Dabo Swinney On Garcia And Bailey

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Thursday, July 19th

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Head coach of the Clinton tigers Davos will be sitting down with a zero radio row at the Weston coach or what was Bob talking about well are talking about that ruffle his feathers yesterday coach Fedora and his house on you know I doubt you wanna get into that and oh lord that's a thought that he wanted at that. I dragged into it or you have much of what were pleasantly it dye mound Maine you know come back I got to stay hydrated and any energy. Got to go back and I don't like it like it that. I got a chance to look at jet with a couple guys. You got some good of development that you know you really do and I got a guy who it would sit through every day for Dorsey coach the Catholic your charlatan don't like it is obviously. Such a big fan of yours and what it talks about his you know be the ability to trust you kids with a head coach and you know I don't know. How you feel about it but I think we all got to look Wednesday. Crust were to do right at that cuts would you like that that's what you'll be notice. For appreciate. You know hopefully. Or that. Course of my forty years. So that's which can only use of 480 look I've laughed preach look I. My wife and I. A it got slash L I hit the so you know. I think part of it is just have always rules committee gas and you know wife back group you know first grade O Leo it was there. My whole life is there were 24 years in. And now you have wanted it to places you know thirteen years in Tuscaloosa and it'll start my sixteen year Clemson looked at as the head coach so. I've tried just kind of keep life simple way you treat people the right way. Always. Relationship driven in distraught you which say. You you don't do you talk about you and elementary schools we are not many people hasn't been great all way up when we started going together in the sixth grade broke up for a little bit in. Date date in high school they offer college in a little problem. Yeah I think you got that that's my my office on my middle son just got the first girlfriend in this week house. I got three boys and I and I tell my wife I'm like you know I really think. Because. They've grown up seeing pictures of the news in the history. You know eleven years old at Christmas Day at whatever I was like I think they feel like that the gonna have to Mary's their first girlfriend or some homework. So. Yeah we. They've they've they kind of played slow girl's the nova mobility got a sweet move referred now you see. It would been together a long time and asking greatest so Ku groups here like somebody who's been there. It's a unique situation is that who's been there really from the very beginning with me in his those me. Inside and out she's she's just been ghastly username she's just been. Also with the with the resistance on that front too because I think that speaks to. A level of commitment and trust that permeate your program do your note that I talked to Mitch and I thought we wouldn't you know I hear from those guys and you're talking about. Coming back from the left you know their teammates come back from the left you've spoken about this before. If that'll I was I was 2 in the morning this morning radio and in Charleston for a while announcing that we're considered open I was. We talked luckless football office about a neutral site Robert a lot of the passionate speeches you've given about the culture of your program how much you care about those kids and again it seems to be reflected. Not just in the way they play but in their decisions as well and that's that back again I'm not try to polish boots or flip that NCA credit to your program and do things. Appreciate every week we've been very. Culture focused since I got the job and own I mean everything that we has been driven from wide view the why of our program why I coach. You and why we're gonna run our program this way. You know because we want to graduate your players we wanna equipped with the tools they need for life one of the have a great experience and I wanted to win but it's an out of work. And and so you know we we've we've just done it from the inside out perspective that's been very intentional. We've we've we've had a windshield mentality we haven't been defined. Anything that's happened in the back bad or do they it's always about what's next and start over every year. Reinstall the program reads all the core values The Who what where that we have the most important the wine. And that's how you created by an incident in that you surround yourself with good people you know hire people first are recruit people first. And and so you know. That's how we've been able to sustain consistent. And I think again another example of that is so we we saw the news that Brent venables assigned that yeah a few more years ago. I'm sure the money part of it is not exactly comfortable way to the talk about a mean but you know that it's severe handsomely paid guy and if you go places and I got countries had no shortage of offers to Colombia coach somewhere else he wants the state Clemson with you was that. Well I think he's loved his experience there his family his love this he knows this so we can compete. Recruit and win at the highest level. I think he loves how we do things not just the fact that we can win but how we when it. He and his family obviously love to the sun is coming up like force. Jacobs will be your first this year. And so he loves that area that's the beauty I mean you know it's tough place to play companies. He got a good situation but I he loves being a decent according. And he loves what he does and passionate about it so he's very invested in the it is that the players that he coaches so. I think those are all a bunch of reasons. And it doesn't mean that he would ever be a head coach one day but I. But I do think for Britain in word used in life and situation. It would take its job. That really had it all the boxes checked up. You know put. You know those are. He's had several he could already been head coach a couple timeouts left if that's what he would do it but he's he's chosen as they were very fortunate because. He he's such a great fit for our program in great compliment to me that's an. Basic things that a relationship that's an amazing thing and bud foster's is is different spot and we had but on a talked about to log with similar situation. Gosh just like to host football's they just like where they are an electrical embrace been around you know he's been around some really. Good programs and that thirteen years with with Bob Stoops since. I think he's got a really good understanding. All of comes with a you know I think that there's sometimes afforded him that knows that. He would have away from certain things that I think he's most passion. And I think it. He you know his situation. He doesn't have to do. You know if you want to go do it great but he is that he doesn't have to based on where. Where he is in his career things like that in in this country it really wasn't. More money's salaries pretty much the same but they gave him some some long term security with some. Supplemental ink home you know that that he move. If you take them rude and in just her you know time money gets up this business coaches. Value Friday morning things is that time. And I'd you have people that wanna talk to you so on Ottawa to abuse your time here at that too quick thanks for civil. How do you get back to Charlotte. You know this is ready defectors to look at the folks at Charlotte here and obviously queen city with a have been close fancy love having you back you've got the hunted and you've got a great roster come back the court that the bulls I was always going to. Would step for the yes you know they don't let's take it yes take one step at a time okay. You can't win twelve to reward and I can't win for to you went to so would step at a time. He committed have a daily focus. Every game is the biggest game of the year. It just embraced that so to speak great were you feed or when they and it's and it also would look I mean he's got a few weeks the hydrogen. Hey maybe you're in the years or so that's how we do we've got very systematic approach it's very. Very much a daily focus for the staff in the T and and then just leadership you know you guys. Got a bunch of leaders on this team that they know what it takes. And you know you gotta and that's one thing but you gotta be willing to do what it takes and in so. Go put to work it. When they found was that. Are there and August negating adios. This Kobe also Uggla got the best the house and accurately to the tolerable aren't like let's go to victory over violent live pictures on the art institute deductible that. Note I can talk radio that that look. Got to look at honesty and a I was and honestly it to us all out of breath flow. It is he's he's he's. All of due to a froth at the keys they are seated at every endorsed reflective about it it victory in coach do golf it. You know. You could've been a little more. Will matter. In our offer me your thoughts that took the picture you just threw that right up there he really didn't get an overture in behind it you know something and coach I just want to cared if frost doesn't work out. I I. I. Have a foreign Norton Robert Rico. That was pretty colors here on radio row we appreciate it jokes of the Clemson Tigers.