run the ball and between tackles arm you don't care free is gonna be. You old debt that's all purpose he's the only all purpose weapon for cam. You know he's you know is relievers are takedown guerra and he's you know he's a powerful feel almost boxes are just really game gets tight you need to. Out you know. Our source Smith DJ Moore brings a great combination does DJ really impressed me just being able last week yourself. The way competed out you know it'll tees and things like that I feel like grown he's ahead of the curve for rookie. Then on just really hope to end at about mid season he's released ought to take off and almost a year. So Lester champs started it's not turning the ball from the shoulder issue and as the season wore on he goes on to have his biggest rushing your most series ever run. But the traditional running game Johnson Stewart was like three point seven a chair the Christian McCaffery. 3.5 or so 34 it's so as far as the traditional running backs lining up not good. It was the issue running backs was an offensive line play or was it defense words or defense has just taken that way in making you beat him in a different way which also happens. Also like to defense is taking a one game away socialite. Aren't aren't run blocking. You don't feel like I'm kims on the Sarah and they're coming out and in the Gaza dimmed three point stance that you must go to jobs give notion good move. But you try to run block from you know old form the door and you nor gas and open a two point stance. It makes it tough especially when he first got noses Carmen is disrespectful. For defense of tackle to be moved by an office of gore if she's a two point stance in London this is you just cannot allow that they're now win that battle your job. Now port number senator and I think it's sufferers it it's in May around. You're alone still suffer it is one game you'll be determined to tolls could measure brings those lanes were not there this year. And argue okay come you pick the next block wanna run a red steps up and blocks we got it he's big. Installment of the break a tackle tool and you know we can make some larger runs a bigger Lawrence. There's nothing that's really what is stroke what are their run game in new and old this year hopefully little bit moreover on the gas coming out the report stands a good moral scale commercial and and operating from a conventional Walsh is an unloading gonna have their are uninsured are gone so they're gonna do so you notice on the leaderboard. Are just your life debt is once spot of the game where we have got to get much much better than what we're Lester we have to get better to run number one football. So we'll see this in personally done training camp next week. It looks like obviously diversity of weapons just mentioned some of the players there but when Norv Turner is to be interesting to see hysteria that professor to cartoonists think Phil. Of deep vertical passing game traditional running game he wants to have that where you can got to read between the tackles like you're talking about the search and yet not lose that check down CM CB ability for a thank you Greg Olsen is needed to be called upon for eighty catches on the season that they can do some of those. Shorter intermediate so some routes there's so it'll be interesting to see what. Flavor just takes on in general how unpredictable as authors may be. And I think that's bristle more a feel like it is his job to register to football at the end of the day. And he has to trust and his running backs more than McCaffrey went CJ Anderson's in the game and they passed Bonnie has to trust that he considered the bonus he jams and he knows he has a deep ball boy we ought to be able to explode the middle of the field he's got to be at the ball across a little he's got a new almost things that he's come a stroke that. Over years seems to be to put all that together and make certain teased you know much more accurate any laws Lester for sure and I'm no criminal shoulder injury then. Can help in that department anyway what's the worry was 2015. In below Libor echo when sic bears this Super Bowl double quarter. So the offensive line basically everyone's back with a healthy running slowly exceptions Andrew nor Los and a huge contract down in Jacksonville as you look at that left guard position. Which will be the critical in Chile and between the two colonials. What's between your fern during between two schools what do what do you see is the end the possibility there is a Taylor remote and Alex Tyler Larson given a run for the money essar list of the veteran that was brought in from Minnesota couple options are meeting socialists how do you see that possibly play and now. I think dual Dawson who works better for everybody is this is my own loss to combat go run colonial I think that's the best option they have on the one Morton took a lot of snaps there you know during this bringing you know hopefully can get an armed. Eleven women out if he can't get it upon in abeyance girls but are you a legacy or younger guy coming in and take a job in so that offers a more. And has youth task consistency only loose plan a wouldn't you or Mexico years you'll spurs Ferrari Leo looking to leave after the season and dollar loss and rolled right and you have restored dolphins weren't in place for the next you know 34 years of Karl. New Orleans essentially ruined our season last year which was otherwise excellent eleven and five and two to five losses were New Orleans than the playoff loss there on top of that within offseason from players and coaching staff to mull that over. Why haven't you you just can't do the same sees that the same result we know that I can do the same thing we Bartolo on our coaching and personnel changes. How do you beat New Orleans how does this seem like some teams match up better with other teams that play some more basketball and so on sports but what needs to change it would bad matchup in particular Panthers and saints have a different outlook on this tour season. They got a soft drawn and they got to be an wrongful ball. This is an offense and defense line gang and it's got to be Edward Drew Brees Drew Brees Cameroon is Cam Newton during gonna do it makes waste but worth the game was different. Is worker more. Was able to rip off home runs and Ingram and that was labeled fairly ground football that was the difference cannot feel like. With the darker colder in addition your written the parents have a chance to be a lot more stuff in London with the we're doing in addition to achieve some communities free agent signing. Yeah from real world cinema I think our his ability to move sci. On the silent for a size and stir it is our man she noticed guy he's actually built like a Cortez Kennedy man he's got your big tree actually exist and what you can mold. You know he's not a star he's not a guy does insist they're not able to get off the ball he lonely Expos are the ball he has the ability to rush to pass or he's almost whereas talents man and I think him being an assistant here with our Carol are. Are we won't see a lot more from him than what we've seen in the past Utley is a perfect fit for him. More football talk NFL a total of Miami and ACC football would DT Damione Lewis with us here Jim's Nokia's on Friday this is the day NW offense he powered by ortho Carolina.