Clemson Coach Brad Brownell: "We feel good about the direction of this year's team"

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Tuesday, February 13th

Clemson Basketball Coach Brad Brownell joins the Mac Attack to discuss Clemson being second in the ACC, plus much more. 


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We're sitting here normally we're stuck in our you know North Carolina basketball world Tobacco Road basketball world lately so doing that would Carolina and duke in stakes. But man we gotta get some love and now what's going on across the border down there in the palmetto states are second right now in the ACC force in the RPI and and when the NCAA put out a sweet sixteen seedings a month away from. Selection Sunday on this Sunday. There was Clemson on the three line what a season they're having they're doing it without right now they're stunned Donte' grant some. And this coach is doing a hell of a job ACC coach of the year candidate Brad Brownell joins us. To talk about his Clemson Tigers coach congratulations. On not a great season so far are you doing. Doing great thank reverend Leo hey no problem you guys definitely deserves the love and media attention that you're getting. It I'll tell you this thing this that's amaze me the most and whole season's been amazing I mean you guys were picked I think it was like thirteen us. By the media what the heck do we in the stupid media know and you've had an amazing run. But it does take Grissom goes down I think a lot of us kind of thought okay this is where. You at least take a little step back can you keep trucked in hell you been able to move to people on the truck get on through even without our tech. Well certainly is a difficult law he an outstanding player great young man that. Hate to see any kind of singers career in that way but. Mark got the battle we have older dark. And those guys are very early shoulder a lot of the load gave Devoe is in playing extremely well or stop the Shelby North Carolina. More Q3 Shelton Mitchell Shelton right there out of Charlotte those guys there are good players and calling more responsibility on those guys right now just in terms of ball handling decision making circuit scoring it. We tried to deploy again and Dante placed a freshman Amir sin. He's a big strong guy that does a good job defensively rebounding is improving all that lawyer. And David scars transferred it became dust that is also a plane that spot. He's a little bit more athletic versatile. I've got to play a couple different positions and so we just try to piece mailed is that we came in just got to keep going. Through those dark as as best we can't as well. Coach you think she didn't about these guards from the tar heel state first of all love all three of these guards mark he's read. Arm is also real good he's a Maryland can't. But as you mentioned your gay devoted Shelby she'll Michelin could do far away from where I live in Union County up there in wax all. How did you grab these kids like hi how. How highly touted war today and was everybody sleep and Ottoman state in North Carolina where you battle and we battle you battle for these kids. Hey you know gave Devoe was a little bit. A little bit under the radar these are big strong guard. That. They want to get a lot of love in the ABC. To be honest with you he had some folks you know Butler I know I've been occurring in slum and Xavier looked at him a little bit LB he had mania. He school early and I just loved it because there is. Trying and his ability to should be balls. A great kid was an outstanding student high school is over at Rio are there's the school clutch and he's just there is just a great young man. And in Shelton mr. with a guy that we recruit extremely hard at. Coach did tell it was still the go to Wake Forest into that. Signing would Wake Forest and then when coach is Bellic got let it go off for whatever reason he got out of actual letter sent in there's an ace CC ruling yet sit out two years so. We really could recruiting me what the Vanderbilt for a year and then in the spring just called a city really would like I'm back to. Complaining ACC really young man that we recruit for a couple of years and I got him out. Knowledge OK yet OK interest and I were talk and Brad Brownell talking about a couple of is North Carolina product guards. From coach let's discuss. The you know this season moving sword like all these accolades are great for you. But I'm sure church I'm sure you're selling to kids on hey man this is a great you know whereas RPI oldest stuff. But man we got work to do and you got a rough stretch coming up at Florida State started tomorrow night. Duke this weekend don't be a big one free all of home. How much of that is your message trying to tell these kids you know chill out or get recognized. But we still got we send our best ball play health part of the challenges that. Yeah it you know our guys have been good and it started about six weeks ago one broke into the top when he and you know a lot of times that he could to stay in the top point out what you get very you lose a couple of games erode your that it got to drop out. Are out of that a pretty good job you know the old we are older. So I think they're they're pretty focused. You know world apart from last year speed and we know we thought we had a pretty good team last year we just didn't get current