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Wednesday, September 13th

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Darius Rucker I don't know three time Grammy winner is always sold multi millions. And albums across the world and now he's with us right now on the technique come guests on Darius Rucker how or semantics of the time. Good audio tour I'm doing well when I was asking this earlier because I was think this is interest thing like just to get a read on people. When you call people like people that you don't expect to know who you are what you say to you introduce yourself his. Darius as rocker Darius Rucker what do you do what's the move when you call people. Up until there is very trucker and you have to. Those who relayed back patio. I don't think anybody really knows who because I did vote always say anyone MacDougal street guys do specialty Beers are concluded there all the all the. There are talking to Darius Rucker a three time Grammy winner gamecocks super fan you're sure a couple weeks ago right for the season opener orgy. Yes the man over there and all the great support gave England blew all their political point well it would trim state. Do with a lot of oil will level we've had a lot of contrasts suck go back border moves great gig because it got screwed up. Again you guys I mean you I mean you look at the score sheet sometimes and you're like how did we win this game and they out danger like every major statistical category and yet. You were going to handed those guys the Els you have been talkers and trashed your buddies that after against. All our goal until a little bit work through those crane who watch as they did the did you listen to the first step to move the ball. So much in the in the second half and also lose but we played defense the mood. But didn't feel it goes caused much coach or multiple people decide that that's put up big chilly feel blessed through four years so good BP could. Here's a crazy there is like everybody was saying all sees allowed Silva feels slow for the defense I don't know lost a lot of production on defense of line in. It's gonna be the often assess the shoulder the load in third two weeks has been the defense this thing get the job done so far. Luckily there's been no we we we don't have a lot of doubles because I think that's what did what everybody's thinking that we teach students seem to have a lot of lot of players its commitment and spelled it out there where are tired and build a guy that got the DB doesn't play well eleven willow because line. You know if you like take biblical effect after the like the people more has played great and ended well more watts you know because. We played two good teams are you a bit easier to keep getting better and better schools or you bought. All right we're talking to Jerry struck a three time Grammy winner South Carolina alone gamecocks super venues with this right now. Up on the technique on guess life has really been 31 years since you guys started Houdini Darius is a really been 31 years it seems crazy about it. And continue to activity you do Olympics. Created it's created a think that there would you go yeah I was. Cardinals started that then you play with trapeze across from tomorrow. You know our dorm where the ticket window over the first meant little did as good as below world group for the oh what they have. What was so as the story goes is this right I mean sometimes this stuff like grows like you and you know every story as you know you get in old wives' tale sometimes it's is gonna take on a life of that somebody it's true right did you. We're just singing in the dorm and next thing you know it's you know your buddies are here and you're in their like am I mean we should not play music you play music you can sing let's. Let's get a band going that's the story right is that actually how it happened or is that kind of taken on a life of its own over the years. No I thought I haven't we had those big. It only that we had a shower with the six hour ahead in the curtain you know the boost does. And so I'll sing in the show are. You know mark Kirby thing and then Saturday at play guitar and we decided that could give if you really think so we got together. They don't let afternoon in new book that result of this sort of power play and noble to band together it happened just like that. Chris and I were talking various. 1995 you guys really hit it big it seems like. That's summer really. Your album was content and the moment of the summer what was it like going from. You know you guys are good following in the southeast but then these kind of blow up four. Yeah I was crazy Ukrainian knows this particular record without a few months and then we did that letter we did our first Letterman appearance there I mean overnight I mean that we could live till Friday and by Monday everything it changed it was it was crazy you watch out. Happened and there was the front of the blessing for us is that we were both so close. That the only thing we really so that the children getting bigger you know and then we can act like Mexico where red and actually. You don't go like you go by car to do more like a bill. The act of a standalone Google is critique it didn't go up but Beatles but brought loses the music was so we restored to what we're doing in the post got a great time doing that. In 95 I was producing for the Red Sox and you played a great woods it was like to think the middle may was like a went to visit Wednesday night and Arnold's joke Siegel Ellen his daughter. Was working at Fenway Park choose the concessions that she took the night off to go see you guys. Then we got a plane that night we fight a Baltimore and the next thing you guys in the National Anthem. At Camden yards and a member there look at jokes Seagal no and I say Mehmet content they want the last I said. Also got issue at the safe and he went I didn't third inning you want does he got the press box and of course he was the guy that did the old peso which what are you guys is Rudy. Oh yeah. At the paparazzi finally happened about a million times I should that's the first time you've got deadlines. Live at that level if you look you've outlived so those euros. You're being hit at the funny thing is lending in the ministry of closure and never once stopped it would. Would call into the public could almost first although it obviously a little quarter what they did well you know whether it. That's the good thing about that neighborhood you like given ability you never got. Are talking a dairy struck or three time Grammy winner gamecocks super fan former. Former SAI don't as they form an SE llama as well and dice with this right now on the technique I'm guess on how would love to know this suit because I was think this is funny and this is really true I think of anybody in any. Any given he just I visited any any given the I don't I'm sorry manner any get any given field you're in. But you know leak when your early on you know talking Michelle to FOIA does Michelle actually