College Basketball Broadcaster Dick Vitale: "UNC can go very far in March if they continue to improve on defense" 

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Tuesday, February 13th

ESPN's Dick Vitale joins the Mac Attack to discuss ACC Basketball, plus this years March Madness. 


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Let's talk right now demands a legend in the industry no doubt about it. ESPN's own Dick side so we gonna talk some Tobacco Road and some big picture national college hoops. As we now are inside a month to selection Sunday Dicky. Under really well just oh over Orlando as they grow left. Our corporate event for a pitcher but he. That a quick break got that little page HE people are well they're going to be like royal well oracle. That's where you are ever worry I mean yeah I see the way the crowds react job Bennett College basketball games where these kids. Go crazy over you and it was happening just a generation ago and it's still happening today Dickie VC you must feel like royalty everywhere you go brother. There are really a basis the patella somebody it's unbelievable problems over the tigers all I want to go to read and as much. He can pull troops ought to reps. All ages are less 5% figure it does being world of its options there are days. I outlook would not be epic there or Pietrus to contribute everybody in what is slogan must just that it ought to people article. Actually I should do they really be corrupt dictatorship I won the what are. The current low key very fortunate a couple of to consider very special way eventually Altria. Dot. Now and it comes across Manny comes there's no das is coming across for years on the air on tar heel fans are getting pretty passionate about their squad they won three games in five days beat two rivals along the way then beat Notre Dame last night. He's he's once is starting a team capable of doing we've been trying to figure out like what is. This is a second weekend seem is that about right or they can they be more than that what do you think. Well you know I have they been able to outlook report to a locked up what the defense of that up that's a short company you know trying to. Bush or at IP you know it just to got to eat what you are prepared to go war if you go to data to dirty play have a deep spiritual there. They got potential orders don't doubt about it. So we neutral period is typical very large square ability. Which is a very partial to help what are Teddy Williams shoulder YouTube but it. Re not reached a student of as a group -- talk about what they got literal Bridget Bardot series. He really really. Really delicate chip opal oh what is shot and Opel now. Gotta keep that you've just got bought all top beauty global political equipment bench gave that wonderful double triple a bit tough out there are. Right now out of the got a router trying to tip that would wrote showed it to just. No doubt no doubt someone digs I tally ESPN talent troops analysts arm as we discuss the status somebody's ACC teams we all talk about. On this duke squad Dickie V is. Gets so much talent they're trying to put it together they made a little move the other night a trade Don Duval gets put on the bench she's like 45 minutes but they. They start with O'Connell. Arm I feel like she's been a guy it's been a little frustrating I think duke fans have been a little frustrated because they haven't been able to put it all together here what do you think. You know there's a corporate but it started. At a great outlook of the it is Georgia Tech he has to be a leader group. So detours which saw war. Just can't reliably don't double talk book book book out to arbitrator ordered. We transition. Shut practioner well that we need both the totality does so we welcome your epic about the got a court order to cut back with well is it a try to pull it true. They're so there's Arctic club or tell what their approach is very should not approach is there about a prairie du gout or tree. And I don't need to apply. They commercial or problem equipped Urlacher what. Deep pretzel he got a credit yeah it is very typical of the approach towards school and can't wait. Cheap secret so touched the rule book about so how to help out how to communicate. Machine or each other the two are about to blow. That's a problem. Do a lot of boy. It's a burial is politically and wished there were should talk a bit like what what is. Spotlight and are doomed to book Terrell. This record so shall law. They're up at your port open and what's. One on their digging they are you trying to get their security. It's evident portrait applied blows up at the ability to create a what they are but. There have strategy but she kind reader base. Current Celtics took the current. Nice who was their entire lives. Popular ride and go support chuck I don't are too low stroke worked well well well well Purdue's Curtis. And what I've. Struck out a quote well the pork jot it is like gold group Carrot Top to could be viewed the other two regional site. It is coupled it won't know what due to a real. And this is from a man is a little wacky and some EL wolves out there ban on people what it's good. Wall not mean I every now and then won't get back to the game you