mini breaks. We can we could win a logical in law on cold it ain't so. Roddick organizer you know heightened sense of awareness this year because of that I think we played better close range because those experiences. And so we really haven't worked at the top of too much about a lot of the distraction but I think they've been a very focused goal or group. Having said that we do have been unbelievably difficult stretch here these next two weeks. Go to Florida State on a road. Hero wins they'd only host duke couldn't go go to Virginia Tech play really well also so. Yeah we gotta we gotta lot of gains we know that in the where is the key. Folks of ourselves trying to get better. And coach you guys get in grabber now Clemson coach put us. Coach when you're gonna start seasons I mean what kind of goals were you talking about like test as this team kind of exceeded. The goals that you use sex are more former U Ramon is how I honestly would just basketball team. Well we've done we've gotten a little better and we probably thought that I think we like we got our street no question I think our. You know we New York's starting five especially at dot they grant them in a lineup we are if guys on any night to score twenty points and gain. So we knew that are all that's going to be fine. We just had improved defensively and then. You know we we felt like we really need to stay healthy. Because we have a lot of young players behind them. We work sure how much they would be ready and those guys are slowly coming along. Mum but we we felt like we had a good team we we we knew it last year's season that we were. We were detained last year we just walk a lot heartbreaking games. And so I don't think that. That made us lose any kind of confident even though we lost some good players are employers we we do that. The topic that we had last year all play Wii at bottle back. So we felt good about our thing we really did we just. You know certainly we've done better than we bought a purple when it's one story at this point. Nubian eleventh in the country. Coach what do you think the ACC this year you know it's got it spend. It's many injure staying calm to watch this thing unfold Virginia's kind of bad in a class. All their own although they did Simon get tripped up the other day. Arm you guys are sitting there in the second spot duke seemed so talented but hasn't put it altogether Tar Heels coming on top. What what do you think about the conference this year it feels deep. But I don't know if it feels like you know at the very tippy top. At the conference has as many elite teams is may be I expected is that a fair assessment or would you call BS on that assessment. I know it's probably fair right now just based on performance I think we. You know I think it's it's I still think the best league in the country. I think there's more better change it hardly any leak. You know there's probably eleven teams right now. Maybe even twelve better better balance for NCAA tournament that are all really really close and it's hard to win anywhere that you will know but I don't think there's probably you know couple came to maybe have performed quite as. Quite as high as as people would expect them. You know it's ready to be top five in the country every year you know you drop it to ten or fifteen and her but thank you you're you're a little bit out. It's just it's party date he took to play extremely well for four straight months you know you have a bad week in basketball and you might lose two or three games it's a little bit did you triple bought the much talked that'll all we we have a seat that's probably a little bit longer just because little when we start. And again it's hard not to have a bad week in warmup period walls perhaps be you know you can take a real step backward and a bad week or two. As a coaching point you can we seem we seem to have a habit lately we saw Carolina you know you're part of hand and that third straight loss and he seemed seems kind of battled through it. Our last thing I got to ask QB bring up demo. I gotta tell you I'll watch all on TV and I'm sort of thing Davos employed by ESPN does seem like three games I spirit I saw he's a good desk color commentator. But the point is he's there are supporting you guys he's genuinely into it he will often talk about his pick up basketball game like. He is really what you guys are doing isn't it. Yet dabbled a great guy we have a tremendous relationship called my radio show last night we just we you know I get along great you know we just have. Click right from restarting the youth basketball rant but I spoke all still played a lot of new car all its chance but he comes just several games the year for sure and you know we spend a lot of time together. He's just a guy that was made me watch at all at the games that I when he hit the but would we have a lot of fun together integrate and that's for the. Coach Brown coach do you have a scouting report on his noontime pick up ball game. Yeah it back at a past you don't wanna be on saint. Oh. No doubt about it you don't wanna play on it seem less like read about it you're out proper exercise. I guess when he touches. This and this is just right yeah I appreciate that breakdown. Our tocchet keep up to go to war bomb you guys are our haven't held the season keep it up and thanks for coming all this here in Charlotte. Absolutely bank got a.