started on this station 25 years ago and we don't know Michelle's. The best gigs in all TV sports store sidelines on Sunday Night Football and so you know I was talking to her about this yesterday Gary's words like you know early on you get in a job you think. Mean this is as good as it's ever gonna get like I can please come get me do this. And then obviously life goes on and you keep doing bigger better stuff that keeps happening do you book what was a thing for you early on we like. Mean does he get better than this and then you look back and you're like one years later on May have what how and I think that was as good as a god what's that thing trio. Our bill was when we were playing the clubs from New York don't order a week's Oakland as saying quote every six weeks who he's. So we sell about what crazy then like fraught billboard read can get a better look a little bit critical years. And finally we're. Big everywhere and and all the clothes wouldn't look like. They can get a better and that even get a record deal and you're like came that are that you know and then it kept getting better and better there's little that's gonna create hero list. When you guys released is this true to you guys so for lease your first two EPs on cassette tape back in the nineties is that Churchill before you get your record deal. How you do that like what you even start when you like we knew because that's a cool idea to have a likely okay we can't get a deal would have won yet. Let's do this ourselves the words you even begin when your doing that yourself back in 1991 and 1992 when you're trying to get this thing rowand. Back in the day it was such a good news seen. In the South Bend over college felt at a at a bar and so there will be little studio all over the place that would do that Korea we felt great studio well it. Complained about it you don't plans will be women home. We women into cut some record and they who's the only new Pinocchio with somebody who tried to record of printers print for the bills CDs and then there have been most expect this page in the end it was crazy it was but really. Well look if you if you didn't mud you could cope with the money was pretty pretty easy to do back there are still pretty. Did you have the money though did you have to borrow money for that are you guys actually had made enough money touring all that stuff and doing shows to actually pay for that. All acting with support to where we probably what. Five must play totally just couldn't take anybody else. Broke we have to save up and took a preferred move bacon meat bacon AP's. We were eating like what you do like you living day to day back then what are you doing back then. Obama knew little yeah big all the road what we were lucky we had we have some friends back. Colombia will we look to become pooled restaurants who took care of those. And they really took carelessly. And won't make sure we weren't starving and you know we knew we restore only go at Goteborg. The real. So let loose cynical. There's is it easier or harder now you think dig to find a record book is I would think you know the Internet its main stuff so readily available but at the same time. It's made so much stuff readily available that you got to cut through the noise so you think it's easier or harder now to try to get noticed and try to get a record deal. I think if either to be felt yeah but the hard thing to get a record deal look at the record group seems so much and and now all of a little bit also one of many hard copy record who they used to you can streaming and everything it takes. Build a business has changed so much I think it's harder for a record label to glow in the weight room. And then give you a deal because. You know I mean this is not a relic back in the day would do more so to me records. Then they could pay for videos. And and so I think it's it's easier now to erect to get filed but it's the southern part of your directly do. Or talking to Darius Rucker he would know a thing or 23 time Grammy winner. Obviously doing his own thing now obviously started that was duty and the blowfish gamecocks super fancy you on last night with that hand in hand benefit which was also. And you're onstage and Brad Paisley and CC wine in using Demi Lovato. And I would love to know maybe it's that but what's what's the setting Darius direct your career where he was on stage maybe it was in private weird somebody's house here in the back go look. A ball our or maybe you're just in addressing her one time you're looking around in. An out of body experience real grant to say how on earth in my making music with these people around me right now is this actually true what's that experience. Poll old Adobe mute delighted to have no doubt about it we play the billboard music awards didn't. We put Al Green. And we we we we star will tell relapse will that'll then we've we've got a little ahead and then we stopped in the middle school every. Baseline I think videotape to the river now walker. I'll never forget what he walked out it'll look like I was. Good in the audience watching it was like good blues I'm singing with the Al Green knew it was unbelievable. Did you know who else did you get chills yeah I don't get group corporate amounted to about it yeah no it was unbelievable. Man dares trucker with a bottle you've got your new show that such a monthly show right on par with Darius trucker on Sirius XM on a Golf Channel right. Dad do the cool thing I didn't think it's a problem called an interview golfers in the in. Don't try to help under the echoes golf Oreo slowing area back let's talk about. I'm probably gained some pro prop up that field stuff outside of golf to make them. But that that you'll get them going unstoppable communicable and do. We'll leave it like get into that trying to humanize the gulf with a little more than just talk about you know budget gets seven. Then and so it some love that well it. Decided to do it into the glass. Well I thought you might say about the way they the answer this to the previous question might be ideal here onstage experience would have been. I PGA championship party would John Daly playing free bird a couple weeks ago I thought that might have been hit backlash I guess not so now. Well clearly I've played a lot of other dove in dug holes up and you always great though and it Avi well. From the job of Brooklyn to Tony I do. You know every time I played neither well I want to give up simply because people always shocked I was actually billions given no negative and sort local leader of their people is what quality can really good. I daresay it's a pleasure to talk to you man I'm gonna make you feel old on the way out the door 1994 the first Siobhan boombox mean my brother I think we would have ceased. Andy first CD I ever bought was cracked rear view Rudy and the blowfish 1994 so there you go. But we'll regulatory and I hit him pretty good about six. There's a pleasure to talk to you okay thanks for making unforced. A great go to Europe and there you go Darius Rucker.