know every entry now and as. My good resides and that's going to be somewhat. What testing whether be football. Wal oh. Addiction but he dark when it with coaches and bigger hole early to buckle their port au prix but first quarter. Oh yeah they won't acceptability. Analyze the quality of people quit if we do it but it. KB about it to tape what I distorted that is just what a great great people don't article. Toby could go we get to do unity. Educated. At it to today. The TP box deliberate to take the I tried for about that well that was incredibly. Like yours show. Wow I really old Jerry depth chart Burkle I got to be too. But the bottom why it is you gotta have that point. When you realize a lot of people are what what to do it political. Or current solution that will pull out will Walsh Reid took a couple people read it. Well you know what tickets you you have taken over the years. I mean there are some people in the same business how I can think of one legendary guy retired lives and this panel. But it used to kind of take shots that your approach because he wasn't Billy packer right it was real serious about it. But I mean I think I think you guys are both good I think people can do with their own way right and have different styles can be good at their particulars. Idol. I would get a grip respectable written apology or two up for lost were terrific trio are. I don't that there were such a boatload of work. Jaw up at but he but he about the well we don't buy dot. But I think as he took it a whirl total console will look to try to go. Well the watcher John battery generic brand actual people like his purpose. We'll take all that due to a book but it petite report as well orbital will restore order not yours or which could. There's a debate they can't do what you what you reader culture. This. You've got to be so that a a beautiful what they that's sure especially true words what did I tell another minute or two we were digging deep history of what do. Do one has been doing so well right of it for TOK. But you brought legit. We need the. From our before lets you don't wanna work NC state in on this conversation how do you feel about stating Kevin key it's like. Is just determined seemed this year or is this gonna ultimately be like a year before. They start making tournaments how you feel about it. Oh all right doubted they got to get a couple of quick walloped. I really quick vote question our bar that they certainly or order a tropical ups and I watched you just should be yet however. They can afford or real slot particularly to the couple were acquitted so that he is a pretty high or low personality. All of this spirited possesses. All or a tittle but we know edit the temperatures are secretly brought. I believe commercial auto Wednesday opera and there's a political and quality tapes include two schools but the buck broke all to triple Carol are. There's no doubt no doubt Kevin Keats is a bright young coach man he really is fun to watch. Did easy resist her out Obama recorded a alleged desolate. Well did you BP about it and they'll right now it is no question that directly to our partners to reap what it's about to actually. We lost our judgement to be like dollar went to was a way to do what people call. Rhetoric should accept the tallest. You can catch it. Lester ready to report your. So what what do college released what they won't that is not about. Sure it couldn't let Allah. While they don't let it be a political moderate troop or are British tip that a lot for capture will also moderate like read our review will be just yet. Letter troubled trip in order to do about tradition but what works to people what shall doubts about true we want it ought to people so well. What I want to provision at all I won't want. Three are all. Whole lot of people but I won't want to read bought all all it'll. Give it to quicker or group built up the park or don't like a 56. Spear. Coaches cult they Boller to be done collection rear porch. They oak they're bitter that pot or edited. We go. It really kick up and he coached withdrawal opportunities what a cop out there older to repeat button there's both forms not. Don't watch Obama. Watched a trial battle caps and it is a brutal. It is brutal but the hospital's. Kids with parents who lost children Boca funeral were sure about what what adopted poet. Up till it is squash we need dollars people don't they kick the tall gallop back to do so on what sought. It wiped out our blog part prop. They don't pay your vertical to the people on it but to battle. Awesome Dickie V you are such a champion of the great cause you do great work and I think many of our listeners. Would love to jump in and help dig sites out on line and Dickie V it's a pair of two little ones. Light meal while whites give bummed out what we see them sick what do colder to see little or something right like did you is it hurts us to see and so. Imagine how parents feel in that position. Dickie V keep up their great work against so slight against their horrible disease and keep up the great work on TV will be watching you guys tomorrow night. Well to what took Eric good to know that you Robert did you want to resorted to the can you don't yeah I think they will tee it.